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Free erotic stories by KatieElizabeth on AdultRead

The Pearl Of The Pacific

lesbian KatieElizabeth 2018-12-03

"Now, open my risqué one and read it to me," I added, handing Sally my second bit of paper. As much as the ties allowed, I started rotating my hips in little circles, rubbing my sex over Sally's face. The pleasure heightened even more when Sally pulled my knickers over my hips and off, then started pushing the flimsy lace material into my backside with her finger. When I reached her breasts, I started rubbing my clit over her hard nipples, with each forward push stopping teasingly short of her expectant tongue. Although it was the naughtiest desire she wanted to explore, Sally contemplated me with a look of pure disbelief which slowly turned into a brilliant smile that radiated across her face.

A Highland Fling

lesbian KatieElizabeth 2018-12-02

After a quick word with the three dance judges, I got a small bucket of iced water and a large flannel from the St. John's Ambulance crew in the first aid tent and then made my way back to the side of the stage where Jen sat rubbing at her ankle having taken the hose right off. "My ankle's feeling much better already," said Jen after about twenty minutes, "and I really like the way you're rubbing my leg," she added with just the tiniest hint of a blush in her cheeks. "I don't want the swelling to even think about coming back, and besides, you have such lovely legs." I couldn't resist giving Jen a second playful wink before adding, "and I kind of like rubbing them too."

Danni - Part 2

lesbian KatieElizabeth 2018-12-02

I closed my eyes, running my hands slowly over my inner thighs, dreaming of Danni's fingers gently caressing me slowly up and down. Danni turned, looked me the eyes again, pecked me on the lips and said, "Katie, later," before gently pulling me along behind her up the stairs. Almost as if Danni had read my mind, I felt her fingers hook under the elastic top of my knickers and pull them gently over each hip in turn. While I wanted her to explore me slowly and sensuously, I was so turned on I felt the urge to have her inside as quickly as possible, caressing and curling her fingers within me.

Fresh Bedding

lesbian KatieElizabeth 2018-12-02

"Get undressed Amy and come to bed," I said softly, smiling all the time while caressing my breasts with one hand and inner thighs with the other. Amy's arms were wrapped underneath my legs with her hands reaching to my breasts, squeezing and stroking my very hard nipples as her tongue circled ever more quickly and deeply inside me. I was so turned on, my hands gripped Amy's hips, pulling her hard onto my face, wanting her to ride my tongue until she climaxed. Amy was soon in a rhythm, pushing hard onto my face while my tongue caressed and circled inside her.


lesbian KatieElizabeth 2018-11-30

After all, it was already ten o'clock in the evening on December 23rd and even if I wanted to, I'd never make Oregon by dinner time on Christmas Eve. It was five thousand miles away! The thought of jetting off to America with only eight hours notice on Christmas Eve to meet someone I'd met online was in a completely different realm of madness. I had to pack for sixteen hours of travel, meeting someone for the first time that I was probably already in love with, two family dinners with people I'd never met and for the Christmas holidays. "Give me plenty of wine at dinner and I'll choose later," I said, looking into Allison's eyes while returning the smile.

A Monumental Affair

lesbian KatieElizabeth 2018-11-26

I could feel Ajei's hands slide over my hips, briefly cup the cheeks of my bum, before sliding down my thighs as she gave me the extra shove I needed to finally clamber over the horse and steady myself in the saddle. Again, Ajei's hands quickly followed, caressing and stroking over the top curve of my hips with her thumbs gently pushing below the waistline of my jeans. I couldn't help but shuffle my legs slightly apart on the blanket as Ajei spread her fingers across the backs of my legs so that her thumbs were rubbing up and down the insides of my thighs.


lesbian KatieElizabeth 2018-11-25

Being in my underwear in front of Danni had never bothered me but I'd always stopped short of taking more off when we were getting ready to go out, despite the fact we were such good friends. Danni looked at me and smiled as I went through the door and pulled it to. "Oh my god," I replied, embarrassed in the extreme, "I'm so sorry!" My hands left my body and I turned my back to her, water still spraying over me from the shower. "I know," said Danni smiling at me again. In fact it's rather sweet and sexy," Danni said, smiling again. "Surprised?" Danni replied, smiling again as she looked into my eyes. We both knew from the looks each others faces that kissing would just be the start next time.

Shall I Serve You Myself?

lesbian KatieElizabeth 2018-11-22

"Follow me then," I said before moving round to the front of the counter, grabbing mystery girl's hand again and dragging her through the huge plastic doors that led to the stock areas. I kissed and licked round her nipples before sucking on each gently, rolling them with my tongue in my mouth as my hands wandered down over her body, dragging the dress with me. I was on the edge of a second even more powerful orgasm and could see my breath spreading out on the frigid air of the chiller as I panted in time to the thrusts of her fingers in my pussy and ass. I gripped all four fingers as they moved inside me, my second orgasm building and building as I pushed back hard on her hand with my hips.

A Bath to Remember

lesbian KatieElizabeth 2018-11-20

I started gently circling my own hands over my breasts, taking Allison's with me, moving her palms into a slow sexy rhythm of caressing, squeezing and stroking. "I'm going to tease you mad with this towel and my lips," I whispered softly to Allison as she stood in front of me, bubbles seductively cascading over her own breasts and dripping in rivulets down her body. Each of Allison's breasts were lovingly stroked through the towel, the material pulling at her hard nipples with my lips and tongue inevitably close behind as I kissed and licked each in turn. I gave Allison one last passionate kiss on the mouth, then sat up slightly, putting my full weight into the hard circular rubs I was now making as our lips moved and slid together.

A Teutonic Temptation

lesbian KatieElizabeth 2018-11-17

She sipped from a glass of white wine, a lovely little smile dancing across her lips, and I quickly looked away when her gaze roamed too close to me. I pushed the tip against my entrance, closing my eyes and picturing Katie’s fingers there, opening me up, pushing inside me, with that lovely, wicked smile she’d granted me a few times this night tugging up her lips. I could almost feel her tongue dance through my folds and thought of wrapping my fingers in her hair to push her closer while her eager chocolate eyes looked up at me… “Whatever you desire, my princess,” I whispered in her ear, then knelt astride her head in breathless, pounding-hearted passion, feeling her hungry gaze touch me between my parted pussy lips and hearing myself moan.

The Last Virgin

lesbian KatieElizabeth 2018-11-12

I pushed my knees against the table and lifted my bum a little off the seat which allowed Sarah to slide them over my hips and round my cheeks. "It's hard to believe it'll take all this," said Sarah looking at the dildo as she fed the beads into my ass again, pausing only to lick round my ring while it was stretched round the biggest of the five. Sarah continued to fuck my ass deep and hard with the toy, and sensing I was close to climax started rubbing hard over my swollen pearl in time to the thrusts with the dildo.

Worship My Bum

fetish KatieElizabeth 2018-11-10

“Finish your drink, then come over here and worship my bum,” I whispered softly but sharply, my words barely heard above the gentle rhythms emanating from the Echo Dot. “You know what I need.” “While my tongue’s deep in your bum, I’d love to slide my arms under your cheeks and around the outside of your hips so my fingertips can worship your clit.” After I’ve fist fucked your bum, I want to tongue the gape. I’ll tell you how much I enjoy fucking your ass, how much I love holding your hips and thrusting our toy deep into your needy ass, and how much I want you to sit on my face and come in my mouth when you climax.”

Costa Del Sex

lesbian KatieElizabeth 2018-11-05

As I reached edge of the pool, I paddled my hands in little circles so the lilo, with my legs still somewhat spread and draped over it, was perfectly lined up in her direction. I moved slowly back up Danny's body, kissing and caressing the now sticky remnants of my drink away with my tongue. I could feel the palm of her hand on my pussy – but my whole body ached for her tongue and I squealed helplessly as Katie kissed my secret spot. I circled my hips over her, the same as I had done on her face, yet this time I was driven towards to the edge of climax by the feel of Danny's wet lips sliding over mine.

The Ghan

lesbian KatieElizabeth 2018-11-02

I don't know how long you're on for, but if it's all the way to Darwin I'll be seeing a fair bit of you and I like to get to know my passengers," she replied, with another big smile across her face. "You wont be needing this either." This time she hooked her fingers under the hem of my skirt and quickly pulled it over my hips and down my legs, kissing round my hips, tummy and thighs as she went. "Shower time, Katie," Polly eventually said, before we both squished together into the tiny cubicle, hot water cascading down both our bodies. Much as I'd done the night before when I'd pleasured myself in the swivel seat, I rocked back and forth and made slow love to Polly's face in time to the gentle movements of the train.