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Free erotic stories by Deckard6969 on AdultRead

Racquel Darrian's Ultimate Fantasy Pt. 01

celebrities Deckard6969 2018-12-04

Teresa, a platinum blond, and Eva, a sexy Hispanic Eva Longoria-type babe, told Racquel these old fellas liked to hang out after closing, hoping to talk one of the tipsy strippers into partying in their pleasure van. Racquel nervously declined, telling Teresa and Eva Derrick would be around and was most likely right outside the door. At that moment she knew she was going to let this old guy fuck her, just the way he had done to Teresa and Eva. That is why she was there. Occasionally she looked over and watched Teresa suck off Terry's very long cock as Eva tongue-lashed his balls Eva watched in astonishment as pretty Racquel spread Reggie's ass-cheeks with her long nails and ran her tongue all over his hairy ass.

Racquel Darrian Down Under

celebrities Deckard6969 2018-11-20

Racquel gave Trish the once-over as she ate: short hair, tattoos, stud earrings, boots, leather vest, beer gut, missing teeth and hairy arms - pretty nasty. The rugby girls then pulled off their jeans and underwear and took turns straddling Racquel's pretty face. The two girls below were doing a wonderful job of eating pussy and licking her asshole, but after a while two of the bull-dykes apparently had made their way over to the mattress and wanted to switch places with the rugby gals. Trish climbed off and switched positions watching Racquel getting dyke-drilled by one tattooed bull after another. All the dirty looks she was now getting made her laugh inside, so she planted a wet kiss on Trish's mouth, making sure they could see her tongue darting in and out.

Racquel Darrian: The College Years

celebrities Deckard6969 2018-11-19

He closed the door and Racquel immediately came at Frank, wrapping her delicate arms around him as she kissed him, inserting her small tongue between his big lips. He then said to her, 'yeah, you suck that nigga dick as long as you want to.' He leaned back, closed his eyes and let the beautiful white girl of every nigger's wet dream lick his dong. Racquel immediately began sucking and licking his head, cleaning it off and swallowing any piss and cum buildup like a true street whore. Frank then put his hand out to Racquel and escorted her out of the house to his car, with all his friends of course grabbing at her ass and tits one final time as she made her getaway.

Racquel Darrian: International Negotiator

celebrities Deckard6969 2018-11-19

He gave them a dirty grin as he slowly slid down her tight shorts to her knees as he slipped his jet-black cock inside her pussy and begin fucking Racquel, grabbing onto her tiny waist as he thrust his weight into her. She then began sucking off the Chinese guy; looking up at him as she licked his nuts, she ran her tongue up his small, hairy penis to the tip and back down again; each time with a sultry smile on her face. He is gross looking, but Racquel needs to make this all work tonight, so she thinks about the Jamaican's long, thick cock rubbing against her thigh and the asshole she just went down on and she begins feeling wet again.

Portlandia Episode: Racquel Darrian

celebrities Deckard6969 2018-11-18

The reporter, Robin, watches in disbelief as Racquel holds onto Carrie's hips, expertly thrusting in a very show-off sort of way. Robin sits down, and to everyone's surprise, Racquel suggests the interview begin as Racquel continues to fuck Carrie, who is now groaning in absolute ecstasy. A few minutes later, an exhausted Carrie is watching on the corner of the bed as Racquel and the dyke try and out-fuck each other in a 69. Fred also continues to watch from the window as the girls take turns flipping each over, trying to dominate in a war of wet tongues, contrasting styles and pussies soaked in one orgasm after orgasm.

Lily Cade in Hot Tub Time Machine

celebrities Deckard6969 2018-11-13

Racquel looked down inside, saying almost to herself, "Hey, you took all the ice!" She gulped the booze, pulled Lily by the shirt toward her and kissed her deeply, taking the ice back from Lily's willing mouth as she felt the cold Whiskey run down her throat. In a flash, Racquel was turned around and shoved against the side of the hot tub as Lily yanked down Racquel's panties in a snap and immediately began eating out her ass like there was no tomorrow. Lily then whispered in Racquel's ear, ' I had other ones, but I knew you'd appreciate the irony of me sticking a black dick inside of you.' Racquel smiled, kissing Lily passionately, her hands gently caressing her face in a manner reserved for true love.

Racquel Darrian vs. Dyke Protester

celebrities Deckard6969 2018-11-09

As she spied on them from her car, she could read from the signs that they were fed up with pornstars coming to their town and wanted to let Racquel Darrian know what a fucking whore she was. The dyke then pulled the underside of Racquel's panties aside as Racquel leaned back on the counter, spread her legs apart again and watched triumphantly as the girl methodically went down on her asshole. Racquel took the dyke's cum-drenched hand and drew it to her mouth and proceeded to seductively lick and suck the cum off the girl's filthy fingernails as she stared at her; a flicker of a smile visible. Racquel could feel her hand reaching between her legs, her panties still soaking with the dyke's wet mouth, but knew she had to be on-stage soon.

Christmas Magic

celebrities Deckard6969 2018-11-05

Nikki and Racquel know each other best from several lesbian porno scenes Santa has watched repeatedly when Mrs. Claus is away – which isn't often enough in his opinion. Not to be outdone, Racquel is in standing position, leaning over as she sucks off Santa, simultaneously pulling his thermals down to his ankles as she expertly licks his grey, hairy nuts before running her tongue up the shaft licking the throbbing, cum-soaked head like an ice-cream cone and then repeating in all over again. Leaving the room, the matronly Mrs. Claus suddenly let down her grey hair, took off her glasses and explained to Nikki that she understood the girls' predicament and there was really just one thing to do.

Racquel Darrian: Ultimate Challenge

celebrities Deckard6969 2018-11-04

In a few minutes the tops come off and they begin sucking each other's tits as Magic runs his free hand up Racquel's skirt. Racquel whispers in Magic's ear, "Truth of Dare?" In one quick movement they grab Janine's ass and legs, shoving her over the divider. Magic knows Truth or Dare will rule the night and that the pretty brunette is the 'new girl.' He tells Racquel she must prove her loyalty by performing the sex-acts of his choosing and the night will be very, VERY long. Magic and Janine watch from the limo as Racquel slowly unzips the old bum's piss-stained trousers and reaches inside.

Racquel Darrian vs. Compton's Best

celebrities Deckard6969 2018-10-30

Pornstar Racquel Darrian, dressed in tiny white mini-skirt with white latex knee-high boots checks herself in the mirror before putting on her tight fitting top designed to show of her nice tits. As Black Ice led Racquel into house, holding up the screen door for her, he could see how incredible her legs looked in those boots. Another got on the mattress and Racquel immediately unzipped him and turned her attention to sucking off his jet-black cock, which was much longer than the previous, but not as thick. Ice got off her and let the next guy take his place fucking Racquel. The guys shut off the music and watched Racquel gently unzip the kid, suck him off and then lay him down on his back.