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Irish Moss

Free erotic stories by Irish Moss on AdultRead

Indian Princess

interracial Irish Moss 2018-09-30

Kavita grabbed a handful of my hair, holding me against her pussy and letting me know that she was right on the brink. Kavita let out a long, ragged sigh then slowly began riding me again while leaning down to press her lips against mine and slip her tongue into my mouth. Looming over her, I pushed my cock in and out of her hot mouth, the feeling of her slippery lips and soft tongue quickly bringing my orgasm very close. Lucky for me, Kavita was pretty sharp – before I’d come up to her room, she’d set her alarm for an hour before she knew Rav or Lynne would be getting up.

Celebrity Chef Cruise Ch. 01

celebrities Irish Moss 2018-09-18

As I raised my head momentarily while slipping a finger into Katie before starting to lick her clit, I noticed Amanda watching us. Ultimately, as I was licking and sucking Katie's clit while sliding my finger in and out of her hot, wet pussy, Amanda came over and knelt beside me. As she lowered her head and went back to eating Katie's pussy, I knelt behind her and pushed the hem of her dress up to her waist, exposing her ass still clad in panties. I wasn't so focused that I was missing the pleasure of feeling Katie's pussy moving up and down my cock, of course, but by dividing my focus between Amanda's pleasure and my own, as well as Katie's, we were all definitely getting more out of it.

The Business Trip Ch. 02

lesbian Irish Moss 2018-09-15

Katy was already moaning out loud when Krista dribbled a little baby oil, letting it run down the crack of her ass. Katy was moaning loudly and pushing her ass backward while Krista slowly slid her finger in and out. After a few minutes, and without stopping her ass probing, Krista was able to reposition herself on her back on the couch with her face just below Katy's pussy. Katy found Krista's ass still slippery from the baby oil we had used and my cum which had been slowly leaking out, so she slid her own finger into her roommate. Krista took a moment to admire Katy's thin, fair-skinned body, her pert tits and reddish-blonde bush before they started making out and feeling each other up.

Sex on the Beach Ch. 02

group Irish Moss 2018-09-08

She moaned into the comforter as I slowly fucked her ass but April was just standing there, wide-eyed, so I suggested that she get down between my legs and put her tongue to work on Kate's pussy. As Kate started moaning louder under all of the stimulation, I was considering that if she was enjoying having her ass penetrated so much, she'd probably be able to pretty easily convince April to give it a try, too. They took turns licking my cock and balls before Kate looked up and said that she assumed that I had eaten April's pussy while she'd been in the shower.


Viva Woodbridge: Scenario 02

group Irish Moss 2018-09-06

While I was licking Erika's clit and fingering her, my cock began to swell as the level of pleasure continued to build thanks to Meredith's talented mouth. I don't know if Erika ever put her hands on Meredith's tits or kissed her neck as Meredith had done to her, but either way Meredith soon started to tremble as she came while I continued to tongue her clit and finger her pussy. I continued to hold her by the hips as I started slowly sliding my cock in and out of her hot, slippery pussy but, once I got a good rhythm going, I slipped my hands around to fondle her swinging tits.


Jenny & Therese Ch. 02

group Irish Moss 2018-09-04

"Help me out with Therese now," Jenny moaned and I reluctantly turned away from her pussy and ran my fingers over the front of Therese's panties before starting to slide them down. I wasn't missing out on the pleasure of Jenny's hot, tight pussy sliding up and down my tool as my attention was on Therese, but I was able to enjoy that without having to really do anything. Jenny was riding me pretty hard and was moaning pretty continuously by the time Therese climbed off of my face and I slipped my finger into my mouth. While pumping my finger in and out of her hot, wet pussy, I started to lick and suck her clit, which got her moaning even louder than she already had been.


That New Guy Ch. 10

group Irish Moss 2018-09-03

In fact, since he, like Deb, was not expecting to spend the day, or even the entire morning, as they'd spent the previous evening, he wanted to experience as much of Meg's body as he could while he had the opportunity. Having Tony's hairy ass above him was not as bad as it had been the previous day when he'd been eating Deb's smooth pussy and he could see Meg sucking his cock which was pretty arousing. Tony, on the other hand, was savoring the feeling of burying his cock in Meg's hot, slippery pussy after being so patient while she'd been cumming and hadn't been able to focus on his pleasure.

Ebony and Ivory and Ebony

interracial Irish Moss 2018-09-02

While Billie Kaye got my shorts off and cast aside, Carlene took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it before lowering her head and running her tongue over it. Billie Kaye started to lick and fondle my balls while Carlene wrapped her lips around my cock and slid her mouth down as far as she could. I brought my hands up to fondle Billie Kaye's big, round tits while pumping my cock in and out of Carlene's pussy. Billie Kaye let one of her hands drop down to Carlene's pussy to massage her clit while my cock slid in and out. My cock was growing harder as I got closer to cumming and when Billie Kaye took me back in her mouth, I was pushing my hips at her, fucking her face.

Mary Rose and Theresa

group Irish Moss 2018-08-31

She was on all-fours as she peeked through the window, so I moved down beside her and, after fondling her tits and feeling her hard nipples, I started to work her pants and panties down over her ass. While she continued to watch Mary Rose sucking Rob's cock, I worked her pants and panties all the way off and opened my own pants. It had been long enough since I'd fucked Theresa that Mary Rose's pussy was making me feel pretty damn good, too, so I was looking forward to filling her with my goo. As I pressed my body against hers and started fucking her, I noticed that Rob and Mary Rose were lying on the adjacent bed watching us intently.

Hedonism at the Shore Ch. 01

group Irish Moss 2018-08-22

Katy was gently gripping and stroking the bulge in my shorts while I was slipping a finger in and out of Linda’s pussy, licking her clit at the same time. While I was licking and sucking Linda’s clit and pumping my fingers in and out of her, I felt Katy shifting around on the bed. Katy raised her head to see what Linda had gotten up to and, seeing her with a mouthful of my cock, moved down the bed herself to join her. I could have gone on like that for the rest of the night, but Katy and Linda started murmuring to each other about eating each other’s pussies and suggested a change of position.


Blackboard Jungle Fever

interracial Irish Moss 2018-08-21

I was relishing the feel of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy, but started thinking that I'd love to have that hot body beneath me at the same time. We'd started out fucking slowly but it hadn't taken long before we were bouncing on the bed with the force of my thrusting and Carlene had pulled her mouth from mine so as to moan into my neck. I just watched as she slipped into her bikini panties and bra, looking as incredibly hot as she had naked, then started pulling my clothes on as she slipped into her jeans and sweater. In addition, I was also thinking about how hot Carlene had looked naked, how her tits had felt in my hands and around my cock and how it had felt fucking her.


Velma Dinkley: Sexual Dynamo

celebrities Irish Moss 2018-08-13

With my jeans and boxers at my knees, Velma grabbed my rigid cock and pumped it a few times before lowering her head and engulfing me in her warm, wet mouth. I don't know how I didn't blow my load right away, but I managed to lie back and enjoy the feeling of her lips sliding up and down my cock while she pumped the base in her left hand. Absently tossing her bra aside, I ran my hands over her impressive tits while she let her head fall back with her eyes closed. She leaned forward, her hands on either side of my head and her boobs hanging right in my face, then started rocking back and forth, my cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

In Pursuit of Beer

group Irish Moss 2018-08-11

We agreed on a nice hotel with a beach view and reserved a room with two queen-size beds, one of which Debbie and Mary Alice would be sharing. My cock throbbed even more in Mary Alice's hand as I admired Debbie's big, freckled tits topped with large areolas and hard nipples before my gaze dropped to her trim, brown bush. As I started licking the juices flowing from her slit, I felt Mary Alice's mouth engulfing my throbbing tool and let out a moan. Her pussy was hot and slippery and, despite feeling Mary Alice's lips sliding up and down my tool, I couldn't wait to slip my cock into Debbie's pussy.

A Peek at the Comics Ch. 02

celebrities Irish Moss 2018-08-10

I'm surprised I didn't cum in my shorts as I watched Blondie blowing Tootsie, especially when Tootsie pulled her bikini top down and started to caress her own tits. Tootsie immediately grabbed Blondie's head and started moaning as her arms squeezed her big tits together. When she let out a long sigh and stroked Blondie's hair, Blondie raised her head and slipped her fingers from Tootsie's pussy into her own mouth. I stuck around and watched them pull their bikinis back on before realizing that I still needed to retrieve my bike, so I slipped out toward the front of their houses and worked my way around the block to walk down the alley.

A Peek at the Comics Ch. 01

celebrities Irish Moss 2018-08-06

Still thinking about her ass as I plodded along, I figured that she'd probably be jumping into the shower after her run and was envisioning her stripping off her running clothes as I arrived at the driveway I'd seen her turn down. Glancing in, I saw Miss Plainwell still dressed but for her running shoes, with a small towel around her neck and a water bottle in her hand. I heard the shower come on and realized that I was probably going to miss out on seeing her toweling off if I couldn't see into the bathroom window, so I looked around and discovered that it was smaller and higher up than the bedroom window.

Two Tantalizing Tomboys

group Irish Moss 2018-07-29

As I felt Carolyn starting to ride me, I raised my head and began to lick Terri's pussy, tasting the juices that were flowing copiously. I had one hand resting on Carolyn's lower back and one grasping Terri's ass while I pumped my cock in and out of Carolyn's hot pussy and my tongue explored Terri's mouth. I leaned forward over Carolyn, first playing with her small tits as I humped her ass, then slipping a hand back between her legs to play with her clit as I had when I'd been fucking Terri. Carolyn's pussy felt so good as I was fucking her that I finally couldn't hold out any longer and began to pump my load into the condom.

A Learning Experience Ch. 02

group Irish Moss 2018-07-21

I felt Mary Rose behind me, running her hands all over my naked body under the water while I slipped a finger into Sandy's snug pussy and she moaned softly. Sandy was soon behind Mary Rose, helping me work her swimsuit off and, when her hard nipples came into view, I lowered my head to lick and suck them. I took an ass cheek in each hand as I started licking Mary Rose's pussy again while Sandy positioned herself over my cock and lowered herself onto it. My cock throbbed as this time I was able to witness Sandy's tongue lapping at the smooth skin around Mary Rose's pussy.

Robyn & Bev & Rob

group Irish Moss 2018-07-17

As Bev guided Rob's cock into her pussy, causing both of them to moan, Robyn rested her head on the couch and started to push back against me while reaching down between her thighs to stroke her clit. By the time I was completely spent, Robyn had started to move off of my face and, when she saw that Bev had let my cock fall from her mouth, she reached for my hand to help me up. I was caressing Robyn's smooth inner thigh as I watched Rob fucking Bev's tits, though my attention was also drawn to her trim, blonde bush which I fully expected to be eating again soon. It wasn't long before Rob moved up and slipped his cock into Bev's mouth so she started pumping the base while caressing his balls.

Boarding with Linda Ch. 10

group Irish Moss 2018-07-05

As she squeezed her tits around my throbbing cock, Linda untied her bikini bottom and let it drop to the floor, then stepped up on the couch and straddled my head. Fortunately, even if it was in the back of her mind that she needed to check on Ashley, Linda was still able to focus on the pleasure she was feeling and I could tell by how much wetter and more engorged her pussy was becoming that she was right on the verge of cumming. I wasn't sure at that point if this blowjob was more about her enjoying having a cock in her mouth or more about her trying to pleasure me, though I think it may have started as one thing and become another.


Sex in the City

group Irish Moss 2018-07-05

I could feel April starting to hump her pussy against my face around the same time that Kate's mouth left my cock and I felt her maneuvering around on the bed. When Kate pulled her face away from April's and started moaning louder, April's hand dropped down to Kate's pussy where she rubbed Kate's clit as Kate continued to hump my throbbing cock. I could feel my orgasm starting to rear its head and, having fucked both April and Kate and had my cock in both of their mouths, I was ready to enjoy it. I enjoyed the feel of April's pussy as I continued to ogle Kate's freckled tits until I was just on the verge of cumming, then slipped my cock free and stood.


Jersey Shore Journal 02

celebrities Irish Moss 2018-07-01

She moaned softly as I lapped at her pussy while squeezing and caressing her ass before I brought a hand down so that I could slip a finger into her. She just caressed it through her tight dress and bra so, since it didn't look like she'd be whipping those beauties out yet, I returned my attention to eating her pussy. When she leaned forward so that her tits were in my face, I started to lick and suck her hard nipples as my hands moved around to caress her ass. I was pushing my ass up off the stone bench, forcing my cock deeper into her sweet pussy and starting to feel an orgasm beginning to build.

The Party Crasher

group Irish Moss 2018-06-12

By this point she had a big smile on her face since, even though my hands were all over Megan's tits and ass, my attention was truly on Ann. She started to slide her panties down, revealing a very trim dark blonde bush, which I immediately invited her to park on my face. I slipped a finger into Ann's pussy, finding it snug, hot and slippery much like Megan's, as I started to lick and suck her clit. I looked back up when I saw Megan's hand go to Ann's tit as they started to kiss and I got the immediate impression that this wasn't a first for the two of them.

Storage Wars: Nabila and Laura

celebrities Irish Moss 2018-06-03

With my hands on her hips, I maintained a slow pace as I continued fucking Nabila so that I wasn't pushing her face into Laura's pussy and throwing off her rhythm. I knew I could get that pesky orgasm out of the way so that she could focus on making Laura cum, so I straightened up again, releasing her tits, then slipped a hand down to her pussy and stroked her clit. When she lowered her head and went back to eating Laura's pussy, I straightened up and, holding her hips, continued fucking her as her body was still experiencing the occasional twitch. I just continued to savor the feel of Nabila's hot, wet pussy while watching Laura's tits squeezed between her arms as she held Nabila's head.

One Hot Night Ch. 01

interracial Irish Moss 2018-06-01

I could feel Stefanie's pussy getting juicier the longer I licked and sucked her clit and she got to the point where she would pull her mouth off of Rob's cock to let out a passionate moan. By the time she'd begun working on his cock with her hands and mouth, Stefanie had come over next to Rob and was fondling Melinda's big tits through her top. Seeing Stefanie's naked figure from the front again, my orgasm was quickly building up again but I decided to slip my cock into Melinda's mouth rather than cum on her chest. I figured since I wasn't doing anything else at the time, I'd go ahead and enjoy Stefanie's naked body and started with fondling her tits, but moved quickly down to caress and nibble her brown ass.


Olympic Beach Volleyball Training

celebrities Irish Moss 2018-05-25

"He obviously has never seen you naked," Misty replied, enjoying the feel of Kerri's hands on her body, "Take it from me, you figure out a way to let him see you naked, he won't be thinking of you as one of the guys." Likewise, Misty lapped at the smooth skin around Kerri's pussy, slurping up her juices, then probed her pussy with experienced fingers while licking her clit. "I don't care who's winning anymore," Casey said sincerely, looking into Kerri's eyes, "but I need to eat your pussy." Kerri stood up, displaying her naked body to him again, then turned and crawled up to the far end of the couch, her ass aimed directly at him.

A Night with Noopur Ch. 01

interracial Irish Moss 2018-05-25

As she started riding me harder and faster while moaning more continuously, I ran my hands around to her ass and watched her tits bouncing again. I started caressing the soft, smooth flesh of her tits and running my palms over her hard nipples before lowering my head to lick and suck her nipples. I wanted to be able to enjoy the feeling of sliding my cock in and out of her hot pussy for as long as possible but I also was hoping to provide her with another long, intense orgasm without too much delay. Cumming in her mouth had felt extraordinary but I was leaning more toward fucking her tits right up until I came, since that was feeling pretty amazing, too.

Emergency Services

group Irish Moss 2018-05-18

She moved off of the couch onto the floor as I sat, kneeling before me as I thought about how incredibly lucky I was to have this sexy, naked blonde ready to suck my cock and swallow my load. "You should ride his cock," Megan said, suddenly breaking the silence and causing Rena to look up, "I'm wet just from watching so I know you're on fire." Rena lowered herself onto my cock, causing both of us to moan, but before she started riding it, Megan kissed her and caressed her tits. Megan turned and moved up to straddle my head, blocking my view of Rena as she was beginning to slowly ride my cock.


Therese & Liz Ch. 01

group Irish Moss 2018-05-18

"This is so hot," she finally said and we all turned to stare at her, though Therese never stopped sucking Curt's cock. I don't know if she was concerned that we didn't have enough room or that her ass was aimed right at us or if she just wanted to continue getting fucked, but Therese straightened up and moved to straddle Curt just as Liz was straddling me. I was more focused on Liz's ass in my hands, her tits bouncing in front of me and her hot pussy moving up and down my tool so I was just aware that Therese had changed positions and didn't pay much attention otherwise.

Henry, Rob & Heather

group Irish Moss 2018-05-10

Henry and Rob still stood transfixed at the vent, limp dicks in hand, unbelieving of what they’d heard, watching Heather rubbing her towel over her sumptuous breasts and between her legs. They were walking slowly along the passageway without speaking, each lost in his own thoughts, until Rob summed it all up with, “Ho – Leee – Shit!” That opened the floodgates and the rest of the walk back to their dormitory and for a long time after they’d climbed into bed they talked about how they couldn’t believe what they’d seen (it was way better than even their fantasies) and even more couldn’t believe what they’d heard.

The Dungeon

group Irish Moss 2018-05-08

My hands were on Tracy's tits but my attention was on Theresa's as she slipped out of her bra and it remained riveted as she started to lower her panties. As she was kicking them aside and moving toward the bed, Tracy started cumming again causing Theresa to pause briefly then quickly climb up to straddle my head. Again, though she wasn't cumming rapid fire like Tracy had, Theresa did cum pretty quickly after she'd started riding me. I knew that I owed Hugh big time, though I suspected he'd never hear the full story, but if he hadn't dumped Tracy and me in the dungeon then fallen asleep, I would not have two hot mouths currently taking turns sucking my cock.

A Date with Sarah Colonna

celebrities Irish Moss 2018-05-07

She eventually leaned forward, supporting herself with an arm planted on either side of my head, so I found her tits right in my face and started to lick and suck her hard, thick nipples. It got to where her tits were bouncing so wildly, though, that I couldn't continue licking and sucking her nipples, so I let my head drop back and just watched them while my hands remained on her ass. When she finally went still, she remained sitting there on my cock as she tried to catch her breath, then leaned down to kiss me, her tits against my chest and her tongue slipping into my mouth.

Not Yet My Sister-in-Law Ch. 03

group Irish Moss 2018-05-01

As I started licking Stacey’s dripping slit, Tiffany positioned herself on her back between my legs and raised her head up to suck my cock into her mouth. I licked Stacey’s ear, fondled her tits and ran my fingers through her bush while she ate Tiffany out, then stood and cupped Tiffany’s ass in one hand and her tit in the other while making out with her. I was pumping a finger in and out of Tiffany’s pussy and licking and sucking her clit while Stacey began slowly riding up and down on my engorged cock. With the hand I’d been using to stimulate Stacey’s clit now free, I pushed a finger into Tiffany’s pussy and matched the thrusting of the one embedded in her ass while I continued to lick and suck her clit.


Clean House

celebrities Irish Moss 2018-04-23

Eventually, however, I started thinking about two other things as I watched: doing something myself to help, like visiting the yard sales and picking up the big-ticket items at full price, and what the odds were that I could score with Lisa, Trish or Miss Niecy. Trish had a somewhat incredulous look on her face, but she was watching intently as my cock continued to thrust in and out of Miss Niecy's hot pussy. She lowered herself onto it and we both moaned, along with Miss Niecy, whose moan sounded more like "Mmmm Hmmmm." I glanced over at her as Trish slowly started to ride me and found her completely dressed, watching us for a moment before heading out the door.

Jersey Shore Journal

celebrities Irish Moss 2018-04-22

Knowing that there were night-vision cameras and microphones all over that room, she still started to caress her tits as I watched. She was holding my head and running her fingers through my long blonde hair while starting to hump her pussy toward my face. The only thing I was really thinking about at that moment, other than getting her to an intense orgasm, was how it was going to feel to slip my cock into her hot, wet pussy. Since I'd already blown a couple of loads earlier with that hot cougar, I didn't feel like I'd be cumming any time soon even given how worked up Snooki had gotten me.

Twentieth High School Reunion

group Irish Moss 2018-04-20

Before she started moving again, Erin let out a cry above me and I could feel the tremors in her body as they went down her legs to her feet and caused the bed to vibrate on either side of my head, beyond Therese's knees. As soon as Erin finished cumming, both of Therese's hands dropped to my head and I felt her start to hump her pussy toward my face. When I started to feel a bit selfish, knowing that I wasn't giving either pussy 100% of my attention, I looked up at Erin with her nectar all over my chin and told her she didn't want to miss out on Sandy's skilled tongue.


A Night with Noopur Ch. 02

interracial Irish Moss 2018-04-16

I knew her pussy had to be incredibly wet and I wanted to either eat it or fuck it, so I turned her to the side and lay her on her back on the couch then lowered my head to suck her hard nipples as I worked on unfastening her jeans. When she finally dropped down onto my cock and just sat there momentarily, I continued to fondle her tits as her body started shaking and a huge smile appeared on her face. I let out a moan as I started spurting into her hot mouth and she continued to suck my cock, milking all of my cum out.

A Hair Affair

interracial Irish Moss 2018-04-15

She moaned softly as I fingered her hot, wet pussy while licking and sucking her clit as she ran her fingers through my freshly shorn hair. Her pussy was so hot and wet that I easily slipped a second finger into her, which caused her to let out a moan that could have easily been heard by anyone right outside the bathroom door. I ended up bringing my hands around to her ass, which I had only felt through her skirt, not only so that I could appreciate the feel of her smooth cheeks, but also so that I could pull her down as I started pushing up into her.

Cornhusker Girl Ch. 08

group Irish Moss 2018-04-11

"You know, you don't have to try to entice me by rubbing those against me," I finally told her, "because I have every intention of licking and sucking your nipples, eating your pussy and sticking my cock inside you." Knowing time was of the essence, I also resisted running my hands over her smooth, bare cheeks and instead quickly extracted my cock, which was still hard, and guided it to her waiting pussy. As I was focused on pleasuring Lisa, I was also savoring the feel of Dawn's pussy sliding up and down my tool and continuing to become even wetter and more engorged the longer she rode me.


Boarding with Linda Ch. 11

lesbian Irish Moss 2018-04-07

When she brought a hand down from Khadija's ass and slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy, only briefly glimpsed that but could still see as Linda was licking and sucking Khadija's clit. Fortunately, they were sideways to the mirror and camera so I had a good view as Khadija enjoyed Linda's tits for a little while before kissing her way down over Linda's ribs and stomach toward her panties. Linda was clearly enjoying herself as Khadija went from slurping up her flowing juices to slipping a couple of fingers into her slippery pussy while focusing on licking and sucking her clit. When she gasped and her body started shaking, Khadija continued to lick her clit while pumping her fingers in and out of Linda's pussy.

Robyn & Bev

group Irish Moss 2018-03-26

Robyn must have decided that she wanted to cum, too, because shortly after I felt her mouth leave my cock, she rolled a condom over it just before it was engulfed in her snug, slippery pussy and we both moaned. I couldn't really push up into Robyn as she was coming down on my cock, so she had to set the pace, but I had more control when it came to eating Bev's pussy, so I was confident that she would be cumming pretty soon. I slurped up Robyn's juices for a bit before bringing my other hand down from her ass and slipping a finger into her snug, slippery pussy, causing her to start humping my face.


April's Back in Town

group Irish Moss 2018-03-17

I started playing with Nadine's asshole with my free hand while eating and fingering her pussy and she responded by cumming and flooding my mouth with her pungent juices. That got me pretty close, but about the time she took her hand from her clit and put it to work with the other one on Nadine, I pulled out of her wet pussy with a slurpy sound and brought my cock over to Nadine's face. I watched them going at it for a few minutes, my cock in hand, listening to their slurping and moaning, appreciating their curves, then moved behind Nadine and guided my cock into her dripping, slippery, hot pussy.

One Hot Night Ch. 02

group Irish Moss 2018-03-13

As Melinda, with a smile on her face and not a hint of shock, asked her roommate, Emelina, what she was doing home, Rob merely glanced over at her and gave her the once over and Sarah looked sideways as best she could without pausing in sucking my cock; Stefanie never even moved. It was really interesting to watch Sarah because she'd be focused on devouring Melinda's pussy, her fat, pink tongue lapping away, then she'd raise her head and let out a moan that sounded like she was on the verge of cumming herself. Stefanie and I went back to making out and I fondled her tits while still fucking Emelina and still enjoying the feel of her hot, wet pussy as my cock slid in and out of it.

The Boss' Wife Ch. 02

group Irish Moss 2018-03-01

Jamie hopped up on the pool table, her tits jiggling nicely, then leaned back as Kim started to slide up the hem of her red dress, revealing that she was also wearing black stockings with a red and black garter belt. Fucking her felt absolutely incredible, but I was also looking forward to slipping into Jamie's hot pussy as soon as the two of them had cum. I had to lean back a little bit as Kim lowered her head, apparently to lick Jamie's clit while I continued to fuck her sweet pussy. I continued to fuck her, enjoying the feel of her even wetter pussy, even as Kim raised her head, kissed Jamie then asked her if she thought they should suck my cock.


Carol's Photo Session

lesbian Irish Moss 2018-02-28

It wasn't just the feel of Carol's tongue and fingers that had her practically panting as she rocked her hips toward Carol's face; seeing her good friend down between her spread thighs, enthusiastically devouring her pussy, as she had imagined so many times and knowing that this was the first pussy she'd ever eaten also had her on edge sexually like she hadn't been in a very long time. Carol initially felt that she could spend the rest of the night rubbing her furry pussy against Karen's smooth one, but after a little while, even though she could feel another orgasm building, she started to realize that it was a bit of an awkward position.

Raising the Stakes

group Irish Moss 2018-02-24

When Rob started telling me about the new receptionist they'd hired, Lisa, I thought things sounded good for him – she seemed to be quite a flirt. I was leaning both hands on the back of the couch and Lisa had her arms and legs around me when Dawn opened her eyes, sucking in her breath when she realized what we were doing, and called out "Switch!" Having just fucked Lisa myself for a little while, I didn't think I'd be able to hold out very long for Dawn. We called and ordered some pizza and gave the delivery guy a nice tip by having Dawn and Lisa answer the door naked (had it been a delivery woman, Rob and I would have answered the door).

That New Guy Ch. 07

group Irish Moss 2018-02-22

Byron released Deb's tits and climbed off of her as Tony continued fucking her, then joined Jake in the hot tub where they shared an enthusiastic high-five. Chuck was savoring the pleasure of her oral talents combined with the visual of her sucking his cock, Jake fucking her and making her ass jiggle, and Meg sitting across from him with her pussy blocked by Tony's head, but her sumptuous tits clearly visible to him. Even though Chuck had cum in Meg's mouth not long before, he could already feel his orgasm building in no small part due to the skillful way that Deb was sucking his cock.


Boarding with Linda Ch. 08

group Irish Moss 2018-02-11

It had been one thing to hear the story of their teenage exploits and the recent afternoon they'd spent together when I'd been out with Ashley and another thing to see them undressing each other, but watching Linda working her oral magic on Kate's pussy the way I'd done so many times was almost too much. "Let's shall," Kate replied, so we all maneuvered around until I was propped up on pillows again, looking down at them as they knelt on either side of me and started taking turns engulfing my cock in their respective hot mouths.

The New Neighbors

group Irish Moss 2018-02-06

She turned to the group and introduced the rest of them; the short-haired one was Neha, the really skinny one was Jalak, the skinny one with big boobs was Sudha, the one whose physique was closest to Kavita's who'd been wearing the red, white and blue bikini was Neela, the slightly chubby one was Priya and, finally, the athletic looking one, also wearing only a towel, was Veena. She had barely started riding me, however, when Jalak, now stripped completely naked to reveal small breasts with extremely hard nipples and a trim, black bush, crawled up onto the bed and straddled my face.


How to Survive a Breakup

interracial Irish Moss 2018-01-31

The soft, smooth flesh of her breasts felt heavenly in my hands, just as the feeling of her pussy sliding up and down my cock as she began to slowly ride me was heavenly, as well. While working on her nipples with my lips and tongue, I slid my hands around to her ass and went back to forcing my cock deep into her now hot, wet and engorged pussy. My hands went immediately to her ass as I raised my head slightly to lick her pussy while I felt first her hands, then her mouth on my stiff cock. Rejuvenated by her orgasm, Neha vigorously sucked my cock while pumping the base as I raised my hips to thrust into her hot mouth.


Potentially Presidential Pussy

celebrities Irish Moss 2018-01-19

I leaned down to suck each one as I fondled her breasts, feeling her hands running over my back and pulling my t-shirt off. Returning my hands to her hips, I slid her half-slip and thong panties down and tossed them aside. I loved watching her suck my cock, partly because the pleasure was increased by seeing it sliding between her lips and partly because when you saw her on TV or in public, she came across as sort of prim and proper, so it was almost like getting a blowjob from a librarian or the preacher's wife. She kept sucking, pulling every drop out of me, and swallowed every bit before letting my limp cock drop out of her mouth and raising her head.

The Farm Ch. 03

group Irish Moss 2018-01-17

As Karen stepped up onto the couch to position her pussy in front of my face, I saw Ted slide his hands up under Sarah's shirt and Brian and Mark's shorts hitting the floor. While I worked Karen's shirt up over her head, revealing her luscious tits encased in a sports bra, Sarah had finished cumming and got up, walking over to Frit and immediately stepping up on the couch so that her pussy was in his face. Frit's grunts were slightly muffled by Sarah's pussy as he finally started spewing into Denise's mouth and, once his shrinking cock fell free, she moved up onto the couch and Jeff repositioned himself between her legs, quickly going back to fucking her.

Here Cum Da Judge

celebrities Irish Moss 2018-01-09

Olivia had been in this position enough times to know exactly what Mary liked and what would bring her to a quick orgasm. Olivia continued to finger Mary's hole and lick her clit even as she felt her own pussy juices soaking her panties. Judge Mary Duncan found herself reaching a climax courtesy of Olivia's tongue, lips and fingers. Initially, Mary had been disappointed that Olivia had shaved her pussy thinking that she should appreciate her thick, black hair while she was young. As the thoughts of Olivia circulated through Mary's head, it was extremely fortunate that she had Shawn's cock pumping in and out of her because every nerve ending in every erogenous zone in her body was crying out for relief.

Carol Burnett & Friends

celebrities Irish Moss 2018-01-08

I slipped a second finger into her hot, wet pussy while I licked and sucked her clit, causing her to moan even louder as she started to subtly rock her hips toward my face. Once my shirt was completely gone, Ms. Burnett worked my jeans the rest of the way down and helped me out of them while Vicki took the opportunity to lick my balls while pumping my cock in her fist. Vicki's bra was revealed and, as Ms. Burnett pulled her blouse open and started to slide it off, I noted that her nipples were very obviously quite hard. I relished the feel of Vicki's soft, smooth tits and hard nipples as well as her snug, slippery pussy sliding up and down my cock.

A Night with Noopur Ch. 03

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As Noopur and I had been getting ready for bed the previous night and making sure things were prepared for the next morning, I know that she set the alarm because she asked me what time to set it for. Since I was feeling an orgasm building almost immediately and I knew there would be ample opportunity to make her cum before we had to leave, I didn't have her swing over into a sixty-nine or suggest that she ride my cock; I just lay there relishing the pleasure and whole situation. My orgasm was beginning to stir but I still was not expecting to blow my load inside her because she was obviously right on the verge of cumming herself and I knew she still wanted to suck my cock.

Party at Lisa's Ch. 04

group Irish Moss 2018-01-03

They both started moaning as Carolyn wrapped her lips around Rob's cockhead and slid them down his shaft and I slipped finger into Lisa's pussy while licking and sucking her clit. As she straddled his head and he moved his hands up to her ass while licking her pussy, Jim moved around by Lisa and straddled her ribs, laying his cock between her tits. I was pumping my cock in and out of Lisa's pussy while Jim fucked her luscious tits and Carolyn was riding Rob's throbbing cock while he ate out Ruth. Jim turned his attention fully to Lisa's tits so that she was now having her pussy fucked, her clit licked and her nipples sucked.


The Business Trip Ch. 03

group Irish Moss 2017-12-25

I raised my head and invited Krista to take over for me, slipping my finger free as I positioned myself to lick and suck Katy's nipples while caressing her firm, young tits. When Krista started moaning louder and pushing back against me, neglecting Katy's pussy as she got closer to cumming, I fucked her a bit harder since she seemed to be enjoying it. We alternated licking Krista's clit while sliding both of our fingers in and out until, at one point when Katy had her face between Krista's thighs, I looked over at Katy's perfect ass and realized that my cock was rock hard and had yet to slip into her pussy.


The Skills Assessment Ch. 01

group Irish Moss 2017-12-19

When Beth's recorded voice indicated that it was time to start, I immediately felt a hand on the base of my cock, followed by a warm, wet mouth engulfing it all the way down to my pubes. I was briefly disappointed as the lips left my shaft, but when I felt a soft tongue on my balls as my cock was still being pumped, I was certain that no one would be able to top this blowjob. From behind me, I heard Rob grunt as he finally filled Tara's mouth, followed by some murmurings which I assumed were an invitation to one of the remaining girls to get her pussy eaten.


'O' Hunters

group Irish Moss 2017-12-15

I then unfastened her bra and let it slide down her arms while licking and sucking her hard nipples while she ran her fingers through my hair and smiled over at Amy. While my tongue and lips were at work on her nipples, I unfastened her jeans and started to work them down, dropping to my knees as I did. Assuming that Amy was to receive exactly the same treatment I gave Kris, I let her shirt drop and started to caress her tits through her bra while kissing her neck. It didn't surprise me how much I enjoyed watching my cock sliding in and out of her smooth, freckled pussy but my gaze also wandered up to her bouncing tits and to Kris' ass, which was humping toward Amy's face.


Storage Wars: Nabila and Brandi

celebrities Irish Moss 2017-12-12

I appreciated being able to enjoy her tight body, her big tits, her sweet ass, her hot pussy and her incredible oral skills then sit in bed and have an intelligent conversation as we recovered. I don't know if I could have said which I loved more: having my hands on her bare ass, licking and sucking her hard nipples or sliding my cock in and out of her hot, wet pussy. I don't know if she started thinking about what she wanted to do to Brandi or maybe just about seeing her naked at the spa, but Nabila got up and came around to me as I stared at her hot body, her tits bouncing as she moved.

My Neighbor Megan’s Coworker

group Irish Moss 2017-12-11

I slurped up her juices while she humped against my face then slipped a finger into her hot, wet pussy, pumping it in and out a few times before starting to lick her clit. Once she'd apparently finished riding out a long and intense orgasm, she moved off of me so I slipped the finger that had been inside her pussy into my mouth while reaching up for Shelly's bouncing tits with my free hand. She brushed Shelly's hair aside and started to kiss her neck while one hand went to the tit I wasn't already fondling and the other went down to caress her clit. As I guided my still rigid cock into Megan's hot, slippery pussy, my attention went from Megan's ass up to Shelly's tits.


That New Guy Ch. 08

group Irish Moss 2017-12-07

As Byron was devouring Deb's smooth pussy and driving her toward another orgasm, Jake's attention was vacillating between the images of Meg on the big screen before them and watching her mouth sliding up and down his cock. As Jake had realized with Meg, Byron was also aware that he hadn't slipped his cock into Deb's mouth yet and planned to remedy that before he blew his load this time. Jake fucked Meg's tits almost right up to the point where it was too late to stop, despite his desire to enjoy her oral skills for a bit before he shot his load down her throat. Byron was enjoying fondling Deb's tits as he enjoyed fucking her hot, slippery pussy, but he was also well aware of how close he was to cumming.

Lez Be Friends

group Irish Moss 2017-12-07

Christa had started humping my face as I ate her so I moved a hand off of her ass and slipped a finger into her pussy while focusing on licking and sucking her clit. I could feel both of their pussies becoming hotter and wetter the longer I enjoyed them, but Christa started to shake while letting out a cry before Wendy. I watched her tits bouncing so my hands eventually ended up caressing them and stroking her hard nipples while she got closer and closer to cumming. I squeezed Christa's tits around my tool and brushed my thumbs over her nipples as I started to slowly slide my cock against the soft, smooth flesh.

A Proper Surprise

group Irish Moss 2017-11-27

I slipped a finger into Brandi's hot, wet pussy while licking and sucking her clit and she bobbed her head up and down on my tool as her hand pumped the base. Again, my mind wandered a bit as I pondered what it would feel like to eat Lesia's pussy again, or slip my cock into that or her mouth, but that only made it easier for Brandi as my orgasm built even quicker with the combined stimulation. I absolutely loved fucking Brandi, and I was looking forward to doing so with a lot more freedom than we were accustomed to over the ensuing days, but for the moment I was relishing being embedded in Lesia's hot pussy once again.


Spin-the-Bottle – Adult Version

group Irish Moss 2017-11-22

I could feel my orgasm continuing to build as Julie ran her hot mouth up and down my throbbing tool while pumping the base as I brought a hand around and slipped a finger up into Nancy's dripping pussy. I went back to licking and sucking Nancy's clit while relishing the feel of my orgasm building until I finally started spurting into Julie's mouth with a moan of pleasure. I don't know what Julie did once she let my cock fall from her mouth but, as I returned to enthusiastically eating Nancy's pussy, Nancy immediately started moaning louder and moving her hips more.

SWT: Mary & Jenny

celebrities Irish Moss 2017-11-19

She handed me her dress, giving me a quick peek at her perky tits and hard nipples before turning and letting me see her ass as she headed for the shower. I don't know if caressing her bare tits or stimulating her hard nipples aroused her even further or pushed her toward an orgasm faster, but it did seem like her pussy was becoming even wetter and more engorged and like she was riding me harder. I wasn't in any danger of cumming yet myself so I savored the feel of her pussy on my cock, her tits in my hands and her tongue in my mouth while also planning beyond when she'd cum, since it appeared that she would before I did.

Nurse Kitty

celebrities Irish Moss 2017-11-12

I was pretty certain that she was aroused based on her actions and how hard her nipple was, but my orgasm was building way too quickly for me to suggest that she ride my cock rather than suck it. As I continued to run my hands over her ass, I started to lick and suck her hard nipples which made her moan softly. I'm not sure I was aware of it at the time but, as I was registering that her pussy continued to feel even hotter and more slippery and was realizing that it was going to make me cum even sooner, it was probably due to the fact that she was rapidly approaching another orgasm herself.

That New Guy Ch. 11

lesbian Irish Moss 2017-11-11

"I want to eat your pussy," Deb said when she finally straightened up and had reached for Meg's wrap. Deb finally grabbed the shower head, which was removable and attached to a hose, and hunkered down in front of Meg. Since she didn't want a mouthful of suds, she directed the stream at Meg's pussy, which not only rinsed away the lather, but also further stimulated Meg's clit. Meg started moaning even louder which made Deb happy that her tongue was more stimulating than the shower head that she'd used to make herself cum so many times. Meg got even louder, her cries of pleasure echoing through the shower enclosure as she held Deb's head and humped her pussy toward Deb's face.

The Skills Assessment Ch. 02

group Irish Moss 2017-11-11

I rolled the condom on and moved over on top of her, guiding my stiff cock into her hot pussy while she pulled my head toward hers and slipped her tongue into my mouth. I could feel my cock beginning to swell with my impending orgasm but before I came, I heard April cry out again and her pussy suddenly felt even hotter and wetter. Looking over at Tara and seeing her big titties bouncing up and down got me thinking that she'd had another orgasm, as had Kay and April, but Beth had only had the one when Jim had gone down on her.


Hedonism at the Shore Ch. 02

group Irish Moss 2017-11-09

Linda, Lisa, Carol and Katy were all looking hot in a variety of bikinis while Carolyn, Ellen and Amy sported one-piece suits that required more imagination. I started out just watching Carol's tongue and fingers working on Linda and Katy's working on Amy, but was soon making out with both of them and playing with their tits as they massaged the lump in my shorts. That put Jim with Carol, Rob with Linda and Buck with Amy. Katy and I were the odd ones out, so I'd be fucking her on the chair, watching everyone else going at it. I started out with Carol and Carolyn, Jim had Linda and Lisa, Rob had Amy and Ellen and Buck got the chair and with Katy.

Boarding with Linda Ch. 09

group Irish Moss 2017-11-08

At the agreed upon cue when we both felt the time was right, Linda reached for Jim's crotch, massaging his cock before straddling him and planting her lips on his, while I slipped my hand up along Irene's smooth inner thigh under the hem of her dress while pressing my lips against hers. Jim let out a moan so I looked up at Irene again as I was slipping her panties over her feet and she was watching as Linda started sucking Jim's cock. I didn't know about Jim but I was in no danger of cumming even despite Linda's skilled cocksucking, in part because I was so focused on enjoying Irene's pussy while trying to provide her with as much pleasure as I possibly could.

Go Big Blue

interracial Irish Moss 2017-10-30

She worked my jeans open and fished out my throbbing tool, pumping it in her hand before starting to move down the chair, taking her tits away from my attentive mouth. While I watched attentively, my cock standing straight upright, Karen started to open her own jeans and soon pushed them down to reveal the Giants logo on her panties. She started to slowly hump her hot, wet pussy up and down on my cock, her eyes closed and her mouth hanging open as she continued to moan. While continuing to work on her nipples with my lips and tongue, I slipped my hands around to grasp her ass, pulling down as I started to push up deeper into her sweet pussy.

A Learning Experience

group Irish Moss 2017-10-29

While Sandy was watching Mary Rose guide my rigid, latex-encased tool toward her pussy, I pulled her toward me, letting her know that she had reserved seating on my face. As I was pushing my ass up off the couch, forcing my cock deeper into Mary Rose's pussy, I removed one hand from Sandy's ass so that I could slip a finger into her juicy pussy. While Mary Rose continued to ride me hard, Sandy gradually got up and turned to her, giving me a great look at her naked ass. I immediately started licking and sucking Mary Rose's clit, assuming she was closer to an orgasm than Sandy had been and wanting to get her there quickly.

Celebrity Chef Cruise Ch. 02

celebrities Irish Moss 2017-10-23

Diana had also been watching as her breasts were escaping from her swimsuit but, when my lips and tongue went to work on her nipples, she closed her eyes and moaned. I continued to caress her tits and her hard nipples as she sat for a moment before starting to move up and down on my cock. I moaned as she started expertly sucking my cock and knew that I wouldn't be good for very long in the face of these talents. My cock was swelling even more as I got closer to cumming and, though I wasn't necessarily looking forward to being done, I knew that my orgasm was going to be incredibly pleasurable.

Therese & Liz Ch. 02

group Irish Moss 2017-10-15

Feeling Liz's hot pussy sliding up and down my shaft while admiring Therese's naked physique had my cock as hard as it could possibly be and my orgasm building. As she lay back on the concrete, I hooked her legs over my arms and started sliding my cock in and out of her again while looking over her perky tits, hard nipples, smooth stomach and trim, strawberry-blonde bush. I was not fucking her too hard because I didn't want her sliding on the rough concrete so, consequently, I was savoring the feel of her pussy as I slowly slid my cock in and out of it.