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bdsm Manpower6666 2018-11-30

“Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give this brilliant lad a hand for his great performance!” People were clapping, as Tanya’s sex partner got clothed in a bathrobe by the assistant and left the stage. But the billionaire paid Mr. Obutulezi another huge amount, picked up the paddle and smacked Tanya hard on her sore buttocks another ten times, smiling all over his face. The winner of the draft for fucking Tanya, while she was getting milked by the machine, was a small, middle aged and partly bald Russian with a big entourage of viciously looking guards waiting outside the stand. The three critics changed positions on the bed, laying on their backs and licking her squirt eagerly, as Tanya was fucked by Mr. Obutulezi himself, cummin’ constantly on his big black rod.

Slave Wife Tanya For Rent and ****

bdsm Manpower6666 2018-10-31

Tanya, come over here and suck my cock while we finalize matters with these fine gentlemen.” He took hold of her dog leash and dragged her away, following Mr. Smith to a wooden table on the terrasse of the hunting lodge. They went outside, where Tanya was put on all fours on the grass and the men took turns fucking her cunt and ass while she sucked the rest of the dogs. Finally, when both men and dogs had been satisfied again by Tanya the rental slave wife, Rob suggested that they cleaned the bitch as she deserved it. Even though the previous torture had emptied her bowels, the men took great care and pleasure of giving Tanya big and painful enemas, cleaning her innards completely.