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group Lustybella 2018-11-19

Then we moved to the back of the house looking over the gardens, Andrew speaking again about people he knew interior decorator and designers, I stopped listening when I felt Thomas slide one finger up the side of my thigh. I was going to come, I looked at the garden and saw Andrew finish his call and I came all down Thomas fingers. I took both in each hand, stroking and feeling them both getting more swollen, then I took Andrews cock deep in my throat, forcing it to the back of my throat letting out a gasp then I moved on to Thomas's cock, slightly fatter but still hitting the back of my mouth.

My Masters Request

bdsm Lustybella 2018-11-09

I loved the forced kissing, then he grabbed my hair ripping my head back and had his hand between my thighs furiously rubbing my already my soaked pussy, fingering my tight hole I moan softly feeling him deep in me. I was coming close but I knew that wasn’t going to my time yet, and I was right my master then forced his fingers into my mouth, allowing me to taste my pussy and how wet I was. My master pushed me down from behind, head deep in the cushion with my ass in the air, feeling his fingers exploring my pussy lips and clit, my pussy was swollen and wet from all the finger fucking I had done to me now I felt something else.

Hard Day

anal Lustybella 2018-11-08

Looking deep into his blue eyes I said, “Your brilliant to us, thanks.” I touched his arm, and got a grip on grease on my hand yuck. I felt heavy in my legs, Lee stood up and turned me round my nipples were on the cold tiles, and the hot water rushed down my back. “Before I fill you up with my cock I want to hear you come again.” Then he buried his head deep and his tongue darted in and out of my tight ass, and fingers again in to my c**t. He held me tight banging deeper, my orgasm still coming strong, then he yelled sinking his fingers deep into my ass cheeks, then he slipped down taking me with him to the floor.