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Free erotic stories by Graham_X on AdultRead

‘Snowy’ White and The Seven DWALFS

group Graham_X 2018-12-04

The rest of the team gathered round, watching as the two girls took it in turns to suck Snowy off; passing his cock from one mouth to the other like a sexy game of Russian Roulette. The girl got up, stretched and yawned, before making her way forward with a cheeky grin at Snowy, “Hi honey, I’m Zoe. Thanks for fixing the bus.” She found herself a spare seat and was quickly asleep again. After a few minutes both girls stepped back and quickly drew their shirts over their heads, discarding them onto one of the seats before returning to their caress: their lips and tongues exploring each other’s mouths while their hands caressed each other’s breasts, teasing each other’s nipples.

An Evening at the Sauna

voyeur Graham_X 2018-11-17

I gazed through the smoked glass door of the sauna as she raised her arms, running her fingers through her hair before bending slightly to allow the water to cascade down her back. The cold water had made them erect, pressing tightly against the dark wet material of her bikini and, just for a second, I imagined taking one of them in my mouth; pictured my lips and tongue teasing and playing with that hard flesh as she moaned with pleasure. I tried to keep my eyes on her face as we chatted, but my gaze kept straying over her body as she sat down across from me, wiping the droplets of water from her skin. I hoped she would follow me as I grabbed a drink of water and showered before getting into the Jacuzzi, however, the sauna door remained firmly shut.

Venus: My Mistress In Leather and Lace

bdsm Graham_X 2018-11-09

I turn over quickly and lay there with my hands by my sides, feeling myself tremble with anticipation as my Mistress slowly gets onto the bed and straddles me. I feel the pressure of orgasm building low down in my body but, just when I think I must disgrace myself, my Mistress removes her hand. Venus quickly slides off the bed and turns on me with a look of anger on her face, “You know the rules: you do not touch your mistress without permission.” I feel my orgasm starting to build low in my stomach as my mistress continues to tease me with her hand and words.