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Free erotic stories by JackPW on AdultRead

Kitty and Mr Rabbit Ch. 01.1

bdsm JackPW 2018-09-22

Pacing across the room, Kitty slid a hand under her panties and stopped them from riding up her ass, flicking the switch on the kettle so the red light came on. Her eyes focused while she took her place in the queue, looking all around for the man she was meeting. "Most of you wants to throw that at me." His cold voice cut through her, eyes widening and fingers freezing as he leant forward, resting his elbows on the table. He smiled and placed down his coffee, running a hand through his silver hair that sat long, swept back against his skull, falling to his shoulder line and resting on the collar of his mourning jacket. From his jacket he took two notepads, handing one to Kitty and opening his own on the table.

Kitty and Mr Rabbit Ch. 02

bdsm JackPW 2018-09-12

"Hello Sam," Mr Rabbit said cheerily, "care to explain the situation to Kitty while I finalize the preparations." The girl on the table shook her head, and a jet of water squirted from her ass, some splashing onto the cell floor, but most being caught in the pool. "If you don't control yourself, that pool's going to overflow Samantha, watch out now." He smiled and turned to Kitty, lifted her hands above her head, then guided her, with no encouragement, around to the other end of the table. Kitty wanted so badly to feel as good as Sam did, and she slipped a hand under her skirt as she continued sucking her master. As one last jet of water erupted from Samantha's ass, Kitty felt her masters hand grip her shoulder and she forced him over the edge.

Kitty and Mr Rabbit Ch. 01.2

bdsm JackPW 2018-05-04

I'm sure you'll understand therefore that I can go into no further detail about that." He clicked the remote another two times and heard Kitty let out a gasp. "Yeah, so where will it be filmed?" Her eyes were flicking backward and forward between the remote and Kitty, fascinated by what she thought was happening. Locking the door with trembling fingers she turned and closed the toilet lid, placing the coffee mug in the middle and wasting no time before she unbuttoned her jeans. Kitty leaned forward and flicked the latch off, wasting no time before her hand found its way back between her legs and continued where it had been interrupted. By the time Kitty opened her eyes, the stall door was closed and she was alone again.