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Being Neighborly Ch. 03

anal EveningMuse 2018-05-19

He moaned, asking me to grab him harder still as I clench, grip, relax, and clench some more, pulling him in deeper as I started to quiver, throbbing over his cock as he kept rubbing my clit. He slid his cock out, and knelt at the edge of the bed, sliding his face to my pussy, licking the cum, moaning as his tongue lapped gently and my legs moved over his shoulders. His balls tightened and I was so ready as he pushed in harder, deeper, and faster, over and over again until he erupted in my ass, his cock pulsing, my thighs shaking powerfully, deeply.

On the Road

anal EveningMuse 2018-03-05

I look up at him, gently place my hands on his balls, cupping them, as my head moves over his cock, sucking him into me until I feel him against the back of my throat. The hand on his balls can feel them fill as I push one finger into his ass, moving it in and out, pumping in time to my mouth bobbing over his cock. He grinds his cock deeper into my pussy, so deeply I groan; every thrust hitting my soft spongy spot, my legs pull him in, driving him toward me, pussy clenching hard, I draw his cock in as far as I can, holding him in, squeezing him tight, bucking my hips toward him, his body pressing down against my hard clit.