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Wife shares Husband with BFF

fetish DrLit 2018-09-28

Jessie came in and said, "Zoey asked me if you will wear panties all day and if she can pick which ones. Jessie said, "What if we told Zoey her job was to pleasure you and I let her wear my strapon. Zoey said, "Do you mind telling me every little detail about the day Jessie dressed Jason as a woman in Key West. The simple idea was Jessie was going to use a big black strapon cock on me, but she turned the entire day into a sexual adventure. Jessie thought it sounded like a good idea, but told Zoey to stay quiet for a while so we can work our way into the conversation.

Christmas Panties

fetish DrLit 2018-09-12

The first person out was a very sexy African American lady dressed in white panties and bra, garter belt and white stockings. Just as the couple turned to walk back the runway they kissed as they squeezed each other's ass in panties. This time the woman had on red panties and a matching bra and garter belt with fish net stockings. Several more couples walked the runway, but nobody topped the guy sucking his wife's cock in red panties. She then pulled her skirt up and said, "My husband loves to fuck me in panties and as soon as we get home his cock will be filling my pussy and cumming in these exact panties.

Panty Husband Thanks His Wife

fetish DrLit 2018-08-31

My wife woke up in Key West the morning of our fourth and last day to a couple orgasms, a hot cup of coffee and her favorite Danish from the complementary breakfast at our Bed and breakfast. My wife said, "I love these panties, but I also want you to wear the matching ones." I used about 10 real slow strokes where the head of my cock is right at her pussy lips and then I slowly go all the way back into her. I slumped next to my wife and said, "I don't know what I did to deserve you and the amazing sex you give me, but I sure do love it."

Panty Husband Fulfills Fantasy

fetish DrLit 2018-08-24

You also know that my wife went from not liking anal sex at all to falling in love with fucking my ass while I wear panties. She said, "I'd really love that, but can you eat my pussy and finger my ass first? My wife, said, "I appreciate your concern for my pleasure, but that little finger in my ass was great. She then sat up and took the time to enjoy a thick cock in her pussy and a butt plug in her ass. With you in my pussy and the plug in my ass I feel like I'm getting fucked by two men. Eventually she said, "I want your cock in my ass doggie style, no finger first, no butt plug.

Panty Lover

fetish DrLit 2018-08-22

They real show off your thick cock, especially the head I love so much." She immediately started playing with my cock, balls and ass in her silk panties. My wife purchased a pair of silk pink panties with white lace trim for me and once again handed them to me at dinner in a gift bag. My wife was wearing a big black strap on cock over her pink panties. My wife then said to me, "I know how you love to fuck me in panties. My wife was getting more and more excited with each stroke of my ass, but it was obvious she was not going to orgasm fucking me so I said, "Whenever you are ready I want to say thank you by pleasing your clit and fucking you good."

Distance Makes the Man Grow Harder

fetish DrLit 2018-08-21

A trip that far from the USA is not cheap so this time my wife had to stay home. Finally, on the middle day of the trip, one week from leaving home my wife said, "Today you get to cum. My wife said, "I can't wait to get your cock in pretty silk panties when you get home. I'm going to ride you cowgirl to start and pound my pussy down on your cock and panties. She said, "Cum for me baby, cum for me just like you do in my pussy here at home in our fuck palace." I got video phone sex without cumming for the rest of the trip.

Panty Pleasure

fetish DrLit 2018-06-23

As my wife and I were getting dressed she said, "I can't believe how excited Zoey is about you wearing panties. As I changed from the Loepard panties to the new pink pair, Zoey said, "Are your balls and cock shaved? I started to walk to my clothes and Jessie said, "Jason, I don't think it's right that we are going to fuck tonight and Zoey doesn't have a partner. Jessie said, "OK fuck me from behind with us wearing our new panties." She got on all fours and I mounted her. Your husband is going to beg for multiple dry orgasms after that first time." Jessie handed me her cum covered panties and asked me to take them to the laundry room.

12 Days of Christmas Panties

fetish DrLit 2018-06-19

She said, "Fuck my mouth." As I thrust my hips toward her mouth she placed her hands on my pink panty covered ass and pulled me into her mouth with each stroke. On day 2, I opened my gift to find the new Victoria Secret overall mesh black with white polka dots high waist panties and with detachable garters. As I opened the box Jessie said, "You get to fuck me in the ass and use the dildo on my pussy so I can have a double penetration fantasy tonight." She exploded with orgasm and said, "Keep fucking me I can cum again." I kept my stroke steady in both her ass and pussy. It wasn't long and both Chelsea and Jessie were rubbing my panty covered ass and cock.

Fantastic Four-Way Plus Two

fetish DrLit 2018-06-13

Harold simply said, "Thank you Jessie." One of the girls was undressing him right there in the living room. The girls said, "First we get to stretch your ass and pussy with our cocks and then you can have your husband and Jason." They propped Zoey up for double penetration. After their pleasure one of the girls said, "I really want to fuck Jason's ass." Finally, Harold said, "Now it's my turn to cum on Zoey's tits for all of us to lick up. Finally he said, "Anyone want a taste and the entire group started licking cum off of Zoey's tits. The night ended and Zoey said, "Jessie and Jason we owe you big time.

A Happy Veteran

fetish DrLit 2018-06-02

I said to my wife, "I want to go to Viet Nam to fuck you at every location that I served in 1969 to 1971. I also wore panties to fuck my wife with my cock pulled out of the leg hole of the thin stretchy silk. Eventually my wife said, "I love your thick cock in me so much, but I also want your cum load. I want your cock and cum in my ass." She took off the strap on and bent over still wearing the body stocking. After a few pounding strokes my wife said, "Come on big boy, fuck me harder.

A Four-Way for Panty Husband

fetish DrLit 2018-05-29

He looked like he might cum and if he did he would be done at his age for the night, so I smacked Jessie on the ass and said, "How about my cock, baby. Jessie said, "Jason, put the butt plug back in her right now so she is stretched a little before Harold fucks her ass." Before we walked to the bedroom, Jessie walked over to Harold gave him a kiss and said, "Zoey and I are both going to fuck your virgin ass tomorrow. He finally said, "I'm a little surprised that Zoey and Jessie were kissing and I'm not sure about getting fucked in the ass tonight."

Panty Husband Fulfills a Fantasy

fetish DrLit 2018-05-09

Jessie went on the admit she was embarrassed to give me details, but if her fantasy was fulfilled the second guy would be between 25 and 30, very fit with a washboard stomach and sexually mature so he could control his desire to cum and fuck for extended periods. After one of our longest sessions ever we were cuddling and she said, "I guess it's more than a girl could ask, but if this works perfectly, I want the young stud that joins us to enjoy wearing panties just like you. Finally, Zach said, "Let both Jason and I fuck you a little and think a lot about the rest of the weekend.

Panty Husband's Wife Takes Over

fetish DrLit 2018-05-06

In the bathroom my wife said, "It's easier to shave your cock and balls if you are hard." She got on her knees and started sucking my cock as she played with my balls. My wife then said, "I know you want me to fuck your ass with a strapon so I have been doing my homework. I waited and as promised a few minutes later my wife opened the door wearing just her pint panties, matching bra and harness with the 8 inch black cock. My wife finally said, "Maybe the next time we visit Key West your need a much bigger cock for your ass?

Sex in Viet Nam

fetish DrLit 2018-04-09

My wife then said, "Let me play with your cock in your pretty pink panties before I fuck you. Finally, she said, "Lay down on the bed and put your legs in the air." I did as I was told and my wife pulled my panties to the side and lubed my ass with her finger. Before she left, the Vietnamese maid approached my wife and said, "Can I see big black cock?" My wife agreed and said, "We both love sexy panties and wear them every time we fuck." My wife calmed her with some explanation of the use of lube and then she said the most enjoyable fucks for her are taking it in both her ass and pussy at the same time.

Multiple Male Orgasms

fetish DrLit 2018-03-03

Interestingly I started to feel much more eager to insure that my wife had as many orgasms as she wanted each and every time we had sex. She indicated that her friends wanted to quiz her about our sex life with me wearing panties, Key West adventures and so much more, but she did find one particular friend who had some interesting ideas. Just as I would feel the pleasure subside a little my wife would go back to the tips of my nipples and touch them very, very lightly moving in circles. Once I got used to my wife's pleasuring my hot spot I was able to enjoy it more and more.

Panty Husband and Wife Share

fetish DrLit 2018-02-24

One day I wore a pink pair of my wife's older panties to teach a class. Just before she left she said, "I hate to ask this last question professor, but are you wearing panties right now?" My wife said, "Yes, we are wearing matching pink VS panties with white lace trim." Sherri said, "Now I want my boyfriend to wear panties even more. Sherri said yes and loved my black flowered panties and my wife's navy blue with lace. As soon as my wife got me lubed good and I had my panties pulled to the side I felt her cock at the edge of my ass hole.

Panty Husband Gets His Wish

fetish DrLit 2018-02-19

My wife actually just said she was willing to fuck my ass with a strapon. The next time we had sex I got the butt plug out, the lube and some lotion we both like and put it on the bedside table early in the day. I got on my hands and knees twice and my wife worked me good with the butt plug. She said, "How do you want it to start; doggie style on your hands and knees, missionary style on your back as I stroke your cock or stand up from behind?" Then after maybe ten slow strokes she got up on her feet with her hands on my hips and squatted on me and started pounding my ass real hard and fast.

Panty Husband's Wife Adds Lace Top

fetish DrLit 2018-02-17

I remember the first time we made love my wife was wearing a very sexy, silk pair of burgundy panties and a matching bra. Last Valentine's Day my wife handed me a bag at this restaurant and said, "Go to the restroom and put these on right now." She pulled a pair of sexy panties out of the bag. I think it's time I fuck you wearing a garter belt, lace top stockings and your red panties." She looked so hot in her purple and pink panties, a garter belt, lace top stockings and her big black cock. Then Jessie said,"I intentionally pick these red satin string bikini panties for you tonight because I knew I could pull them to the side and fuck while you wore them.

Special 25th Anniversary

fetish DrLit 2017-12-30

My wife eventually begged for some cock in her pussy so we started slowly. My wife's hand reached up and she started twisting and pulling my nipples one at a time. The feeling of a real big load exploding up my cock makes cumming sooooo special. My wife started stroking my cock and playing with my balls. Then I felt my wife start massaging below my balls and things intensified. The dry cum gave me so much pleasure that I felt like my cock was just for my wife. It's all yours." In fact, I stopped writing this for a minute, went to my wife's panty box, got a real silky pair and walked to my wife stroking my cock with her panties.

Panty Husband’s Nipples are Only for Pleasure

fetish DrLit 2017-12-20

Then my wife said, "Tonight, when we get home, I want to pleasure your nipples. We got home and my wife told me to get undressed except for the panties I was wearing that night and wait for her in the bedroom. If I wasn't totally focused on your nipples I'd want to get out the strapon and fuck you wearing these panties." Just be patient and your nipples are going to feel on fire soon." She focused on my panty covered cock for a while and then kept one hand on my cock and reach up to tease my right nipple. Just likeme wearing panties, my nipple pleasure is at least a part of every time we fuck now.

My Wife Loves My Panties

fetish DrLit 2017-11-15

Even though it's been over 30 years since that day I remember clearly her wearing very sexy silk burgundy bikini panties and a matching silk and lace bra. As the years passed I always wanted to wear sexy panties like a woman, but I never felt comfortable telling my wife for fear of rejection. One day I walked out into the kitchen wearing only a pair of my wife's leopard panties with aqua lace trim. As I buy a new pair of panties I immediately wear them to dinner and we fuck in them. A few months ago my wife announced that she had purchased me a special leopard box to store my "fuck me panties". This time the wife showed the husband a pair of sexy black panties and said,

Panty Husband Gets Another Threeway

fetish DrLit 2017-11-10

Jessie simply said that Gabbi was very sexual and wanted to experiment. I said, "I love it when Jessie fucks my ass. Jessie said, "If the two of you don't mind I'm fucking Gabbi right now." I started sucking Gabbi's nipples while Jessie fucked her and worked her clit. I thanked Gabbi for the blow job, but said, "I want to fuck your mouth. Jessie said, "Gabbi, I hope you are ready because this is just the beginning. Jessie lubed my ass and Gabbi's cock real good. Jessie said, "Pull out and cum on Gabbi's big tits. Gabbi said, "Let me be sure I got all of your cum." She sucked my cock clean.

Panty Husbands Wife Goes Crazy

fetish DrLit 2017-10-30

A couple weeks after my wife and I returned home from a trip to Key West where she fucked my virgin ass real good things were calming down. I said, "I love your fucking me and am ready any time you are." Let's talk more when I get home. My wife quickly moved my red panties to the side and placed her big black cock right on my ass hole. I'm not sure what happened, but suddenly my wife said, "Pound my cock, I am going to cum. While I was doing this I screamed out, "I love you baby, fuck my ass with your big black cock.

A Little Help for a Friend Pt. 02

fetish DrLit 2017-10-14

Jessie took me shopping and we got a long, ankle length stretchy skirt that was real tight on my ass, a spaghetti strap top and ladies flats to wear one night. Jessie fell to the floor and said, "Your turn Julie for Jason's cock." Julie said, "I can't wait until tomorrow when we all cross dress and fuck like animals." I was dressed as a woman with real looking DD tits, no blouse and no skirt, only panties and a bra getting a blow job in a private bar. Julie helped put my wet cock back in my panties and put my skirt back on while Jessie helped with my blouse as she kissed me. Jessie said, "We are going to ravish your body licking your nipples, balls, cock and ass.

A Little Help for a Friend

fetish DrLit 2017-10-05

WOW, Matt wore panties and evidently got fucked in the ass by Julie if the strap-on was one their toys. Then Jessie said, "How about the three of us go out to dinner next Saturday and we return here so Jason can wear your pussy out? I want you two to put your new panties on in the limo and then I plan to suck Jason's thick cock on the way to your house. Julie said, "I really want a cock in my mouth, but a couple orgasms to start the night sounds even better." Julie said to Jessie, "Let me rest for a minute, then will you fuck me doggie style?" Jessie licked cum off Julie's tits and gave her a big, long kiss.