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Her Weekend Treat, Or Was It Her Tr

bdsm DadDomSeeksLTR 2018-11-19

My butt is quite big, you see." she turned around and pointed my huge, heavy rump right at us and patted it a few times to make it jiggle as she continued to pout. I lifted my hand repeatedly and smacked her butt over and over again, making her voluptuous bottom shake and jiggle with every one of my slaps. Finally I finished, breathing hard and a little out of control as I again rested my hand gently on her big, voluptuous jiggling bottom and caressed her stinging rump as she squirmed and moaned. I hope I helped in some way." I was breathing very hard and sweating while I enjoyed the sight of her voluptuous, shaking butt.

Morning Experience

bdsm DadDomSeeksLTR 2018-11-16

She tries to think why before I answer then she said, "Oh I am so sorry please I am sorry I forgot." Another hard swoosh as the crop hits her sexy bottom again, "Sorry does not get it! I hear the phone in the distance ringing and I swat her round bottom with my bare hand really hard and say, "I will return later to finish dealing with you", then I was gone. I stood nude and wet admired her before I said anything then I walked towards her and pulled off the clamps. My hand wound up in her hair telling her, "I love you Irene, but know next time I want a morning blow job, or anything I expect to get my pleasures!"

Insubordinate Brat

bdsm DadDomSeeksLTR 2018-11-16

"You really do need a good hard spanking" I told her, continuing my caresses. "I thought that you wanted me to stop scolding you and get on with the spanking", I said as I brought the ruler down across the lower part of her full round bottom, just above her thighs. I continued to spank her, the smacks of the ruler echoed by my ex-wife's cries. David, I'll be a good girl", my ex-wife protested as I paddled her full round bottom harder. I knew my ex-wife would soon be crying again and I felt slightly cruel comforting her only to continue spanking her. As I expected, my ex-wife started crying again after the first few strokes of the cane.

The Clinic

bdsm DadDomSeeksLTR 2018-11-05

I called the number and the lady at the other end said that I'd need to come over to the clinic to learn more about it, and that there would be no fees collected until I had a Therapy Session. Nurse Jodi had a remote control for the image projector and displayed spanking images of men and receiving in different positions, giving me ample time to react and adjust to each one before going to the next one. Nurse Joyce kept up the brisk pace of the hairbrush paddling, interspersing the swats with comments like "You need to learn your lesson," and "I want obedience from you," and "I don't think you've had enough yet."

Speeding Ticket

bdsm DadDomSeeksLTR 2018-10-31

"How many, sir?" Irene asked meekly, wanting to wrap her head around how long she'd have to lie in this position while I painted her plump backside a lovely shade of red. "I honestly don't know, Irene," I rubbed my hand over her voluptuous bottom, feeling body warmth already beneath my fingers, "how many do you think is worth scaring your husband to death?" That was a rhetorical question; I didn't expect her to answer. Anger had caused me to do something vile, but something I knew that Irene needed - I spanked because I wanted her to hurt, the same way I did. Irene closed her eyes, a watery smile on her face and said, "Daddy, you girl loves you."