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Free erotic stories by Kim on AdultRead

The Storm Concludes

group Kim 2018-12-03

Sitting here wat ching Scott lick and suck on Kat's pussy, Quinn wanted to be angry, but couldn't. He wanted to fuck his woman...his Kat...just like Scott was going to do. Seeing his friend's eyes glaze over, as he watched Scott tongue Kat's clit, Scott buried his face deeper in the tangy, but sweet pussy. Scott tried to watch what Quinn was going to do, but spent most of the time with his eyes closed, just savoring what his own hot woman was doing to his rigid pole. Pulling his face, now shiny wet with her juice, from Kat's clit, Quinn kept the G spot stimulation going, as he pushed his thumb inside her ass.

Hot Tub Play

lesbian Kim 2018-12-03

With her left hand holding Lily's pussy open, Kelly slid her middle finger deep inside her friend's slit. Kelly was so aroused at the sight of four of her fingers in Lily's small pussy. With the aid of her forearm and Lily lifting her hips to open her pussy wider, Kelly was able to work her hand deeper inside. Each time Kelly pushed or moved her hand, Lily's pussy would let out a gush of milky fluid, which hit Kelly's mouth and chin. Lily, not wanting to be out done, worked her small hand into the taller, nineteen year old's pussy. Gently, Kelly pulled her hand from Lily's pussy, taking a moment to marvel at how open her lover's hole was.


bdsm Kim 2018-12-02

Dane whispered to Kev, who nodded his head, then turned and left the club through the side door. “By stepping through that door, you gave me permission to use your body in the manner I see fit,” Dane said, idly, as he led her to the wall with the chains and cuffs. Lisa tried to watch what he was doing, but was unable to focus, as the dildo in her pussy kept ramming nonstop. Dane ran his hand up and over Kev's ass cheek, watching as Lisa's gaze followed his movement. Lisa, unable to tear her gaze from Dane's hands, watched intently. It wasn't until Dane pulled his fingers out of Kev's ass hole, and it remained open that Lisa screamed out.


bdsm Kim 2018-12-01

I have watched you over the last couple of days, and you are addicted to her now, aren't you?” Julia told him, “But, the problem is you don't know how to ask to serve her.” Lady Eva watched, as Jared began to pace the floor. “In the last five days, I have seen you use toys to fuck asses, pussies, men and women, but you never actually take a cock inside you. Lady Eva watched, as her newest pet learned to control himself. Lady Eva looked up from her work and saw that he was sitting properly, with his hands on his thighs and legs open. If you wish to remain in my service, tell me now,” Lady Eva said to her pet.

The Foot Slave

fetish Kim 2018-12-01

What would Mistress do, if she heard you moaning like a bitch in heat?” Chloe purred, as she ran warm, clear water over Victoria’s ass. Any minute now, Chloe would pull her tongue free and climb on the table, making Victoria eat her pussy. Chloe pulled the sex starved woman upright and positioned herself just the way she wanted, and then she yanked Victoria downward and pushed the woman’s face into her dripping cunt. She pulled Victoria off Athena’s foot; her pussy making a wet, sucking sound as it exited. Straddling Athena’s leg, Pandora pushed Victoria back down, burying the foot back into the younger woman’s dripping slit. When she stopped bucking, Pandora gently eased out of Victoria’s ass and pulled her off Athena’s foot.

Hysteria 6

anal Kim 2018-11-30

Reaching between her thighs, Amelia rubbed Victoria's puffy pussy. Amelia slipped her long middle finger inside and could feel the thick edges of the butt plug through the thin walls of Victoria's cunny. Noting the pleasure filled noise Victoria made, she pulled the plug, until the thickest part of the toy began to emerge. She was right on the edge, and then Amelia tucked the toy back in place and pulled her finger from her weeping slit. The head of his cock rubbed against the toy in her ass with each thrust. His softening cock slipped out of her anus, and she could feel a river of warm jism drain from her gaping hole and run down her legs.

The Adventures of Madame's new Playmate

bdsm Kim 2018-11-29

Madame must have been a mind reader, because she ran her finger directly up Playmate's slit from engorged clit to puckered ass hole. Playmate felt Madame rub her pussy juice coated fingers all over her tight little ass hole, before pushing one of them in her ass. Playmate marveled over the fact that she hand most of Madame's hand inside her ass, but her pussy still felt so empty. Playmate felt her sphincter resist a moment, then relax to let Madame's whole hand inside her ass. With that statement, Playmate felt her lady work her thumb, then hand inside her pussy. Moaning, Playmate felt like she would cum yet again, and when Madame pulled her hand out of Playmate's ass, she did just that.

Self Exploration

mastrubation Kim 2018-11-28

Looking at the results of her shaving job, she rubbed her hands up and down the now bare skin of her pussy. Trying to gasp for air as the huge orgasm rolled over her, she felt her pussy rippling on the dildo. Pushing another finger inside, she scissored them, opening her hole wide and letting it close. Letting her body adjust to the size of the cock in her ass, she sank all the way down on the toy. Envious of the toy, he tightened his hand and jacked his cock, as fast as she was working her clit. He could feel hot cum wanting to shoot up and out of his cock, which was so hard he could pound a nail into the wall with it.

Three Days of Hedonism 2

group Kim 2018-11-27

Lily, unable to rip her gaze from this scene, watched the second man get up and sink his cock deep into the first man’s ass. “Likewise,” Master P said, “It seems that my Penny wants to suck my cum out of your pussy.” Lily buried her face in the sheet, as Penny pushed the bottle of lube flush with her anus and forced a large dollop of it deep inside her. Penny, not wanting the woman to cum to soon, stopped sucking on her clit and moved to Master P’s bouncing balls. With each contraction, her pussy squirted cummy cream into Penny’s waiting mouth; when her body was drained of energy and cum, Lily’s arms buckled, and she lay, weakly, atop of Penny.

Night Swim

anal Kim 2018-11-26

Pulling her finger out of her pussy, she let the water stimulate her, while she rubbed on her puckered asshole. Her upper body rested on the pavement, with her bare ass and pussy out of the water. Rubbing his iron hard cock against the smooth wall of the pool, he was able to get some pleasure, but not enough to satisfy him. Pushing two fingers inside her pussy, she could feel him in her ass, as she finger fucked herself, wildly. He felt the pulsing ripples from her pussy through the wall of her ass. She rested on the warm concrete, as his cum and pool water ran out of her gaping asshole and down her thighs.

Goldy Locks and the Three Behrs, Finale

group Kim 2018-11-25

Mama watched Max fuck Goldy's mouth with the cucumber. Adding a third finger, Mama used her whole arm to finger fuck Goldy hard, then pulled her fingers out quickly to watch clear juice squirt out of the plump pussy. Goldy, oblivious to everything, kept sucking and slurping on Max. Seeing what Mama had, he pulled from her mouth. You're gonna eat my pussy now,” Mama said, pushing Goldy's head down. He ran his hand over the red, and very warm, cheeks, while he watched Mama's fingers work in and out of Goldy's cunt. Mama pulled her fingers out of Goldy's contracting cunt, as Rock felt his softening cock slide out of the girl's ass.

Inside Pandora's Box

hardcore Kim 2018-11-24

Pandora shook her head to clear the fog and pulled her finger out of her ass. Pandora felt a large pair of rough hands slide up her thighs, brushing her fat cunt lips. His hands pulled her pussy open wide; his lips closer now; breath hot. You DO know how to suck cock,” Damon groaned, as her tongue swirled around his cockhead. I like your slutty style,” Jack said pulling his hand out of her asshole. He moved away from her body, as Damon pulled his cock out of Pandora’s mouth and slid down under her. Once her body relaxed, Damon pulled his hand out; a wet sucking sound filled the air.

Bad Girl

bdsm Kim 2018-11-24

“As good as this?” Madame growled, shoving her strap on cock deep inside Delaney’s tight, red cunt in one hard thrust. Madame Destry pumped in and out of Delaney’s pussy, making the weights attached to her nipples swing wildly. Madame Destry pulled out of her sopping slit and slapped her latex cock on Delaney’s plump ass cheeks, before stepping away, and asking. Delaney was so close to cumming; she hoped that Madame wouldn’t notice her heavy breathing and flushed skin, but within seconds of her exploding, Madame pulled out of her asshole, leaving her feeling empty and frustrated. The man shoved his dick in my pussy and fucked me hard,” Delaney panted, as Madame groaned louder; her orgasm impending.

2 Days until Revelation

bdsm Kim 2018-11-22

Between Adam's expert sucking and Julia's bold tonguing, Eva felt her legs start to give away. Pushing two fingers into her Lady's sopping pussy, Julia fingered her Mistress, as her quick, nimble tongue darted over every inch of Eva's visibly pulsating nub. Adam rolled and pinched his Mistress' hard nipples, while Julia let Eva's pussy milk her fingers. Helping Adam work the lube into Jared's puckered hole, Lady Eva tried to concentrate on what she was doing and not the persistent, strong tongue up her cunt. Feeling a jet of hot cum coat the walls of his ass, his cock pushed out jet after jet of ropey cum onto his belly and Lady Eva's hand.

Hysteria 8

group Kim 2018-11-22

“It seems that Victoria’s ass hole of a husband wants her committed to Bedlam, and he considers you to be a quack,” James said; his attention on Lucas. While she explained her plan to Lucas and James, Victoria paced the floor in her room. Lucas pulled his cock from her mouth and nodded to James, who yanked her upward. Between that and feeling James’ cock through the thin membrane of skin separating her ass from her cunny, Lucas knew he wasn’t going to last long. When she felt Lucas’ cock leave her ass, James would make his presence known, by pushing his shaft deeper. Lucas felt his toes curl the moment before hot cum rushed down his shaft and erupted in Victoria’s gaping ass.

Three Days of Hedonism

lesbian Kim 2018-11-22

Leta, making sure that Lily was watching, slowly rubbed the warm oil into her skin. Lily, now accustomed to the other woman’s touch, felt Leta lean over to work her way down her back. Leta lifted Lily’s right leg and rested it on her shoulder, thus causing the sweet pussy in front of her to gape open. She trailed her fingertips down Lily’s inner thigh, and when she reached the delicately bloomed iris, Leta turned her palm upward and slid two oiled fingers deep inside Lily’s cunt. Leta softly kissed the back of Lily’s knee, while working her right hand in and out of her tight pussy. Close to the edge herself, Lily exploded, when Leta gnawed on her bloated clit, spraying her juices all over Leta’s pretty face.

Hysteria 4

group Kim 2018-11-21

Bringing Victoria's pussy coated fingers to her face, Amelia licked them clean. Idly twirling her finger around of lock of Victoria's hair, Amelia said, "You know, Lucas told your husband that you needed further treatment...inpatient treatment." Sally pulled away from the turgid clit and pushed her whole tongue deep inside Victoria's sheath. Sally wiggled her finger inside Victoria's tight, brown bum hole, making the once timid woman scream her release. Victoria, entranced, watched Amelia thickly coat her fingers and hand in grease. Wanting to show Victoria that Sally was in extreme pleasure, she worked a second, then third finger inside. Victoria, amazed at how much Sally was able to take, feel her pussy rippling and sucking the hard dildo inside her.

Goldy Locks and The Three Behrs

mastrubation Kim 2018-11-20

Pulling her fingers out of her cunt with a wet sloppy sound, she rubbed her pearly nectar up and down the solid green shaft of the cucumber. Goldy pulled the cucumber out of her cunt, and then maneuvered the broom at an angle to where it was wedged, thrusting it's erect staff at her. Dropping her head, she continued to put pressure on her ass star, until the broom handle pushed through her tight muscle ring with an almost audible pop. Goldy felt all the air leave her lungs, as her ass hole ate the broom handle. Goldy, able to push three of her fingers inside her star, told herself that next time she was going to fuck her ass raw with something thicker.

Alisha, Chapter 2

lesbian Kim 2018-11-20

I was startled, as I felt her warm hand slid around my chest to cup my breast. I closed my eyes, as I felt her bubblegum pink tongue flick both nipples at the same time. Leaning in really close, she whispered, "You look good enough to eat." She slid her hand down my belly to my crotch. I felt her hands wrap around my thighs, and she dived into my pussy, like a starved person. I felt 2 fingers enter my sopping pussy. She grabbed my hip with one hand, and preceded to guide the head into my wet, waiting pussy. Positioning myself between her legs, I slipped 2 fingers into her hot pussy.

The Thrill of Almost Getting Caught 2

anal Kim 2018-11-19

“Melody, here, likes people to watch her finger fuck her pussy. He trailed the blunt tip of his thick fingers down my left breast, stopping to tweak my nipple, before traveling down my belly to my weeping pussy. Scott, who had suddenly appeared, was standing to the side watching Ben finger my cunt. Ben had jump started the greedy slut in me, and when he laid me down on the blanket, I immediately shoved two of my fingers inside my pussy, trying to regain the intense chills that had been coursing through me. From behind, I was able to push four fingers inside my hungry snatch, as I watched the young waiter jack off.

The Beauty and her Beast 2

bdsm Kim 2018-11-19

His cock swelled, when she leaned over; her rounded ass high in the air, forcing him to remember how tight her pussy had clung to his shaft. Beast rubbed a small piece of the skinned ginger root along her lips. Beast leaned close to her ear, and said, “My dear beauty, I’m going to slide this here root deep into your ass. When Belle’s body began to relax, he started moving the finger in her ass. Not wanting her to cum yet, he yanked his hand from her pussy and slapped her soundly on the ass. Beast pulled his finger from her ass hole, and took a moment to admire the way her sphincter flared open, and then quivered shut.

Poker Night with a Twist

group Kim 2018-11-18

On the sixth round, Brandy dared Amy, and things got interesting. Her hips bucked against my hand, and she sucked Amy's tongue in rhythm with my fingers. Amy cupped Brandy's breasts, then broke the kiss to pull off the blonde's shirt and bra. Amy's cries of pleasure were muffled, as her tongue was fucking my pussy hole. “Your turn,” Brandy said, as she pulled the cucumber out of Amy's pussy. Taking the cucumber from me, she fucked my mouth with it, as Amy resumed sucking and licking my slit. Amy pushed two of her fingers in my pussy, as Brandy pinched and pulled my coral colored nipples. “Put a finger in her ass, Amy. She likes her ass played with,” Brandy told her.

XTC's Collection of Dirty Little Secrets, Vol 2

bdsm Kim 2018-11-17

“Grab the handles on the floor, Mal,” Jade said, “Don’t let them go…” Taking a deep breath, Mal leaned over the bench and gripped the handles; his naked ass high in the air…vulnerable. She tongue fucked his ass in time with her strokes, and soon he felt the familiar tingling in the base of his cock. Her hand glided easily over his shaft, which was soaked with his pre cum; his ass hole was relaxed from her strong tongue. As Mal lay there catching his breath, he felt a large glob of spit hit his loose ass hole, and then he felt the bulbous head of the dildo probe.

Tutoring Christy

mature Kim 2018-11-17

Chad would make his foreskin rub over his head, before he would push his hips up or yank his hand back down. At the same time, Christy sucked his semi hard cock into her warm mouth. With his body rigid from pleasure and nerves, Chad's hands hovered at her head. Chad was in heaven, and when he felt his dick push past the hard part of her upper mouth and sink into her soft, wet, and warm throat, he groaned deeply and cupped her head. Christy sucked his cock into her mouth, pushing her way down until her lips brushed his pubic hair. Chad felt her pussy tighten and get wet enough to drip out of her and soak his hips.


mastrubation Kim 2018-11-15

"Victoria's been talking out of line, questioning inappropriately, as well as causing trouble!" Charles voiced. Then, explaining what he was doing at each step, the good doctor pulled Victoria's chemise off. Victoria, now completely naked, felt like she was watching from out of her body. Victoria felt his fingers open her bottom lips. Tell me where you feel the hysteria trying to leave your body," he said, growling. Dr Reeves pulled the hood of her clit back and tapped directly on her swollen bud several times. She will need to make arrangements to see me at least three times a week," the doctor said, as he got into his carriage. Looking out the window, he peered up at Victoria's rooms and wondered what was going through her mind.

The Coming Storm

lesbian Kim 2018-11-14

Raven kept sucking on the taller girl's fingers, almost like she would suck on Scott's cock. With her hand tangled in Kat's curly red man, Raven deepened the kiss by putting her tongue deep inside the other girl's mouth. Leaning up on her elbow, she used the two longest fingers on her right hand to push them inside Kat's steaming pussy. Kat pulled Raven's pussy open and saw that her clit was pierced with a tiny gold bar. Two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass, Kat continued to suck and gnaw on Raven's clit, until she could feel Raven's pussy contract hard, then a gush of wetness surged out and down her chin.


lesbian Kim 2018-11-14

Jennifer, who had been staring off into space, noticed that Alisha's hand had begun to slowly rub up and down the inside of her thigh. As they kissed, Alisha rubbed her hands up and down Jennifer's arm, before pushing the woman flat on the couch. When her nose nuzzled Alisha’s clit, Jennifer opened her friend’s hot slit with her fingers and stared into the wet treasure. It had been so long since Jennifer felt a pair of lips on her nipples that she was disappointed when Alisha pulled her warm mouth away. With three fingers deep inside her, Jennifer pulled Alisha’s head down to her clit and begged her to suck on it.


group Kim 2018-11-12

Paul's hand kept kneading and rubbing down his back, lingering at the top of James' muscular ass. I kept noticing how James' hips rotated every time Paul came close to his tight globes. Slowly, Paul's hand began to knead and roll the tight muscles of James' ass. With one hand on one side and the other working the opposite side, Paul rubbed in wider and wider circles, pulling that tight ass open. James' anus contracted, as Paul began to tongue his ass. Paul pulled James' ass open wide, and began to tongue fuck him, mercilessly. He was tonguing a hot ass hole and fingering a tight, wet pussy, but no one was loving on his member.

The Great Rite

group Kim 2018-11-12

The High Priestess, who had been watching me suck the Green Man’s hard cock, was rubbing her pussy, as she, again, fucked my cunt with the thick vegetable. As she left the circle, she closed the magic door, sealing me inside with my Green Man. I watched her drop to her knees and take the nearest cock into her mouth. So much so, that I was barely aware of the Green Man’s crushing grip on my hips, as he thrust deep inside me several times, and then his body stiffened, as hot cum burst from his slit and flooded my pussy, splashing the soft, clinging walls.

The Thrill of almost getting Caught 3

group Kim 2018-11-11

White lights flashed before my eyes, as I came so hard that it felt like my pussy turned inside out. Amy, who had been holding the cucumber by the tip, pushed it all the way inside my asshole with her fingers, until my sphincter closed around it. My clit felt like it was gonna burst, and the need to push the cucumber out of my ass was great. Holding the door open for an elderly couple, he grinned at the red blush covering my face, when I realized how close I came to getting caught this time. The old woman thanked Ben. Turning to me, she looked closely at my face, and then a slow smile appeared.

Inside Mr. Fancy Pants' Apartment

group Kim 2018-11-10

Xav gently pulled me back down, and said, “Now…watch the foul mouth, pretty Bella.” “You look uncomfortable,” Ryan said, innocently, and then maneuvered his position, so that he had one leg stretched out on the couch, with me leaning back against his chest. Well…if her puss is tight enough to clench your finger, I bet her ass is like a vise,” Xav replied. Between Xav sucking my whole pussy into his mouth and Ryan pinching my nipples, as he titty fucked me, I was in sensory overload. “It’s so beautiful to watch you cum,” Ryan said, “but now, I want to be inside you.” Every time Xav would thrust in, Ryan would pull out.

Sissy Bitch gets an Exam

bdsm Kim 2018-11-10

Nicole stepped out of the room to let the doctor know the patient was ready. Nicole pulled the stirrups from the exam table and instructed Anthony to slide to the end and put his feet up in the stirrups. He felt Nicole grab a handful of his hair and push him down to Dr. J’s pussy. Nicole squirted a large glob of lube into her hand and smeared it all over the surface of the latex cock; making it shine in the florescent light. She approached Anthony, who was busy slurping Dr. J’s soaked pussy, and pulled his strong ass cheeks apart. Nicole held on tightly to his hips, as she pulled and pushed his body along the rigid shaft of her strap on.

Make me yours

bdsm Kim 2018-11-09

Jenny could see the blonde’s tongue lapping up and down the other woman’s slick pussy, but the moaning was not coming from the black woman. Jenny forced herself to relax, as Master hoisted her knees upward by a separate chain. He attached a sharp metal clamp to her left pussy lip, and then her right one, and with a very short, thin chain, he hooked each clip to her ankle strap, opening her cunt wide. Jenny felt the waves of pleasure start to fade; only partially aware of Master’s dirty, white cum leaking from her wide open asshole. With her face red, Jenny watch Master walk to the glass wall; his semi-erect cock leaking.

1 day until Revelation

bdsm Kim 2018-11-07

Jared's ass, still sore from last night's hard fucking, was on fire, as the fake cock worked its way just past his prostate. Dominique dished out the remaining six lashes to his ass, as he watched Lady Eva seduce him from the corner. Between the blood rushing to his ass and thighs, making the area warm and tingly, and the vibrating cock in his asshole, he wondered how he was going to be able to control himself, if his Mistress took her show any further. Dominique, happy now that there was no way the worm would be able to spew his filth, returned to Eva. Getting to her knees, she kissed her lover softly, before spreading her legs further apart. Eva's moans turned into cries and screams, as Dominique quickly frigged her clit, as she pounded her friend's pussy, hard.

The Sweet Punishment of Mimi VanDiver

bdsm Kim 2018-11-05

“Well, Mimi, prompt, as usual, I see,” Mistress Katrina said, sarcastically. Mimi moaned aloud, when her Mistress’ tongue darted into her ear canal, probing like a hard cock would do to wet, yielding pussy. Mimi arched her back, pushing her plump ass outward, and tried to urge those maddening fingers inside; all the while thinking about how much of an anal whore she was. Mimi, unable to control her guttural moans, pumped her hips in time with the two fingers buried deep in her pussy. Mimi felt her skirt being lifted over her ass, and then her panties pulled down to mid-thigh. As her mistress rode the waves of pleasure that coursed through her body, Mimi felt her own pussy tremble with need.

Living out my dream

lesbian Kim 2018-11-05

“Then, when she can't take it anymore and is squirming in her seat, trying to relieve the steady throb in her pussy, I let my hands travel to a sweet folds. So to relieve her need, I push my finger gently inside her wet sheath and let it nurse on my firm digit,” I continue. Growing bolder, she pushed her hand under my bra and pulled gently on my pebble hard nipples. You want me to finger fuck your pussy and thumb your ass, don't you?” I said to her, crudely. I felt her reach back, with both hands, and pull her ass open for me. As soon as her hips stopped bucking and her legs relaxed, I gently pulled the bottle from her quivering hole.

Living out my dream 2

lesbian Kim 2018-11-04

I wanted to push her over the hood, open her legs and tongue fuck the shit out of her. Tracing the crack, I wiggled my way inside and rested my middle finger against her hole. Ashley squirmed, as I pushed my other middle finger inside and pulled her hole open. Ashley started to lick the sides of my hooded clit, as she pushed two fingers from her other hand deep inside my slick sheath. As she held it open, I stepped in, and Ashley pulled it up and over my hips. By the time I twirled my wet tongue over her trembling clit, she was moaning loudly; her hips starting to buck against my mouth.

Lisa, Ch 2

bdsm Kim 2018-11-04

Kev kept pushing the cucumber sized butt plug up her ass, until she felt the flared base flush against her body. Lisa felt a red flame course through her clit, up to her nipples, and back down to her pussy. Lisa took a deep breath and engulfed the head of Kev's cock, sucking the tip like a straw. Dane kept up the sharp slaps to her ass cheeks, as Kev pulled out of her throat. Dane pulled the butt plug out of his slave, and Lisa's pussy juice literally ran down her leg, as she saw how wide open his hole stayed. Kev stood on his toes, as Dane worked the fake cock up his slave's open ass.

The Thrill of Almost Getting Caught

mastrubation Kim 2018-11-03

Poking my ass out, I reached between my thighs with one hand and spread my puffy lips open. I had never played with my ass before; never wanted to, but here I stood with cunt cream dribbling from my dark pink slit and my finger pushing past my sphincter. Seconds later, I felt a splash of warm fluid cover my ass cheek, and then ooze a path down the back of my thigh. My balls would be slapping your pussy, as I stretched your hole so wide that it would still be open,” he said, between moans. I had enough sense to put my phone on speaker, so I could hear him, before I set it on the bed, close to my ass.

XTC's Collection of Dirty Little Secrets, Vol 1

group Kim 2018-11-03

As far as anyone knew, profanity never came from her heart shaped mouth, but Sara had a dirty, little secret that even her husband didn’t know about. Just when she thought the woman was finished with her poor nips, Sara heard a small click and felt the clips pull down. She tried to imagine what they were seeing and saw a woman with her head hidden in a box on the floor, ass high in the air, weights swinging from her cherry red, swollen nipples, and a bit of black lace poking out from the confines of her pussy. Looking down, Sara watched as his massive cock head pushed into her dripping snatch; the piercing rubbing sensuously in all the right places.

Ben's Instruction

first-time Kim 2018-11-03

Looking out the window, I watched Ben mowing the front yard. Ben looked the shelf over, then sat down on the floor to begin to repair the broken door. In order to reach my dresser, I had to lean over Ben. I placed a hand on his shoulder and leaned way over, trying to reach the bottom drawer. Regaining his senses, Ben realized where his hand was and snatched it away, like he was on fire. Ben broke contact with my nipple long enough to pull his shirt off. I started spiraling my hand up and down his shaft, like I was opening a jar. Smiling, he pulled me close and asked if there were anymore shelves that needed to be fixed.

Tag Team

group Kim 2018-11-02

Kim briefly closed her eyes, as JD’s hands helped her off with the wet shirt. Stopping to probe her tongue inside that tight hole, Marie stroked the soft, firm skin of Kim's inner thighs. Marie, reached between her legs and tugged on JD’s hardness, as Kim watched from below, continuing to work her tongue over JD’s cock. Kim opens her eyes and saw JD’s cock gliding in and out of Marie. He teared up once with pleasure last time I teased his slick cock that way,” Marie told Kim. When JD grabbed Kim’s hips to move her the way he wanted, Marie climbed onto his face and began to grind her pussy all over his mouth and tongue.

Five Day until Revelation

bdsm Kim 2018-11-01

Jared nodded, as he watched Lady Eva pet her slave. Jared looked at the heavy piercing through Adam's cock head. Motioning for Julia to begin sucking that massive pole, the Lady rubbed her slick fingers over Adam's ass. When Julia sucked deeply, Adam stiffly bore down, allowing his Lady's finger to slip all the way in his asshole. Pull his legs higher, my pet,” Lady Eva said. Lady Eva told Julia to resume sucking his massive, leaking pole. When the first contractions began at the base of his cock, Adam cried out that he was about to cum, and Julia pulled the plug from his ass. Looking down at Adam, Lady Eva said, “You were magnificent, my love.

Goldy Locks and the three Behrs, Part 2

group Kim 2018-11-01

Max, suddenly hard, knew how much Mama loved his tongue in her cunt. He could feel Rock's cock through the thin walls of her ass and pussy.  Slowly finger fucking her ass, Max pushed a second finger inside once she had loosened up.  Rock, feeling his buddy's rigid dick sink deeper inside Mama's loosened ass, coordinated his thrusts in time with Max.  When Max withdrew, Rock would sink in her pussy all the way, until his balls slapped her lips. With Rock's thick cock taking up most of the room, Mama's ass was extra tight. The naked trio made their way inside, not knowing that the dick teasing slut that haunted their days was sleeping in the very bed that the Behrs were heading toward. 

3 Days until Revelation

bdsm Kim 2018-11-01

Julia has been with me for some time, so she also picks up on other cues, such as the look in my eyes, as well as my posture,” Lady Eva continued, as she got up from her desk. Wanting her pet more aroused, the Lady took a hold of Julia's clit ring and moved it back and forth over her growing nub. Stimulating her sensitive clit, Lady Eva watched as Julia's breathing grew ragged and a flush appeared over her chest. His eyes traveled down to watch as Lady Eva pushed two of her fingers inside Julia. Sensing her pet was about to cum, Eva smacked Julia's clit sharply, moving the ring under the wax.

Four days until Revelation

bdsm Kim 2018-11-01

Any questions so far?” Lady Eva asked Jared. “My pet, the only choice you have is when to say the safe word,” Lady Eva said, firmly. Acting like a cock ring, his hand kept the blood from escaping Jared's dick, keeping him rock hard. Lady Eva went back to spanking Jared, as Adam slowly stroked his cock. Lady Eva managed to probe Jared's ass enough to relax it. With a nod of her head, Lady Eva signaled Adam to make him cum. Eva gently pulled her finger out of Jared's spasmodic ass, and Adam got out from under the bar. Dismissing Adam from the room, Lady Eva helped Jared get loose from the bonds.

Hysteria 3

group Kim 2018-10-31

Victoria was on her hands and knees, face to pussy with Amelia. She could feel Amelia’s warm breath on her swollen clit and Lucas’ thick cock pushing at her open hole. She watched as Lucas eased his plump head into Victoria’s slit, mesmerized at how stretched her pussy was getting. When he had over half of his shaft inside, Amelia sucked the puffy clit in front of her. Victoria tickled the open slit with her fingertips, watching Amelia’s clit twitch each time. When he felt Amelia’s tongue lick at his shaft, as he pumped in and out of Victoria’s pussy, he lost it. Wincing from the sting of Lucas pulling his fingers from her ass, she slumped forward, resting her head on Amelia’s soft thigh.

Sissy Bitch goes to Dinner

bdsm Kim 2018-10-31

Is this true?” Nomi asked Anthony, “You want to feel my fingers wrap around your cock…very nice cock? You want me to fuck you like a bitch, and what do you propose I do it with; seeing that I don’t have a spare cock with me?” Nomi asked, breathlessly. “One good turn deserves another, but since you like being treated like a bitch, I want you to leave my cum all over your face,” Nomi said, after catching her breath. Nomi stood behind him and looked over to Nicole, who told her to start by removing his thong panties. I want you to cum all over the floor, as I spank your rude, woman hating ass!” Nomi growled. “He wants to offer you your job back, Nomi?” Nicole said.

You're gonna make me cum again

voyeur Kim 2018-10-30

With an enigmatic look in your eyes and sexy smirk, you tell me that your room is next door, if I need anything. Even though I can't see it, I can imagine your long finger probing your puckered rear hole; first circling the entrance, and then pressing in and out and matching the pace of your other hand. I've always thought that a person cumming was the sexiest thing, and I wanted to see your face, as you shot your shot all over the glass door. My free hand slips between my drenched thighs; using my fingers to probe my cunt. My eyes remain closed; as I hear you yank open the shower door.

Seven Deadly Sins: Pride

bdsm Kim 2018-10-30

Eyes glazed, respirations increased, nipples hardened, cocks got hard, and Simone, for the first time ever, got horny. Declan made sure that a number of women that hated Simone were there, as well as many average looking men. The hole that I am looking through is for any cock or dildo that wants to face fuck you, and let me tell you something, whore, if you so much as try to bite down, I will personally ass fuck you without any lube. #2, not wanting to be outdone by the other men, pulled Simone's ass cheek open and teased her anus with the tip of his tongue.

There and Back...

bdsm Kim 2018-08-23

Nude, tightly single-sleeved, handcuffs around our ankles, and well gagged, we could do little more than lay next to each other in the back of the mini-van. If someone was looking in, I don't think they were going to appreciate the symmetry of our tan lines; though I was acutely aware that those three little triangles of paler skin we both sported in front, with faint string lines for the rest, were probably going to quickly draw their eyes to certain areas. I don't think we would have had anything ladylike to say in the few minutes after feeling that stinging ache relieved, only to be replaced with the gagged version of "OWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!