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Free erotic stories by Mikel on AdultRead

Corset Theory Testing

bdsm Mikel 2018-09-27

Since then I have had a passion for corsets thoroughly enjoying feeling the woman below or above me gasping for air through the thick material as she gets more and more excited, desperately trying to control her breathing and once had her pass out, scaring me slightly but I loosened the corset and waited for her to awaken, she smiled and said, "Tighten it back up and lets go again". Passed seven hour mark and still haven’t figured a way to release it without going out to get different set of cutters, I had laid down and got breathing under control but getting dressed has made me start to gasp again, I guess I am just not cut out to wear one, I only pulled myself down five inches and am having this much trouble but still enjoying the constriction and would seriously consider using it next time I play.

Directions (Read the)

bdsm Mikel 2018-09-17

While Eva sat looking down at the ballet boots Lara had locked on a few hours before and enjoying her hands still being strapped tightly behind her back she told Lara her dreams of finding the perfect set of cuffs. After strapping her head harness gag on and locking it Eva was ready to try on her new steel cuffs and collar. Eva didn’t want to un hook her ankles so she decided to try to see if she could take it until Jim came over and reached up and locked one cuff to the chain on the bed then stretched to lock her remaining wrist to the waiting chain.


bdsm Mikel 2018-09-13

After eating some breakfast she went in for a nap, pulling the new half hood she purchased around her neck and lacing it tightly, she had really liked the way it had made Anna's neck look so long and thin and the way it held her head so rigid, Mina reset the timer to open in four hours and tried to lock her legs back down to the bed, the thigh bands wouldn’t allow her to be spread eagle again so she adjusted the chains to cross under her ankles forcing her feet to be held close together.

Chastity Tube

bdsm Mikel 2018-09-06

Kate kept me bound to the bed all night, she did remove the gag once and forced me to bring her to another climax while she pulled on the chain finally ripping the clamps from my screaming nipples. Finally reaching the garage I watched her heaving chest as she stood panting from the exertion of the “long” walk and heard her ask “So what do you think?” I stumbled for the right words as she turned around slowly for me and watched her wonderful ass twist under the tight rubber. Kate adjusted the clamps tighter enjoying my thrashing and just before leaving she took the strap that I had felt dangling from the end of the armsleeve and pulled it through my legs wrapping it tightly around my trapped cock and balls.

The Tens Unit

bdsm Mikel 2018-09-06

Tina’s wrists were pulled down hard as she pressed the “On” button on the tens unit, Tina started squealing as her pussy and ass were suddenly pulsating violently. Tina continued to be tortured squealing and twisting only getting brief rests between the pulses that were increasing for over an hour before the frustration of being bound and shocked made a massive orgasm explode through her sweat covered body blocking out all the pain and leaving her gasping as she sat limply in the tight straps of the chair. Tina’s body was still tingling from the tens units torture and her body reacted to the relief by climaxing again making Tina moan and her body tense up pulling hard on the straps.

Dual Purpose

bdsm Mikel 2018-09-05

As she wiggled her leather covered fingers and tried to pull her hands out of the cuffs that were keeping her arms stretched above her head she knew it was going to be a long night of aches and pains while being extremely frustrated by her own stupidity of not turning on her vibrators and allowing herself an unknown number of orgasms until Jim came home.


bdsm Mikel 2018-08-28

Lori sat panting then tried to find the laces she had tied in front desperately wanting to free herself of the tight dress and corset. “You must learn to do as you are told.” Her grandmother continued, “I spent many nights and days kept breathless and struggling until I learned my place” Lori couldn’t believe what she was hearing as her grandmother kept shaking her head as she explained that her grandfather didn’t have the patience he once had and won’t stand for anymore of this foolishness. Lori stood looking at the braces with her arousal running high she said “What the hell” only slight hums could be heard as she sat down and stuffed her feet into the trainers and closed all the straps extremely tight.


bdsm Mikel 2018-08-14

Liz pulled a very heavy looking set that had strong chains connecting them off the wall studying them and making sure that the keys with them worked the locks and giggled as she removed what little clothes she had been wearing and locked them around her ankles. Liz stood shaking in the steel shoes as she removed the lock and worked the gag open and closed loving the heavy feel of it and as soon as it was closed she stuffed it into her mouth and began turning the handle. Pushing and banging on the door she thought I’ll call John and ask for another set of keys, grunting and feeling stupid because not only was the only working phone locked inside the room she was wearing one of the most effective gags for making speech incoherent she had ever worn.

Maybe it's Fate

bdsm Mikel 2018-07-29

Jan was ready for her final entrapment and sat down on the bed with her back against the post, stretching towards her toes she clipped the chain to her ankle cuffs before scooting herself back against the post pulling the chain even tighter when she wrapped the straps around her body and pulled each tight securing her firmly to the post. Fighting her bonds Jan was finally able to look over far enough to see her lap top screen that had been moved out of her reach and could read the note Susan had left her, “You naughty girl, I made everything better and will release you, maybe, tomorrow when I get up, so have fun till then”

Computer Timer

bdsm Mikel 2018-07-27

She found the key to her collar and removed the chain, unlacing the hood was difficult with her hands cuffed together but soon she had it and the o-ring gag open and was able to pull the soaked foam ball from her mouth. The street she had taken seemed to be very long and had a lot of curves in it and she was worried again that she had gone the wrong direction, as she clopped along in the dark she started to relax again and get back into her rhythm of walking before she began thinking about what to do if she couldn’t make it home by daylight, the thought of her hiding somewhere all day really turned her on and soon she was feeling a building climax as she strolled along in a daze again.

What Have I Done?

bdsm Mikel 2018-07-22

The timer would only start once she sat back locking herself in fully also turning on the tens unit and starting the program for the vibrators now buried deep into her pussy and ass. The electricity flowed through her body again making it pull against all the metal straps holding her to the chair and she screamed in frustration “What have I done!”Jenny would spend her remaining time thoroughly frustrated and on the edge of an orgasm fighting the steel holding her to the chair and the pain in her nipples knowing every time she got close to a climax she would be denied for over thirty hours.


bdsm Mikel 2018-07-21

She cleaned her apartment naked except for the belt and high heels, she had found they made walking in the belt easier with the short strides the thigh bands caused her to take, she had tried many times to find a way under the steel plate but it held her too tight and she could not find any relief from her aching pussy. Even her big vibrator would not give enough of a sensation through the thick plate to stimulate her, she fought with the belt and her feelings for some time before she finally gave in and went to Jacks apartment and knocked quietly before sneaking in and finding he had already left.


bdsm Mikel 2018-07-21

Opening the box she found what looked like a flyer reading it was from Fantasy Boots, Mandy scanned it noting the different styles of boots and shoes then noticing what they called “camouflage” covers for the toe boots. Putting the flyer aside she started opening the smaller boxes finding each had different covers that once slipped on would make the boots look more like normal high heeled boots. Mandy organized the covers in her closet leaving the over the knee covers on while she searched for clothing that would cover the tops of the thigh high boots cursing herself for liking short skirts so much finding she only had three dresses that went below her knees.

Robot Costume

bdsm Mikel 2018-07-16

Jim was pleased when he felt the sucking increase on his cock and nipples, even the vibration from the phallus buried deep in his ass was pleasurable and he was glad he had left it installed. Jim knew that once he reached his door he could use the grabber to open it and once inside he would free himself so he programmed the robot to keep him locked up and tormented for an additional twelve hours once he arrived home. Jim moved outside the door making sure it was closed before pressing another button he had installed turning control over to the computer. Pushing the button to start that program Jim felt the robot moving and could see he was heading towards the door.

The Plan

bdsm Mikel 2018-07-05

The heat was getting unbearable as the sweat dripped down her nose and she could feel her body suits squeezing the sweat down to her ankles, she started to think about how to get to them to turn them off or at least get herself out from under them, pulling at the chain attached to her hood wishing she hadn’t locked it to the head board and also wishing the ice holding the key would melt faster.


bdsm Mikel 2018-07-01

It was a struggle to get them all the way through the holes and once she had them sticking out fully she gently pulled the zippers closed until she could stand the tension no more and stopped, before starting to apply the hood her hand grazed one of the locks she had used on the young girl and picked it up sliding it through the ends of the chains that dangled from her nipples clamps raising up to the o-ring on the front of her posture collar and locking it closed.

Caught Casted

bdsm Mikel 2018-06-27

Lisa smiled at the struggling Julie as she continued her story “Like my shoes?” she asked “My parents locked them on me when they took me home, to teach me a lesson, they also forced me to wear a strict discipline corset and an arm sleeve much more rigid than yours, they had hoped they could break me but for years I endured the crushing corset and arm sleeve” Lisa continued getting much more intense as she said “They treated me like a slave while you got to have a life, I really should thank them and you, I now have the perfect figure and can only wear these kind of shoes which as you can imagine limits my career choices but as they grew older I let them believe they had won and eventually my arms were freed” Lisa was looking off in the distance as she continued “After serving them I was allowed to move out on my own and open a fetish shop that now has twenty locations including the one you visit”.

A Simple Rope Restraint

bdsm Mikel 2018-06-26

Julia was highly aroused and her frustration level was at an all-time high and she was constantly fighting her body to stop struggling and let her orgasm wash over her, Julia’s concern was she was gasping for air, really having to work for each breath and the rope on her nose was slowly closing it off as it moved downwards, if she came right now she might pass out and with the collar still holding her neck tightly she might choke to death on it.

Bad Idea

bdsm Mikel 2018-06-18

Reaching the bedroom I find the keys and release my hands, I am very aroused and decided I needed more, so kneeling I take my leg irons and lock them around my ankles then slipping the handcuffs through the long chain I quickly lock my free wrist in the open cuff and roll onto my shoulder pulling myself into a snug hogtie. I have been enjoying the restrictions and the vibrations for almost an hour, my feet and legs are cramping and my nipples are hurting so in my foggy state I take another pair of hand cuffs with a slightly longer chain than normal, I know I can reach the key hole in the cuffs with my wrists casted having done it several times before with these and cuff my hands behind my back, the ratcheting sound almost pushing me over the edge as I sit back and think about what I just did.


bdsm Mikel 2018-06-18

Sitting for over an hour she started to try to rub her head against the night stand to remove the blind fold, after several failed attempts she pulled the drawer open a little and finally was able to hook the thick leather and force the blind fold off her head, she raised herself to her pointed toes and walked with very short steps to the door and looked out the peep hole and saw no one in the hallway. Reaching the top lock was difficult but after some grunting and twisting while pulling hard on her elbow cuffs she managed to unlock it and push the door open, once inside she felt relieved that she was in her place and moved her tired body into her bedroom for her keys.

Now What?

bdsm Mikel 2018-06-05

Linda went to her closet and searched through her latex and leather clothes trying to decide what she wanted to wear finally picking out a glossy black latex catsuit with feet and gloves an extremely tight long line girdle with firm cone shaped cups. With her body covered in rubber and the tight girdle and bra holding her firmly Linda strapped a pair on six inch high heeled pumps on her feet making sure the extra wide cuff of the shoe was buckled tight and locked. Linda stood shaking in fear for half an hour before she could force her foot to move again and slowly shuffled across the stair well bumping her breasts into the door whining loudly as the pins were driven into her tender nipples.

The Metal Suit

bdsm Mikel 2018-05-28

When the last shoulder piece was snapped into place Lisa sat gasping for air wondering if she had made the waist too small and tried to flex her cramping feet and was unsure if it was such a good idea to force herself to learn how to wear the en-point boots. Lisa lay frozen face down drifting in and out of sleep noticing the sun was rising as the floor became lighter and finally felt the motors moving and wrestled with the steel suit to get back onto her pointed toes. The wait for the suits return would be long for Lisa and this time she would not be able to change the amount of time before she got her key back forcing herself to stay locked up for one full year this time for better or worse.


bdsm Mikel 2018-05-18

Jim gave her his card with his personal numbers on it and told her “I’m very good at fixing things I’d bet I could get them off if you wanted them off” June looked at her bare heaving breasts as he asked “Would it be alright if I come by after work?” before June could nod he added “I’ll bring dinner, you do ungag yourself long enough to eat right?” he said smiling. June stopped him and stood locking the gag first then the chain between her ankles then moved towards him with the keys in one hand and the leather arm sleeve in the other.

His Trip

bdsm Mikel 2018-05-17

Lisa has always loved being kept under lock and key and constantly craves more restraints adding wrist and ankle cuffs from their large collection during the day making her struggle to complete her daily chores. Lisa could feel the chain attached to it dangling in front of her and tried to struggle as John lowered her arms until he was able to lock the chain to the center of her wrist shackle. John tried to explain he wasn’t leaving her but she was panicking so he did as she asked and locked her hands and ankles together leaving her pony boots on and gagged tightly during the day.


bdsm Mikel 2018-05-03

After washing her hair she dried herself and patted dry the wet leather and got dressed for bed, her waist was feeling better and her ribs still ached but the pain had faded as she put on her thigh high toe boots lacing then tightly around her thigh straps then pulling on her long leather gloves, after forcing some water and sports drink past her gag Mina wrote a note to Anna explaining she could tease her all she wanted but under no circumstances was Mina allowed to climax and she had to be home by midnight and putting the note in her coat pocket. Mina stood struggling in her bonds trying to breathe around the tight gag as Anna returned and began slipping latex stocking up Mina’s legs, when she reached her thigh bands she carefully worked the thick latex under the bands and finished pulling them up to the bound girls crotch.

The Design

bdsm Mikel 2018-05-03

She had mastered the pony boots as well as her toe boots and regularly worn the pony boots and full pony head harness with a large bit gag and blinders attached while she waited in one of the horse stalls for her computer to release her, eating and drinking as a horse would and even wearing hooves on her hands held closed by magnetic locks that would only open once she was able to return to her home. She had been left alone, and for two days she stood on her hands and still hooved feet before hunger forced her to move herself and begin to release her bonds and as her head slowly emerged from her horses mask, Nicki had to let her eyes adjust to the low light since she hadn’t seen any light in months and couldn’t believe she was back at home in her own stall.

The Screw

bdsm Mikel 2018-05-02

Jane forced herself to continue to walk in circles gasping and panting making her feet hurt and her nipples scream with pain as she took each step. Jane caught her breath while she untangled the chain from her hands, knee walking to the bed she used it to bring her corseted body up to her pointed toes and stepped to the table where the keys had been left. Slowly leaning backwards Jane let her rigid body fall onto the mattress listening for his snoring to change, once she knew he was still asleep she raised her booted feet to the bed and lay staring past her captured hands at the ceiling.

The Board

bdsm Mikel 2018-04-29

Lori was too exhausted to care at that moment and knelt gasping thankful she wasn’t on her face again and letting the pain from the shifted clamps and swaying chain force her into her dream world of being tormented by someone as her hands fought the manacles twisting and pushing on the end of the board. As her need to cum increased Lori twisted her body back and forth lifting then slamming the board to the ground until she got her weakened legs back under her quickly rocking back onto her feet and shuffled slowly to the back door. Lori slept for few hours waking in pain and started to try to unlock her bound wrist finding that with her gloved hands she couldn’t feel the lock or tell how to insert the key.


bdsm Mikel 2018-04-22

Pulling the leather hood down and lacing it tight was her last act of freedom, she was now blind, partially deaf and utterly silent as she sat panting through the small nose holes in the hood before reaching behind the chair and pulling the cable through the elbow cuff d-rings and tugging on it until her elbows were almost touching then locking the ends to the sides her waist belt, now if she had been able to twist in the chair each twist would have pulled her elbows closer, before finding the short chain that was connected to the leg support of the chair Jane reached around and in a state of frustration and lust yanked the ends of the cable ties making her breasts bulge even more and forcing the pins to push even harder into her breasts and moaning loudly before quickly grabbing the chain and pulling it as tight as she could while reaching down with her free hand and slid the hasp of the lock through the chain and the ring on her cuff.

The Weave

bdsm Mikel 2018-04-21

Kim had spent many hours locked in her creations while she wiggled and twisted as her body fought the restraints while her over filled pussy and ass shook her insides making her orgasm violently. Kim was gasping for air and flexing her arms and legs trying to get the feeling back in them as she twisted and pulled her body towards where the keys should drop once they are free of the ice. With this new revelation Kim relaxed and enjoyed the vibrations letting her body struggle and twist as she felt another massive orgasm building and hoped she could have at least one more before the batteries died.

Forever Chastity

bdsm Mikel 2018-04-18

The machine came to life and Jodi watched it close the steel around her waist, then it felt like it was crushing her as the cold-hot-cold happened very quickly and the jaws opened leaving her panting. While Morgan set up the machine to crimp both the collar and bra closed Jodi remained on the steel table with her feet still attached to the cable leading away from her. Each time she had moved she could swear she had felt a slight vibration in her ass and pussy but had thought it was the steel table hitting the steel belt and dismissed it and lay struggling for the two hours it took Morgan to get the machine set up relishing her pinched nipples and tight bondage.

Caught by my New Mistress

bdsm Mikel 2018-04-18

John quickly started to try and inch his way back inside the fence, as he scooted away from the wall he had been leaning on he found his hands were locked so closely to his waist that he could not reach the ground behind himself to be able to push himself further into the gate, also the pointed heels of the shoes gave him no traction to be able to pull himself in either. Lisa removed his ankle chains then his wrist cuffs and allowed him to remove the rest of his gear himself, John was still locked in the toe boots and asked for them to be unlocked, Lisa smiled and said, “Maybe later, you still have three days to convince me to take them off.” John smiled and slowly moved to the bathroom to relieve himself and clean up before walking carefully back to the bed and lying next to his beautiful wife.

Hard Encasement

bdsm Mikel 2018-04-15

Jane was out of breath by the time she had reached her car, the struggle with her dress and shoes on top of her anxiety for walking in front of a man made her feel light headed. Jane fought for another hour before it finally slammed into her body making her scream into the thick gag and twist in her cuffs finally leaving her sweating and panting in her plastic corset still cuffed to the chair and unable to free herself. Suddenly Jane’s corset popped open making her fall off the chair and squealing as she jumped up and quickly slipped her wet naked body out of the plastic.


bdsm Mikel 2018-04-11

During the last week before D day Jade wore her short dive suit with the plugs and the tight waist belt under her work clothes every day and night making sure she could really handle the tight steel around her waist and the plugs with the vibrators inserted, the belt was difficult at first pinching her when she bent just right and making her adjust her breathing some but it was the plugs that caused her the most problems, the first day she need to pee at work and had not been prepared for it and made a big mess and forcing her to go home early, then they were constantly rubbing and twisting inside her keeping her on the edge of a climax for the entire week.

Plastic Casting

bdsm Mikel 2018-04-06

Now with her problems resolved she began to plan her position and experiment with the plastic on her body starting with her arm again making it rock hard before leaving for the weekend and cutting it off Sunday morning. She sat gasping trying to catch her breath and was thinking about cutting the plastic off now so she could loosen the corset while she removed the tight rubber bands around her nipples that were now throbbing and making her wince with each breath. John had been sitting at home looking at the hard plastic surrounding his waist and legs, thinking about the conversation he had just had with Alice and wondered how she had ever figured out that the plastic would continue to harden if not fully treated.


bdsm Mikel 2018-03-28

The sweat slipped around in between the rubber and her skin until finally reaching the absorbent material stuffed in between her legs and ass cheeks and getting trapped there making her feel like she has gone to the bathroom in the suit. Kate was tired from her long day and with the long walk in the hot garage now felt like her body was slipping around inside the tight rubber desperately needing to get to the hotel. Getting dressed quickly Kate went downstairs to the dress shop and thankfully found a long sleeved dress with a tall collar that would work to cover her rubber and still look right with her leggings and gloves.

Over Eager and Trapped

bdsm Mikel 2018-03-15

Once she was pulled tight Jeff tied the leash to the knob of the closet across from Kim locking her in a position away from the pole making her stand in her high heels and cuffed ankles with no support from the spindle. Kim sat resting as Jeff readied the bed for her returning he said “I found the keys you left on the table for the cuffs but I guess you have a plan to release yourself from the head harness so asking you if you want a drink before we continue would be silly”. Struggling with the cuffs for another hour and still unable to get her leather covered hands to twist enough in the tight cuffs to be able to reach the key hole Kim finally decided to get some sleep.

Mystery Vibrator

bdsm Mikel 2018-03-06

Nicky is screaming and flailing about as the first orgasm rips through her causing the weight on her nipples to bounce as she pushes against the wall with her elbows actually pumping her sore tits into it, the sensations only seem to fade slightly before another wave washes over her and leaves her breathless and exhausted, Nicky knows she cannot take a break or the keys will go higher than when she started so she forces her elbows together moving her body away from the wall and somehow making the vibrations feel even more intense as the sound from it grows louder from the increased pressure on the head of the vibrating beast.


bdsm Mikel 2018-02-24

The girl turned towards June taking June’s hand and let her feel how tight the leather had been pulled over her mouth, June rubbed the leather feeling the girls parted lips and even the ball that was trapped under the wide panel and became instantly horny again. June turned her head looking at the straps when she noticed the locks dangling from two of the straps and quickly reached up and pulled at them realizing she had been locked into the gag just like her new friend. The girl saw the tight belt pulling in the corset and asked “Have you been wearing that since you left here that night?” June lowered her head and said “Yes, I got excited when I got home and locked the belt over the corset”.

Private Dreams

bdsm Mikel 2018-02-23

Madison spent three days bound helplessly by her friend only being released when she agreed to let Janice lock the very heavy and uncomfortable chastity belt on her for at least a week. Madison was ecstatic at her accomplishments and when the new belt arrived she wanted to slip into it right away only realizing then she didn’t have the key to her current belt or the legs irons Janice had locked her into. Holly tugged and yanked on the corset laces while Madison felt the leather tighten all over her body making her smile under the steel panel covering her mouth.

Hogtie Admission

bdsm Mikel 2018-02-18

Jim watched her panting as she struggled slightly in the ropes holding her then reached for her and sat her in a chair saying “Wait right here” and walked off leaving Angie helplessly bound sitting in a chair in the darkened shop. Jim kept her hogtied as much as possible knowing her affection for the position and over time Angie could hold the tightest hogtie he could place her in overnight and never felt as cared for and loved as she did when he would fall asleep with his hand across her arched back leaving her to struggle to find a comfortable way to spend the night in her tight hogtie.

What a Nightmare

bdsm Mikel 2018-02-17

Shaking her head Jane struggles briefly against the leather and steel holding her spread eagle to her bed, “AMIT!” is barely heard as she curses herself for getting too excited and blacking out. Jane turns her head to see if the keys had fallen before remembering the tight leather blind fold she had strapped on feeling the small steel collar pinching her neck as she twists her head shaking her short black hair off her face. The thin chain wrapped carefully and tightly around Jane’s waist was then thread between her legs and locked tight guaranteeing Jane could not remove the latex or the vibrators.

New Belt

bdsm Mikel 2018-02-16

Jane had been in this position many times and normally enjoyed the difficulties the hood caused but with her nipples and pussy being pinched she wanted out so she could stop the vibrations that were amplifying the pain making her gasp and grunt as she tried to get enough air into her lungs. Arriving home Jane saw she had an hour remaining so she quickly strapped her boots on and slipped a hood over her head and hogtied herself letting the vibrations slowly increase as she struggled and gasped through her nose. Jane sat smiling locking the cuffs around her ankles and wrists thinking how much fun she would have while she worked to shorten the time and in about six or seven months when she might be allowed to remove the belt again.

Simply Stuck

bdsm Mikel 2018-02-05

Lori twisted her bound body looking up at the ice again and grunting at the fact that the cube was almost through the ring and wondered how long she could keep herself from getting the cutters and releasing her bonds once they dropped.   Feeling the rope tied to her knees and the bed tighten Lori figured she was in the right spot and stopped struggling and went limp in her bonds while she caught her breath. Lori laid thinking about how she had moved so far backwards and slowly struggled until the anchor rope pulled taunt again when she realized it had been what had pulled her back and with it attached she wasn’t going to be able to reach the cutters.


bdsm Mikel 2018-01-27

Anna finally came to her and lowered her arms and Mina bent and flexed her body whining loudly as Anna slipped her dress under her feet and pulled it up, she helped Mina into her corset and coat wrapping the scarf tightly around Mina’s head and rushed her out the door saying, "Ok, we are done for tonight anytime you wish to be my subject again I would love to have you, enjoy the rest of the night." Mina was stunned by her friends rush to get her out of the store but figured her feet were probably hurting and just wanted to go home.

Be Careful What You Wish For

bdsm Mikel 2018-01-15

By the 6th day Judy was desperate to cum and no longer felt any attraction to her corset, her chest hurt, her breasts screamed with pain with every breath, she could hardly walk on her sore toes and she was slowly losing her fight with her claustrophobic feelings and regularly caught herself tugging at the dress or hood trying to get herself out of it. Awaking Judy lay gasping barely able to breathe as she rolled over and forced herself to her toes and staggered into the kitchen and clipped the control unit onto her dress and read, 'power depleted program reset, LOADED: 67 days & nights, auto control of all functions – starting now - no further messages until 67th night'.


bdsm Mikel 2018-01-09

Darla was horrified even if she thought she looked hot she didn’t want people in public to see her this way and walked as quickly as her tight dress would let her towards the door. The heels made walking in the grass difficult and soon sweat was beading down her chest so she went inside to cool off and get something to eat and laid around in her skirt and watched TV until drifting off to sleep.  Waking her ribs and legs felt much better as she removed the tight skirt and sat looking around her house for something to do.

The Chase

bdsm Mikel 2018-01-05

Lucy opened wide stuffing her mouth with the gag making sure the cover for her lower face was straight before pulling the straps over and behind her head. Lucy was ready to seal her fate snapping the cuff closed on her right wrist feeling the familiar anxiety of knowing she was now helpless to stop the pain from her nipples, speak or do anything until she reached her keys. When the orgasm faded Lucy opened her eyes quickly rolling over onto her shoulder and began searching for the key ring with her bound hands. Lucy watched him walk out of the room hearing him open then close the front door before jumping to her cramping feet and yanking her shorts down pulling out the humming vibrator before she was forced to cum again.

A Night Alone?

bdsm Mikel 2017-12-25

Lori was gasping and struggling as her climax hit her body, the stranger noticed this and let go of her breasts leaving them to be fully supported by the clamps making Lori’s moaning change pitch as she felt the pain from her nipples. “Lean forward!” Lori was told so she did and felt him wrap the bra strap around her chest and really started whining as he forced her still pinched and chained nipples into the steel cups. Lori tried to scream as she heard the door close and started thrashing in the chair thinking about being locked up in her chastity belt and bra with the extremely tight corset trapped under it for weeks.


bdsm Mikel 2017-12-25

Kim was ready, she sat back on her legs again and strained her neck to raise her head high enough to see the door and while closing it with one hand she drug the cuffs for her wrists and the two combination locks inside with her. Kim lay on her side struggling with the cuffs holding her wrists so close together, she had been locked inside the cage for several hours and had not felt her vibrators stir once. Kim spent the next day working on the locks and weeping from the pain her body was in, the tight breast cuffs, high heels, large gag and being unable to stretch for so long was taking its toll on her.


bdsm Mikel 2017-12-19

Several months later Alice was awakened by her alarm clock after another long nights sleep in her cuffs and leather, the corset and chastity belt had been wore continuously since that long weekend, she also slips her ballet boots on as soon as she gets home every night and had no more troubles with sleeping while she was fully bound and had now added a sleepsac to her nightly routine making herself wiggle out of the unzipped end each morning to get her keys, she had been happy that she finally broke through and could now sleep while bound and was enjoying her bondage more each day.

The Chair

bdsm Mikel 2017-12-08

Lois hadn’t called him or had any plans to meet with him she just knew that sooner or later he would come by and sat twisting and screaming in agony for two days before Jim showed up and for another twenty four hours fucked her face every time his dick got hard and teased and tortured her by yanking and leaving weights on her nipple clamps turning the stim unit up and down and covering her face completely until she struggled desperately to breathe and would pass out without ever letting her cum.

Happy Accident

bdsm Mikel 2017-12-05

Returning I found Julie wrestling with the straps holding her in the tight ball and rolled her over onto her back and unbuckled the straps allowing her to stretch her legs away from her chest showing the tight clamps that had been pinched between her body and knees, Julie moaned and said, “Thanks” as she lay there her legs still frog tied and her elbows still bound close to her sides, the strap between her legs now pulled deep inside her and asked, “Can you turn the vibrator back on now?”


bdsm Mikel 2017-12-04

While her meal cooked in the microwave Anna added her wrist and ankle cuffs before sitting down and eating her meal, once finished she slid into bed too tired to try and remove the corset but opted to slide her legs into the leg binder again instead, then pulling the hood back over her head before locking her hands together and then to the belt for the leg binder she lay back falling asleep quickly, tired from her previous night exertions and dreamed about having her own Jack to control her but really wanting it to be Mina.

The Coating

bdsm Mikel 2017-11-27

Once the rubber had set enough Janet stuck both her hands in the remaining liquid coating both completely four times up to her elbows stopping only long enough to let them set before deciding she had to cover her head. When the coating dried Tim stood Janet on her pointed toes attaching a leash to the steel collar embedded deep in plastic around her throat and tying it off to the bed post and told her through the head phones, “You will remain sealed in plastic until you learn how to walk correctly in your new foot wear”.


bdsm Mikel 2017-11-10

Janet sat thinking about these things not even checking the computer at work anymore as she sat in her tight leather and tall shoes again waiting until she got home and found she had made it through the torture and felt her suit relax and found the box open allowing her to remove all the restraints on her body making her moan as she unlaced the corset but feeling much better as she stood in the hot shower ending up laying in the tub soaking her sore body in the hot water for hours.

Fantasy Kidnap Mistake

bdsm Mikel 2017-11-06

Pulling hard on her bonds and gasping around the large cock when her orgasm slammed her body making her thrash and scream until it faded. Moving carefully to her large bed she lay back and went to sleep still wearing the collar, clamps, corset and shoes. Still standing Rose pulled the shoulder straps tight forcing her body deeper into the corset and making any bending except at the hip impossible. Rose lay gasping as the vibrators and the scary fall drove her to another orgasm this time making her black out as she laid on her side her swollen breasts pressing into the wall.


bdsm Mikel 2017-11-06

She could not release the boots or chastity belt until she went to mail box for the keys to them so she set about removing the wrist restraints and thigh cuffs not being able to reach her ankle cuffs yet she decided to lay back and relax until dark. Even going so far as to mummify herself from head to toe, always using her tens unit and vibrators and once going as far as casting her right wrist to her elbow and completely encasing her left arm up to the shoulder, This proved especially difficult for her to remove by herself and was not attempted again.


bdsm Mikel 2017-10-29

Gina now stood in toe boots panting against an extremely tight corset, clamped and chained in a standing spread eagle unable to stop the upcoming torture just as the girl had been in the movie. This time she removed the whipping machines completely from the rack and then carefully clamped and locked her body to the rack until she had her arms stretched tightly over her head again and could finally relax and drift off into a deep sleep. Gina struggled against the chains holding her wrists for eight hours and when her hands finally dropped her whole body was sore from fighting her bonds and trying to twist in the plastic corset.


bdsm Mikel 2017-10-23

Kate paced for an hour before stomping back into the closet yanking the steel plate up to her damp pussy finding she needed to adjust the belt quite a bit to fit around the tight corset before squeezing it tightly and locking it closed. For the next few days Kate struggled each day with her chastity as it continued to feel extremely tight finally figuring that because of her much smaller waist it had caused the plate over her pussy to pull upwards further than when she had worn it last making her groan as she though how stupid she was for dropping the keys so quickly.


bdsm Mikel 2017-10-23

She watches herself in the large mirror struggling, her beautiful eyes, the eyes everyone wants to get lost in, darting around the darkened room searching for the person who has placed her in this strange situation. The orgasm goes on for what feels like hours, she can no longer catch her breath and sits gasping, a slight whine that started out as a feral scream can barely be heard in the darkened room as her mind slips into darkness. Pulling at the leather straps and squeezing her pussy and ass she can feel the phalluses have been removed. Hearing the clicking from high heels she scans the room and sees nothing but suddenly feels her breasts being massaged and moans loudly as she starts to enjoy it then squealing as the clamps are removed.

Masked Adventures

bdsm Mikel 2017-10-20

For the next three weeks Linda was encased in the steel hood and had become used to it and the weight and felt completely normal in it but had become restless and wanted to leave her house but was too afraid that another fiasco with the mask could happen so she waited until night fell before venturing out, looping a string around her erect nipples and pulling it tight before adding two large weights to them she donned her boots locking them on before stepping into the thick rubber dress with her chastity belt holding two large plugs inside her and with her long coat she walked around her neighborhood until she was gasping and figured she was a few miles away.


bdsm Mikel 2017-10-19

She quickly put on her ballet boots lacing them up to her crotch, she then put her new plugs under her chastity belt, she would leave the settings to him, she wrapped her legs from the ankles up to her crotch and while the fiberglass was hardening  she slid her new corset on, a brand new leather one with wide steel stays that would pull her waist in dramatically and went from just below her breasts down to her pubic bone keep her torso rigidly in a perfect posture, tightening it until breathing was almost impossible she put on her nipple clamps and locked her chastity belt over the laces and began to wrap from just below where she left off  bending at the waist was impossible but she worked quickly and soon was wrapping her upper thighs in their fifth layer.

The Cravat

bdsm Mikel 2017-10-17

Kim was ready to lock her wrists into the cuffs making sure the two collars of the bridle and cravat would not pinch her neck in any way then quickly turned the knobs on the gag and head cage a few more turns each and twisted the clamps several more turns. Kim stood on her bare feet forced to remain bent over from the thick steel around her neck that was connected to not only the rings around her wrists but the cuffs around her ankles. Kim was standing next to the bed once again looking at her feet but able to look up since she wasn’t wearing the head cage and began her slow walk to the kitchen, the need to relieve herself was becoming desperate but she knew she could do nothing about it until she located the keys somewhere in the house and freed herself.

Lori Under Glass

bdsm Mikel 2017-10-15

Jim had walked to the other side and was watching her struggle as she started to gasp for air then noticed her eyes rolling back and her body shuddering as her orgasm washed over her and raised the lid slightly listening to her breathing from under the heavy glass. Lori was just starting to go through the first cycle of vibrations, moaning and thrashing in her box staring at the ceiling through the glass top when she heard Jim close the door to the bathroom and smiled knowing it wouldn’t be long until he took control of her encased body.