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Free erotic stories by LaceAndHumiliation on AdultRead

Natalie and the Neighbor Ch. 05

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-12-03

Then, he asked me to tell you if I wanted to fuck his cock. "Fuck it, whore, let's go," he growled. "Fuck," I thought, "I didn't think he would know how to treat someone like me, guess I was wrong." "I know, that's why he won't leave, he won't want someone robbing him blind while he's ogling some big tittied whore." "Fucking whore, tell me what you want," he hissed. "I want you to fuck my pussy good," I begged. I hated him, even at that moment, but there's not a chance in hell I'd have let him pull it out and deny him the pleasure of fucking this whore and cumming inside her.

Bailey's Humiliation Games

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-12-02

On the second card I'd write something mildly bold or risqué, such as, "one free kiss," or "how do you like my bra?" (if I wasn't wearing one, in order to let him have a lingering look). The last few times I was with John and we went to a bar, he had me play the game. In it were cards that instructed me on what type of guy to approach, even the type of bar, as I knew most of them in a 20 mile radius, due to the game. On this night I'd picked out the card that said, "older man, at least 50, neighborhood type bar." I tried to challenge myself in this way.

Little Red Coat Ch. 06

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-12-01

I'd tell her what he wanted me to do, she'd just nod and say, "go ahead, office slut, do your thing." She knew it was all driving me crazy with lust. Crystal had told me all about her office so many times, all the guys, the routine. On his last message, Glenn had said he was heading out of town on Monday morning, he ended the message with, "I'd sure like some of that mouth before my trip, it'll help tide me over." Quickly, I said, "Listen, Crystal has told me all about how Glenn brags at getting a young, white slut to suck his cock all the time."

Lisha and Crystal - Spanked Pussy

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-11-30

I continued, "you know how I've told you that when I was sore, my pussy that is, from when I've been given to men to use?" She nodded quickly, wanting more from me. Like, in my head I'm thinking, "first they made my pussy get sore from using it, they are making me feel my soreness as it gets fucked again." "In my fantasy, like I said, someone is spanking my pussy, most often it's just one guy. I actually kind of hoped I'd run into him at the office, thinking that maybe Crystal and he had set up a little "something" for me to do to tide me over to the next great adventure.

Natalie and the Neighbor Ch. 02

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-11-29

Even as complete as yesterday was with me sucking his magnificent cock, the spanking and the mental fuck of exquisite humiliation I realized he hadn't even touched my pussy. "I see," Chet said as he continued his finger play in my pussy. I whispered to the guy, "next time take your cock out right away." "Multiple guys, I think I might have underestimated you," He said as he picked up his pace finger fucking me. "I'm sure I could get cock, sir, if that's what you want." "I'm sorry, sir, please tell me your idea." I really didn't think I could stand another ass blistering spanking like the one the night before, at least not so soon.

Bailey's Humiliation Games Ch. 03

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-11-29

I then presented it to a person, without me knowing what it is, then I had to do whatever the card said. John said it didn't make sense anymore to pick out all those cards then happen to pick out a specific task which nullifies all the other stuff. I'm sure he thought about what might happen every moment he was printing out those cards. He was sharp, he knew everything about the business, he greeted me every time with a sexy and sweet smile and always made me feel good about working with his company. Whatever the number you pick, that's the guy you must give the cards to," he said, emphasizing the "must."

Crystal And Lisha: On Vacation

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-11-28

There also is some lesbian sex, though it clearly doesn't belong in a Lesbian category as most of the sex is heterosexual. I understand the queasiness she has about that, being her brother. "Well, he did get to touch them a bit too." His jacket seemed a bit too beat up and the year of graduation on the shoulder was a year ago. I was only in the store for ten minutes tops when I saw Lisha sauntering back to the car. God, I adore that saunter. I could tell she liked being made to do it like that. I could tell he really wanted to help me. "Oh god," she groaned. I like keeping her on edge like that.

Little Red Coat Ch. 03

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-11-27

Like I've said before, there isn't a more thoughtful and giving person in the world than Crystal. "Well, when I get home...and I'm not sure when I'm supposed to...did you promise me all weekend like you said before?" My face was red with shame when I answered, "Yes, if Mistress wished it, I will do it." I thought for a moment then I added, "you know I have to tell her everything I do here tonight, right?" "I knew you'd suck a mean cock, women like you just have that fucking look about you. You're just going to be the bosses cock sucking slut." That made him smile. Are you going to do whatever I ask you to do, what Crystal also wanted?"

Little Red Coat Ch. 02

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-11-26

"And I suppose that the next time you have a thought like that and you don't tell me, or call me, that your ass is going to be red for a week," she said smugly. You are free to use me any way you wish, other than that." I have to admit, I almost forgot the last part, and I'm sure you'd whip me good if I did," I told Crystal, as she sat there nodding. I could feel Seth's cum leaking out of me now, though I'm sure it was mixed now with my new excitement from all this humiliation play, along with Crystal's deft touch and soft, warm mouth.

Natalie and the Neighbor Ch. 04

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-11-23

"But the thing is, he, er, you, is driving pussy is wet, it almost feels like I'm peeing myself, but I know what it is, and it shames me, even as I struggle to withstand the whip. Each time I'd wake up in a panic, only to remember it was just a dream, only then to remember that I was again alone and I'd wonder what Chet was doing, what he was thinking. I wondered if Chet wanted me to take this guy home, or take him outside. The days between sex for me had been reinvigorating, all right, I felt like I wanted him, or anyone, to just take me, right there, on the floor of the bar.

Chelsea's Contract Ch. 06

group LaceAndHumiliation 2018-11-21

I told Jordan her plan, he said go ahead, "but, you still put in ten bucks per cum, I'm not letting that bitch rob me of my money." "Don't worry, I can't have you sitting on your ass not making me money, Meg and I have talked, we will come up with something," he said. Jordan wanted you to play until you lost, then offer things to cover it, right?" "I know but he said play all night," I whined, I really wanted it to not be true. I guarantee we'll play with you all fucking night long, right fellas?" He said to enthusiastic agreement.


Natalie and the Neighbor Ch. 01

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-11-20

"No, sir," I said firmly, not wanting to lose him now. It's one thing to say, "Oh, I like when a guy uses me." "That could mean that you like a guy to hold your hands down lightly when he has sex with you, or, it could mean you want him to spank your ass hard, pull your hair, while he fucks you until you can't stand. I realized that perhaps that wasn't specific enough though I think a major part of the excitement in it for me is not actually knowing how he wants to use me. Tie it, spank it, fuck it, use it, give it away, take pictures of it, whatever you want.

Chelsea's Contract Ch. 01

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-11-18

"I was friends with Randi," I said, looking for his reaction. "Remember that time on the school bus?" I said as I watched his eyes open wide. "Yes, sir, that's what I want." I said submissively. I mean, it's quite a surprising offer and lord do I miss those days of Randi," he said, laughing at himself. "Like a contract?" I said hopefully, I'd considered all of it so many times before, it was now well rehearsed. I Chelsea Lane agree to allow Jordan Ryan to transfer his sexual rights to her body, as outlined in article one, to any others he chooses as often and in any fashion he chooses," I said, emphasizing the change.

Little Red Coat Ch. 08

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-11-17

Did you know he told me he never wants to get married and have a "husband and wife" type relationship? John gets to share that, live in a nice house, and be able to go to school and do what he wants to do. John was going to get what he wanted, a submissive woman to use on occasion as he sees fit and the means to pursue his dreams as well as making sure his sister gets what she needs. "I wrote all that down thinking of you, wanting you to know everything, I just never thought it would happen." Crystal told me you know I saw you giving head at that one prom party.

Chelsea's Contract Ch. 05

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-11-16

It was a note from Jordan, but it looked like Meg's writing. They are expecting a slut, but I want you there looking like the biggest one ever. I knew I'd have a tattoo guy looking at it. "One last time, I have to ask...are you sure?" he said, pleadingly. Fuck me like you would anyone that has "cum slut" tattooed on her." He stared at me with a dumbstruck expression, "I'm going to pay you and I'm going to let you fuck me like the cum slut I am," I said. Again as I saw guys drive past me I thought of ways for them to notice me. He said, "I'd sure like to see if the rest of you looks as good!"

Chelsea's Contract Ch. 02

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-11-15

I thought of all the times I peeked in on Randi, watching as Jordan and others filled her mouth with cum. "Fuck," I remember thinking, "whoever thought cum was this good." "Bill, I want you to cum in my mouth, let me know when you are ready, I've always wanted to taste you," I barely got out in time before I felt him start to spasm. "Tell him you'd love him to cum in your pussy next time," it said, "Maybe next time you can cum in my pussy?" I said with a forced smile as I turned and shut the door behind me. "Yes, sir," I said, my heart started it's familiar thumping at the thought. I knew what Jordan would want.

Little Red Coat Ch. 04

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-11-14

"I wanted to thank you for letting me suck cock today," I said. "Ma'am, I'm naked, like you wanted, smeared with slut lipstick, ready to be used, but now it's raining, and Ted's truck is locked." The coat you shouldn't have until you've earned it back, now lock your doors, go put the key back in your coat and hang up and stand out in the rain and wait for him, like any other naked slut would!" I heard the click, she hung up. I was naked, in just heels, still dripping (and not just from the rain.) I was standing in the middle of my old high school gym, the thought of all my classmates seeing me like this sent a jolt through me.

Bailey's Humiliation Games Ch. 04

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-11-12

I didn't know why, but I wanted this last time to be really memorably embarrassing, as if it wasn't enough that this total jerk of a man totally owned my mouth as his own property. I'm sure I sounded like a stammering fool to the one guy but he didn't care, he was enjoying the view of my tits. Burly guy wasted no time getting me another drink and his hand went back to rubbing my pussy. Burly guy was finger fucking me furiously and I had my head back and I was moaning as Skinny had both my nipples and was twisting and tugging them.

Natalie and the Neighbor Ch. 07

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-11-06

I'd assumed he'd want that every time he had the chance, given we only had a few days left of my sexual servitude "contract." "Tonight, I thought it would be fitting for you, and us, to end this as it started, at the fence. You wanted it to be one month long so that I had time to make sure that you got to experience at least a taste of all of that. If you feel you've had all you've wanted this month I'll just have you put on some clothes and come over and be one of "the guys" and we'll secretly toast the end of our contract at midnight.

Darren's Correction Ch. 02

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-11-06

"I still can't believe you are here, like this," Chad said with a wry smile while ogling and fondling me. I wanted to let Darren know what was going on. I should kick you out on your naked ass and make you walk home like that," he said. I knew I'd want it again like that, and often. "What would Darren think about his girlfriend now, bent over another guy's bed waiting to get fucked in the ass?" He laughed, "my neighbor, Syd, said he saw a beautiful topless woman standing outside my door. I'm fine, he just wants you to see me like this, I guess," I said, my voice trailing off in embarrassment. Bound as I was, I couldn't turn fully but I knew what he wanted.

Little Red Coat Ch. 07

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-11-06

We'll make it my story, the story of the slut that goes out and gets fucked in all sorts of ways in her little red coat." I'm going in, just like this," I said as I backed up and let Ted show them my slut attire. Still, I wrote it all in my diary, about the website, the bar blowjob, teasing Bill and Josh, the upcoming party, I spilled all my slutty thoughts onto those pages like the men did with their cum on, and in me. It's a slut's coat after all, it should look like it."

Little Red Coat

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-11-05

But dating...while still going out with you..." I said with hesitation. "I know you like cock," she said eyeing me like a stern taskmaster. "Yes, I told Seth what you are good for, I offered your services to him and that's what you are going to give him," she said sternly. "Damn, girl, looking like that he is going to wear you out," she grinned evilly. "The last thing I said to him was to make sure you earned the coat back before he gave it to you, I was adamant about that." "You liked the thing with the little red coat then?" she asked with interest. "Good, because next week I think I'd like to deliver you to the next one in handcuffs."

Little Red Coat Ch. 05

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-11-05

I think my experience, including the recent ones, excited Crystal, who got to live some of it vicariously. When you said you were going to make me become his personal cock sucking whore, it drove me crazy." We liked dildo play but for the last two weeks we only used them to fuck her, she was no doubt keeping my pussy ready for cock. He took that as encouragement and soon his hand was in my pants, his fingers slid across my pussy lips. She was sucking this guy's cock like there was no tomorrow. "Do you like sucking cock?" She asked. He stepped inside the door and Crystal had me on my knees sucking his nice cock within seconds.

Chelsea's Contract Ch. 03

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-11-03

You could skip out on it any time you want to, so far you haven't, but it's not like I can hold you to it, if push comes to shove. "Fuck," he said, "awesome, though I'm not sure he can make it any more legal, it's like prostitution." My choices were, "Fuck toy, Black cock whore, Easy lay, Cum slut, Use me, and Jordan's cunt," or another one that I came up with, if he liked it. This black guy was going to fuck my ass while Jordan recorded it, so that I could never back out of my deal, otherwise all my friends, my workplace, even my dad would see their precious red headed girl getting anally taken by a black man.

Natalie and the Neighbor Ch. 03

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-11-02

"Um, that I like sucking cocks, sir?" I said, my voice feigning sweetness. Just as Chet said there were breaks in the bushes between where I had positioned the chair and the shed that Jeff was working on. "Tell him that you'll suck his cock in your backyard each and every time he wants, until you've earned back all your pictures. "I'll suck your cock for each picture...and you have to send it to Chet, next door." "Ok, 25, send the first one to Chet, your choice, then, just wave me over when I'm outside and be ready, between the bushes here is the best secluded spot." I turned and left him like that.


group LaceAndHumiliation 2018-11-02

It's not like there is a dearth of guys out there who want to get their dicks sucked. Honestly, at the time, I didn't even know if I liked this guy or not or whether I wanted to date him. I knew then that I loved sucking cock but at that time I found it hard to just blurt out, "so, do you want me to suck you off?" I decided to make him do it. I just couldn't see hanging out with the air headed young bimbos that I remembered from school while horny clueless guys circled around like vultures. Will said, "First, Chad wants his to be the first cock you suck.


Natalie: A New Beginning

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-10-31

I did not want to disappoint Chet and have my ass worked over hard, well maybe I did, but that would have to wait. "I don't know what Chet agreed to," I said honestly. She took the bills out of my shirt and grinned and said, "looks like we're having a really good night." She swatted me dismissively on the ass just like her daddy had and sent me back to work the floor. He made me stay like that, my shorts mostly down and my fingers inside the material while he went back to touching me, this time on the exposed part of my ass and in my crack.


Chelsea's Contract Ch. 04

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-10-31

"I'm sorry sir, I'm so sorry," I said, I knew what was coming, I found myself starting to sob. I felt for her, I thought, "Fuck, twice this hard I don't think I'd be conscious." She had never complained to me though, I got the feeling she was proud of the marks, she showed them to me with a sense of pride. He then said, "I don't like how you used the basement for your fuck with John. We don't have meetings in there on Tuesdays, but the room stays open for people who want quiet time to do computer work and such. "It's the high school guy," I said, I didn't want to tell it all.

Natalie and the Neighbor Ch. 06

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-10-30

Chet always left my pussy alone for a couple days beforehand, I knew it was because he wanted me completely charged up when he came up with something wonderfully wicked and creative. Chet let me drink a glass of wine to calm me a bit before announcing, rather loudly, "ok guys, we have to let Natalie do what she needs to do," he said eyeing me with a sadistic grin. I heard Chet laugh, he spoke louder, I knew he wanted me to hear. I knew Chet would not want his slut hiding behind the car. I knew every one of those guys were thinking, "hell yeah it was!" But they didn't want to interfere with Chet.