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Free erotic stories by HungryGuy on AdultRead


bdsm HungryGuy 2018-12-04

It had taken Jack two weeks, now, to work up the guts to return to the club and offer himself in the weekly slave auction to serve a mistress for a weekend. Jack actually had little interest in being a slave, but, as a newbie, it was the only way to get enough "slave points" to buy a slave in said auction. Jack caught his breath against the pain only to see Jin Li toss another dart his way. The point hit his breastbone and then fell out onto the floor as Jack let out another piercing scream. Jack had nearly passed out from the pain, and Jin Li was kind enough to place bandages over the numerous puncture wounds on his body before going upstairs for lunch.

Ultimate Toilet Slave

bdsm HungryGuy 2018-12-02

It was only last year that Steve had been a toilet slave in the ladies' room at Edge Play -- a BDSM-oriented club in New York. Steve was near the end of his cash from Edge Play when John told him that the two women had returned to Taiwan and they would like for Steve to come soon so that they could start the construction of their private bathroom. I then build up bathroom wall around stainless steel toilet that contain Steve head. Ai Ling and Chin say they have used Steve as toilet slave many times each day for the past week.

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

fetish HungryGuy 2018-12-02

It felt so good when Meryl put her arms around my neck and pressed her body tightly against mine as we swayed -- I wouldn't really call it dancing -- to the music. I was about to open the door, but Meryl put her hand on my arm and said, "Can we wait until the rain lets up?" A moment later I had pulled her jeans and panties down to my waist since her legs were still wrapped around my hips, and I was staring into a live girl's hairy cunt for the first time in my life. The second-to-last thing I wanted was for Meryl to go outside into the freezing wind and rain.

Nurse Your Drinks

bdsm HungryGuy 2018-12-01

He raised the glass to his lips and took another sip, sucking the girl into his mouth. Jill giggled and said to Kevin, "I can't really tell without a magnifying glass, but I think he's well hung." She took another sip of wine and plucked the guy out of her glass with her fingers and pushed him up to her mouth -- pressing on his ass with her finger holding him up to her lips. Kevin took another sip of his beer, once again sucking the girl into his mouth. Woody looked around the room from his vantage point inside the terrarium tank atop a tall table against one wall. The following morning, Wendy peeked her head into Woody's tank and said, "Time to wake up, little guy.

Reni Downloads Bennie

bdsm HungryGuy 2018-11-29

Here he was again, at the Napster start page a year later; Bennie clicked on "clones." The sub-menu listed sub-categories: cats, dogs, tropical birds, fish, humans. Bennie continued scanning down the list of available women to download and stopped at #33687, a tallish girl with brownish-blonde hair. Bennie followed her into her home office where she told him to lay on his back on a low straight flat padded exercise bench that was placed perpendicular to her computer desk. Yet he came down with the shakes a few times knowing that she will eventually sit on his face and pee into his mouth again, and he will have to swallow it all or be put to death.

Hungry for Eve

bdsm HungryGuy 2018-11-29

I won't tell the class that's why I'm taking the course, but I'd like to learn to write my own stories that I can post too." One of the student's spoke up to the instructor, "Hey Hungry, you really got to stop choking those things down, man!" On my way back to my car, I walked down the sidewalk past the cafeteria and saw the prof eating a muffin and a cup of coffee. He finished coming and then he walked over to a cabinet and took out some sort of curved metal clamp-like thing. I felt like I had to shit so bad, but as hard as I pushed, I couldn't.

Self Storage

fetish HungryGuy 2018-11-28

Harry walked into his storage room, actually the 3rd bedroom of his sprawling one-story house in a suburban neighborhood. He sucked it for several minutes until she rolled her body and said, "The other one." He complied and sucked her other nipple for some time, evoking numerous groans and moans from her lips, before continuing his trek down her body. As he started to thrust, she grabbed the back of his head and pulled his mouth to hers for a deep kiss. There was even a short video with a series of clips edited together of him putting a latex body suit on some woman, and then shackling her into some kind of frame, hooking up some hoses and feeding tubes to her mouth, and then lowering the frame with her in it into some sort of pit full of water.

DiSH Ch. 02: Labor Day Picnic

bdsm HungryGuy 2018-11-28

He had joined one of Amy's risqué games and had ended up with Jenna, the group's sexpot (every college class, company department, and social group seemed to have one for some inexplicable reason), sitting on his face while catching and throwing water balloons. Like last time, Amy had lain a bunch of beach towels in a circle on the ground and had started describing the next game as people walked up, "For the balloon toss, I want all the men to lay on the towels on their backs in a circle with their feet facing the middle." What the hell, Ken thought to himself and, again, lay on a towel. The balloon remained in play for a while and Brenda bounced in his face a few times before he heard a sploosh and Amy announce, "You're out, Jenna!"

Mindy's Mistake

fetish HungryGuy 2018-11-27

We can talk for hours about work, guys, shopping, clothes, parties, who got kicked off the model show, and too many other things to list. Sherry said it was weird to play board games at a party, so she went back upstairs. It stretched my jaw to let the pipe into my mouth, but the slits for my teeth let me close my jaw a little, so it wasn't uncomfortable. I just lay there, breathing through my mouth that was held open by that pipe attached to the bottom of the funnel. I know you said you wanted to try my toilet slave machine, but I never expected you to put yourself inside it like this last night.

Big Mutha Truckers

interracial HungryGuy 2018-11-26

Einreb parked his little yellow Beetle in front of Troll Associates' Lethbridge building in Mahwah and made his way to his cubicle, as he had done nearly every workday for the past 10 years. Einreb poked his head into Yrral's cube, "Didn't Gerg say he was going to a Grateful Dead concert over the weekend?" Einreb, Yrral, Gerg, Mit, Ycnan, and Tnecillim were all sitting around Evets' coffee table one Friday night after work as Evets came out of his bedroom and lit a joint. Of course, he wanted to ask them the really important questions, like how long the workday was, if they can wear jeans to work, and how many vacation days they got a year.


Oh Poo-Poo

bdsm HungryGuy 2018-11-25

Laurie's Master had given her toilet training one time, but he never really got heavily into it. A moment later, the door slid into the wall, and a hard-faced Hispanic woman with black hair stood there in tight jeans and a tank top. Over the next five minutes, Laurie heard people enter the restroom outside her stall. Laurie was suddenly staring up at the guy's cock throbbing directly above her face. He stood, withdrawing his cock from her mouth, wiped it off with some toilet paper, pulled his pants up and left. While Laurie was swallowing gasping for breath, another man waiting in line immediately followed the last. The Hispanic woman wiped Laurie's face dry with another cloth and closed the box over her head again.

The Fantasy Story

fetish HungryGuy 2018-11-22

Celina stood motionless in the large entry foyer motionless, not even moving her eyes from the floor inches from Mistress D's feet, not wanting to give the wrong impression. "And who told you to speak slut?" the Mistress bellowed as she grabbed Celina by her hair, jerking her head back. Knowing she was not to speak, Celina first pulled off her red dress shirt up over her head, laid it on the glossy marble floor, then she sat on the floor and removed her white sneakers, placed them on top of her shirt and lifted her butt up a few inches to pull her jeans down. Mistress D returned with a black leather collar about two inches wide and long enough to fit Celina's neck and a silver O ring in the center front.

Last Request

fetish HungryGuy 2018-11-21

But I'd be lying too if I didn't say I might like to get laid one last time before I become a living statue for the rest of my life--while I can still feel my body and enjoy it." I'd let guys wrap me in rubber suits with a tube to breathe through, and keep me tied up all day, and fuck me at their whim, but it wasn't what I really wanted." He snaked the four feeding tubes into the base and dipped one into the can of soup, another into the jar of baby food, another into a small jug of fresh water, and the fourth into the jug of grape juice.

Contest At Amazon House

bdsm HungryGuy 2018-11-20

Yet, as she stood in the doorway, she looked like she was pondering about what to say, but then said in a throaty feminine voice, "You really won a beer chugging contest?" The door opened and Karen pulled Greg into the room. As Greg followed Karen, he saw Cindy point her to one of the benches. Greg was about to ask, "What for?" but Cindy and Dan rushed over to the next couple before he could. "What's this contest all about, Karen?" asked Greg again. Karen continued squirming and peeing and Greg was getting used to her timing. Karen grabbed her robe with a huff and stamped off to the back room leaving Greg still strapped down on the bench.

Girls' Night Out

bdsm HungryGuy 2018-11-20

"Well," started Donna, "I'm not really sure, but it mentions one place, called the F/m Club.Says here that women dress up like a dominatrix and their guys go as slaves." Cindy whispered to Julie and Donna, "Did you notice something weird about that guy?" "My, these drinks are strong," Julie said to Donna and Cindy as she was halfway her second margarita. Donna replied, "Let's check out this 'alternate' ladies' room! Julie and Donna walked past a couple of closed doors. Julie heard Donna whisper to Cindy, "You got to try the alternate ladies room at least once before we go!" She then noticed Donna and Cindy waving her to come on as they were walking out the door.

DiSH Ch. 03: Thanksgiving Dinner

bdsm HungryGuy 2018-11-19

Jenna turned, sat in his lap, put her arm around him and said, "Hi lover. Ken could feel the icy glares of the other women and wanted so bad to just get away from the table that he said, "Okay." Jenna sat up and crawled around on him, placing his head between her thighs as she plunged his rock-hard cock into her mouth. Like last time, Jenna had sat up with her ass and cunt covering his face and mouth and placed her legs on his chest stroking his cock with her heels. Jenna then rolled over to face him, finally popping his cock out of her asshole, and said, "You'll forgive me if I don't kiss you, lover?"

Spitting Contest

fetish HungryGuy 2018-11-19

She slapped his face once again just for the fun of it, then she inserted her toes into his mouth and said, "Suck my toes while we wait for my friends to arrive." Silvina took her turn, aimed, and dropped a big glob of saliva into his mouth. Paula turned to Jessica and said, "Let's go out and let Silvina have her fun." Silvina knew that Paula and Jessica would let her have the whole evening with Robert--that was part of her prize. _Forgive me, Paula!_ Silvina thought to herself as she sat on Robert's softening cock still inside her vagina. "Wonderful fun!" Silvina stood and said, "I got my toes sucked AND fed him a huge dump."

Toilet Slave

bdsm HungryGuy 2018-11-19

Some light filtered in from the bathroom beyond the closet and through the gaps between the box and the toilet seat, and the seat lid. The last time she answered an ad from a guy wanting to be a toilet slave, he had so many women answering his ad that he had put her on a waiting list. She sat again and, this time, he managed to swallow some while she was peeing. She must have had a really full bladder this time, he thought, It's a good thing she made me swallow while she peed. This time as she used him, his dick erupted into that pipe while he was under her ass swallowing her pee. He caught his breath just in time, and swallowed those last lumps of shit.

Co-Ed Tandem Beer Pissing Contest

fetish HungryGuy 2018-11-17

As Jack walked through the short corridor to the main room, he passed a political poster that said: Jack was afraid to ask the man standing there what was buried under that dirt, so he started to walk away when the guy climbed up onto the dirt. Kathy faced Jack and asked him, "Do you agree to Tameka as your partner?" Kathy turned away and, without hesitation, Tameka jumped up and landed with a thump sitting sideways on Jack's chest like the others, forcing a gush of breath out of his mouth. Jack lost track of the number of minutes that seemed to pass when Tameka leaned forward and pressed her pussy to his mouth.

Beer Blast

fetish HungryGuy 2018-11-17

One of the perks of being a guy was that I walked past the line of about ten females waiting to use the women's bathroom in the basement of the frat house. A few women later, one finished peeing and said, "I spent my last buck on beer, but I can pay you some other way. After tasting the pussies of an army of women that night, I was on the brink of coming, though my cock was sore from being hard almost continuously since Karen and Cynthia used me at the start. Then as one woman was peeing into my mouth, she started gasping, and jumped off me, spraying my face and drenching my hair with her piss.

W32.GIBE.B@MM: Feminazi Fucktoy Ch. 03

fetish HungryGuy 2018-11-16

Fully satisfied, Hungry turned around again and lay on top of Fuck Toy placing his legs between hers, rested his head on her shoulder, and fell to blissful sleep. Then, he stood and started walking forward to the kitchen, gently pushing Fuck Toy to crawl backward on her knees with her head strapped to his crotch. Still attached, Hungry slowly positioned Fuck Toy on the bed with her head under the covers and her legs sticking up over the headboard. Having never used a toilet slave before, it took Hungry a while to relax enough to let his piss flow into Fuck Toy's mouth. He returned to the dungeon and took a seat on Fuck Toy's face, this time with his anus over her mouth.

Oh Shit!

bdsm HungryGuy 2018-11-12

Seeing this ad, Steve now he wondered what it might be like to be used by one woman after another, after another. A moment later, the door slid into the wall, and a hard-faced Hispanic woman with black hair stood there in tight jeans and a tank top. Steve asked, "How much does the job pay to be a toilet slave?" A moment later, another woman came in his stall. A moment later, a woman entered his stall. Finished, she stood up and pulled her jeans back up and left without a word. He had just finished swallowing the last lump of shit when he got another mouthful of pussy.

Sex Dare: Can I Suck Your Dick? Ch. 01

bdsm HungryGuy 2018-11-12

"C'mon, Tim," Wendy said as she pulled him away from her friends. Tim was about to ask him where he got his Quark's Bar tee shirt, but Wendy spoke first, "What are you still doing here?" "Look," Tim said, smiling at her, "you don't really have to suck my dick for a dare. He knew the sucker punch was just moments away, but being the sucker he was, Tim gave in and said, "Okay Wendy, let's go back and try and find your friends." Wendy then burst into tears, and ran for the door, forgetting to let go of Tim's hand. Once outside, Wendy let go of Tim's hand and ran down to the corner of the building, threw herself against the wall, and wailed even louder.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

bdsm HungryGuy 2018-11-12

Sylvia was standing on the balcony, naked of course, by the door to her apartment leaning over the back railing as Rudy reached the top of the stairs. "Afternoon, Sylvia," he said as he walked to his door. "Well," said Rudy, "would you like _me_ to hit you?" "I understand," said Rudy as he turned to go back into his apartment. Sylvia lay there for a minute as Rudy stood over her. "Of course, Sylvia," said Rudy. Several weeks later, Rudy and Sylvia stood before the Synecdoche justice of the peace. Rudy held up a heavy steel collar and placed it around Sylvia's neck. Rudy unzipped his jeans and stepped up to Sylvia, holding his cock less than an inch from her mouth.

Prisoners of War

bdsm HungryGuy 2018-11-11

Inside the building, a large group of people, men and women, were huddled together completely naked, guarded by more Chinese soldiers. Every few minutes, some Chinese soldiers would bring another drum out in the middle of the courtyard, leave it there, then pick some of the Americans out of the group and lead them back inside. After several days of starvation, a soldier came into his cell and led him to a small room containing a half dozen other Americans. When she stood to look, she saw two armed Chinese soldiers leading a string of naked American men, each pushing a wheelbarrow full of sand through the courtyard and out through the main entrance gate.

Under Her

fetish HungryGuy 2018-11-10

Of course, Tameka put Jack under her ass as soon as she got up and started writing her column. Tameka has had numerous toilet slaves at her service, and knew the horror that this one was experiencing in having a woman shit directly into his mouth for the first time. Tameka got in her bed and closed the light, saying, "Good night, slave." She was a little disappointed that he came so fast, but he was such an obedient and talented slave -- letting her sit on his face non-stop all day yesterday while drinking a near constant flow of piss and shit from her and then serving as her bedpan last night -- that he deserved his reward.

A Drop of Inque

celebrities HungryGuy 2018-11-10

A day doesn't go by that the news doesn't report the daring deeds of the Guardian Angels, Hells Angels, Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Dare Devil, Wonder Woman, Captain America, the Flash, the Green Hornet, the Green Lantern, the Incredible Hulk, the Six Million Dollar Man, the X-men, The Tomorrow People, the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and way too many others to mention. He walked down the block to the drugstore, got several shopping bags of rubbing alcohol, then stopped at McDonalds and picked up some burgers, fries, and Cokes on the way home. The next morning, Inque was still sleeping in the chair when Larry woke and got dressed.

Pony Girl

fetish HungryGuy 2018-11-10

Mindy stepped aside as Vern shoveled the urine soaked straw that covered the floor of her stall, and scooped up her manure, and dumped it into a steel drum outside. After about an hour in the morning dawn, Vern was about ready to give up and head back home for some microwave grub when he saw the dastardly fish jump up just a few feet from his float, sending ripples through the water. About a half-hour later, Ol' Flounder was flapping and gasping for breath on a tree stump set back from the water's edge. Vern dropped the fish into a small plastic garbage bag along with some pond water.

Deja Vu All Over Again

bdsm HungryGuy 2018-11-08

She started just walking next to me and I assumed she was you, without paying attention to her." Looking at the girl, I said, "Right? To Kathy, Lia said, "You can be our collared slave..." "I've never been with a woman before," Kathy said, "but I've got nothing against seeing what it's like." I'd never moved in with a girl within a week of meeting her, but it was the only way to meet both Lia's needs and Kathy's needs. I had asked Lia during that week, "You don't mind sharing me with Kathy?" We left Kathy like that all night while Lia and I fucked each other's brains out all night long. Without thinking, I said, "How about 'Cuntmouth,' since we'll be using her mouth like it was a cunt?"

Slave Max

fetish HungryGuy 2018-11-07

"Well," Ethan stammered, knowing that there was no way in hell that he could afford to buy his own slave girl. The salesman flipped through his notebook for a second, and then looked up at Ethan with a big smile, "Ethan, based on the information you've given me, I think I have the exact girl you want. Ethan followed the pushy salesman to the rear of the showroom, through a curtain, down a short hallway, and into a stockroom lined with cage after cage of naked slave girls. Xiuying looked back and forth quickly between Ethan and the salesman a few times, then said, "I'd be very honored for you to touch me, sir." "Ethan, every night, every girl in our inventory must sleep with a dildo like this strapped into her mouth."

DiSH Ch. 01: Memorial Day Picnic

bdsm HungryGuy 2018-11-06

Brenda walked up to Ken and said, "Amy's contests get more risqué each year." Amy had lain a bunch of beach towels in a circle on the ground and had started describing the next game as people walked up, "For the balloon toss, I want all the men to lay on their backs in a circle with their feet facing the middle. Jenna leaned back, lifting her crotch off his mouth slightly, and Ken gasped in a breath of cool refreshing air. Jenna let him take another breath, then he heard someone catch the balloon and toss it to someone else. "Here's another balloon!" Amy called out and Ken felt Jenna bounce on his face again as she caught it and tossed it.

The Mindy Machine

fetish HungryGuy 2018-11-06

His second most popular item was a toilet-slave machine in which a slave lay on her back several inches above the floor with a small flattish pail under her butt, and with her head enclosed in what looked like a toilet with her face flush with a real toilet seat. > > Further, I'll build the machine so that there > will be a funnel directly under the seat draining > into a pipe leading into your mouth, and a heavy > vinyl or leather bag over your head. Looking at Mindy, Guy said, "Build it, and they will come, right?" Mindy spent the weekend watching TV while Guy cut all the parts that the machine would need for its final assembly.

Human Mattress

fetish HungryGuy 2018-11-05

She soon turned into vapor, and he found himself in bed in his dorm room on top of a twitching and quaking girl with his softening cock buried in her mouth._ "I want you to sleep on me and fuck my mouth all night just like Diane said you did to her." Facing Doug, Alice said, "Will you sleep on me like Diane said you did at the Feminists Now meeting?" "I didn't sleep on Diane at any Feminists meeting..." said Doug. "Look," said Doug, "I'll sleep on Tawanda tonight. With Tawanda tied to his bed exactly as Diane had been a few days earlier, Doug headed to the shower down the hall to get ready for bed...

Pissing Practice

fetish HungryGuy 2018-11-04

"Ain't no girls in here tonight." DJ was right, there wasn't a female in the place; but it was the end of footbowl season and the bar was filling up with guys to watch the Superball game on the big-screen TV. The thought to herself, "After Duane lost his job because of that fight with that honkey boss what said, 'Welfare is just the gov'ment's way of keepin' us from gettin' ahead by keepin' us hooked on their handout,' it would feel so right to make a white guy kiss my ass and drink my piss! After countless beers, Latoya just couldn't keep her balance on Ralph's head any longer and slid off and staggered back over to the sofa and went to sleep.

Mindy's Destiny

fetish HungryGuy 2018-11-03

Guy's new girlfriend, Mindy, was serving cheese and crackers while Lillian, Shelly, Fuschia, Maria, Srinivas, Eric, Gamila, Al, Chin, Sue, and Eileen played Trivial Pursuit in the living room. Lucian, Lakeisha, and Neha stood admiring Guy's latest artistic creation: a life-sized nude girl, painstakingly painted in natural skin tones, sitting in a sultry pose on a black cube with her legs spread provocatively with her elbow resting on her knee and resting her chin in her hand. The pipe that Lucian pointed at continued from the bottom of the garbage disposal unit mounted on the ceiling directly under the toilet, and passed through a partially constructed false wall of fresh, new concrete blocks that formed a small room at the end of the basement.


Human Mattress Ch. 02

bdsm HungryGuy 2018-11-03

Doug pulled the blankets way back and Tanisha climbed into bed with her bum against the headboard. He then leaned down and placed a spider gag in her mouth and buckled the strap behind her head so that she can't bite down during the night. "Hi!" said Doug to a short tiny redheaded girl standing at his door. "Look, Violet," said Doug. Doug strung Violet up to his bed just like all the previous girls. True to her word, Violet didn't gag and buck during the night, and Doug slept soundly until the morning. That backfired on her, for every girl in the club came running to Doug wanting to be his human mattress. "What do you want, Diane?" said Doug.

W32.GIBE.B@MM: Turnabout Ch. 02

bdsm HungryGuy 2018-11-02

The erotic writer let a few weeks go by after identifying the militant feminist who had repeatedly sent him flame emails and computer viruses because of his stories about submissive women enjoying rough sex. But when government takes it upon itself to meddle in people's private lives and businesses in other ways, it becomes no different from an organized crime ring using its status to extort property from the public and enforce the ruling elite's personal morality on the masses." "Well, like-minded people as yourself are responsible for making all kinds of laws and regulations telling people how to run their lives for their own good -- imposing draconian penalties for 'silly little pranks,' as you call them.

Cum Sponge

fetish HungryGuy 2018-10-31

That thought made her feel horny, and she also had to take a leak, so she stood and headed toward the alternate ladies' room, the one with the live human toilet slaves, to piss and get her clit sucked on at the same time. _CUM-SPONGE wanted: Using a two-part harness joined at a cock ring, I will wear one part on my hips with the cock ring held tightly in place at the base of my cock, and you will wear the other part over your head with that same cock ring pressed tightly against your mouth. Amy thought this game would never end, but it finally ended when Brian jumped up, jerking her head up by the neck yelling, "Whoohoo!"

Two on One

fetish HungryGuy 2018-10-30

Walking through the parking lot, the dark haired girl said, "By the way, I'm Alex, and this is Jean." "Get ready to hold your breath, lover." And she immediately turned around and backed her ass up over George's head and sat on his face. Furthermore, Jean's pussy juice was dribbling out of her cunt, down between Alex's thighs and onto George's forehead. Now, Jean started to slide herself up and down George's rock hard shaft, which made the bed bounce causing Alex to bounce on his face. Alex began to slide her ass up and down against George's face as the feel, taste, and smell of pussy and asshole mashed themselves into his mouth and nose.


bdsm HungryGuy 2018-10-30

This guy's head is sticking out the wall about waist height above the floor. 'To release the captive, lift the four recessed levers simul-- wait, I remember this word -- simultaneously and push the top two up until the top half clicks into place." So it's up to her to figure out how to get the white guy out of the wall so he can pee up the tube to unlock the door. Seeing the hard-on this white dude had ever since he crawled out of that hole in the wall made Keisha even hornier than from sitting on his face pushing that damn wall up with all her might.

Hungry for Emdamania Pt. 01

bdsm HungryGuy 2018-10-29

He had written many erotic stories about this sort of activity, and had accumulated a small following of fans, both male and female, but had never truly expected a woman to offer herself to him thusly--to be his slave, to literally own her body, to user her mouth as his toilet whenever the need came upon him. Please, no more stretching!" She took a big mouthful and swallowed very quickly, making a face like she sucked a lemon after. Then I lay my head back and open up my mouth again and look at you standing above me, your dick pointing at my face only inches away. Opening the lid, he stood there, slid his penis out of his BVD's and pissed on her face as any male would use any toilet.