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First time taking the Belt

bdsm FifePerv 2018-11-29

After a few minutes, you have not reappeared, and I open the bathroom door slowly and find you sitting on the edge of the bath, in the robe, head down looking at the floor, your hands white where you are gripping the side of the bath so hard. In the mirror, I look you directly in the eye as I cover your hands with mine and open the robe further, pulling it off your shoulders till I force you to let it drop to the floor. As my hand reaches your breasts, I take your nipples between by fingers and thumb, and start to squeeze “Tell me again, Claire, Tell me why you have come to me today.” Your breathing becomes heavier, as you start to feel the pressure on your nipples get harder.

Submissive Beginnings Ch.02

bdsm FifePerv 2018-11-25

When I feel you are lubed enough, I pick up the plug from the bed and place the tip against your arsehole, not pushing it in, just letting the point work on your clenched hole. Your breathing alters to a moan as your arse starts to spread around the thickening plug, till eventually you feel me stop and hold it there, at its widest point. My other hand still has the candle, and once again I let a drop of hot wax fall on you, this time on the inside of your thigh, before placing a second in the same place on your other thigh. I do not want you moving whilst I remove the plug, so I place one hand on your shoulder, gripping you hard and making you know not to move.

Submissive Beginnings Ch.01

bdsm FifePerv 2018-11-08

Once they are where I want them I run my hand slowly up your leg, across your stomach, up to your breasts, flicking over your nipple, and on up to your shoulder. Eventually you speak again, and this time it is to ask me to punish you for moving your legs, for trying to cover yourself up, when you knew I wanted to see you. Once you are where I want you, I reach up and put the pegs back on your nipples, still taking the time to let you get used to the pain as I slowly let them close and grip. I hear you telling me that you are going to cum, before I feel your body spasm, and your legs lock around my head and neck.

Young Mistress, Old Sub

bdsm FifePerv 2018-11-05

I stepped into the boxer shorts she had stipulated and headed for the kitchen where I opened a bottle of chilled white wine from the fridge, poured a glass and placed it on the table ready for her to find when she entered. I heard her move back to me this time, so it was not a surprise when I felt her hand go back in my hair and this time pull in a way which meant she wanted me to stand, which I was glad to do as my knees were in agony from the kneeling. I looked at her, my Mistress, for the first time, as she grabbed my cock and started to jerk it hard whilst she matched the pace she was now fucking my arse with.