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Free erotic stories by DamonX on AdultRead

April's Anal Adventure

anal DamonX 2018-12-03

I swallowed hard and shifted in my seat as he complied with her request.  April’s mouth opened and her eyes closed, overcome by the inexplicable sensation of having her wanton asshole pried open by the increasing pressure of Will’s probing cock.  With her left hand, she reached back and clutched her ass cheek, pulling it aside and giving me a perfect view of the dick half buried in her tight little butt.  Mark ceased all movement as Will continued pushing, his shimmering cock slowly disappearing into my girlfriend’s parting asshole.

Dirty Girl

anal DamonX 2018-12-02

Guys usually don't pay much attention to a girl's mouth, but I think that it can be far more sexy that a pair of tits or a nice ass. Bria took one of my hands and placed it at her pussy, obviously wanting more than a good licking. Hungrily, I lapped up her girl-cum from around her little pink anus before she pulled me up for another long wet kiss. As much as I wanted to fill this girl's ass with cum, the though of spewing in her cute little face again was too good to pass up. I placed a hand on her head as she licked my most private area, running that nimble tongue in circles as she stroked my cock.

Sharing Kate

group DamonX 2018-12-02

  “I know it will be hard to resist...but this ass is all mine.” I nodded although Ryan hardly noticed as he was now too enamoured with Kate, kissing her neck as his hands roamed her tight, slender body.   “I want your ass,” Ryan stated as he pulled his glistening dick from Kate’s pussy and placed it against her wet little asshole.   Kate moaned with approval and even went so far as to reach back and pull one of her pert little cheeks aside as her boyfriend began to laboriously work his thick cock into her tightly closed hole.   “Stick your finger up my ass.” As her twitching hole began to swallow my finger, she increased the pace of her hand, stroking Ryan’s dick faster with her lips wrapped around his swollen head.

Anal Ecstasy

anal DamonX 2018-12-01

  Ashley looked back at me over her shoulder with a giggle and a cute little smile as my girlfriend continued to paw at her tiny round ass through the thin blue dress. “Ready for something a little bigger?” she asked, inspecting the object closely as Ashley answered with a soft “uh huh.” Jessica placed the tip if the toy between her cheeks, letting it glides gently over her lubricated asshole before pressing it into the tiny pink knot. “I want to taste her ass on your cock.” Pulling my glistening shaft from Ashley’s hot little ass, I offered it to Jess, who opened her mouth with acceptance and eagerly wrapped her lips around my pulsing pole.


hardcore DamonX 2018-11-29

Taylor opened his eyes and smiled as she straddled his hips and rubbed the head of his cock along the lips of her pussy until the growing wetness allowed her to slide him inside. Unfortunately, shaving her legs and pussy did very little to diminish her arousal and Amanda left the bath flushed and thinking of nothing other than having a nice hard cock sliding deep inside of her. Brandon smiled in response and Amanda reached up once again, this time managing to tug his jeans and boxer briefs down his thighs, finally freeing his cock which swung tantalizingly before her face. As Amanda sucked the small plastic butt plug obediently, Brandon began to drizzle cold wet lubricant down onto her tightly clenched asshole, which tightened even more at the feel of the cool slippery liquid.

Jackie's First Anal

anal DamonX 2018-11-29

I would have never thought Jackie was the kind of girl that would want it in the ass, although the thought of her doing it turned me on to no end. Jackie moaned quietly as my tongue traced its way along the crack of her firm, muscular ass. After tossing the bottle to the floor, I pulled Jackie's ass apart and began to slide my slippery cock up and down her crack, before coming to a stop at her tight little hole. "I want to feel all of your dick inside me." I reached around and grabbed the front of her thighs, pulling her back a little. "I love it!" As I withdrew, I could feel that tight ass grabbing at my cock, trying to hold me in place.

The Prize

anal DamonX 2018-11-29

At first it looked at though April was going to continue to protest, but her scowling visage soon softened into a blank submissive stare as she shamefully reached back with both hands, gripping the smooth skin of her ass cheeks. Staring intently, Will stepped forward and rubbed the head of his dick down April's ass crack, coming to rest at the entrance to her tiny, private hole. "Fuck, you're tight!" Will exclaimed, reaching down to spread her ass cheeks, savoring the view of half of his cock firmly embedded in April's asshole. Absent-mindedly, my hand dropped and grabbed at my straining dick just as April began to slip her slender finger into her tight little ass.

Dirty Little Secret

anal DamonX 2018-11-27

"I was checking out your ass." Mel smiled, a look of smug satisfaction across her face as we continued on our journey, neither saying a word. Melanie had a vacant, occupied look on her face as she stared, unfaltering, at the computer screen which was now displaying an image of a woman on her hands and knees getting fucked in the ass. I took a deep breath and gripped Mel's hips firmly for a moment before slowly extracting my dick from her cum soaked asshole. "Mmmmmm," Mel purred, laying her head back and closing her eyes with pleasure as she felt shot after shot of warm, sticky cum splashing against the inside of her asshole.

Doubled Up

anal DamonX 2018-11-27

I place my hands under your ass and push my face into your hot hole, thrusting my tongue deep into the wet recesses of your hungry pussy. "I feel so dirty for having it." "That's okay." "Well, there was me, you and another guy." "And?" "You filled my holes." "You mean..." "Yes. You were both fucking me at the same time." "And you're into that?" "Well, I never really thought about it, but that dream got me so wet!" I sit back in contemplation as I begin process the information you have just presented me. You push your head into Zack's chest, muttering numerous foul obscenities under your breath as your asshole opens up and my dick begins its ascent into your tight little hole.

Amanda's Fantasy

anal DamonX 2018-11-23

Reaching down and grabbing a rough handful of her light blonde hair, he pulled hard producing a startled squeak from Amanda’s gasping mouth.    Minutes passed as she endured the brutal face-fucking, her eyes watering and saliva dripping down her chin before he finally pulled his slippery cock free of her sputtering lips and slapped it against her pretty face as he flashed a sadistically satisfied smile.   Feeling her body pushed hard against the edge of the table, he forcefully bent her over using his unrelenting grasp on her hair to hold her face pressed firmly against the cool, smooth surface. With one final violent thrust, he pulled his dripping wet cock from Amanda’s thoroughly fucked hole and slapped his glistening tip against her tiny, pink asshole.

A Night To Remember

anal DamonX 2018-11-23

“I want to see your tongue in his ass.” Mandy closed her eyes and moaned as she moved her head from side to side, her warm, wet tongue wriggling its way past my tight muscular ring. Meanwhile, as Kat rode my face, Mandy was slowly stroking me with long, slow pumps of her hand as she covered the head of my dick with soft licks and kisses.   After removing the underwear, Kat looked directly into my eyes as she brought the pair of white underwear to her face, running her tongue along the entire length and sucking the thin string into her sexy mouth. I slowly began fucking Mandy’s ass once again, sliding my cock into her tight hole and then receding to feel Kat’s little pink tongue sliding stabbing into my ass.


anal DamonX 2018-11-22

"This is really, really soft!" I nodded in agreement as Michelle climbed onto the bed, lying on her stomach facing the TV with her head resting in her hands like a small child watching Saturday morning cartoons. "Is this all you've been waiting for?" "Hehe....Noooo." I began fucking Michelle, holding her hips firmly in my hands as I moved in and out with slow, steady strokes. As I felt my dick grow larger in my hand, my eyes remained locked on Michelle as her fingers continued to penetrate her own pussy and ass in tandem. "I want you to fuck me like a dirty little slut and cum in my asshole!" I slapped her ass again and pulled her hair, encouraging her to continue.

Like a Whore

anal DamonX 2018-11-21

As my finger slipped inside the clutching embrace of Alisha’s asshole her hips began to rock harder against my seated body. I slipped another finger into her ass and began thrusting with forceful movements of my hand as her writhing body suddenly tensed and her pursed lips emitting a drawn out, lustful squeal. With my body lying atop hers, my hips began to rise and fall with deliberate, grinding thrusts as I felt Alisha’s asshole hug my shaft with clenching, pulsing squeezes. “There,” I said with a satisfied smile as I climbed back off her restrained body, admiring my handiwork with content as Alisha remained laying prone, her hands still cuffed behind her back and her face dripping wet with cum.

Kiss My Ass

anal DamonX 2018-11-21

Again I kissed Shannon's ass, this time running my tongue up her crack Shannon placed her hands on my ass and gently spread my cheeks apart.  A cheeks.  Shannon started moaning into my ass as she licked with  poked its way into my ass.  I reached down and grabbed Shannon's hair Shannon started to lick the cum from my ass.  It was as if she was I reached down, grabbing a handful of Shannon's hair, jerking her head "Mmmm, I love licking your ass!" Shannon purred.  "It makes me feel so mouth away from my ass, licking her way up my balls and over my shaft.  Shannon pulled my dick from her mouth with a wet "pop", smiling

A Friendly Bet

anal DamonX 2018-11-20

As we started the next game I found myself staring at Jen, imagining her on her hands and knees sucking some guy's dick while she gets fucked from behind. "What are we betting?" "How about...If I win, I get to fuck you in the ass." Jen stared at me with those sexy dark eyes, a crooked little smile forcing it's way on to her face." "Sure." I was taken aback. "I'm going to kiss it better." With my free hand I pulled one of Jen's ass cheeks to the side, exposing to my view, the tiny asshole that I had just violated. "You asked for it." With that I grabbed Jen's hips and slammed myself into her, driving my cock deep into her tight little cum filled asshole.

Freshman Girl

anal DamonX 2018-11-16

Hearing such a nasty word coming from Nicole's innocent little mouth turned me on even more and I continued eating her tight young pussy with renewed passion, sliding a couple fingers inside her. Nicole squealed at the feeling of my tongue in her ass, but was soon moaning as I began tongue fucking her tight little butt hole. I then applied the slippery substance to my throbbing cock as I leaned over and gave Nicole's ass some more lube of my own by giving her a long wet lick over her tight little hole. I'm fucking your tight little asshole!" Profanity began to spew forth from my mouth as I watched Nicole's eighteen year old butt hole swallow up more and more of my dick with each thrust.

The Dirtier, The Better

anal DamonX 2018-11-14

I smiled contentedly to myself, silently thanking my good fortune as my tongue blazed a trail from Erica's pussy to her ass, leaving a line of glistening wetness in its wake. Erica's slippery little asshole came to rest right on my lips and I immediately went to work with my tongue, licking and prodding her sensitive ring. Erica looked up into my eyes seductively as her beautiful soft lips parted again, this time to accommodate the elongated object which slid over her outstretched tongue and into her wet mouth. With that, I straightened my legs, pulling my cock free of the confines of Erica's well used, gaping wet hole and shuffled forward pointing my dick towards her face.

Cold Feet

anal DamonX 2018-11-13

“And look at me while you suck my dick.”   I smiled as her eyes opened and her head turned slightly upwards to stare into my contented face.   I reached down and grabbed my dick pulling it up against my stomach as Danielle moved down and placed her soft wet tongue on my balls, licking softly. I want you to fuck my dick with your tight little ass.” With trembling arms, Danielle lifted her upper body from the bed into a four point position. Making me suck your balls...and making me finger my own ass while you fuck me from behind...” “Uggghhhhh,” I groaned as my thrust forward, spearing Danielle’s lips with my cock and sending a wet stream of hot cum splashing across her mouth.

Birthday Girl

anal DamonX 2018-11-12

  I planted my lips around her little wet hole in an effort to slide my tongue as far as it would reach, tasting the insides of her delectable pussy as she stroked her fingers through my hair.   “I fucking love your cock in my ass.” Leaning over, I pressed my sweat slick chest against her bare back as I shifted from deep strokes to short gyrations, manoeuvring my dick inside her hole with careful sensual movements of my hips. “Think about how good it felt to shoot your cum in my mouth while I fingered your ass.” Reaching back, Krista pulled her ass wide, giving me a perfect view of my embedded dick being hugged by her taut little ring.

Jill Goes to College

first-time DamonX 2018-11-10

As she watched the sexy couple work though an assortment of different positions, Jill felt herself growing wet and she placed her hand between her legs and pressed her thighs tightly together. Jill began sliding the vibrator in and out as she reached down with her other hand and pressed a finger against her little pink clit. But as she imagined what that porn star must have felt when that man was licking her there, she pushed the vibrator deep inside and gently massaged her asshole with soft circular motions of her little wet finger. With her shy little orifice growing moist and slippery under her finger, Jill pressed a little harder, feeling the tightly closed opening slowly give way.


anal DamonX 2018-11-10

"Mmmmmm," you let out in a slow, sensual moan as you feel my tongue part your swollen pussy lips and slide inside your hot little hole. You maintain eye contact as my swollen head pops from your mouth and you begin to tease my dick hole with your tongue ring, pushing the little silver ball inside. I take my glistening, wet dick in my hand and run it up and down your swollen, hungry pussy lips before pushing it up inside you. I reach out and grab a handful of your hair and pull your head up, forcing you to look into the mirror and acknowledge the look of ecstasy on your face as I continue to fuck your tight little pussy.

A Weekend at Sonya's

anal DamonX 2018-11-09

Lowering her body, Sonya then pushed my dick past her swollen lips, closing her eyes and throwing her head back in ecstasy as her tight little pussy slid down around my shaft. "Your dick feels so fucking good in my pussy!" Reaching down behind her, Sonya began to play with my balls, keeping one arm wrapped around my neck as she ground her clit against my body. Fuck my ass on my husband's dining room table." Hooking my hands under her thighs, I began to pull her firm little body to meet each thrust of my cock as Sonya continued to spew profanity from her sweet little mouth.

Last Goodbye

anal DamonX 2018-11-08

Lena moaned at the feeling of my tongue tracing her tight ring and reached under her body to slide a couple fingers into her drenched pussy as I licked her ass. Wrapping my arms around her thighs, I pulled Lena's body towards my face, driving my tongue deeper into her tight pussy. Lena wrapped her soft lips around my cock once again and began bobbing up and down as her hand moved from my balls to my ass, lightly massaging the forbidden area. With that, Lena reached back and slowly slid one her slender fingers into her slick hole, piercing the tight muscular ring and pushing deep into her ass.

Good Girls Don't Fuck

anal DamonX 2018-11-07

I took one into my hands and started to rub as Jill closed her eyes and sucked her popsicle. Jill moaned around the popsicle in her mouth, as I pressed my mouth against the thin white fabric separating my lips from her sweet little pussy. Working my way up, I removed the popsicle from her ass and surrounded her tight pink asshole with my lips, breathing hot air onto her frozen butt hole. My dick slid on a river of cum up her sweet ass pipe as I placed my hands on her thighs, holding her legs wide open. Fill my ass with your cock." It was a little strange hearing that sweet girl talk that way, but at that point, nothing was going to surprise me.

Kinky Kayla

group DamonX 2018-11-07

"Let's get this little slut up on the couch," Justin said, pulling Kayla's mouth off his cock. Kayla parted her lips and Chad moved forward, shoving his cock into her mouth as he held the back of her head with both hands. Encouraged by my girlfriend's vulgar enthusiasm, Justin pulled her head up by the hair so that was now looking directly into his lust-filled eyes as he rubbed his slippery, wet dick all over her face, leaving a glistening slimy trail in its wake. Kayla turned her head slightly and spoke in a halting manor as each thrust of Chad's cock sent her tongue stabbing into Justin's saliva soaked asshole.

Kaylee's Wild Weekend

group DamonX 2018-11-02

“Oh fuck yeah, you dirty little slut,” he uttered, his beating hand sending his balls slapping against her face.  “Lick that ass and make me cum” Kaylee sighed with delight and pushed her tongue up inside him, fucking his ass with long, wet strokes as his body tensed over her.  He let out one more incomprehensible growl and jerked as a fountain of creamy white cum erupted from his bulging, purple head.  She felt his asshole clench around her tongue as she watched the warm fluid spilling down over his whitened knuckles and dripping down into her face.  Shane lifted his body and leaned forward, trying to direct the rest of his juices into Kaylee’s open mouth as she parted her lips with carnal desire.  Just as the final droplets of cum were oozing out of Shane’s spent penis, she felt Ryan’s dick swell within her asshole.  Without so much as a sound, he began to shudder and thrust deep as she experienced the warming sensation of his cum filling her abused tunnel.  His eyes half closed in ecstasy, he took a deep breath and withdrew, his retreating cock slipping easily out of her tired hole, followed by a substantial stream of trickling white cum.  Kaylee smiled with contentment, reaching back to feel her ravaged asshole and wiping up some of the jism with an extended finger.  She then brought the glistening finger to her lips and smile.

The House Sitter

anal DamonX 2018-11-01

  “Don’t you want to fuck me on my boyfriend’s bed?” Laura’s tantalizing words brought a smile to my face as I closed my eyes, feeling my dick expanding in my pants.   “You were just about to fuck me in his bed.” Laura slowly turned her head to look up at me as her angry, stunned expression gradually transformed into an intentful, mischievous smile. “That doesn’t look like you’re getting fucked.” Laura glanced back to see the image of herself nestled in between Matt’s legs with her lips sliding ups and down his fully erect dick.   “I want you inside me so fucking bad right now.” Reaching down, Laura lifted the front of her skirt and smiled down into my eyes as I continued tonguing her delicious pink slit.

8 Years Later

anal DamonX 2018-10-31

  Holding me in her soft hand, Tara then lowered her head and extended her tongue to press into my balls, her dazzling blue eyes still staring from either side of my wet cock.   Driving my cock hard and keeping it planted deep inside her sweltering pussy, I reached down and let my wet fingers trail across the soft flesh of her ass before coming to rest at her tight anal opening. Turning back, I saw Tara’s face, pressed flat against the bed and smiling back at me as she reached back, lightly stroking one finger over her asshole as she buried two fingers of her other hand into her swollen, wet pussy.

Midnight Confession

fetish DamonX 2018-10-30

“Oh, fuck yeah,” she sighed, pressing her asshole against my lips feeling my wet little tongue sliding out to tease her tiny star. “He pulled his finger out of my ass and shoved it into my mouth, making me suck it as he took his dick out of my slutty little pussy. “Then he told me to spread my ass like the dirty little anal whore I was,” she continued, showing me by re-enacting the lewd act with her hands pulling her cheeks apart in a shameless display. My face flushed red as Ashley gripped my swollen cock head in her gentle hand as she shifted her body forwards to line it up with her tantalizing little star.