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Free erotic stories by LadyJane on AdultRead

Shipwrecked Into Slavery Ch. 03

bdsm LadyJane 2018-12-04

Mrs. Bascomb attached a leash to the ring between Catalina’s legs and led her around the castle on her hands and knees. Mrs. Bascomb then led Catalina into the kitchens where she used to work before Haverstoke turned her over to his wife. When there was just the small tip of the carrot left in her anus, Perry wiggled his tongue inside her The other men enjoyed the sight so much, they brushed Catalina’s hands off her ass cheeks and used their own rough hands to squeeze them together, mashing Perry’s lips and nose between her cheeks. Finally, Rose secured a black mask around her head that covered the top of her face, leaving holes for her eyes and clipped a gold leash to the ring between her legs.


At His Pleasure Ch. 02

bdsm LadyJane 2018-12-02

I recognized him as the man Mrs. Bishop had called Sir Penrith, and then I remembered the name from the night that Jago first made me his slave. Sir Penrith began shoving the cane in and out of me a little more vigorously, matching the thrusts of my hips against it; Mrs. Bishop began pinching and caressing my bottom cheeks, instead of spreading them, now squeezing them together to close on the cane that was probing me; and I could hear my Master’s voice saying, “Good girl.” Sir Penrith then handed off the cane to Mrs. Bishop, and she took over invading my hole while he moved in front of me.

A Victorian Wedding Night

bdsm LadyJane 2018-11-30

When I was 18, my uncle sat me down one evening and told me that he wanted me to inherit the estate, but that I needed to be married. I was upstairs when Tristan, my uncle’s stepson, arrived; he knew for what purpose he had been called home, so I nervously checked my appearance in the mirror before going downstairs to meet him. I knew he wanted this to work out for my sake; he couldn’t very well leave the estate to me alone, but he wanted me to share in it, and marrying Tristan was the answer. He stepped forward and pulled my hands away from my body, looking at me from head to toe. Tristan didn’t mind; in fact, he was looking forward to her insubordination.

Shipwrecked Into Slavery

bdsm LadyJane 2018-11-27

By this time, news of the shipwrecked Spanish woman had spread around the household, and most of the servants were gathered at the kitchen entrance to gape at the naked girl with her bronze-colored skin, black hair, and soft down of black curls between her legs. The men weren’t allowed to touch her…yet, but Mrs. Bascomb wanted to consistently remind her of her place in the castle hierarchy, so every time she came into the courtyard, she’d give Catalina a smack on the buttocks with whatever she happened to have handy. Catalina tried to ignore her and peel the vegetables, while Mrs. Bascomb called the other servants in for their midday meal around the big kitchen table.


At His Pleasure Ch. 03

bdsm LadyJane 2018-11-20

Once my nipples were erect and protruding, Mrs. Bishop had me spread my legs in the tub, and Genevieve ran her fingers down between the folds of my nether lips. Mrs. Bishop stopped Genevieve and told me, “You’ll find I’m not as sentimental as your Master; you must ask permission before reaching your climax. Mrs. Bishop and Genevieve stood opposite my spread legs and stood watching as if waiting for a show. The pinching pain I felt in my nipples and my cunny, the itching and burning I felt in my stretched out anus, the stinging, blazing heat I still felt on my bottom, and the humiliation of being leashed between my legs and treated like a pet all created an unbearable thrill of excitement for me.


At His Pleasure

bdsm LadyJane 2018-11-18

I don’t know why I was thinking about my appearance at an important time like this; my father’s life was teetering at the edge of a deep and frightening precipice. Your father will be released the day after tomorrow upon my recommendation to Judge Jeffreys if you agree to spend the night with me.” The servant named Mrs. Fisk took my arm to lead me up the staircase, and the younger one, Molly, followed behind. I had been feeling a pleasurable sensation when Mrs. Fisk started shaving me, and Molly started pulling the folds of my outer lips this way and that.


Shipwrecked Into Slavery Ch. 02

bdsm LadyJane 2018-11-16

Although the Spanish Armada hadn’t arrived yet, Catalina knew something had changed at the castle; Mrs. Bascomb was allowing her to bathe now, and she was working mostly in the house. As Catalina tried to stand steadily and gracefully, Mrs. Bascomb threaded another chain through the two rings on the ends of the phalluses, which were still visibly protruding from Catalina’s holes, led the chain through the front of the garment, and then padlocked it. Mrs. Bascomb continued to tie her hands behind her at night so that she couldn’t rub the chain mail against her pearl or manipulate the phalluses in her holes. Mrs. Bascomb closed the door behind her when she left, and for the first time since her arrival Catalina was alone with Jake.


Shipwrecked Into Slavery Ch. 04

bdsm LadyJane 2018-11-03

With her arms entwined around Haverstoke's neck, Catalina hoisted herself up on his body, wrapping her legs around his waist as Elizabeth's head was pressed between the two of them. With her climax, Catalina bucked against Elizabeth's face, shoving the back of her head against Haverstoke's cock. This time Catalina relented and while Haverstoke's body stiffened and he let out a growl, she pulled Elizabeth back by the hair so that Haverstoke's thick effusion shot over her face and the front of her prim white nightdress. Clean his cock with your tongue." She watched in amusement as Elizabeth closed her eyes and gingerly held Jake's member in her hand while she licked it all over.