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Free erotic stories by Goldeniangel on AdultRead

Flexible Booty

anal Goldeniangel 2018-12-04

Leaning forward a little as he began thrusting, eyes half closed in pleasure as she gripped and spasmed around his cock, he gripped a nipple between two fingers of each hand and tugged on them as he shoved back and forth inside her. Thrusting harder, faster, Eric could feel his balls slapping off the bouncy flesh of her tight ass, her hole flexed and quivered around him as he began testing its boundaries in new ways. The steady thrusting and her own fingerwork had finally brought her body back up to the sexual anticipation she'd been experiencing before Eric took her anal cherry, and as his cock slid back and forth in her greasy channel, she'd felt a new kind of pleasure.

The Photographer Ch. 03

bdsm Goldeniangel 2018-12-04

Shuddering a little at the vulnerability of this girl before her Becca snapped pictures of her spread body, making sure to get one that definitely showed the gleam in her eyes. It was astonishing to watch, the look of lust in this girl's eyes as Vince systematically beat her body and the way he treated her so casually despite the fact that his dick was standing straight up in his pants. For a few moments the girl wriggled, almost as if she was trying to shake the clamps from her breasts, and then finally calmed down as Vince watched and Becca took pictures non-stop. Moving around behind her he cropped her sore ass a few times, and Becca took more pictures of those red weals standing out on the pink flesh.

Wanna Bet? Ch. 06

anal Goldeniangel 2018-12-04

Moving his hips with her tongue, he could feel his dick getting rockhard as it brushed against the pile of pillows, and his ass swayed with her movements. As she got closer to her orgasm her strokes inside his ass got rougher, and her hands gripped his dick and balls, squeezing like she meant to milk him. The way the dildo invaded his ass made him gasp and jerk forwards, pressing her hand against his groin and pulling his balls away from his body. When she came, she fell forward and completely buried the dong in his ass, rubbing her body up in down with little movements and making the rubber bounce inside him.

Marriage Training Ch. 14

bdsm Goldeniangel 2018-12-04

When she'd heard the Earl of Cranborne announced, she'd immediately looked to the door and had her gaze caught by the darkest, hardest eyes she'd ever seen, belonging to what might be the most beautiful man she'd ever seen. The Earl should be with someone who looked like his step-mother, Vivian thought rather despairingly. He danced attendance on Vivian, fetching her a new cup of tea or a new plate of sweets whenever she looked to be in need, charming her with anecdotes about his lands and his family - his sisters sounded delightful - and behaving with such elegant aplomb that she could hardly credit his threat to spank her.

Teacher's Pet Ch. 01

gay-male Goldeniangel 2018-12-04

Practically writhing under his teacher's firm but gentle touch, Cory experienced utter pleasure as Mr. Peterson pumped his dick, fingers reaching down to toy with his balls. Cory moaned into the ever deepening kiss of his teacher, he'd never known that his nipples could be such pleasure spots, that the feel of someone else touching his dick would be so exquisite. Mr. Peterson smiled at him, "Would you like to help me feel better too?" He gestured at his own bulging pant front. Obediently, Cory opened his mouth and closed his lips over the mushroom head of Mr. Peterson's dick, feeling the salty sweetness of pre-cum for the first time.


Emmie Does Anal

anal Goldeniangel 2018-12-02

Just looking at herself made her feel slightly ashamed; her breasts were covered in red and pink marks from his fingers, her nipples were incredibly swollen and a much darker pink than usual, and she could see the slight sheen of wetness on her inner thighs from how turned on she was. Using his left hand to coat just a bit of lube over the tip of his cock - he wouldn't need much considering the amount of her juices that were spilling down her crack and the lube he'd already used on his fingers to loosen her up - Mark pulled his mouth away from her pussy and stood up.

Finders Keepers

interracial Goldeniangel 2018-12-02

Clayton shook his head as his roommate Zack and the girl he was dating - Christina - stumbled into the room, drunk. With a muffled gasping cry he threw the covers back and looked down to where the lightly-tanned girl knelt between his legs, her mouth on his dick and black hair cascading across his hips and thighs. In the moonlight her skin looked paler than usual, so that her dark nipples, lips, eyes and hair all seemed to be ever darker; she looked beautiful as she moaned, her body squeezing tightly on his dick. Slamming his dick into her a few more times, Clayton finally let go and his own orgasm went blasting up and into her body, into that pink gripping pussy that massaged the cum from his balls.

Anal Revenge

anal Goldeniangel 2018-12-02

you see, Doug here has never had an anal virgin," she smiled up at him and he smiled back down at her, his hand sliding down to the firm flesh of her ass and squeezing, "And I've never had a dick up my ass." Turning back to the camera her smile was blinding now, "I thought that you, of all people, should definitely get a chance to watch." "Oh god..." panted Veronica, her ass cheeks jiggling as her hole tightened and released around the invading finger, "It feels so big..." Walter was now rock hard as Doug's entire finger buried itself into her ass and he began to pump it in and out of that sweet hole.

Marriage Training Ch. 07

bdsm Goldeniangel 2018-12-02

It was there in the awkward way she angled her body, trying to keep her charms from the doctor's piercing blue eyes, the nibbling of her plump lower lip, and the sway of her hands over her privates as Mrs. Banks briskly began to pull off her undergarments. For a moment he thought she might protest, her green eyes wide with trepidation as she shot him a fearful glance, but then she looked at Mrs. Banks who nodded her head and Vivian began to take rather halting steps towards the table. Considering the young woman's reaction to it, she had felt it best to give Vivian the extra time to accustom herself to her new way of life and Mrs. Cunningham had backed her up.

Maid for Trouble Ch. 01

bdsm Goldeniangel 2018-12-02

"Yes you will, and for lying, you'll be punished as you do so." Mrs. Figgs' eyes gleamed as she tugged the paddle free of her belt, using it to imperiously gesture Harriet to come forward. Her nipples hardened and her pussy began to cream as Mrs. Figgs scolded her, wielding the wicked paddle with even more force as the creamy skin of Harriet's buttocks turned pink. "Done!" she cried out, trying to straighten, and then shrieking in surprise as Mrs. Figg's hand pressed down on her upper back, holding her in her bent over position, and landing two more cracking blows to Harriet's already roasted rump. Both disappointed and relieved that Mrs. Figgs wasn't going to ask the service that she had of Harriet the last time she'd been punished, the maid turned to scurry from the room.

Teacher's Pet Ch. 10

gay-male Goldeniangel 2018-12-02

Sighing happily the Headmaster pulled his limp dick from Mr. Peterson's ass and slapped the firm cheek. Fucking harder and harder, the Headmaster suddenly announced, "He's cumming!" and Cory knew that Mr. Peterson was orgasming all over the desk in front of him. When the Headmaster stood again, Cory started fucking Mr. Peterson again, knowing that his teacher now had nothing to distract him from the fact that he was being fucked by his student. Cory remembered when he had cum, and Mr. Peterson had begun fucking him, the erotic experience and pleasures of just taking a dick in his ass. Leaning forward, Cory ground his dick into Mr. Peterson's ass and then suddenly thrust rapidly several times.


Submission Ch. 18

bdsm Goldeniangel 2018-12-02

The hand on her ass gave it a small slap for teasing him, but Alanna knew that her Master liked the occasional show of her lively spirit. Alanna bounced on her ass and the gasped as Master crawled on top of her, the predatory look in his eye sending gushes of wetness to her pussy. Several times she tried to close her legs, needed to rub her thighs together to try and ease the sensuous ache in her pussy, and each time Master twisted her nipples hard enough that she cried out, and spread her legs back open again. "Arch your back for me Alanna, show me how much you want me to slap your breasts," Master said.

Submission Ch. 10

bdsm Goldeniangel 2018-12-02

Master woke Alanna by running his fingers up and down her body, stroking her soft skin with his light touch and making her nipples tighten. She humped it frantically, pressing it hard against her softness, feeling the buzzing pulse through the most sensitive part of her, at the top of her mound, and Alanna howled with relief as the sudden orgasm crashed over her. Alanna pulled the buzzing thing from between her legs and turned on her side, panting, her body still quivering slightly from orgasmic rapture she'd brought herself to. As hard as she tried, she couldn't help rocking back and forth a little as Master manipulated her pussy, running the tip around her lips and making her shiver as it pressed against her sensitive nub.

Marriage Training Ch. 15

bdsm Goldeniangel 2018-12-01

The older woman just looked at her blandly, making it obvious that she wasn't going to intervene, and Vivian remembered what the companion had said about the Earl's wishes superseding anyone else's. "Come sit down, Miss Stafford," Mrs. Banks said, interjecting for the first time as she nodded at Vivian's punishment chair. For Gabriel it was easy to block out Mrs. Banks' voice as he studied Vivian at close range, able to look at her and drink his fill of her features. Vivian was too busy concentrating on trying to keep her legs completely shut against the Earl's prying eyes, and Gabriel was too busy watching with delight as his future bride's beautiful pink pussy peeked and winked at him.

Anal Adventures of Alex Ch. 04

anal Goldeniangel 2018-12-01

Alex's hands spread Jen's ass cheeks as he licked at her hole, enjoying the slightly musky taste of her anus... Alex slowly pressed his thumb into her ass as her hand felt around inside the drawer, and heard her lustful sigh... his hand moved faster on his cock, at the moment he felt he'd almost be perfectly happy just cumming onto her ass cheeks while he watched her finger herself. Massaging her hips and buttocks, he rode her, long and hard strokes, just taking in the velvety smoothness of her asshole, the slick feeling to the tightness, the way she pushed back against him, ass rippling around his cock as she moved.

Homeschooled Ch. 02

first-time Goldeniangel 2018-12-01

His hands caressing her bare breasts, rubbing against her nipples, made Becky feel like swooning, and she leaned back against the desk, head back as she panted with pleasure. Mr. Troy slid two fingers inside of her, twisting her nipple at the same time, and she gasped and shuddered at the alternating waves of pain and pleasure that collided and mingled in her body, thrusting her hips and breasts forward with her need. "There is manual manipulation for pleasure, when practiced on a female it is usually referred to as fingering," Mr. Troy's smooth voice seemed to coat the exposed parts of her body, as his fingers moved back and forth inside of her tightness, spreading her open while cooler air pressed against the heated folds of her vagina.


Submission Ch. 17

bdsm Goldeniangel 2018-12-01

If only life were that simple, but David knew himself well enough to acknowledge that he wanted to be completely dominant over Alanna and that wouldn't happen if she saw her punishment as a reaction to Curtis rather than as a judgment from her Master. Alanna did not like the way that Master had dressed her for Curtis, but she knew better than to complain. When her Master's hands moved to her inner thighs, Alanna moaned again, the tips of his fingers teasing their way up towards her wet pussy. Alanna felt like she was floating on a blissful cloud, all of the stress and worry from the last week melting away as her Master pampered her.

Break-In Bang

group Goldeniangel 2018-12-01

Teresa's body reacted both to the name and the fingers that pressed upwards inside her as he spoke, a muffled cry emitting from behind the gag. With the one man's finger moving inside her pussy, and all their oral stimulation, it wasn't very long before Teresa was cumming ecstatically; her body practically levitating with pleasure as she screamed behind the panty-gag. Of course, with her hands behind her back she had no control over the blow job at all and he was soon pushing his way into her throat as she gagged and panicked, never having deep throated a guy before.

Getting in the Backdoor

anal Goldeniangel 2018-12-01

Christy hesitated, David could feel her shutting down a little and he quickly started licking again as he began pushing his finger into her ass. Once he was sure he'd left a mark, and feeling her orgasm slowly starting to dwindle, David pulled out and turned Christy over, pulling her hips up so that she was supported on her hands and forearms. But David didn't attempt her ass right away, instead he pushed a finger into that tight hole and slid his dick back into her pussy. Gasping, he pushed all the way in, Christy's body fell before him and he fell atop her, his dick driving deep into her ass as it began to pulse and spurt inside her darkest hole.

Fairy Tale Adventures Ch. 04

celebrities Goldeniangel 2018-12-01

Sliding her tongue into Red's hole she felt incredible decadent as the girl moaned and her hands gripped Kristen's hair tightly. Kristen found herself getting into licking Red's asshole, her tongue sliding between the two holes eagerly, feeling the energy coursing through the other girl as her orgasm grew. Red pushed three fingers into Kristen's needy pussy, biting down on Kristen's hard nipples as she began to pump in and out of the tight hole. Moaning, Kristen started riding her again, feeling Red's breasts push against her stomach, the fingers wriggling in her hole, and the taste of Red's pussy on her tongue.

Teacher's Pet Ch. 02

gay-male Goldeniangel 2018-11-30

Starting a very slow thrusting motion, Mr. Peterson began to work more and more of his dick into Cory's mouth, slowly enough that it was very easy for Cory to adjust to the motion and the amount of meat he was sucking. He began rubbing his dick harder as Mr. Peterson thrust in and out of his mouth, feeling the pleasure build as he watched it grown in Mr. Peterson's face. He began thrusting more roughly into Cory's mouth, feeling the younger man's tongue gliding over the underside of his dick, teasing the base of his mushroom head. He started to push all the way in, holding himself in Cory's mouth, feeling the ripples in Cory's throat when he held himself there.


Fairy Tale Adventures Ch. 08

celebrities Goldeniangel 2018-11-30

Wrapping his arms tightly around her body, Prince Charming began thrusting in and out of her pussy with abandon, Kristen thrashing underneath him as her orgasm came closer and closer. As she began to scream her orgasm, his plunging dick making her ecstacy mount even higher, Prince Charming pulled all the way out of her pussy and slammed into her ass. Kristen was completely shocked at the sudden behavior, until she realized that the Prince Charming had thought she was a peasant maid. Kristen turned beet red when she looked at the page that it was open to and saw herself in the middle of a clearing, a little man with his dick up her ass and another with his cock in her mouth.

Contest Extras Pt. 02

bdsm Goldeniangel 2018-11-30

Unlike Violet, Jared liked listening to a woman cry out, so he took off Danielle's gag before releasing her nipples from the clamps. please Violet," Danielle moaned as Jared's fingers slid from her hole, leaving it stretched and ready. Her tits rubbed against Jared's chest, his wiry hair abrading her sensitive nipples, while Violet began to spank and slap at Danielle's ass while she fucked it. Jared and Violet kept fucking her, kept filling her ass and pussy, while Danielle's orgasm rolled on and on, leaving her choking and writhing between them. Seeing her tiny friend being speared by the huge black cock, Jared's large body nearly covering Violet's completely, was really fucking hot.

Venus School of Sex Ch. 04

anal Goldeniangel 2018-11-30

Remembering Mr. Winter's instruction, she let her hands massage along Mr. Flood's shoulders, digging in her nails a little as he thumbed her nipple and the pleasant sensation hummed through her body. It was shaped so that her hips were held high in the air by the highest part of it, and that side was rounded not sharp so that nothing was digging into her, and her breasts and face pressed into the sloping side, leaving her ass and pussy entirely open and vulnerable to him. And then she let out a wordless wail of ecstasy as the sensations splashed over her, her holes filled, she could feel her orgasm through her entire lower body, her ass and pussy both convulsing around the fingers that were filling them, the fingers that kept pumping mercilessly as her orgasm grew and grew.

Contest Ch. 05

anal Goldeniangel 2018-11-30

When he got to her breasts, he pulled away, his eyes lifting as flesh spilled out through his fingers when he squeezed them, "These are a lot bigger than they appeared." she blushed and squirmed a little as he handled them… she hated how everyone had to pay so much attention to her huge boobs, but she did not want to insult the guy who was about to stick his dick up her ass. Leaning his body back a little so that the camera would catch the rest of his long black dick sliding into her ass, he thrust his hips forward until his balls slapped against her open pussy.

Popping Cherries

first-time Goldeniangel 2018-11-29

"Come here, we'll start with your mouth and take care of everything else this afternoon." Smiling encouragingly, he could feel his dick pulse as she knelt in front of him, hesitant, "Hold it in your hands," he used his own to guide her placement, "Now lick the head." Tentatively, her pink tongue came out and gave it a soft, exploratory lick, with that first touch she became a little more confident and licked the pink crown again. Looking down at the pixiesh brunette in front of him, he stroked her curls and smiled tenderly, "Clarissa, you are going to be one of my best students yet." Pleased and proud, she let his dick fall from her mouth as he leaned down and kissed her lips gently, "Lunch is almost over, get to your next class and meet me back here at the end of the day."

Fairy Tale Adventures Ch. 06

celebrities Goldeniangel 2018-11-29

Her nipple immediately puckered beneath the wax in pain, and the candle stick dripped more onto it. So when the candle started dripping wax all over her right breast, and then made a steady line over to her left and that nipple, the most sound that Kristen let out was an agonized hiss. Wiggling, Kristen gasped and moaned as the candlestick began working its candles in and out of her holes, moving them deeper and deeper with each twin thrust. her breasts and nipples were encased in wax, and now two waxy candles were shoving in and out of her pussy and ass at a bruising pace, while her most tender area had hot wax slowly dripping on it.

Contest Ch. 03

fetish Goldeniangel 2018-11-29

But that had put her in her current position, tied over the horse of one of Jared's friends, getting 100 spankings and 100 whip-strokes before he'd fuck her. "Good girl," he breathed as she whimpered and panted, but didn't complain, as her sore ass pressed against the carpet, and lowered his mouth to her bruised pussy flesh. OH!" she felt completely vulnerable and open as he thrust into her hard, and she could feel his dick getting harder and longer inside her as he started to reach his climax, "OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!" His dick was actually pulsing inside her as he came, and his last hard thrust against her clit made her cum as he released spurts of cum into her pussy.

Sick and Wrong Ch. 01

anal Goldeniangel 2018-11-29

Writhing as her ass burned a fiery red, tears streaming down her face, she was engulfed with lust, wishing that he would push his dick into her and fuck her hard, slamming his body against her bruised cheeks. it hurt so bad, he hadn't used any lube at all and it felt like the outside of her asshole was caving in as he pressed deeper. The pain was making her so horny, and she knew he was taking pleasure in the fact that she was enjoying herself despite his rape of her tender asshole. Priscilla felt like he was taking her over, his dick huge and swollen inside her asshole, demanding pleasure.

Submission Ch. 08

bdsm Goldeniangel 2018-11-28

Master tasted good in her mouth, and although it was hard to lean over and lick him with her hands cuffed behind her back, part of her was enjoying the challenge. Although she didn't completely understand what he meant, Alanna opened her lips and Master's hand pushed her down onto his cock. With her hands still cuffed behind her back, she felt his power over her acutely, all the pretend control she'd had with his cock in her mouth had vanished, and she was nothing but a slave to his will and his pleasure, unable to control her own body's responses.

Spank Me

fetish Goldeniangel 2018-11-28

The Headmaster wasn't paying attention to her pleasure at all, he was just intent on spearing her tender asshole with his lance, his hands roughly squeezing her red buttocks, making her writhe in pain before him. Headmaster Charles couldn't take much of her slutty ways, or her tight gripping ass, and he grunted as he buried his cock into her tightest hole, feeling it ripple around him and clench hard in her orgasm... Panting heavily, Hannah lay on his desk as he collapsed on top of her, eliciting a moan of pain as his body fell onto her poor abused buttocks and his dick lodged itself even more firmly into her ass.


Little Minx Ch. 10

group Goldeniangel 2018-11-28

Josh got to watch as the long black snake slowly disappeared into his girlfriend's body, noticing just how erotic it was to see the dark meat against her pink pussy. Bridget screamed as she started to cum, balls slapping directly on her clit, the huge dick in her pussy, nipples being pulled and suckled beneath her, and the erotic feel of meat in her mouth. Josh and Vince pulled out and Bridget practically collapsed on top of Doug, who immediately stopped sucking her nipples and positioned her so that she started sinking onto his huge dick, easily the biggest of all the guys present.

Horny Experimentation

lesbian Goldeniangel 2018-11-28

it's so unfair..." moaned Rosanna, "I'm so horny and there wasn't a single guy at those parties that I wanted to fuck! Running her hands down Rosanna's soft back, Mia clutched at the other girl's ass, squeezing the soft flesh and making Rosanna moan. Leaning forward, Rosanna found that Mia's pussy smell sweet and musky, tentatively, she flicked out her tongue and enjoyed feeling Mia's body react beneath her. Both of them started slowly, learning what to do, feeling out what they were comfortable with, and then Rosanna plunged two fingers inside Mia, licking at the pussy folds around them as she finger fucked her roommate. Moaning, Mia wriggled beneath her, using her own fingers, and the two girls writhed with enjoyment as they fingered and licked each other.

Gina Continues Ch. 05

lesbian Goldeniangel 2018-11-28

Licking steadily, even managed to stiffen her tongue and push it into Gina's actual pussy hole, making the girl moan with excitement. Gina moaned and humped her ass up and down on Lauren's mouth, enjoying the feel of the soft tongue on her sensitive nerves. Enjoying herself for about 10 minutes while Lauren tongued and sucked on her asshole, she then got up and tied the other girl face down on the bed. Wriggling her tongue inside Lauren's cunt, Gina pressed two fingers into the girl's pussy hole and then removed them and started working them into her ass. Gina started pumping her fingers in and out of Lauren's ass as she sucked the girl's clit into her mouth.

A Night in Paris

celebrities Goldeniangel 2018-11-28

Here," Looking at Paris, "turn over and suck me hard again while Greg takes his turn, then we'll sandwich you." Eagerly, the infamous blonde got on her hands and knees, her mouth going straight for Ted's slack dick. Soon Greg was pounding away at her pussy doggy-style, enjoying the occasion clenching as her body responded to him; Ted was starting to get hard again as her moaning mouth slobbered over his sloppy dick. Greg was hard again from watching the slim blonde heiress take his friend's forearm into her body, he lay down on the bed next to her as Ted pulled his pussy coated arm out of her hole and helped Greg lower her ass onto his dick.


group Goldeniangel 2018-11-28

Beth was still sitting on the couch, her eyes wide as she watched Meg take my cock in her hand and begin licking it like it was a lollipop, wetting the length of my shaft. Cindy's bare pussy lips were swollen and glossy with her cream, spread wide open by the way Emma was holding her legs, and I wasted no time lining my dick up with her body. As I got into position, Meg moved closer, obviously wanting to watch as I fucked her friend, her skirt lifted up so that I could see the landing strip of red pubic hair for just a second before her fingers covered it up as she started playing with herself.


Losing It

first-time Goldeniangel 2018-11-28

Sighing, Kyle's green eyes were resigned as he listened to Renee start to cry, saying that she didn't know how Matt thought he could be the perfect guy when all he did was pressure her. "But that's what I like about you Kyle!" she protested, just a hint of a purr in her voice as she maneuvered him into his room and shut the door behind her, "You're actually sensitive to what I want, you understand me, and you're a lot more of a gentleman than Matt... To their surprise, they heard a bit of a commotion in the front room as the door opened, Kyle's arms tightened possessively about Renee as he recognized Matt's voice.

Slave For A Week Ch. 02

anal Goldeniangel 2018-11-27

Jessica was starting to feel good, the fullness in her ass made her pussy throb anxiously, the slick thrusting turning her on. His dick made her ass feel a lot more stuffed than his fingers had, and even though her pussy burned to be filled up, it was rather erotic to have him in another hole. Squealing as the first of the hard, fast thrusts began, Jessica rubbed her clit faster in response, loving the way his rough hands felt on her breasts. She gasped as his dick throbbed inside her ass, she could actually feel every pulse of cum as it passed through his shaft and into her asshole.

Thunderstorm Threesome

group Goldeniangel 2018-11-27

Ethan, look, it's Allie!" Mitch jumped up and hugged me, making me giggle out loud and swoon a little inside. Okay, I'm not a virgin, I'm almost 19 and I managed to pop my cherry during my freshman year at college with my very first-ever boyfriend, but when a guy like Mitch is shirtless and pressing his yummy chest all up in my face, I'm going to swoon a bit. Actually my entire body was feeling kind of hot - and I told myself it wasn't just because I'd been listening to Ethan describe a scene right out of one of my fantasies in his deep sexy voice. For a moment it looked like Ethan was debating, and then out of the corner of my eye I saw Mitch moving towards me.


Roomies Ch. 01

lesbian Goldeniangel 2018-11-27

Flirting subtly with Erin, Shannon had tried to make her new roomie feel at home with her sexuality, but Erin was still having some reservations. Some mean-spirited girl had claimed that Erin had been eyeing her in the locker room and it spread like wild-fire that Erin Zanes was a hardcore lesbian. From that moment on only her best friend Georgia had stuck by her, the rest of the girls in school avoided her - although a lot of the guys seemed to like talking to her. Their first weekend their Shannon came by the room with another girl; her name was Robin and she was very sweet, but Erin was surprised to feel a little flash of jealousy. Sometime after she got into bed, Robin and Shannon went off to the showers...

Marriage Training Ch. 05

bdsm Goldeniangel 2018-11-27

Then Vivian took over the reins, handling the luncheon with the other young ladies and the companions as her "guests." Once they were running their own households they would not have guests every day, but Mrs. Cunningham obviously felt that it was important to have as much practice with guests as possible because those were the situations which were most fraught with the possibility of failure. Tonight Mrs. Banks decided to cover Vivian's entire bottom, the slaps coming down with slightly more force than the night before now that the young woman had a better idea of what to expect. Now that her bottom had been warmed up, Mrs. Banks was applying a bit more force with each slap, so that Vivian had to work a little harder to keep quiet as she received her punishment.


anal Goldeniangel 2018-11-26

Lady Purisima didn't know what was happening to her, she wanted to pray but felt that she was too filthy to at this moment; her mouth still tasted of the bandit's seed, and her body was responding to his mouth and hands being upon it. Bernardo smiled as his finger slipped in and out of her ass easily, his own dick was already hard and ready to go, but he didn't want to hurt the girl after all. Over and over he ravaged her backside, until she began to moan, her pussy beginning to respond to the dick in her ass as it had to his fingers. He held himself back from cumming, wanting her to know pleasure with a man inside of her body, feeling the hard length of his dick in her ass.

After the Game

interracial Goldeniangel 2018-11-26

Josh really hadn't meant to just blurt out like that, but Tricia had been the first girl to have to take off her bra and he felt like she had the most perfect breasts; round and perky, probably about a C-cup. In fact, her boyfriend had never seemed interested in foreplay or in her enjoyment; the way Josh was playing with her body was making Tricia feel weak in the knees. Leaning forward to kiss her again, he put a hand on each breast and began to knead them, making her moan into his mouth as his tongue quested. With his dark face practically buried in her breasts as he sucked on her nipple, she decided she liked the way they looked together.

Teacher's Pet Ch. 05

gay-male Goldeniangel 2018-11-26

Thoughtfully, Mr. Peterson removed his finger's from Cory's ass and went around to the front, dragging a chair over and placing it directly behind Sam so that Cory had something to hold onto and lean on. it was almost as though Mr. Peterson's dick was an extension of his, thrusting forward into both Cory's ass and Sam's mouth at the same time. Writhing between his two sources of pleasure, Cory's entire body tightened like a harp-string and then released, he groaned loudly as cum began to spurt out of him and into Sam. With his ass convulsing around Mr. Peterson, he very quickly had cum entering him from the other end, filling his ass as Mr. Peterson swelled even larger and then released.

Little Minx Ch. 07

bdsm Goldeniangel 2018-11-26

When he first broached the subject of trying something a little more kinky, Bridget liked the idea. Josh grinned, an evil smile slowly spreading across his face, "And for looking at me like that, I think you're going to need to be punished already anyway." Josh trained the camera on her ass as it wiggled and twitched, the finger of ginger that he'd inserted into her anus moving slightly with her own movements. To Bridget's surprise the spanking actually seemed to help, taking some of her attention away from the inside of her ass and making her pay attention to the blows that were now stinging her tender cheeks. Smiling, he stopped spanking her ass, which was now a beautiful dark pink, and pulled the finger of ginger out of her.

Chastity's Lessons Ch. 01

interracial Goldeniangel 2018-11-26

"Yes," said Chastity, and taking a deep breath and gathering her nerve, she began to run her hands up from her skirt, up the smooth skin of her stomach and then trailing her fingers across the fabric of her bathing suit, rubbing her nipples to hardness through the thin material. Reaching down he grasped her pale white breasts in his dark hand, enjoying the erotic look of the stark difference in skin color, rubbing her nipples and using them to pull back and forth a little. Leaning forward, he began licking at her clit, and Chastity cried out, hands reaching down to rest on his head and she tried to pull him deeper into her pussy as her hips moved up and down.

Contest Ch. 08

group Goldeniangel 2018-11-25

Brett stuck his dick in her mouth and she immediately began sucking on him energetically as she continued to press her body down the long way to Hank's body; behind her Ned was rubbing his hard dick against her back and groping her breasts roughly. Slowly, as Brett slid home and her ass adjusted, the slight burning sensation in her ass started to feel as good as the heat burning in her pussy, her eyes half closed in pleasure she opened her mouth and pulled Ned's dick into her last hole. Immediately he stepped up to find his dick guided into her mouth, where she began sucking him hard as Hank's long cock invaded her ass once more.

Work: Taking Wendy Home

anal Goldeniangel 2018-11-25

Wendy sighed with happiness as she collapsed face down on the bed, unaware that Rob was now rock hard and starting lustfully at her ass, where the tight swollen hole was looking more alluring than ever between her creamy cheeks. It felt as though her body was shaking apart, everything was centered on her pussy and ass, especially her ass when Rob removed his fingers and started riding her ass like a bronco, knowing that she'd gotten her pleasure and so really letting loose on her tender hole. Squealing in pain, even as she climaxed, Wendy's abused asshole tried to hold Rob inside in, making it even harder - and even more pleasurable - for him to thrust in and out of the tight space.

Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

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Kneeling between one of the guys legs, she started sucking on his dick, feeling the thick meat moving in and out of her mouth. Behind her someone got into position and started to push his way into her ready pussy, hands were moving all over her body and making her shudder with delight. Lily moaned around the dick in her mouth as one of the guys spanked her ass, she did like her sex a little rough. After all of the guys were completely spent, Lily just lay on the bed, panting and moaning a little at the wonderful soreness of her body.

Fairy Tale Adventures Ch. 01

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Kristen couldn't figure out a nice way to say no as the girl started walking away and towards another room, she just felt completely poleaxed and out of control of the situation. As her mouth wrapped around Goldilocks' nipple, the blonde woman gasped and pressed her pussy against Kristen's, causing an electric reaction in Kristen's body. She wanted to pleasure Goldilocks, feel the other woman sitting on her face, press her fingers into the other woman's pussy. Although she knew that the feelings weren't coming from herself, and that under normal circumstances she'd never want to have sex with a woman, Kristen couldn't help herself. As soon as Goldilocks' orgasm touched Kristen's lips, she started to cum as well, pleasure taking over her entire being.

Little Red Riding Hood

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Young as he was, Ronny didn't understand that Red really was interested, but also playing hard to get (not to mention being more than a little bit of a tease), and so he was willing to go along with the Wolf's plan. But she was proven wrong as the Wolf rocked back and forth, working more and more of its cock into her tight ass alongside the wood-cutter's dick in her pussy. But once it was over, the Wolf was still connected to Red's ass, and she moaned, completely collapsed on Ronny's chest but with her holes still filled. but while they were waiting, Red began to feel Ronny's cock slowly swelling inside her again.

Venus School of Sex Ch. 19

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"I think she could use some distraction," Mr. Flood said behind her, and Jessica shivered as his fingers brushed her hair over her shoulder and began to rub the tense muscles of her neck. "So you like a lot of hands on you," Mr. Flood said in her ear, and Jessica shivered at both his words and the intimate low tone he was using. "Open up, little one, I want to see your pretty mouth sucking my cock," Mr. Flood said, reaching under her torso to grip her breasts as Mr. Fire continued to finger fuck her from behind. She sucked hard on Mr. Flood's cock, grabbing at his hips with both of her hands, wanting to touch him, feeling him, get as much of him inside her as she could.


Marriage Training Ch. 03

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The prospect of seeing his future bride strapped into a position which would allow easy access for Dr. Monroe to administer the next portion of the exam was quite stimulating, but so too was the supposition of Vivian holding herself immobile without the assistance of bondage, submissively allowing the doctor and Mrs. Banks access to her innocent body. Vivian whimpered as the doctor pressed the nozzle to the entrance of her body, turning her head into Mrs. Banks' comforting hand. Mrs. Banks rubbed and caressed, forcing Vivian to ride her fingers through her orgasm, until the young woman was completely exhausted.

Venus School of Sex Ch. 07

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It had felt incredible, especially when she'd orgasmed and he'd pulled the entire probe out of her body in one smooth movement, the balls popping out of her ass and sending the explosion of pleasure skyrocketing out of this world. "I knew you liked having your ass played with," he said over her moans as he pushed two fingers inside of her, "I just didn't realize it extended to all parts of your ass." "Well I don't need to ask if you liked it." Jessica blushed hot red again, still feeling the burn in her ass and the corresponding ache in her pussy.

Gina Continues Ch. 06

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Turning to Lauren she smiled down at the struggling captive, "Well look honey, I'm sure you remember Jason? Worse than anything else was that her pussy was so sensitive from the orgasm that Gina had given her, that even Jason's inexperienced licking was starting to turn her on again. Turning back to Lauren, Jason started running his hands all over her body, touching her breasts and her ass, pulling on her nipples so that it almost hurt rather than feeling pleasurable. His eyes bulged when the mushroom of his dick found its way into her body, it was so tight and hot and wet, the absolute best feeling he'd ever had. Lauren was frantic, her pussy was on fire with need but Jason wasn't hitting any of the right spots...

Chastity's Lessons Ch. 04

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Liking her new position, Jeremy slid back, putting his hands on her hips so that he could admire the way his cock looked splitting open her pink pussy, little white girl on her knees and taking him from behind. Big black cock splitting open her little pink pussy while his dark fingers disappeared between her ivory ass cheeks... but then he pulled out and left her empty, she could feel the sticky warmth spreading across her ass cheeks and back, and she rubbed the front of her pussy against the ground, letting her orgasm continue as Jeremy spurted over her backside.

Roomies Ch. 05

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Erin didn't know how to make things better, she wasn't brave enough to just step forward and kiss Shannon, and she wasn't even sure if that was what Shannon wanted. Pulling it away, Erin sucked on her finger, tasting a slightly different taste than her own pussy... Shannon's back arched and she cried out as Erin sucked her pussy lips into her mouth, nibbling on them gently and pulling slightly with her teeth. Erin was new to this, but she managed to find her way around Shannon's pussy, making new discoveries constantly with her tongue and lips. Horny little girl..." A third finger pushed its way into Erin's hole, slightly painful and stretching...

Submission Ch. 07

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David sucked hard at her body, sweetness filling is mouth as he tried to suckle on as much of her as he could, flicking her engorged clit inside of his mouth with his tongue over and over again as she writhed for him, lips parted and breasts heaving as she strained against him, the pleasure completely overwhelming. When he leaned forward and caught one pert nipple between his lips, sucking on the tender bud and flicking it with his tongue, she writhed and if her thighs hadn't been spread so wide and Master's fingers pushing up inside of her, she would have fallen off the couch.

Roomies Ch. 03

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Shannon never knew that Erin had heard her that night, having sex with the other girl - whose name turned out to be Christie. As she came down from her pleasure high she suddenly realized that she was standing in the middle of the room with one hand down her pants and the other up her shirt, lesbian porn blazing on the TV and the door wasn't even locked. Before turning on the water though, she looked at her fingers, glistening with juices, and wondered what it tasted like. She always made sure to do it when Shannon had classes, that way she could watch uninterrupted and take the time afterwards to lick the juices from her fingers.

Venus School of Sex Ch. 13

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It didn't take long before Jessica was dressed and sitting on her bed, recounting her entire day's activities to Charity, who was obviously both impressed and envious. Like any school dance, it was a little cheesy and uncomfortable, but as soon as Nick and Paul got Jessica and Charity out on the dance floor, Jessica started to relax and have fun. "More like a prelude to amazing sex." Mr. Flood winked at her and then pulled her in close, changing his steps just enough that they could dance for a moment with their bodies pressed together, before he spun her out again. In some ways it happened so fast that Jessica almost wasn't sure how she' d ended up back in Flood and Fire's room with both of them.


Little Minx Ch. 08

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All stretched out with her small breasts thrust forward, juices making her pussy glisten. Writhing and screaming behind her gag, she could feel her arousal burning inside of her as he whipped her breasts, flicking it against the nipple clamps and bringing renewed sharp pain to the throbbing buds. Sexually torturing her, seeing how much she was enjoying it - her breasts seemed to thrust out to take the beating, pink streaks across the white flesh, her soft cries every time the whip stung her pussy, the way her hips thrust out when he hadn't hit it in awhile... She felt like she would explode or die if it continued, the pain and pleasure mingling unexpectedly in a way that turned her entire body into fire.

Ex to Sex

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dammit..." his head got stuck in his shirt and Rich helped him pull it off, "That I really appreciate - here, lift that ass lover - all the changes you've made for me..." big eyes looked up into his, "Things are so good now... Rich moaned and thrust his hips upwards as Keith started licking the shaft like it was a lollipop, pressing his lips against the swollen mushroom head. Keith's efforts on his dick redoubled and his hips started to press back as Rich's finger slid into his ass, massaging the insides as his mouth massaged Keith's dick. Instead he just grabbed a hole of Rich's dick with his hand and cried out, trying to suck and lick when he could but mostly just becoming enthralled with the feelings that were over taking his own body.

Tammy's Ass

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So it surprised him, one day, when they were cuddling in a spooning position, the head of his dick rubbing from her wet pussy lips to pushing lightly against her crinkled hole -- just as a tease to himself -- that she turned her head a little, kissed him, and whispered, "Put it in." Feeling daring, Gary let himself push a little bit more of his cock into Tammy's ass, trying not to cry out loud with joy as another inch sank into her tight hole... Gary felt his dick jump a little, still inside her hole, as he rubbed her clit hard, his other hand immediately working over her breast and nipple as Tammy leaned back against him, his half hard dick still lodged in her tightest hole.

Marriage Training Ch. 18

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He'd just received a note from Mrs. Cunningham informing him that Vivian's parents had requested to take their daughter with them that evening after the dinner, rather than waiting for the next day as had initially been planned. And since his father didn't expect Gabriel's presence in his house this evening, he wouldn't see Vivian at all after the dinner. That evening Vivian's two worlds collided, with a surprising amount of harmony, although she couldn't help but blush constantly whenever Gabriel looked at her in her parents' presence. The entire main floor of the house was lit with glittering candles; the dining room was elegantly outfitted in deep forest green and ivory, colors that would set off both Gabriel and Vivian's looks despite their very different coloring.

Wanna Bet? Ch. 05

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It was strange and yet familiar at the same time; Derrick groaned as her body rippled underneath him, and he put his arms around her back and started thrusting with her movements, humping her gently at first and then slowly harder and harder. In his rigid arms she shook and heaved, her nails scratching at his back as her orgasm went higher and higher, burning her up inside; his arms held her tight against him just as her pussy gripped his dick, and his groin was pressed firmly against her clit. Derrick brushed them away with gentle fingers as he looked into her eyes and gently kissed her lips; his hips were still pressed against hers and she could feel the strange sensation of his dick shrinking inside her.

Teacher's Pet Ch. 06

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Kneeling in front of Buck in the shower, the steam misted around them as Cory opened his mouth and took the head of Buck's dick between his lips. Sucking hard, Cory could actually feel Buck pulsing in his mouth as it filled with frothy cum. He did feel disappointed that Buck walked away afterwards, clearly done with his shower, leaving Cory kneeling and still hard. "Well, well well..." the voice was much lower than Buck's and Cory turned to see Coach Hamilton, "Enjoyed sucking off the Captain of the Football Team, eh Cory?" Cory felt panicked, until he realized that Coach was walking towards him and unzipping his pants, "How bout you do something for his coach as well?"


Submission Ch. 14

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He strapped her legs down, but he didn't restrain her body against the support bar in front, instead Master cuffed her hands in front of her and then lifted them above her head, attaching them to a chain hanging from a hook and leaving her stretched out and vulnerable. Alanna moaned as the pain crackled through her, Master's body pressing against her sore backside, his hands kneading her breasts like bread and making her captured nipples throb as his fingers dug into the red marks all over her flesh. The powerful thrusts from below her jerked her body upwards as Master's hips slammed against her sore ass, his cock forcing itself into the spasming cavity of her anus, and Alanna could do nothing but thrash and scream herself hoarse as he rode her through wave after wave of rapturous orgasm.

In Public Ch. 05

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Jeff wanted to burst out in hysterical giggles when the couple in the bathroom began moaning and their was a strange knocking noise on the door, he realized that they must be fucking each other right up against the door. Bruce moaned and began to push in and out of Jeff's ass, not really caring if the couple in the bathroom heard them anymore. Wrapping his hand around Jeff's dick, Bruce started pumping hard in and out of his ass, leaning forward to get a steep angle of penetration into the tight hole. His dick throbbed in Bruce's hand, pulsing with pleasure as he listened to the moans of the woman in the bathroom, getting thoroughly fucked up against the door by her husband.


Little Minx Ch. 05

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Bridget bit her lip as pleasure flowed from her breasts to her confused groin, her ass tightening uncomfortably and making her very aware of where his dick was, but feeling good too. As he rubbed her wet pussy lips with his fingers, gently tickling her clit, Bridget could feel the tingling fire starting, helping to alleviate some of the strange sensation his dick was creating. When she started to cum her entire body shook, her ass tightening over Josh's thrusting dick and rippling with pleasure. Bridget could feel every single pulse of cum forcing its way past her tight entrance and into her body, pushing against the ring of flesh that enclosed the base of Josh's dick.

Marriage Training Ch. 09

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"Thank you Mrs. Banks," Vivian said with a small curtsy, eager to read her family's letters although she reigned in her impatience as she did not want to be rude. When she finally fell into an uneasy slumber her dreams were filled with fleeting erotic images; herself bent over Mrs. Banks' lap, herself bent over an unknown man's lap, Dr. Monroe sliding various instruments into the openings of her body, the hot burning between her legs and on her bottom that a spanking produced... Surely the school wouldn't rid her of her innocence before her wedding, Vivian thought, which meant that she should be able to touch herself in the same way that Mrs. Banks did without causing any undue damage to her person.

Submission Ch. 13

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As much as Alanna liked it when Master tied her up or restrained her, she knew how much he enjoyed exerting his control over her with verbal demands. Master's fingers spread her asshole open, the clasping hole easily penetrated by his digits, and he slide his tongue back and forth between her wet lips as Alanna moaned and ground down on his face and fingers. She let her head and body fall back, holding onto his shoulders with just her fingers, letting her hair brush the tops of his knees, and Master leaned forward and took a nipple in his mouth, worrying it between his teeth. Although Master told Alanna that he was working and that in a few weeks things would be back to normal, she moped and sulked.

Chris Hemsworth: Sex God

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She'd let the hair and make-up department tame her brown curls and do some natural looking make-up so that she wouldn't wash out under the harsh television lights, but she was wearing her favorite pair of blue jeans, a pair of Easy Spirit sandals that were more comfortable than they were stylish, and her favorite blue vintage t-shirt with Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Woman on it that said "Anything boys can do, girls can do better." The applause redoubled as the audience took in her appearance, appreciating her for who she was, and Angel blushed happily, waving her hand. Earth Angel..." It was only when Jon Stewart started singing that Angel realized she was still standing there, gripping his desk like she was Leo DiCaprio filming Titanic, starting deep into Chris Hemsworth stunningly blue eyes.

Maid for Trouble Ch. 03

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Harriet's cheeks turned bright pink as she saw George watching Danny abuse her, his eyes full of lust as he stopped spanking Mary and shoved her off his lap and onto the floor, making her kneel in front of him. He groaned as Mary sucked him in, his hand on the back of her head, his eyes still on Harriet's jiggling breasts as Danny spanked them. Mary moaned, her hips thrusting as Harriet cried out into her pussy, Danny's cock pushing into her tiny asshole. As Danny started to thrust, obviously enjoying her discomfiture, Harriet moaned and sobbed into Mary's pussy, licking feverishly in response to the anal fucking, which was right on the edge of being too uncomfortable to bear.

Poker Loser Ch. 06

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The walk to the car was pure torture as the coat rubbed against her swollen nipples, her breasts bounced as she walked which made the chain jerk painfully on her clit and her nipples; the plug in her ass jostled her insides and the balls in her pussy added a confusing mix of intense pleasure to the cacophony of pain. Very quickly, Allison's body was dancing and squirming again, trying to get her breasts out of reach of the whip - which didn't actually help with avoiding pain since her movements caused the chain to stretch both her nipples and her clit as she danced.

Office Play Ch. 07

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Diane groaned in pain as the positioning of her arms forced her body weight to rest squarely on the rounded wood fitted uncomfortably into her pussy. Diane barely moved as Michael untied her hands from the rope above her head and undid the rope binding her wrists together, murmuring that she was a good girl. Carrying her over to the carpeted part of the floor, Michael laid her down and kissed her lips as he began moving his dick into her pussy. Before she knew it, Diane was having one of the most painful orgasms of her life, her crushed and bruised pussy forced to its climax by the knowledgeable movements of Michael's body.

Anal Adventures of Alex Ch. 02

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He was just deciding that he wanted something more naturally shaped, some kind of dildo that actually looked like a cock, when the girl stepped closer. Enjoying the feeling of masturbating while his fingers pushed in and out of his ass, Alex closed his eyes and pictured the girl from the toy store and the way her hand had looked on the fleshy dildo. Panting, he jerked on his own cock, feeling his body relax a little as he started working the tip of the dildo in and out of his ass, feeing his hole opening and closing again... Arching his back, Alex rubbed his cock harder as he pushed a little bit more of the toy into his ass, gasping at the full feeling...

Fantasy Weekend Ch. 01

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Smiling he said, "Well I certainly can't concentrate on abusing you, you delicious slut, while I'm distracted by my own needs." Putting a finger through the ring at the front of the collar he made Avery go down to her knees, a little awkwardly as she wasn't used to moving with her hands behind her back. Making a tutting noise, Cole withdrew his cock from her lips, leaving Avery gasping for air as the large piece of meat was removed from her throat. Cole pushed his cock through the ring in Avery's mouth, feeling the wet moistness of her tongue pushing against the underside of his head.

Girl Interrupted Ch. 02

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Olivia groaned and wriggled, her orgasm slipping even further away as the insides of her ass burned with the strange pressures of the dildo. Fucking her hard, the suction cups buzzing merrily on her body and the dildo pressing into her with every thrust, Olivia felt like she was overcome with the different stimulations... Holding onto consciousness by a thread, she shrieked with ecstacy as her climax was finally released and her entire body clamped hard against Doug, making him groan as her pussy convulsed and massaged his dick. Finally Doug spurted inside of her, his final thrust digging the dildo painfully into her ass, and his balls slapping against her suction cupped clit.


Contest: Alternate Chapter

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Danielle..." Doug let out a low groan and shoved deeply into her, she could feel the pulsing of his cock against her tongue and his dark eyes were wild as he pumped what felt like a gallon of cum straight down her throat and into her stomach. "You think you're going to find me more lenient if you behave now?" The amusement in his voice suddenly turned into something like a snarl, the hand on her arm tightening hard enough that she gasped as her head flew up and she looked into his dark eyes, stormy with repressed anger.

Fairy Tale Adventures Ch. 02

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Jack stared as the young woman named Kristen started licking and fondling his dick, working herself up to wrapping her lips around the end of it and sliding forward. Kristen squealed with pleasure, lifting her body up to meet his thrust, reveling in the way his huge dick felt, filling her up, banging against her cervix. On all fours, Kristen howled and writhed as Jack began fucking her ass, hard. As the pleasure faded, she suddenly realized that she was on all fours in the middle of a road, with a dick up her ass and the cum of a guy that she didn't know in every single one of her holes.

Anal Adventures of Alex Ch. 01

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Returning his eyes to the screen as the brunette looked over her shoulder, removing her fingers from her ass as a man entered the scenario from the side, hard cock ready to plunder her darkest hole, Alex squeezed his cock as his other hand opened the drawer to his right and felt around for the little bottle of lube that he kept in there. The girl on the screen was moaning as the thick cock pressed into her tight hole, gasping about how good it felt while the guy started slapping her ass as he thrust hard into her backside.

Marriage Training Ch. 13

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Giving her an encouraging smile, the maid left the room, off to report to Mrs. Banks that Miss Stafford was up and moving, although of course Vivian didn't know that. "Because you apologized before your punishment, and seemed sincere, this wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been," Mrs. Banks informed her, tracing her fingers delicately over Vivian's trembling flesh. We will forgo your usual punishment this evening, as you already received one this morning, however you will also receive your nightly spanking on Saturday - unless, of course, you make no mistakes." Mrs. Banks' tone said that she didn't expect that Vivian would be faultless, but she didn't condemn her for it either.

Behind the Story Ch. 02

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"Ahh..." Jane's voice lilted as her hazel eyes glinted with mischief, there was a bit of a teasing laugh in her voice as she informed Dru, "Bind is a BDSM club - that's Bondage, Domination, Sadism, Masochism - and most of the people there will probably be dressed in goth-gear, which means a lot of black. Dru groaned, rubbing her fingers frantically against her clit, just like the girl was writhing against the horse... Dru gasped, her body arching as pleasure coursed through her, her free hand gripped the seat of her chair as she humped against her fingers; the sound of the man's slapping hand and the girl's muffled moans filling her ears.


Marriage Training Ch. 04

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As the maid rubbed her down, Vivian found herself comparing the brisk and business-like touch to the way Mrs. Banks and Dr. Monroe had touched her earlier that morning. From her reading of Lord Cranborne, Mrs. Cunningham was becoming more and more assured that Miss Stafford was exactly the right kind of young woman for his lordship. After the examination she'd been decidedly undecided how she felt about her long-time companion, considering the invasiveness of some of the procedures and Mrs. Banks' involvement. Once the carriage arrived at the school and the young ladies stepped out, Mrs. Banks pulled Vivian over to the side, speaking in a low voice. "Thank you Mrs. Banks," said Vivian, feeling quite relieved.

Fairy Tale Adventures Ch. 03

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One little man between her legs started fucking her pussy, another straddled her stomach and pushed her tits together, sliding his dick between them, and a third straddled her face and began thrusting in and out of her mouth. Her hands were on the dwarf's shoulders that was fucking her needy pussy, his face was right at her chest and he started biting and sucking on her nipples, his beard scratching her breasts. Finding a tree stump that was just the right distance from a tree, the little men had her put her hands on the tree and brace herself while they climbed up on the stump and took turns fucking her pussy or her ass.

Venus School of Sex Ch. 09

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Immediately he gripped her ass, hard, in both hands, squeezing her soft cheeks as he held her pressed against him, his fingers pulling at the fabric of her skirt until they hit flesh. Jessica writhed beneath him, the heat of his body covering her ass and lower back, pressing her hard into the triangle as he dug deep into her body, his cock forcing itself completely into her. It was the most incredible feeling, his small movements which were restricted by how tightly she was clenched around him, the shuddering of his body as he coated her insides with his cream, she wonderful soreness of her ass as it received its first offering of cum, and the wonderful afterglow that she felt throughout her entire body as her orgasm subsided.

Marriage Training Ch. 06

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If Miss Stafford was as naturally submissive as Mrs. Banks supposed then she knew this would only heighten the experience of punishment and pleasure that Vivian would receive. Smiling down at the blank canvas she had to work with, Mrs. Banks felt the shiver of anticipation go through the young woman's body, and she rubbed her hand rather roughly over Vivian's bottom, preparing it for chastisement. Her formerly creamy buttocks had turned a hot pink under Mrs. Banks' stern hand, like the most brilliant of sunsets, and Mrs. Banks had the pleasure of watching those sweet little mounds tighten and bounce as Vivian's modestly fell away under the insistent needs of her body.

Venus School of Sex Ch. 16

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Although she made a startled sound in her throat, Jessica didn't push her roommate away as Charity's soft lips molded to hers, and then an eagerly insistent tongue pressed its way into her mouth. "Tha-aaaAAAAAnks," Jessica said, her word turning into a gasp as Charity sucked one of Jessica's nipples into her mouth. But when Charity moved up her body, taking off her shirt and letting one pale pink nipple hang over Jessica's lips, there was nothing shy about her mouth. Moving slightly to the side, Charity's eyes were eager as Jessica's mouth latched on to her other nipple. Jessica's hands moved from the bed sheets to her breasts, squeezing her own soft mounds, the flesh spilling over the sides of her fingers, and pinching her nipples.

Chastity's Lessons Ch. 02

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Chastity was excited as he lay her back, this time his big black hands rested on the backs of her thighs and pushed them up towards her chest, effectively folding her in half and spreading her pretty pink pussy for him. Squirming on his fingers, Chastity could feel her insides starting to tingle again as he pushed his fingers in and out of her, watching her with eager dark eyes as she moaned and writhed for him, her hands keep her thighs splayed. "Good little white girl," Jeremy murmured as he pulled his fingers from her holes, Chastity moaned and let her legs drop, but he caught them on their way down, spreading her thighs wide as he lined his cock up with her pussy.

Office Play Ch. 05

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Everything distracted her, the soreness in muscles, the fullness (and discomfort from sitting on the butt plug) in her ass, the constant knowing looks she was getting from Juan, or Michael's occasional forays in and out of his office. Only one other time did she get distracted… about an hour before the end of the day Juan came into the main room and began working on something at his desk. A few minutes later it was a short moan that caused him to look at her, when the vibrations finally kicked up to their highest level she stopped even noticing that he was watching, and clutched her seat and clenched her teeth to keep the noise level down while she came.

Teacher's Pet Ch. 04

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Panting and moaning, his hands spasmed on the desk as he began pushing back against Mr. Peterson's thrusts, wanting to feel himself opened up, wanting to feel Mr. Peterson's cock buried inside him. Cory's dick began to pulse in Mr. Peterson's hand, white cum spraying onto the side of his desk as Cory came; Mr. Peterson kept masturbating him, hard until Cory was completely spent and collapsed forward onto the desk. Mr. Peterson's groin was flat against Cory's spread ass cheeks, his dick deep in Cory's ass, his hands gripping the younger man's hips tightly. he could actually feel Mr. Peterson's dick swelling even more inside of him, a pulse against the tight ring of his ass with every spurt of cum that Mr. Peterson send shooting into him.


A Rough Sorority Rite

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Kneeling between Zara's legs she lowered her head to the other girl's breasts, taking one dark nipple in her mouth as she squeezed the large mounds, enjoying the way their softness filled her hands. She sucked hard on Zara's clit, rubbing it between her lips and flicking it with her tongue as the other girl screamed and came, her pussy quivering around Lacey's fingers as sweet honey flowed from her, coating Lacey's hand. With all the skills that she'd learned as she'd pledged, she was able to draw Zara's orgasm out, rocking the older girl with pleasure until finally she sighed in satisfaction and pulled Lacey's mouth away from her leaking pussy.

Office Play Ch. 08

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However, an hour before the end of the workday, Michael came out and looked over the work done by both Diane and Juan. Coming down from her orgasmic high, she came back to herself, realizing that this man she barely knew had just cum in her pussy while she sucked Michael off. Impact and sounds increased as Michael continued, he moved behind her completely, allowing the ends of the whip to wrap around her breasts, hitting the nipple clamps squarely, and her nipples ached with desire. Tears collected in Diane's soft brown eyes as the pain and pleasure intermingled until she didn't know where one ended and the other began; Michael was forcing her towards a second, more painful, orgasm.

Roomies Ch. 04

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So Erin started watching the porn again, masturbating furiously as she also remembered the way Shannon and Christie had been set up in the room. Erin's fingers thrummed faster on her clit as she pictured herself in Christie's place, licking at Shannon's slit, hearing Shannon moan for her. Although walking in on Shannon and Christie like that had been extremely embarrassing, it definitely had some benefits, in the way of better realized sexual fantasies. Closing the door Erin dropped her bag and went over to undress and grab her robe; she needed a shower after that pilates class! Erin's breath caught in her throat as Shannon's lips came down on hers, she didn't know what to do.

Anal Adventures of Alex Ch. 03

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Alex groaned and lifted his hips as Jen's mouth glided over his dick, her tongue wetly pressing against the underside of his cock. He ran his fingers through her hair, sighing happily as she gripped his dick with her hand and gently began tonguing his balls, sucking one into her mouth and rolling it before letting it pop out and finding the other. Something pressed against his asshole, and he lifted his hips slightly without thinking, and then more -- shoving his dick deeper into her mouth as her finger began invading his ass. "Oh God..." Alex's hands gripped the top of her head, pushing her down a little as his cock drove deep into her mouth, pulsing against her tongue as he started to cum.


Teacher's Pet Ch. 03

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Sam obviously knew he was there, and his cheeks were flushed red with embarrassment, but he kept sliding Mr. Peterson's dick down his throat as the teacher moaned thrust forward. Cory was barely aware of anything but the mouth traveling up and down his dick, until a wet, slimy, but firm finger began to push into his asshole. Moaning, Cory's asshole ached a little as Mr. Peterson's finger twisted inside it, stretching it open for the first time. Mr. Peterson's finger pressed forward every time Cory pulled back, creating the strange sensation of something entering him every time he pulled out of Sam's mouth. Cory could feel his teacher's fingers deep inside him, stretching his ass open.

Venus School of Sex Ch. 10

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Jessica immediately turned and got onto the mattress, her thighs spreading as she knelt, breasts thrusting upwards as she put her hands behind her back. She could feel her pussy getting wetter as he stared down at her, watching as she squeezed her breasts hard, her fingers pinching and rolling her nipples. Jessica groaned as she followed his instruction, her hand sliding over her heated, needy flesh and then one finger parting her lips and entering her body. At his first order Jessica's fingers had pulled mostly out of her, and on his final word she plunged them back in, her clit rubbing against her hand as her denied culmination fell over the edge and off the cliff, her body writhing in ecstatic passion.

Roomies Ch. 02

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her own pussy was wet and her eyes were burning with the image of Shannon's passion-inflamed face and the way the other girl had been sucking on her nipples... lick my pussy you little bitch..." Erin was shocked out of her reverie by Shannon's voice, berating the girl that was eating her, "Fucking lick it you little slut, oh yes... Erin realized that her fingers were moving in conjunction with what was going on in the next bed, and that her pussy was starting to quiver with anticipation of her orgasm. She came at almost the same time that Shannon did, hearing the loud moans and orgasmic cries of her roommate, she allowed herself to cum; knowing that the girls next to her wouldn't notice as they were caught up in their own activities.

Submission Ch. 06

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Alanna couldn't believe how different Master's mouth felt on her body without the modest covering of her hair. When his mouth clamped down on her clit, Alanna's thoughts were chased away by the mounting need that she recognized from last night, as if all the feeling in her body was imploding into her core, ready to burst out again. David's hand moved harder on his cock as Alanna writhed in orgasm in front of her, held tight against the tilted wall by the straps, her juices sweet and heavy as she cried out. Then his head fell back, his hand moving hard and fast, and Alanna gasped as something white and warm came shooting out of his body and landed on her stomach.

Submission Ch. 12

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Alanna's body shot forward, away from her Master, so that she was completely flat on the bed, her cheeks clenched tightly together with her hands covering the crack. "Your ass is going to learn how to please me greatly too." A wet finger trailed up her center, circling the tiny crinkles, and Alanna automatically tried to jerk away and clench her cheeks again, but Master's restraints kept her from doing either. Since the restraints kept her in place, and she had no choice, Alanna finally gave in to her Master's tongue, finding that she actually enjoyed the feeling of him licking there.

Venus School of Sex Ch. 17

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No matter how Jessica arched or pushed her hips back she couldn't feel anything but the cock inside of her and the fingers stroking her back, her shoulders, her sides, her hips, the curves of her ass... She wanted something hard to press against, she wanted the feel of Mr. Fire buried completely inside of her, his hips pressing against her, but all she got were light touches of his fingers and those throbbing three inches. Suddenly there was too much sensation between her legs, and Jessica undulated and cried out, shrieking her intense rapture as the cock in her ass thrust hard and rough and fingers rubbed her aching pussy lips, the friction against her clit sending her into heated spasms that unraveled all rational thought.


Mixed-Up Revenge Ch. 02

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"Decided to cheat on me with my best friend huh?" he snarled, pressing his dick into her ass as she shrieked and started struggling even more, Charlotte coming around to hold her sister in place and watch as he violated her ass, "Tell me that you want to wait for marriage and then you go fuck around with someone else." He jabbed a few inches deeper and Charlotte smiled as Karen's eyes popped. Charlotte turned up the vibrator to its highest intensity and pressed it hard against Karen's clit as she realized Ray was cumming; feeling his dick pulse in her ass and the pressure of the vibrator sent her soaring and she began cumming as his orgasm finished.

Submission Ch. 03

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Aghast, Alanna realized that there really wasn't any more and that the woman wanted her to walk out of the small private room into the shop where other people were! The woman was wearing something Alanna could have almost been comfortable in, although it still wasn't as loose as her own robe, but at least she wouldn't have looked so indecent. "I know this is new to you, and so I am making some allowances, but you will wear this dress," and he touched the purple robe that was called a dress, "or you will wear nothing at all when we walk out of here." Alanna gasped, but one look at his face told her that he was completely serious.

Contest Ch. 06

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Violet shivered as he began to fuck her ass, thrusting in and out slickly as the lube eased his passage, it felt very full and very good… the little nerves all around the outside of her hole were tingling as his dick slid past her opening. Reaching around her body, sliding his hands under her chest, Ned began to squeeze her round breasts as he pushed in and out of her deflowered ass and Violet lifted her body up a little to allow him better access as she moaned in pleasure. With her body heaving and her ass clenching tightly around his dick, Jake didn't stand a chance and he began shouting loudly as he continued to thrust in and out of her slick hole as his cum was added to the mix.

Homeschooled Ch. 09

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Without the slick lubrication of a condom, it felt like her pussy was actually clinging to his flesh; more force was needed to embed himself in her tight channel, and Becky moaned as Mr. Troy thrust back and forth, sinking a little deeper every time. oh god, Mr. Troy..." She rubbed furiously, thinking about how good it was going to feel when he came inside of her, how much she was looking forward to doing these things with Ben... Her hand drifted back to her clit, stroking the sensitized bud very gently, making her body relax slightly even as Mr. Troy's cock slid deeper into her ass.

Karla's Final Visit

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"I was wondering if I could come home with you today Professor," to his surprise, she actually blushed a little and looked rather shy and hesitant, then, with a bit more confidence, "I can make it worth your while." He raised his eyebrows as she walked up to him, long red hair swaying against her back as she tilted her head up with pink parted lips, eyes wide and innocent. With her legs spread like that her red and abused pussy made too tempting a target and he slapped it hard, Karla shuddered and cried out as the pain spread through her lips and clit, burning pleasure that filled her groin. Breasts high in the air, ass and pussy burning, Karla began to move faster on his hard cock, gritting her teeth as her head fell back and his dick speared her tight back hole.

Office Play Ch. 03

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A couple times he came up behind her while she was at the copy machine and pushed his groin into her ass, once he had called her into his office and just sat there looking at her for a few minutes before dismissing her again (by the time he had let her go she was bright red and desperately wondering what was going to happen), and a couple other times he had taken the casual liberty of feeling her breast through her blouse while she sat typing. One time Juan came in while Michael had his hands down her shirt as he stood behind her while she typed, she thought she would die of embarrassment but Juan just grinned knowingly at her while her faced turned bright red.

Behind the Story Ch. 03

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There was just something different about Joe. As he drove her back to his place, and she recognized that they were only about five minutes away from the U of M, exactly where he'd told her when they'd chatted online, she asked him how he'd found Bind and gotten into that kind of stuff. "But you accused me of being all talk and no action, so we're going to make it thirty." Dru groaned as his hand came crashing down again, on her other butt cheek. Suddenly Joe's hand was gone from her body and she opened eyes that she hadn't even realized were closed. Dru lay, helpless, arms bound to the bed behind her, legs forcibly spread, her nipples tightly clamped and her pussy on fire with burning need.

Contest Ch. 04

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Immediately there was a crowd around each of the carts, Jared joined the one around Danielle of course, watching as one bold patron pushed the banana in and out of her cunt, making it a little sloppy with bits of the fruit and her pussy juices. The girl shivered a little with so many hands all over her, licking the residue of sweet cream from her body, and since most of it was one her massive breasts she was tantalized and teased as their tongues moved all over her heavy globes and nipples. Slowly, her flushed body came down from its orgasmic state, and she blushed deep red as the surrounding audience began clapping, Jared sliding his fingers from her pussy allowed the woman standing next to him to lick her sweet juices from his hand.

Cabin Boy

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Most of the crew, when they needed to satisfy their bases desires on long voyages, would skulk into Bran's room, turn him onto his stomach, lubricate their cocks with some of the oil kept by his bedside for exactly that purpose and shove them in, fucking his ass hard like he was a woman. Landon's fingers were still slightly slick with the oils and he began to pump Bran in time with his own thrusts, forcing the younger man back onto his cock, and their grunts and moans melded together, becoming frenzied as they rutted hard and fast.

Slave For A Week Ch. 03

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Taking Jessica's hands in hers, Ellen slid them under her shirt; getting the hint Jessica started undressing the other girl, shyly looking over her body. Gasping as Ellen nibbled on her nipples, Jessica then took her turn at sucking and licking at the other girl's nipples. Hesitantly Jessica licked at the outer edges of Ellen's pussy, feeling the other girl teasing her own wetness with her tongue. The burning desire that was growing in her groin helped to make licking Ellen's pussy a little more comfortable; it was a way to repay the girl for the delicious sensations that she was creating in Jessica's body. Taking the initiative on her own, Jessica began licking and sucking on Ellen's pussy lips, nibbling at the tender inner flesh.

Spanking Karla

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"Well, you see I've been a very naughty girl," she fluttered her eyelashes innocently, the husky tone of her voice was anything but, "I keep playing with myself all the time, and I need someone to punish me so that I'll stop being such a bad girl." As she spoke, she undid the knotted shirt between her breasts and slipped it off her shoulders, her light pink nipples quickly hardened in the cool air, "Do you think you could punish me Professor?" Holding her milky breasts tight in his hands, he thrust hard one last time into her red and burning ass, filling the tight hole with a week's frustration.

Marriage Training Ch. 02

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"Good morning Miss Stafford, Mrs. Banks," said Dr. Monroe as he entered the room, smiling at both of the ladies as they stood and murmured their greetings. Mrs. Banks loosened the young woman's stays, giving Dr. Monroe and Gabriel only the slightest glimpse of her fully, pale breasts tipped with strawberry nipples, before Vivian put her hands over them. "Remove your hands from Mrs. Banks and put them back by your sides, or you will receive a spanking before finding yourself back in exactly this position, Miss Stafford," Dr. Monroe said in an icy tone, his hands beginning to squeeze and stroke Vivian's breasts again. "They're going to pinch a bit, but it will feel good too," Mrs. Banks said soothingly, her fingers gently stroking the slickening folds of Vivian's cunnie.

Marriage Training Ch. 01

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Just before her eighteenth birthday Miss Stafford had attended a tea party, one of the events that Mrs. Cunningham provided for her students to make their first appearance before the matrons of society to practice their polite conversation and attempt to make a good impression on those women among the ton who could - and would - make or break their futures. Once you near the end of your training the banns will be read and you will be wed upon completion of your training." Mrs. Cunningham smiled sympathetically, seeing that Vivian felt quite overwhelmed by all the information that she'd just assimilated, as was often the case when the sponsored students were confronted with the truth of their straightened circumstances and the prospect of their future.

Work: In the Backroom

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Kneading her ass cheeks like they were dough, he squeezed and pulled, letting his finger tips get ever closer to that tight crinkled hold. Wendy was moaning and thrusting backwards, her nipples tingling with pleasurable pain as he pinched them tightly with his fingers, she was so excited at her fantasy come to life! As she began to buck back against him, her pussy shivering around his dick in orgasm, Rob was reluctant to pull out but he knew what he really wanted. Rob pinched her clit as he buried himself in her ass, moving up and down slightly and making himself bounce inside of her as he began to fill her tight hole with spurts of frothy cum; groaning contentedly.

In Public Ch. 04

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A few times Jeff gave Bruce a hand job under the table in the restaurant, with Bruce later returning the favor - either under the table or in the bathroom, but both of them were longing for something more. And before Bruce's mind could realize that implications of that, Jeff had looked around to make sure that no one was watching (they weren't and their server was in the kitchen) and then slipped under the table. Jeff's tongue laved the underside of his dick all the way up to the sensitive head and Bruce gasped, closing his eyes against the world as his orgasm flowed upwards and into Jeff's mouth, his ass clenching down on the pressing finger.


Little Minx Ch. 04

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Getting between her legs Josh started kissing up her thighs, running his hands up and down her legs as she moaned and humped her hips, his lips coming closer and closer to her pussy. The pressure increased and just a bit of his dick started to open her up, making her gasp at the discomfort, "Do you want me to fuck your ass Bridget?" Bridget moaned as he began to ride her hard, his body pressing against her warmed ass cheeks, a little bit of pain and a lot of pleasure mixing wonderfully. Bridget moaned as he came inside her, loving the way it felt as each spurt of cum traveled along his dick and into her pussy, he always got so much harder right before he came.

Princess and the Pea

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Raising herself up with dignity, a hard task in that clinging and revealing gown, the girl replied in a soft yet firm voice, "I am the Princess Kerowyll from the Kingdom of Bran, I have come to meet the Prince Granthell." As the Prince watched the beautiful girl leave, her hair hanging down to where the dress clung to the curves of her ass, he cursed his mother. Princess Kerowyll continued to breath deeply as he began to squeeze her breasts, and she actually let out a small moan when he lowered his mouth to suck on one pink nipple. Wetting his finger in the juices leaking from her pussy, Prince Granthell pressed it against the hole he was currently licking; with just some firm pressure it gave way.

Fairy Tale Adventures Ch. 05

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Kristen moaned, unable to answer, unable to even look at where her incredible pleasure was coming from as the fairy tale Wolf continued to eat her out. Kristen moaned as he began to climb on top of her, his silky fur pressing against her back and ass and his panting breath on her hair as the long, thick, red dick nudged between her pussy lips. The Wolf began to thrust back and forth, humping her madly as she moaned and pushed back against him, feeling the uncomfortable and yet pleasurable stretch of her body against him. Then, as she could feel her orgasm growing, Kristen also felt something pushing against her pussy lips, something wide and big, trying to stretch her even further open.

Drunken Antics

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Sticking on of my fingers into my mouth and wetting it with saliva, I lifted his balls with my other hand, and moved my finger down towards that tight asshole, rimming it with my finger and then I began pushing him inside. Moving quickly I pulled my fingers from his ass and my mouth from his dick, and got him turned over, so that his hips were on the edge of the bed and he was face down, completely spent. But that was a thought for later, for now, I began pumping in and out of his tight ass, feeling it stretch and pulse around me, jerking his dick off in my hand in time to my movements.

Slave For A Week Ch. 08

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Moaning, Jessica winced as his hands mauled her tortured flesh, her nipples feeling swollen and painful - one of the cane lashes had cut right across them. Jessica moaned with frustration, her orgasm was elusive as the pain mixed with the pleasure, and he never kept his hand at her pussy quite long enough for her to cum. cum while my dick is up your ass you little slut..." As her clit burned between his fingers, Jessica's head fell back and she screamed with triumphant ecstacy as her delayed orgasm hit her like a freight train. Tying her face up on the bed he fucked her pussy hard, enjoying the way that she moaned as her sore ass rubbed against the sheets and her tortured breasts rubbed against his chest.


Sleeping Beauty's Story

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He was told a story of a captive Princess, held asleep for all time in a castle surrounded by thorns, and unbreakable wall of briars that kept all away. Prince Damian became enthralled by the story of the beautiful Princess - now only known as Briar Rose because of her location - and he immediately searched out help to get through the thorns. Beauty's heart went out to the brave Prince when he finally came to the end of the thicket, stumbling blindly with relief through the castle gates. Incredible sexual energy sped throughout Beauty, and the Prince looked up as the sleeping Princess actually gasped. Beauty moaned in her sleep, her dream self begging him for more but her actual body not able to do so.

Office Play Ch. 06

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Since you were so bad this week, I decided that you'll be doing without extra lubrication for you ass, so you might want to be more enthusiastic about what you do get." Fear at the thought of having him try to shove that huge dick up her ass dry - and certainty that he meant what he said - made her try to relax her ass hole. Her asshole felt raw, and the rough squeezes he was giving her ass cheeks just made them continue to hurt and twitch, despite the blowjob she'd given him at the end of the office day, he should still need to cum soon.

First Date

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Angelica was so wet that Bryant could actually feel her juices as they soaked the crotch of his pants, he was rubbing along her panties as they moved towards the bedroom, their tongues twining in each other's mouths. Bryant though she looked gorgeous with his black dick against her pink lips, one white hand around the base of his shaft and then other pressed on his hips for leverage. With both her hands on his shoulders Angelica started to fuck him hard, really grinding her body against him, feeling his dick explore new territories in her pussy, stretching open new places that had been previously unused.

In Public Ch. 02

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The couple held hands and caressed as they waited for their photos to print and then squealed as they looked at them, the girl holding the strip of pictures to her chest as she laughed and blushed deeply. The camera's flashed four times as Jeff continued his erotic slide, catching his slightly pained but excited face as his ass was invaded, stretched open; the hand on his dick sliding up and down as he sank down. The camera began to flash again as they were in the middle of their session, catching both of their excited expressions, the loving way that Jeff leaned back to kiss Bruce, their deliberate movements. The camera began taking their pictures as Bruce started coming, his hand tightening on Jeff's dick.

Homeschooled Ch. 08

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Ben looked like he'd died and gone to heaven as she slid her dress down, exposing her creamy, perky breasts and her pretty pink nipples. While he didn't have the self-assured touch that Mr. Troy did, there was something just as exciting about the awe in his eyes and the way he was exploring her breasts with his hands, like they were new toys and he was a kid on Christmas morning. A little shiver went through Becky as Ben wiped some cum from her face and brought it to her lips, watching her mouth as she sucked the cream off of his fingers.

Marriage Training Ch. 12

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"She's able to bear it and it arouses her body, but she finds no pleasure in the actual punishment." They'd had some students in the past who had been more than aroused by their punishments, some of them had orgasmed over Mrs. Banks lap when receiving their nightly discipline from no more stimulation than a strong spanking to their bottoms. If she's denied the pleasure that she feels she deserves following a punishment, especially the day after she was disciplined with the tawse for no reason, it might induce a strong enough reaction to compel her to rebel." "Mrs. Cunningham and Mrs. Banks are ready for you at your pleasure," the maid said, giving him a little look from beneath sooty lashes.

Wanna Bet? Ch. 08

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as he pressed the vibrator all the way in and started to fuck her ass with his finger she felt like she was stuff full. Kerry wanted to tense up as she felt his hands caress and grip her ass cheeks, but the vibrator was doing its work too well, she couldn't tense up for too long because of the way it buzzed inside her. Humping her backside, he ran his fingers over her back and down to her hips, trying to find the best placement for his hands; every thrust of his hips pressed the vibrator into her pussy along with his dick so that it was like there were two cocks each fucking one of her holes.

Delivery Guy

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Mary brought his hand to her breast for him to feel as Cassie started to rub and suck on his nipples. Squeezing Mary's breast much like he had her ass, he bravely pulled it to his mouth and started to suck on her nipple, just like Cassie was sucking on his. His other hand grasped her free breast as well, while Rachel and Cassie left his nipples and started working their way down his body. Cassie started to lick and suck on his balls as Rachel began to give him head, Mary kissed him passionately as his fingers worked inside of her, her hand rubbing against his nipples. Cassie and Rachel pulled away to watch as Mary straddled his body, his dick bobbing up and down between her legs.

Contest Bonus

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As her breasts bounced while he pulled her body back and forth her nipples burned as the clothespins pinched and wobbled, her pussy was on fire with pain and need and she realized that she was wet just from the clothespins and giving him head. Opening her eyes she could see Jared in front of her, his back arched in tension as his dick was buried in her tortured body, she could feel him pulsing inside her as he came, his hands squeezing her breasts in their most painful grip yet. Jared had begun a steady pumping motion in Violet's ass, shudders running through her body as Chris began rolling the rubber bands off of Danielle's breasts and rubbing them to get the circulation going again.

Convent Girls

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Two nights after Celeste got her first roommate in the Convent, a sweet-faced girl named Teresa who had a bad reputation, she awoke from a disturbing dream with the most incredibly sensations sweeping over her body. "Shhh..." Teresa whispered, "It's ok Celeste, it felt good didn't it?" Seeming to realize that her new roommate wasn't going to try screaming again, the blonde girl removed her hand, although she did not cease straddling Celeste's body. They struggled, Teresa's free hand squeezing one full breast and her other busy between Celeste's legs, her tongue in Celeste's mouth; while the other girl whimpered and tried to get out from underneath her attacker. Slowly, feeling Celeste undulate beneath her, Teresa began to work her mouth down the girl's stomach, eliciting gasps of heady pleasure.

Frat House

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That didn't stop her orgasm though, it kept going as she screamed her ecstasy at the watching guys; they were grinning as Chris gasped and buried himself into her convulsing pussy, spilling cum into her body. Fingers reached down to her pussy and rubbed the wet, swollen folds, finding her clit and twisting it; the pleasure began to help the pain in her ass recede a little more. when the guys thought that they'd gotten too sloppy they carried her into the bathroom where they pushed a hose into her pussy and ass, filling her with warm water and making her shriek with discomfort. she screamed as he began to work his way into her poor ass, fingers rubbed on her clit and she was forced to cum as he fucked her with his fearful weapon.

Mail Order Menage

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Most of the ladies who came out West to be mail order brides were already a little scared, coming out to be married to a man they'd never met. Jake didn't know whether he was envious or relieved; after all, they were asking their new bride to kiss two men she'd just met less than an hour ago. It was an arousing sight; small Evelyn with her rounded curves pressed up against Wilson, making it easier for Jake to imagine what she would look like when those curves were no longer covered by her dress. Maybe she hadn't expected her new husbands to be quite so forward, considering they'd just met, but no reason not to start like the same way they meant to go on.


Karla Returns

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"Shut up slut," he started driving deep, bruising her pussy further with every hard thrust, "You dirty whore, you asked for it, now take it." He was really slapping against her flesh, brutally abusing her poor cunt as he fucked her hard. A second later he had his dick buried in her tight ass, groaning as the juices of her pussy barely lubricated his entrance and she was crying out again in pain as he ravaged her body; now his groin was slamming against the bruised flesh of her ass. Slamming hard into her one last time, his body pressed down on hers painfully as his dick was buried its full length into her ass, hot cum spilling into the dry passage as she rode out the very last of her intense orgasm.

Contest Ch. 02

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Chris kissed her on the mouth firmly, and then untied the knot in her shirt, smiling as her breasts flopped out completely exposed; her wide pink areola crinkled a little as her nipples hardened in the air. Stepping back, Chris grinned at her, looking over her vulnerable body with its slightly pinkened large globes, "Now it's time to make things a little rough." his voice was filled with excited anticipation and she realized that torturing her oversized tits was possibly a bit of a fetish for him. Turning on the vibrator, Chris watched as her eyes popped when the pearls started teasing her pussy lips as the head of the penis swirled against her g-spot and the little rabbit's ears buzzed straight onto her clit.

Chastity's Lessons Ch. 03

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Letting go of his dick – with its head lodged inside her tight pussy it didn't really need the help right now anyway – he put both his large hands on her pale waist, and thrust upwards hard while pulling down on her hips. "That's it little white girl," Jeremy grinned as he lifted her again, her tight pussy pulling at him as she slid up, "Take my big black cock!" and he shoved Chastity down again, hips lifting up to push all the way into her tight, wet hole. Big black hands covered her breasts and started squeezing the pale flesh, pinching at her pink nipples, and she moaned and shuddered, her hips moving a little faster on top of him.


Wanna Bet?

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She should probably stop him, the only time that he'd ever gotten to play with her tits was when she'd lost a different bet, but it just felt so good... Trying to ignore the sensations that made her want to concentrate on her own needs, Kerry leaned forward and flicked her tongue against the head of his dick. "Feel free to play with yourself," he breathed as he watched her pink tongue start to lick along the sides of his dick. Kerry shot him a look, no way was she going to give him the pleasure of seeing her pussy AND her play with herself while he was already getting head from her.

The Photographer

anal Goldeniangel 2018-11-10

Moving around to the front of her friend she got a picture of Chelsea's gaping mouth, her glazed eyes and the contorted expression of lust and discomfort on her face. He pulled out of that gaping hole while Becca was standing over his shoulder and taking pictures, she got one of a spurt of cum actually shooting into Chelsea's hole and then the rest of the thick ropey strands as they sprayed over the pink cheeks of her buttocks. "Pretty much," she turned to another picture and let out a low whistle at the look of Dean's ecstatic expression, "Oh he'll like this one...

House of Fantasy - Amy's Story

interracial Goldeniangel 2018-11-10

And while Linda had never come right out and said it, Amy knew that Linda had always wondered, even if she had never expected to be in a position to know, what sex would be like with another man. It wasn't that he was gorgeous - although, he was, with smooth dark skin like ebony, close cropped hair, sexily muscled naked upper body and beautiful chocolate eyes - or that he was particularly bigger than her - he was only a few inches taller than her 5'8" and muscular but not overwhelmingly so - it was that somehow he managed to project himself beyond his physical space.


Full Obedience

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I'd forgotten that I wasn't here for a regular massage, forgotten that I should be cataloging everything for my Master, right up until I turned over and the plug in my ass pressed inward, making me gasp as the discomfort and pleasure shot through me. I squirmed, my anus clenching around the plug, which only increased my pleasure, as his tongue slid in and out of my pussy, licking its way up to my clit and playing with the sensitive bud before sliding away again. Like my Master enjoyed knowing that I wouldn't fuck these men if he didn't want it, Derrick obviously enjoyed knowing that I would be punished for orgasming.

Chastity's Lessons Ch. 05

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Because she was only damp, and not truly wet, his dick felt bigger then ever and Chastity moaned and moved her hips with his small thrusts, shuddering to feel her body stretching to accommodate his large cock. Chastity let out a little sob beneath him, his cock had almost started feeling good, the strange slick way it glided in and out of her backdoor... As Jeremy drew back and pushed forward, and began fucking her ass -- more gently than he had been her pussy, but with steady and strong strokes -- Chastity moaned into her sheets. Jeremy, however, looked, and grinned directly at Chastity's father as he bucked one last time, his cock exploding into her tight ass, pumping its cream into her darkest hole.

Submission Ch. 11

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And his hands squeezed her breast flesh hard, pinching her nipples and the pleasurable shock of his tight grip sizzled through her body. Rubbing his hands over her aching breasts, both soothing and inflaming her nerves there, Master began the slow erotic grind that drove Alanna absolutely wild when she wanted him to just take her and take her hard. And then her Master began the wonderful pressure on her body every time he slammed all the way inside of her, rubbing against her, jerking inside of her, and the tension unraveled like a cut knot, billowing through her body with exquisite release, satisfying to the very core of her being as the orgasm burst from her insides, collected the pleasure from her clit and ran through her limbs.

Gina Continues

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"Girls feel so much softer than guys," Clara commented as she slid Gina's underwear down her long legs, letting her fingers drag along the smooth skin; she gaped at her friend's completely bare mound. The thought made her smile and as a reward she let one hand drift down to her friend's pussy, and she began stirring her fingers in the sweet juices that were pooling there. Carefully, Gina maneuvered her body around so that she looked down at the extremely wet pussy of her friend; at her other end Clara stared up in wonder as she watched her fingers pump in and out of Gina's slick hole.

Marriage Training Ch. 08

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Although Mrs. Banks might not be as strong and her hand might not be as large as Dr. Monroe's, she had a hefty swing when put her mind to it, and as Vivian was nearing the end of her second week of training, as well as the low punishment count she had earned, the companion didn't see any reason to hold back on the strength of the spanking. Squeezing her thighs together beneath her skirts, Vivian felt a flutter of excitement as she thought about her upcoming evening, knowing that she would be spanked and then brought to orgasm at Mrs. Banks' hands.

Crusader Found

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As for himself, he just felt lucky to be able to look upon her; seeing her lustrous black hair and tanned skin, the dusky rose of her lips and the dark pools that were her eyes. And as she bounced on top of him he got to watch her dark hair flying and see the contrasting skin tones as his hands ran up her body to cup her bouncing breasts. Although his time in the desert had made his skin more tanned, he still wasn't nearly as dark as her and he loved to watch his pale hands gripping her golden shoulders and hips as she pressed back against him.

In Public Ch. 03

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Moaning, he pushed his hips back towards Jeff as the dick in his ass began to pull out, wanting to feel it back inside him. They both gasped and panted as Jeff began a steady rhythm of thrusting, his hand moving on Bruce's dick in time to their movements. Gasping, Bruce could feel his prostate being pressed against as the cum boiled in his balls, wanting to spew out, almost like it was being pushed out of him by Jeff's dick. His teeth gritted together as he slammed home into Bruce's ass, feeling the tight confines ripple around him as Bruce's dick pulsed in his hand, cum spurting out onto the clean wood of the desk.


Fairy Tale Adventures Ch. 07

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Grunting, the Beast shoved his whole cock into her body, his hands firmly gripping her beaten ass, and his fur rough against her stomach and breasts. Flopping like a rag doll as he fucked her hard, Kristen could feel the pleasure building in her, her pussy getting wetter and wetter - which fortunately helped with the sliding of his cock inside of her. As Kristen came, the Beast's hands tightened on her ass, her rippling pussy squeezing him so tightly that he couldn't help but cum. That completed the cycle of pleasure and Kristen shuddered with pleasure as she began pushing back even harder, wanting to feel a little bit of pain as the Beast sodomized her.

Contest Ch. 07

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As she began to apply more pressure with her mouth on the woman's breast, Christine's hands were stroking up and down Danielle's body, light touches that teased and tantalized, she shivered as the fingers trailed down her belly, almost touching her shaved mound. Danielle felt a climax building inside her, and her own fingers started to move more quickly and more roughly in response; as her body bucked and she cried out in orgasm her own fingers clutched at the slippery flesh of Christine's pussy, igniting the other woman's orgasm. Her whole body felt like it was on fire when Christine sucked her clit into her mouth, and Danielle muffled her scream of pleasure in Christine's pussy, sucking on her swollen clit as her fingers wriggled inside the hole.

Wanna Bet? Ch. 03

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"Oh!" said Kerry in surprise as he began to suck on the tender pink bud; she could feel it turning into a hard little nubbin in his mouth, responding to the pleasurable stimulation. Almost whimpering, Kerry spread her legs to allow him easier access as his mouth went back and forth between her inner thighs; she could actually feel her pussy burning with anticipation. Allowing her clit to pop out of his mouth, he started licking around her pussy again, cleaning it of the juices that had flowed from her while she orgasmed. This was his first time with his fingers in any girl's pussy, but if there was one spot inside that felt different, and only one, then it was going to be hard to miss.

Homeschooled Ch. 05

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"The pleasure becomes more if we let it build," Mr. Troy murmured, his lips moving across her collarbone, his hands tilting her back to give him further access to her body. Sucking a nipple between his lips, Mr. Troy moved to take off his shirt, always keeping one arm around Becky's body to help keep her stabilized. Her hands were smaller than Mr. Troy's, and it didn't feel as good when she touched herself as when he touched her, but she still got off on him watching her and on the pleasure that flashed through her when she pinched her nipples and tugged on them. The sensations also distracted from the slight burning discomfort as Mr. Troy rocked his hips back and forth, going a little deeper into her body with each small thrust.

Drunk Samantha

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Sober Samantha would never be able to admit that she'd goaded her girlfriends into shots tonight specifically because she hadn't been able to stop thinking about what it would be like for her husband to finally take her anal virginity, to finally push his cock into the tiny hole he'd explored with fingers and tongue the last couple of times she'd been drunk and willing to be talked into perversion. "Oh fuck yeah, baby, that's so hot," Nicholas said in a husky voice, and Samantha squirmed as he pulled his finger almost all the way out so that he could add a second digit to the invasion.

Contest Extras Pt. 01

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Pinching her nipples harder, Violet rocked her pussy against Danielle's lips and tongue as Jared began spanking the blonde in earnest. Smiling, Violet started to caress her own breasts, pinching her nipples and teasing her sensitive body in the aftermath of her climax while she enjoyed watching Jared pull Danielle's blonde head onto his big, black cock. As Danielle cried out from the sudden pain, Jared pushed his cock in deep again, and he began to thrust his hips, fucking her mouth and forcing his cock all the way down her throat with every stroke. With Jared fucking her face so aggressively, Danielle couldn't move her hands from his thighs to try and stop Violet's assault on her breasts; she was trapped between the two of them.

Truth or Dare

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Completely shocked and unprepared, he pulled his mouth and hands from her pussy, "You're a virgin?!" Not that Brad was very experienced himself, he'd told the truth when he said that he'd liked Dana since freshman year; his one girlfriend that he'd had sex with had broken up with him not long afterwards. Kissing her lips, he thrust his tongue into her mouth, taking it as his dick was taking her pussy; he started moving more powerfully, wanting her to really feel every inch of him... Dana could feel the heat and hunger starting to build between her legs again, and she wriggled beneath Brad's thrusting body, striving desperately for something that she yearned after like a bitch in heat.

Teacher's Pet Ch. 08

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He felt sure that this was the reason Mr. Peterson had gotten in trouble, but now the Headmaster was gripping his hips and pushing his dick into the student's ass. "Do you like it?" the Headmaster grunted, using his hands on Cory's hips to thrust into him brutally hard, almost knocking the breath out of the student, "Does it feel good?" OH GOD!!!!!!" Cory thrashed in front of the Headmaster as the older man pumped his cock in and out of Cory's ass brutally while the younger man climaxed, almost as though his thrusting dick was pushing the cum out of Cory's body.


Gentleman's Maid Ch. 03

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Closing her eyes, Cecilia felt both faint and aroused as the two men began to pull the clothes from her body, their experienced hands running over her smooth skin, caressing and exploring. Sir Rudolph's mouth traveled from her breast down to her pussy, Sir Edward brought his hand up to pinch and twist the nipple that had been abandoned as Sir Rudolph began to taste of her sweetness. Sir Edward gave over her lower half to Sir Rudolph as he'd already pleasured himself in each one of Cecilia's delightful holes, and so gave his friend first pick. As her young pussy spasmed and convulsed, sending ripples of pleasure up Sir Rudolph's body, he bellowed and thrust again, his dick pulsing inside her rippling tight confines.


Farm Fun

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"Oh yeah," he grinned as he kissed her leg just above the top of the boot and then started working his way up with hands and mouth. Taking one leg over each shoulder, her cowboy boots up in the air, he looked down to watch as his pale mushroom head pressed against the golden-dark pink pussy of his girlfriend. Using her legs for leverage he started pumping against her pussy, watching her little tits jiggle as he thrust into her and her hands clutched at the blanket underneath her in lust. As he pumped her with long hard strokes she started moaning in Korean again and he could feel his dick getting even harder.

Homeschooled Ch. 01

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"But I have different body parts than an animal," Becky persisted, "And like you just said," she blushed ever harder, "humans engage in sexual behavior for pleasure, and I don't know anything about how that's different from animals." "I know that," Becky said quietly, her eyes slightly glazed as her body registered the feel of hands gently massaging her breasts, making her shudder slightly. Becky let out a little moan as his hands squeezed harder, it was true, as he massaged her breasts she could feel an ache growing between her legs even though he hadn't touched anywhere near there. Mr. Troy started to tug and twist gently, making her roll her hips and moan, all unknowingly, "They are used for feeding young, however when engaged in sexual activity they are also used to pleasure the female.

Contest Extras Pt. 03

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Every scream sent a pulsing through Jared's cock and had Violet sliding her hand down between her thighs to play with her own pussy while Danielle's juices flooded her mouth. As if sensing that Danielle had gotten distracted, Violet suddenly sucked Danielle's clit into her mouth, making the blonde cry out and arch, pushing her ass further onto Jared's cock as the two sensations ripped through her. Danielle screamed as Jared's hands closed on her beaten breasts, the reddened flesh spilling out between his fingers, and he began to thrust up into her ass, riding the tight hole roughly. Violet's tongue laved against her pussy, teasing her clit, and making Danielle clench around Jared's shaft as he started to pump her hard from behind again.

Booty Call

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She was completely naked bent over her own bed, nothing holding her down, while Sven - her parents 22 year old exchange student - inspected her tight virgin ass. Sven snorted, "You're soaking wet you slut..." and his fingers pressed into her pussy, "You can't wait for me to shove my dick up your ass." Sven began working his finger in and out of her ass, fucking her with it. Her body tightened, his dick forcing its way in and out of her ass as she began to scream her pleasure. His cock pulsed against her tight ring as cum forced its way down the length of his dick and into her ass, filling her tightest hole with frothy jism.

Maid for Trouble Ch. 02

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"Yes, my lord," Harriet said immediately, not wanting to risk extra punishment for not responding, even though he hadn't specifically told her to. So when Lord Isaac pressed his thick cock to her pussy and shoved in, deep and fast, without any preamble, Harriet screamed again, but this time in pleasure mixed with pain as her channel was forcibly stretched and his body slapped against her hot, blistered arse. Harriet cried as he plowed her from behind, so humiliated by her reaction and so relieved that her pussy was full of meaty cock, that the aching need between her legs was being satisfied as Lord Isaac used her for his pleasure.

Poker Loser Ch. 08

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Sitting down, Todd declared her final forfeit: the winner would be able to manhandle her body with hands and mouth in whatever way he wanted for a few minutes. To their left, the guys who were already out of the game were getting hand jobs and a blowjob from the sorority girl, they knew that they'd have to wait their turn with Allison anyway, so they might as well enjoy themselves while they watched the game. At the table, the black guy and the blonde battled for first choice of her body; as the game began, the brown haired guy who'd come in third pulled her onto his lap and started playing with her breasts.


Exchanging Fluids

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Smiling down at him, she positioned the tip of his dick at her hole, "Virgin, yes?" he nodded, and she sank down the entire length of his shaft, he groaned loudly as incredible sensations ran over his entire body. Giggling a little, she smiled down at him as she placed her hands on his chest for balance, kissing his lips lightly she looked at him, "No more virgin!" Her lips fell back down onto his, her tongue dancing in his mouth as she began moving her hips up and down on his dick, making him moan into her mouth as her pussy pulled and pushed at his dick, swallowing it whole while it pulsed and clenched around his shaft.

Venus School of Sex Ch. 18

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The jostling of Mr. Flood's cock in Jessica's ass created all sorts of interesting sensations deep inside of her, and her pussy got even wetter for them. Jessica pulled on her arms around Mr. Flood's neck, his hands were running up and down her body now that he didn't have to hold her up. It wasn't until she was moaning, feeling like she might pass out, and her orgasms began to subside that she realized Mr. Flood's hands were holding her arms in place, keeping them securely behind her head so that her body was kept open and vulnerable for Mr. Fire.

Her Best Friend's Dad

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Almost exactly one year ago she'd heard her older sister talking to one of her friends about it; her friend used it kind of like a dating service but she'd said that the best money went to the virgins. Unable to meet Mr. Samuels' gaze in her naked and vulnerable state, Cyana lowered her eyes as gasped as she realized she was looking at a very sizable erection at the front of his pants. She gasped as he thrust his hand between her legs, his eyes on her face as he stroked his fingers between her plump, virginal pussy lips.

Situational Advantages

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The fingers pushed into her pussy even deeper, making her moan into Brett's mouth. Andrea moaned and whimpered as someone began playing with her breasts, the hot shaft in her pussy stabbing deeper and deeper with every thrust, stretching her wide and shoving her onto Brett's body. Walter's hands gripped her breasts tightly, she knew they were Walter's because Brett's were lost in her hair, pushing her head down onto him as he fucked her mouth. Fucking her harder and harder, Walter's grip on her breasts became almost unbearable as he shoved into her body, her pussy splaying outward against his groin as he rubbed himself up and down, his dick bouncing inside of her.

Anal Adventures of Alex Ch. 05

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Alex pushed his ass back out a little and then froze as he felt the slick, slightly cool head of the dildo press against his asshole. Jen moved her hips slightly, letting just a little of the head push in and out of his ass, getting him ready for when she popped the whole head in. Pulling himself back upright, he put his hands on her hips and gave several punishing thrusts, ramming hard into her body as he enjoyed the view of his cock splitting open her asshole, her cheeks quivering as she continued to orgasm, his dick pressing deep into her hole.

Submission Ch. 04

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As his hand began stroking her breasts, she closed her eyes and lost herself to the sensation of the light brushes of his fingers across her skin, the quick pinches that he gave her nipples, building that hot need between her legs. By the time his fingers began to sweep down her stomach she felt like she was drowning in sensation, she sucked his tongue into her mouth, feeling desperate to respond in some way. As soon as she realized were his fingers were now stroking her, she panicked a little, trying to move her body, trying to protest, but her legs couldn't close, her arms couldn't push him away, and her verbal protests were lost into his mouth.

To Spank a Schoolgirl

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Every day it was something different, a short skirt that would lift up to reveal a pale ass (perfect for spanking) as she bent over to pick something up on her way up the stairs to a lecture seat in the back, lowcut shirts that made the most of her considerable cleavage... "You see, I've always wanted to sleep with a person of authority in my life," a pale white hand reached up and brushed back one long ponytail over her shoulder, then began unbuttoning her blouse, "And lately, I've mostly been thinking about sleeping with a teacher... Steadily he turned that lily white ass a bright pink, by now she was whimpering every time he hit and her demeanor wasn't nearly as confident or self-assured.

Little Minx Ch. 06

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Lifting her body upwards, Pam lowered her own breasts to Bridget's mouth, sighing happily as Bridget began to suck on her own nipples. Pam lowered her mouth to Bridget's excited folds, and Josh fisted his dick energetically as the two women began to eat each other out enthusiastically. Bridget was making small whimpering noises into Pam's pussy as it was lowered completely onto her, her own arousal and excitement at having a fantasy fulfilled making it hard for her to concentrate. Moaning with pleasure, as Josh began to play with her nipples, Bridget reached with eager hands and eyes to Pam. Pam began to pump the entire dick in and out of Bridget, her own eyes filled with pleasure at her dominance and the rubber dong that was inside her own pussy.


Office Play Ch. 04

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Writhing and pleading behind her gag, he finally slowed the blows and ran his hand gently over her ass, she could feel his weight on the bed as he leaned down to whisper in her ear, "That was for showing off your ass to Juan." Another small slap made her jump, "This is my ass now." his touch turned more caressing, "And you will only do with it what I want you to." A small chuckle, "That being said, you didn't know, so you won't be punished anymore tonight." Sighs as he slipped his hand down her ass and began to toy with her pussy, sliding his fingers around its outer edges and even dipping it into her hole.

Doug's Fantasy Ch. 01

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As she kept the head of his dick in her mouth, Doug groaned and squeezed her breasts, pulling on them a little. Doug moved his mouth to her other nipple as he slid one finger inside her exquisite tightness, feeling the heat of her desire and the way she gripped him... Gripping the sheets, Mary's head thrashed back and forth as Doug began eating her out, his mouth eagerly sucking down her juices as he began to push his tongue into her pussy hole. Doug's fingers dug into her back as he started thrusting harder, taking the time between each stroke to rub against her pussy, making her tighten around him as he pressed against her clit.

Marriage Training Ch. 19

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For herself, Vivian felt horribly embarrassed that her new maid was already aware that she had been strapped the night before, and yet the promise of some relief for the hot, swollen skin of her bottom made her immediately eager. "Lay back and let him do as he pleases." As if Gabriel would do anything else, but Vivian felt uncomfortably aware that her father had probably never asked her mother to do the things that Vivian had been trained to. Surely Gabriel couldn't be unique in his desires, some of the things Penny had said indicated otherwise, as well as the fact that Mrs. Cunningham's Finishing School was obviously used as a training ground, but did that mean that there were some aspects of that to every marriage?

Slave For A Week Ch. 04

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Jessica moaned pleasurably, creating vibrations all along Will's dick as Greg started to pump in and out of her tight pussy; she felt like a hog on a stick, as though they could shove deep enough to meet inside her body. Pinching Jessica's nipples between his fingers, Will tugged on them roughly, pulling them down and away from her body; the girl moaned around Greg's partially hard dick, her hips moving back against Will's. Will thought she felt incredibly tight, the way her ass was gripping him and the feel of Greg in her pussy hole... The poor exhausted, overly stimulated girl just collapsed between them, sobbing as her orgasm finally slowed; the intense pleasure had become painful as they'd fucked her, and now all she could do was lie there as their hard dicks throbbed inside her body.


Lily's First Time

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About halfway down his dick she hit her gag reflex, and try as she might she couldn't get past it, but rather than worrying about it she just put her hands around the bottom of his shaft and began moving them up and down in rhythm with her mouth. As she moved more and more rapidly up and down on his dick, her hot innocent (although admittedly getting less innocent) mouth sucking and teasing, she was rewarded with a pulsing under her hands and then he began spilling his cum into her mouth, groaning her name as she did so. keep going..." It was his turn to nod, and he caught her lips in another kiss, moving his tongue into her mouth as his dick started to move in and out of her pussy.

Mixed-Up Revenge Ch. 01

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Grinning, his hand wrapped around his dick, he quietly stepped to the edge of the bed, his eyes locked on that delicious ass and her sweet looking pussy. Crawling onto the bed he carefully positioned his dick at the entrance of her ass and started to push in; as she began to shriek and thrash on the bed, awakening to the cramping pain in her ass, he pressed her shoulders down, holding her in place. Fucking her harder, he realized he was going to cum soon and redoubled his efforts on her pussy, pressing against the small rough spot in her hole with his fingers. Ray literally fell over, his dick falling from her ass, as he recognized Karen's younger - but (fortunately) 18 year old - sister Charlotte.

Contest Ch. 09

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"Yes, a very surprising development." Jared's voice was like the voice of doom behind her, deep and amused, but to her ears foreboding and ominous, "You see, Violet came here last night a little before midnight and asked me to help her complete a fifth task." Not long afterwards her tears and moans were heading straight into Violet's pussy, she was eating her friend out as Jared paddled her ass from behind. She wasn't even really paying attention to eating Violet out anymore, her ass hurt so much, but it didn't seem like her friend noticed too much, she was soon rubbing her pussy all over Danielle's mouth and nose as she came.


fetish Goldeniangel 2018-11-03

He loved to spank her, to watch her ass redden and flex beneath his hand, the sound of her moans and watching her body writhe as he brutalized her bottom. Brooke shuddered and writhed, her ass dancing in front of him as she tried to slam her body back onto his cock, yet evade his punishing hand at the same time. He no longer needed to spank her with his hand, his body did it for him as his hips moved away and then thrust forward hard, over and over, slapping into her brutalized flesh as he penetrated deeper and deeper inside of her.

Submission Ch. 15

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Once inside the locked room, Master cuffed Alanna's wrists behind her, taking off her mitts and knee pads, before leading her over to a completely normal looking chair which was sitting in the middle of a thickly soft shaggy carpet. Master had adjusted the length of the chain so that when she sank down on his cock she had to pull her own nipples upward and away from her body in order to press her eager pussy against him. When she bounced hard enough that one of the clamps popped off of her nipple, Alanna's entire body convulsed, her head flying back, legs and toes curling, and Master's strong arms were all that kept her from falling onto the carpet.

Submission Ch. 09

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Alanna whimpered as Master resumed playing with her nipples, the tender buds were turning dark pink from his attentions and her pussy juices were actually leaking onto his legs she was so aroused. When Master finally pulled her off of his lap Alanna had been spanked six times for moving around too much while he played with her. Master held her firmly on top of him, one hand on her breast, the other on her hip as he groaned and filled her from below, her sucking tunnel milking his dick of fluid and pulling it into her body.


Venus School of Sex Ch. 20

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"Jessica," Mr. Flood said, his voice a mere murmur of desperate need for her, and she had time for a whimper before Mr. Fire's lips came down hard on hers, demanding her attention as his tongue pressed inside of her. The combination of Mr. Flood's words, the incredibly sexy sight of Mr. Fire, and the hands and cock on her without actually touching her where she most wanted it, made Jessica feel like her insides were burning with heat. A shudder rippled through her body, almost like a small orgasm, as Mr. Flood pushed further deeper inside of her. Her clit swelled against Mr. Fire's hard body, pressed against him by the weight of Mr. Flood, the force of Mr. Fire's cock pushing up inside of her.


Submission Ch. 05

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As he slid his tongue inside of her, feeling her body quiver in response as he pulled it out and then sucked hard on her clit, spiraling her pleasure into multiple waves of ecstasy, he wondered how anyone could possibly think that anything this beautiful was wrong. she tried to look down her body and then her head fell back as Master's hips moved, her insides splitting open to accommodate his cock. Her entire body shuddered as Master began moving, his cock pushing in and out of her just like his fingers had, but going so much deeper, spreading her so much wider.

Caught Shoplifting

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Finally taking pity on her, Jimmy started to rub her clit again as he began to push in and out of her tight ass, holding himself inside her every time he buried his dick completely, feeling her ass squeeze him tightly. She began moving back against him, her ass opening up and accepting the hard thrusts, even the steady pounding into her asshole was beginning to feel good as the pleasure in her pussy built. With a hard thrust that took her breath away, Jimmy arched his back and cried out with completion, his dick pulsing against the tightness of her ass as he unloaded into her deflowered hole.

Venus School of Sex Ch. 12

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When he pointed the brush over her clit and then pressed down on it, the same way he had with her nipples, Jessica shuddered and writhed, and as he rubbed the bristles hard against her she bucked and cried out as she came, the paintbrush sweeping over her clit again and again as she humped and clutched at the strut, pulling on his shirt, for support. Jessica's pussy was so tight with her release, the brush handle stayed firmly lodged in her hole as it clutched and shuddered, the interior of her hot ass spasming around the bouncing cock inside of it.


Submission Ch. 16

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The woman was certainly beautiful, with dark blonde hair that fell to her shoulders, curling only at the very ends, and wearing a green dress that made her eyes look like jewels. Slim fingers pushed under Alanna's chin and tilted her head back up high enough that the woman could look into her eyes. When a woman knelt on the floor in front of Cassandra, and put her mouth between the Repiban women's legs, Alanna felt a flush of heat go through her... The other woman moaned into Alanna's mouth, and she opened her eyes to see Henry kissing Patricia's neck. She lifted her feet one at a time to step out of them, still suckling at Patricia's breast as the other woman moaned and kissed Henry passionately over her shoulder.

Submission Ch. 02

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Hands shaking, she reached up and unbuttoned the buttons at her collar, the four of them that kept the top of her robe tight around her neck, and then she pulled her head through it so that the robe was like a tent over for her. Stepping around in front of her, David kept stroking her hair, arranging it in long falls around her face, enjoying the way it covered her body while letting all sorts of things peak out. Tears sparked in Alanna's eyes, even as the pain rippled through her in the most unsettling way, the hot spot between her legs leaping into her stomach and making her feel even more squirmy.

Marriage Training Ch. 17

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When Gabriel came into the room with two beautiful women on his arm, Vivian felt the most awful churning feeling in her stomach. "Come on, sweetness," Gabriel said with an exaggerated sigh and a dark look at his sister. Reassured by Gabriel's attitude - as Mrs. Banks had said, she must follow the Earl's orders first and foremost - Vivian smiled and allowed Daphne to lead her towards the chairs, with Hazel bringing up the rear. Being seated next to Vivian, seeing how she'd already begun to learn to deflect the claws of women like Lady Winifred, was an absolute joy for Gabriel. Vivian's eyes widened in surprise that evening when Gabriel came in through her door without Mrs. Banks.

In Public Ch. 01

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Because Jeff was under Bruce's arm it was easy for him to slip down and put his mouth where his hand already was, sliding his lips and tongue over his boyfriend's dick. Shuddering with excitement, Bruce put his hand on the back of Jeff's head, trying to stifle his moan as he was swallowed completely. Although Bruce was much more inclined to hold onto the situation, despite the chance of getting caught, he was so excited by their surroundings and what Jeff was doing that he knew he wasn't going to last long. He began thrusting upwards in his seat, pressing Jeff's mouth down onto his dick; Jeff moved his finger with Bruce's thrusts, invading his ass and pressing against his prostate.

Fantasy Weekend Ch. 02

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Pinching her nipples between his fingers, Cole was rough with them, feeling the erotic response as Avery shuddered beneath him, her burning ass pushing into his body as he filled her pussy over and over again. her shoulders ached, Cole's rough hands on her breasts and nipples were sending jagged spurts of pain through her body, her ass was burning, and yet she'd never been more turned on in her life. As he cruelly pinched her nipples and twisted, Avery threw her head back in her first orgasm of the weekend, her pussy tightening down on his thrusting cock, body shaking with the effort of holding herself upright so that not all of her weight would be on her wrists...

The Photographer Ch. 02

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It felt almost surreal as the three men who were having sex all shuddered, she snapped plenty of pictures of frothy cum dripping from Henry's lips - he hadn't been able to swallow it all. A few minutes later Henry's ass was filled with another load of cum, this time when Becca took the picture some of the white fluid was leaking out. On and on it went, all the guys took at least two turns until the man in the center had swallowed almost 10 loads of cum (a few had ended up on his face and in his hair) and white fluid was coating his entire backside.


bdsm Goldeniangel 2018-10-31

The Demagons put Repiban women into sexual slavery, the worst kind of perversion where a woman was paired with a single man for the purpose of pleasuring the men, even during times when she wasn't fertile. The Demagons called this perversion "monogamy." From eavesdropping on their captors, Alanna had learned that the Demagons considered Repiban women the best kind of women for a certain caste of Demagons known as "Dominants." She got the sense, from their talk, that they though the Repiban women were already treated like slaves on their home planet, and that's why they were so easily trainable to a new way of life.

Birthday Bash

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Chuck and I watched for a moment as Will buried himself in Angie's pussy, stretching her little twat even more than my cock had - it probably felt huge considering that the cock in her ass would be taking up an awful lot of room. It looked as though Angie felt the same way, Will was now using his hands on her waist to lift her up and down on his dick, I could see her ass where he was entering it, it looked swollen and red, and yet, as soon as he slammed her down hard and began cumming in her ass, he reached around to pull on her little clit, and she immediately began cumming again too, crying out her pleasure as he filled her ass with her seed.


Homeschooled Ch. 03

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Mr. Troy knew exactly how to stroke the sensitive folds of her pussy, how to tease her swollen clit so that she was whimpering and shivering with how much she wanted the explosive pleasure that he'd begun to teach her about. Pulling on her nipples, harder and harder, as Mr. Troy licked and teased her, Becky's hips were moving up and down, trying to rub her pussy against his face. Becky writhed, her legs kicking and heels digging into Mr. Troy's back as he sucked hard and long on her clit, forcing her to ride out wave after wave of intense climax. Mr Troy's tongue resumed the long licks up and down her pussy, making her shudder every time he returned to tease her swollen clit, as little aftershocks of orgasm trickled through her.

Marriage Training Ch. 10

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After a long moment to ensure that Vivian wasn't going to protest, as Mrs. Banks had expected she wouldn't, she had the young woman stand and take off the chemise, leaving her body completely bare and vulnerable. In such cases, with a freshly welted bottom like Vivian's, that usually meant that the next few days of punishment would be applied to backs of the young lady's thighs, a supremely sensitive area. Using the tiny nubbin, which had turned a reddish color rather than its normal pale pink hue under the lash of the whip, Mrs. Banks lifted the curve of Vivian's breast. Careful to avoid hitting Vivian's thigh, Mrs. Banks flicked her wrist and the strands of the whip snapped upwards against the sensitive underside of her breast.


Homeschooled Ch. 04

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To Becky's delight, he interspersed the lesson with little kisses and caresses, exciting her body as he touched her over her clothes, dipping his finger just under her neckline, his breath hot on the back of her neck before his lips pressed against her skin. "Mr. Troy,?" she asked, as he finished going over the diagram of a dog's anatomy - taking his lessons in the direction her parents had requested after Becky had told them of her aspirations. On the other hand, her pussy was fluttering and clenching with pleasure as he thrust his tongue between her wet folds, and she didn't want him to stop, it felt so good.


Caught Red Handed Ch. 02

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James groaned as his roommate skillfully licked his dick and then started to suck it down his throat; he seemed to know every sensitive spot of his body, how hard and how fast to suck him to give the most pleasure. Pulling his mouth from James' dick, Dan started kissing up his body, rubbing his dick with one hand while he nibbled on his small nipples. Dan pressed his hips towards him, pre-cum grazing stickily against his bare chest and James moaned disappointment as Dan pulled away. The slick lube on his hand felt wonderful against his dick, and helped a lot with making him less aware of any pain and more aware of the pleasure.

Work: Making a Sandwich

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As John began moving inside her, it tightened her asshole and Rob could feel the other man's dick rubbing against his, and he started to harden. She was already exhausted from masturbating herself to orgasm and then Rob's erotic fucking of her ass; now sandwiched between two men she thought she might explode from the pleasure. Wendy screamed as John tore into her asshole, pressing deeply and stabbing into her body with his swollen dick, bellowing as he began to shoot cum up her full hole. "Thank you Wendy, and Rob," John said as his dick fell from Wendy's ass with a soft *pop*, "If you guys ever want some company again just let me know."


Marriage Training Ch. 11

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Eyeing the young woman, Mrs. Banks' hand hovered over the pocket where she was keeping the small tawse that she was going to use on Vivian this evening. More than that, it should spark the rebellion that Mrs. Banks was looking for, considering that Vivian had done very well today and certainly did not deserve punishment with such an addition, which would also teach her that her pain was at the whim of her husband. Mrs. Banks knew that while the Earl would punish Vivian for his transgressions, there would also be erotic punishment for no reason other than the Earl's pleasure. The list of mistakes was a short one and took very little time before Mrs. Banks announced that Vivian would receive 10 spanks and helped the young woman to undress.


Taking Advantage

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He could tell when she started to cum, her pussy clutching at his dick, trying to hold it inside, her hips lifting up and pressing her clit even more firmly against his body. Vicky moaned and squirmed beneath him as he started slowly but firmly fucking her ass... Cautiously Vicky pushed back against him, and then moaned as Doug took this for assent and started fucking her ass harder. YOU'RE FUCKING MY ASS BUT YOU'RE MAKING ME CUUUU-UUUUUUUUMMM!!!" Vicky howled as Doug's hand returned to her breast and pinched her nipple. "No, not bad at all," Vicky murmured, and her ass wiggled a little under Doug's groin, the rippling inside of it making him swell again...

Teacher's Pet Ch. 07

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Pressing forward, he moaned as the head of his dick was swallowed into Sam's body, it was so tight and hot and slick... Sam, however, didn't want the gentle touch and started pushing his ass back hard against Cory's thrusting... and as he felt Mr. Peterson's fingers entering his own ass and pressing deep, he heaved and buried himself into Sam's ass, pumping cum deep into Sam's body. Gripping Cory's hips hard he lunged forward, shoving his entire dick all the way deep into Cory's ass as the young man cried out in pleasured pain... "Pull up your pants and come with me, Cory," the Headmaster said in his deep forceful voice, "Coach Hamilton, please take Mr. Peterson to the teacher's lounge.


Caught Red Handed

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although they both had nice asses, and yet he could feel himself starting to get hard as Tim worked his mouth down Dan's body to his dick. When Tim actually swallowed Dan up - as Dan looked at the camera and smiled, one of his hands on the back of Tim's head - James could feel his dick springing up inside his pants. James fisted his own dick as he watch Dan rub his hands over Tim's body, kissing and sucking on his nipples before coming down and licking along the length of his dick. Picking up a bottle off the nearby night-stand, Dan poured something into his hand and then started rubbing it over his hard cock as Tim watch, fisting his own dick in excited anticipation.

Marriage Training Ch. 16

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Although the Earl's face gave away nothing, she could feel the tension that was practically vibrating through him and she knew that he didn't like Lord Marchland. And my step-mother has informed me that reformed rakes make the best husbands," he teased back, enjoying the way Vivian giggled. With a short little exclamation, Vivian's eyes popped open and she hurriedly stepped forward, laying herself across the Earl's lap, trying not to look at him or think about what she was doing. Vivian didn't know it, but that was a prearranged command, part of the planned transition of authority from Mrs. Banks to her future husband.

Teacher's Pet Ch. 09

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The teacher wasn't sucking very eagerly, and Cory remembered that Mr. Peterson had never done anything like that to either him or Sam, he'd only taken what the younger man had to give. Mr. Peterson seems to have approached you and then decided to keep you to himself for awhile." Mr. Peterson moaned around the Headmaster's dick as he gave a particularly brutal thrust, "Chad here seems to have a penchant for finding students, but often fails to bring them in immediately, you being the latest case. Looking around the room as Mr. Peterson sucked his dick, Cory realized that he was interested in encounters with a lot of the people in there. The mouth of his dick became more eager the longer that the Headmaster fucked Mr. Peterson, Cory realized that his teacher must be getting used to the anal invasion.


Venus School of Sex Ch. 15

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Across the room she could see Mr. Fire glance at her, his eyes flashing over her thrust out breasts and the open spread of her pussy, and she imagined him coming over here and kissing her front the way Mr. Flood was attending to her back. "Do you like that little one?" Mr. Flood rubbed his finger over the tip of her right nipple, which was now so much more sensitive. He wondered if Jessica even realized that she'd closed her eyes, or that she was moaning and moving her hips, asking him with her body to fuck her as he flogged her breasts.


Spring Break

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"Come on Blake," she purred, sucking on my earlobe which made me melt against her ample and unabashed chest, "I'm lonely and horny… and you feel like you have something that could definitely help me out." Her grasping hand slipped into my pants and closed around my very hard shaft, I gasped and moaned as she pumped it with her fingers. My hips pushed up off the bed as my fingers pressed against her head, I gasped as the incredible sensations of her mouth and throat moved over my dick… oh yes, there were definitely some serious advantages to being with an older woman!