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Free erotic stories by Jasonrhodes on AdultRead

Lost Keys

first-time Jasonrhodes 2018-12-04

I want you to imagine slowly pushing your cock between my pussy lips and feel my wet, hot, slippery lips slide all the way down to your balls.” Before I could tighten the string again Lara sat down against my belly button and purposefully slid her butt cheeks down my stomach onto my cock which was now almost fully hard. “How does this feel?” She placed her hands over mine and then started to slowly grind her hips backwards and forwards against my cock. I pulled Lara hard into my lap and thrust my cock as deep as I could into Lara’s hot tunnel. I can feel your cock twitching inside me.” Lara started guiding my hand back to her pussy.

The Girlfriend Experience

first-time Jasonrhodes 2018-11-13

It’s nice to know that you want to look and that I’m turning you on,” she said, “but It’s annoying if I’m having a conversation with somebody, and they spend all of the time staring at my tits.” I actually felt your cum shooting into me.” I held her ass as she rode up and down my length again, “Your cock also feels nicer, there is more sensation without the condom.” She rose up until only my cock head was in her pussy and then slid all the way back down, “I’m loving how full your long cock is making me feel.” She stopped riding me and held my cock deep in her pussy.