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The Bet

bdsm Horsecatcher 2018-06-19

It got interesting when Ginger, a thirty something woman with a very good body, insisted that a woman could control her own body and decide if she was going to have an orgasm or not. A couple of men jumped on that idea and said any woman could be forced to have an orgasm whether she wanted it or not. Karen led her into the bedroom as I was removing my clothes; I waved toward the bed and said; Karen, you know how I want her placed”. After five hours Joan told me he had given up trying to make her orgasm and left. I told Joan to untie Ginger, let her eat something and rest for an hour before the next session.

82% bdsm

The New Fantasy Island

bdsm Horsecatcher 2018-06-07

He lifted the open side of the bag and started sliding it towards the floor; as he did he revealed a large bunch of red hair, a face masked by a blindfold and a gag, a slim body of average height in a white silk sleeveless shift. Jack used one of the high rings to attach the chain that led to her cuffs adjusting the length until Wench could just stand on the floor with her hands straight up. He then looked around the room, saw what he wanted on the bedposts, got some leather cuffs out of the closet, and proceeded to fasten her spread-eagled on the bed.