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High School: Sophomore Cheerleaders

group Karmageddon 2018-11-25

When the game began, Rebecca and Amy knew they weren’t the center of attention, but they did enjoy quite a few looks because the Holyoke cheerleaders had a reputation as being a very attractive squad. They walked into the house and instantly, Grace (who is also very loud like her sister) shouted above the music and everyone’s chatter, “The birthday girl and her best friend are here!” Tate picked up speed and was soon fucking the young girl with hard thrusts that made Amy moan with pleasure each time he bottomed out. Again she looked over and she saw Brian obviously in pleasure as he came inside her best friend and Amy loved every second of the warm cum blasting into her tight pussy.

High School: Jared

first-time Karmageddon 2018-11-17

Jenny came back from the shower in her sports bra and a pair of Jared's shorts. This was totally normal for him because Jenny always walked around in a sports bra because she hated shirts and enjoyed guys shorts for how comfortable they were. "Yeah I don't care, it's something nice to look at anyway." Jenny's eyes were wandering all over his body and he was enjoying it. Jenny let out a small laugh and Jared went in for the kiss. Jenny's hands were on his head pushing him into her pussy, and he just kept flicking her clit lightly with his tongue. Jared started picking up the pace a bit and Jenny started letting out little moans.