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So I asked, “Do you trust me?”

first-time DLizze 2018-12-04

“ I think I’d like to be able to keep you tied up, until I feel safe, is that okay?” I knew that you’d be completely into that; you’d told me many times, that you wanted to be tied up. “Well,” I say, “the sleeping beauty wakes.” And I think, now is my chance to really fuck with his head. His crank is beautiful, and I am slowly deciding that I want it at my beck and call for a long time to come. You know you want to feel his cock inside, filling all those empty places. I know my vagina is opening, wanting to be filled. I feel my abdomen begin that familiar clenching, and I want you deep in me.

Carla Buys a House

bdsm DLizze 2018-12-04

I go to their homes and they offer me a choice of sixteen different flavors of herbal teas, none of which appeal to me,” Doris said, hoping Carla might take the hint. Doris gently closed the door behind herself, and Carla set Maurice down on the floor. Carla, by now totally flummoxed forgot herself completely, and said, “Please do, Ma’am.” Then, without thinking, she added, “May I sit, too?” Her eyes widened and her hand flew up to her mouth as she suddenly realized what she had done. Retrieving the skirt, Carla began to stand up, but Doris stepped forward and held her down with a hand firmly grasping the back of Carla’s neck.

Georgia - Part Three

bdsm DLizze 2018-12-04

“Two. Thank you Mistress Doris, for hel…um…helping me improve my behavior.” I had stumbled in mid sentence, because I suddenly felt my ankles unfettered as the rest of my trousers and boxers were removed. “One. Thank you, Mistress Doris, for helping me improve my behavior.” I felt the handcuffs being released, but they were quickly replaced, but without being attached to the case handle. “Thank you Mistress Doris for improving my …um…my behave…my behavior.” While I was reciting, Melissa had taken hold of my penis, which was still rock hard, and begun quickly stroking it up and down. I felt the bed give beneath my feet, and suddenly Doris was behind Melissa, cupping her breasts with both hands.

The Senior Center Concert

mature DLizze 2018-12-03

I didn’t want to play this gig, especially on bari, since this horn is so ratty, I’m hot and sweaty and uncomfortable, and to top it all off, my boobs hurt again today. Since I didn’t want strange looks from my fellow musicians, and wasn’t expecting to do any activities that would bounce my boobs, I had not worn a bra. After one of her annual visits to the gynecoloigist, she announced, “He says I have ten-baby hips.” We had both laughed about it at the time, but I liked them, They gave her a nice hour glass shape. After the concert, I packed up my sax, and was hoping to have a word with her, but she was busy with a patient who was having problems understanding, and I thought better of interrupting.

Minuet In G - Chapter IV

bdsm DLizze 2018-11-28

While Alice was dealing with the piano, Gerald decided to investigate the attic, and take a closer look at the master bedroom closet. Climbing the attic steps once more, he thought, Since it has a Mansard roof, this attic might make a good home office space, if I could get an air conditioner/heater unit installed in one wall beneath the window. Retreiving his window cleaning supplies, Gerald left the attic, and made his way back to the master bedroom. The workmen completed electrification of the offices today, and announced they expected to have the entire building completed in time for the ice cream social on Decoration Day. I convinced the partners we should hold an open house, with all lights on, as a means of advertising our dedication to progress.


mature DLizze 2018-11-25

“He’d either be following me around trying to – you know - every five minutes, like a puppy, or think I was all old and dried up, and go running scared every time I walked into the room. “Well, I’d love to stay and chat with you guys, but I have to get home and make sure Tom doesn’t drink all the beer before I get some food in him,” Grace said, as she climbed out of the pool. “Well, it feels like there’s something flaunting a little bit right now,” Betty said, with a giggle. As I said before, I don’t want to come between you and your memory of Jake, ‘cause I know you two were very much in love, but I don’t think I can deal with being compared to him.”

Carla Buys A House Chapter Two

lesbian DLizze 2018-11-24

Thinking of all those things, it seemed to her that playing with Alice and Gerald was somehow cheating, even though neither she nor Doris had said anything that might lead to a commitment. Alice and Gerald want me to come over this weekend to play, and I feel like I’d be cheating on you. From the time you set it, until it goes off, you will stand in the kitchen, and you will rub circles on your clit with your right hand while you pinch your nipples with your left. The thought suddenly struck her, as she sniffled to herself, that Doris knew she was not going to be able to rub herself for that long without coming.

Sperm Bank

fetish DLizze 2018-11-17

After all hair is removed from my face to my knees, except for a small triangular patch around my penis and scrotum, I am rinsed off with cool water from head to toe. holds the hose in place while liquid shit comes pouring out and is running down my legs. If my penis drips any semen, I must catch it in my hand and lick it off, because I have to keep all the semen inside my body until it is time to collect it. usually wears, and I feel my penis begin to harden, as I become aroused by the feminine smells. After what seems like hours of this, I begin to feel pulses in my ass and inside my penis and balls.

Pool Cleaning Day

mastrubation DLizze 2018-11-12

Mrs. Berk had asked last year, after I earned my instructor’s certificate, if I might be interested in taking care of her pool this summer, and giving her kids swimming lessons, in exchange for being able to use it. “Oh, I see you’re just about finished,” she said, as she spread her towel over the second chaise, “I’m going to go make myself a drink. I started through the door, and she said, “Oh, and grab an ashtray out of the cupboard over the sink, too, if you don’t mind.” Like that!” After a minute, and her breathing was getting really ragged, she said, “Oh…now…..put your thu………oh……your thumb……oh fuck…..thumb up, and feel …….oh shit……feel for the little ………….ah………..ohhh………..button.

The Alliterative Assignation

humor DLizze 2018-11-11

Her paramour, Peter, perched in the pew next to her, glanced at Poppet’s lap and his eyes popped, as he saw the pornographic Palm Pilot depicting pulchritudinous lesbians practicing dual penetration with double ended dildos. Subsequent to the sermon, sex-starved Poppet and her paramour, Peter, popped ‘round the corner to the local ice cream parlor, where they were seated side by side. As they ate, Peter put his pinky into Poppet’s pussy, and palpitated her puffy lips. “Provided,” Poppet went on, “we can punish my paramour, Peter, by putting him in a package of plastic wrap and having him watch.” Peter, still listening was leery, but found his penis popping to perpendicular as he thought of having to watch, without being permitted to participate.

Carla and Alice

lesbian DLizze 2018-11-11

While I fix our coffee, and slice the cake, you can go take the dust rag out of the piano,” Carla said, and gave Alice a big grin. Alice handed Carla a knife, and went into the dining room to get two dessert plates. “Where?” Carla started to ask, and then her mouth formed an ‘O’ as Alice opened the door to the basement stairs, and flicked on the light. When she had Carla securely affixed to the table, she wheeled the air-powered fucking machine into place between Carla’s legs and inserted the end of the dildo into her vagina. Next, Alice lowered the cups to Carla’s breasts, and opened the suction valve slowly.

Georgia, Part two

bdsm DLizze 2018-11-09

As she was speaking, I felt Melissa place her hand down the back of my trousers, into the crack of my ass, and I involuntarily shivered, as my trousers and boxers fell away, leaving my ass totally exposed. Doris laughed a deep, throaty laugh, and said," Half the fun is how things can get in your head." She smacked my ass again, this time with the flat of her other hand. Doris, unnecessarily, I thought, said, "Keep your eyes open Slave, and watch her as she undresses."  I wish they were soft, like women." Then speaking in a commanding tone, she said, "Eat it like you mean it, Bitch!" And she swatted my ass with her hand, but I could tell her heart wasn't in it, and the spank felt more like love than punishment.

Do you trust me?

bdsm DLizze 2018-11-09

And I wanted you to fuck me, and leave me feeling like a horse that has been ridden hard, and put away wet. I feel a sudden pain in my left nipple, but then realize it isn’t pain; it is just a piece of ice. I feel something warm and wet sliding around my cock. I pulled my head back, intending to rip it, but suddenly realized you had just cocked the button, so that it would pop open. Then I feel your legs either side of mine, and my cock is enveloped in warm wet softness. Suddenly, I feel your walls clench, and you press down hard onto me, and cry out.


fetish DLizze 2018-11-01

Now that you’re back, I think it’s time we did something about that little tiny – it’s too small to call it a cock, don’t you agree? I guess just thinking about it makes your little dicklet stick out. I’m a little horny, and we both know you can’t help that, can you? Your pathetic little tongue isn’t any better than your dicklet. Like I said, two – maybe three fingers at most, because it’s so little. I think they’d like to see the little bunny tail peeking out beneath the ruffles. Until then, you can keep quiet, like a nice little sissy boy. You know I don’t mean to really hurt you, and sometimes, I get a little carried away.

Betty Part Two

mature DLizze 2018-10-30

They look happy, and lived in, and they made our babies happy, and that’s the way it should be.’ I don’t mind telling you, it was just so sweet I got a little teary. But just the casual way she said that, made me think that I could really get to like this woman, and I had a sudden flash of understanding. Sitting back against one, she patted her right hand on the bed, and said, “Okay, climb in here with me, and tell me all about it. “Well, a couple years ago,” I said, while still feeling her coccyx, “I met a woman on one of those online dating sites.” I withdrew my hand, bringing it back up her back, and spreading my fingers, moved in widening circles towards her ribcage.