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Free erotic stories by JayCohen80 on AdultRead

Just Another Gang Bang

group JayCohen80 2018-11-30

I walked to the pool room and started chatting up some of the other guys who Carrie had invited; a porn film of a gangbang was playing on the big screen. Carrie worked her way around the other 7 dicks, sucking some small cocks, average cocks, a couple long black ones, and one that was about 7”, but as thick as a Mag Lite! Carrie finally stripped off her panties, laid back on the pool table, and spread her legs for all the guys to get a full view of her bald pussy with just a small strip of hair leading north from her clit. One of the black guys with the 10” dick got between her legs and started easing the head of his cock between her pussy lips.

An Escort With A Twist

anal JayCohen80 2018-11-16

Kandy is a Tantric masseuse, and had ways of “making me feel like I’m in Nirvana.” She explained to me what Tantric massages were like since I’d never experienced one. She positioned herself between my legs, again massaging the inside of my thighs and contacting my balls and anus, and lightly blowing on my dick, making it jump with anticipation. She proceeds to fuck my ass slowly, then faster, all the time sucking my balls and jerking my cock which is so engorged that I’m ready to blow any second. Kandy wraps her lips around my cock as I spew my hot cream into her mouth, each time I squirt my ass constricts and reminds me of the lovely member in it.