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Free erotic stories by Jasmine_x on AdultRead

Wrong Love

gay-male Jasmine_x 2018-12-03

Nathan smiled slightly as he placed his hand around my shoulder. I didn’t respond, I just allowed him to keep his hand on my cock whilst more and more tits flashed up on the screen. I placed my hand on his head and instantly, he brushed his mouth down my cock. I placed my other hand on his head and began to thrust my hips up, fucking his mouth as I watched the tits on the screen. With his free hand, he moved it under my body and with an outstretched finger; he started to tease my ass. I could feel his finger go deeper into my ass whilst his tongue lashed at my dick.

The Principal's Slut

group Jasmine_x 2018-12-03

Immediately, Patterson began to play with my pussy whilst Peters ripped my blouse open and pulled my bra down slightly. With each stroke of my mouth, Patterson groaned more and more as Peters continued to lick my pussy. I immediately felt Mr. Peters’ tongue pull away from my lips as Patterson’s cock still engorged my mouth. “Good girl, now suck Mr. Peters,” Patterson ordered as he began to pull me back up his shaft by my ass. As he pulled my lower body back down his cock, Peters slipped into my mouth. Immediately Patterson began to move my hips on his shaft and Peters started to thrust. Carefully, Patterson removed his cum covered cock from my pussy and helped Peters as he brought me back to the couch.

Forbidden Love

interracial Jasmine_x 2018-12-01

I began to move my mouth over to the other cock whilst they untied my corset, allowing my perfect tits to fall out. The men began to alternate and take turns fucking my puny, white mouth. I felt like such a dirty whore as these two cocks pounded both my holes whilst I sucked another, but I didn’t care, my dream was coming to life in front of my very eyes. With another couple of hours before my dad returning home from the town, I stayed in the cabin with the men, surrounded by all of their cocks, licking and slurping every last drop of their cum off their cocks, like a good little whore that I am.

My Week off Work

group Jasmine_x 2018-11-27

I began to ask them questions about their friend, it turns out they were all younger than me and at Uni. There was Ryan, the boy who had gone to get the drinks, Reece and Harry or Haz for short. Ryan moved off the bed, and I was left with two dicks in my face, I felt the lace thong sliding down my legs and thighs, and a soft tongue start to lick my extremely wet pussy. Reece held his erect meat up and I lowered myself down, making sure he entered my ass, Harry climbed on top of me and started to screw my tight pink pussy whilst Ryan plugged my mouth again.

Salted Popcorn

humor Jasmine_x 2018-11-13

I had butterflies in my stomach because I was going to become that guy who nailed Becky Waters, the most popular girl in school. I was that guy who kissed Becky Waters outside the cinema. As the movie started going, Becky began shovelling popcorn into her mouth. It reached the hour mark in the film and by this time, I was starting to lose hope until finally I felt her hand push a piece of popcorn against my cock. The blood started to rush into my length as it was at long last going to happen, Becky Waters was going to feel my manhood and get turned on by it.

Behind the Story

mastrubation Jasmine_x 2018-11-08

I pull the straps down, letting my bra fall carelessly to my bedroom floor, exposing my small tits with lovely, light brown nipples. I close my eyes and imagine that I am the girl in the story, having a man’s touch on my delicate little tits. I then start to slowly pull my matching black and pink polkadot panties down to my knees, revealing my tight, waxed, virgin pussy. I read the first sentence of the action and begin to rub my clitoris slowly, biting my lower lip once more. I read some more, before shutting my eyes and imagining that I’m the girl in the story, being fucked by a long, meaty organ. Once again I begin fingering my asshole whilst rubbing my pussy.

Experimenting with the Waitress

lesbian Jasmine_x 2018-11-05

Sarah’s finger gently rubbed little circles over the top of jasmine’s slit through the material, slowly, but firmly stimulating the young girl’s clit. As the cotton went lower, Sarah began to use one hand to pull whilst the other gently caressed the hot sex of Jasmine. After withdrawing the strap on, Sarah turned Jasmine onto all fours and placed three soft hotel pillows under the young girls chest to help her support herself. This only encouraged Sarah thrust the strap on harder and harder into Jasmine’s wetness, each time her pelvis pushing against the little bulging end of the butt plug, which served to both press against Sarah’s clit and push the plug deeper into Jasmine.

My Secret

bdsm Jasmine_x 2018-11-05

She pushed my legs up with her shoulders and continued devouring my hole with on hand rubbing my clit and the other grasping my ass cheek firmly. “I’m going to teach you a lesson my little slut,” she said as she placed her hands under my knees and pushed them up. Her hands moved around and grabbed my wobbling tits as she started to pump my pussy with her strap on. Moving a hand from my hip, she raised it in the air and brought it down hard on my right ass cheek, spanking me. I couldn’t help but feel like her little whore as she rubbed my asshole with her thumb whilst fucking my cunt.

Milk the Piper

bdsm Jasmine_x 2018-11-04

I placed both hands behind my head and looked at the ceiling, thinking about what he was doing, whether he was feeling the same way as I did. You, on the other hand, you look gorgeous and you act like a true lady, and I’d happily bring you up here every night.” The sofa creaked under the amount of movement and a soft moan left my lips as Deuce kissed my collarbone and a hand moved up to my tiny ass. He started to ascend the stairs and, as we moved one step at a time, I couldn’t help but feel like a trophy. As my orgasm came closer, my legs turned to jelly and I collapsed onto the bed with Deuce continuing to impale me on his cock.

A Lunch Hour to Remember

first-time Jasmine_x 2018-11-02

He explained my duties and roles at the company, which weren’t that exciting, just helping the people in the office with their work loads, like photocopying. I guess they didn’t like the thought of a pretty, young, blonde girl walking around the office, been eye candy for the men. I managed to beat the massive swarm of college students into the place, and ordered my usual of a Spicy Italian on Honey Oat bread before making my way back to the office, sandwich in hand. I began to tug on it pretty hard, making him groan and gasp, feeling my young hand on his meat. He pulled his finger out of my now soaked pussy and placed them to my mouth and asked me to suck the juices off.