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Alone at Last (pt 2)

bdsm CollegeKitten 2018-12-04

I did my best to keep quiet, but I couldn’t help but moan as I felt the hot, smooth skin of his cock slide across my tongue, and the full feeling of taking his whole cock into my mouth. He yanked the blindfold off my eyes and pulled me in for a hard, deep kiss, using his tongue to explore some of the same deep places where his cock just left. From my tethered position, I tried my best to kiss him as hard and as deep as I could, diving my tongue into his mouth and licking as much of my wetness from his lips and chin as I could reach.

Alone at Last (pt1)

bdsm CollegeKitten 2018-12-01

He held me tight and I pressed my cheek against the soft skin on his neck and smoothed my hands along the soft, faded leather of his jacket. He took the hand that was on my jaw and placed it very carefully around my neck, pressing firmly, just hard enough to feel the pressure as he pushed me back against the couch and leaned over me. As I started to sway slightly in my effort to stay upright, he stood and placed both hands on my cheeks and pulled me in for a kiss. I’m not sure if he even meant to say it aloud, but he ran one hand over my hair and leaned in to tighten the scarf that had started to come loose over my eyes.