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Free erotic stories by Milik_the_Red on AdultRead

Date Night

first-time Milik_the_Red 2018-12-04

"So what if I've let him touch me?" she asked with more confidence than she actually felt, "I happen to have very nice boobs, and I'm happy that Jake likes to touch them." She made a point of adjusting her full breasts in her bra as she spoke, and then cupped them in her hands. His hand felt as strong and warm through her clothes as it always had, but this time, she longed to feel his touch on the bare skin of her breast. "Damn, Tricia, that feels incredible." Jake's hand found the back of her thigh as her explorations continued, and she felt a fresh rush of wetness in her sex as his hand once again moved under her dress.

A Special Memory

first-time Milik_the_Red 2018-12-02

As my hand cupped her boob, and my fingers played over her already hard nipple, she kissed me deeply, letting her tongue find mine. Amanda seemed to enjoy the feeling of my cock as she sucked on me and let her tongue slide deliciously under my shaft as she moved over me. The feeling of her lips on my excited cock was incredible and I felt orgasm begin to swell in my balls but all too soon she tasted the tangy flavor of precum and pulled away. Amanda looked scared but told me she needed it too, so with that I moved forward strongly, forcing my cock into her channel.


Kelly's Passion-A Prelude

first-time Milik_the_Red 2018-12-02

Just as Kelly reached the bottom of the stairs, one of the guys standing behind Jeffery hit him hard in the back of the head, knocking him straight into the lead thug. She could almost feel the young man's eyes following her, and couldn't help but smile and add a little wiggle to her hip in the hopes he would enjoy the view of her barely covered ass. Jeff felt the material of her bikini bra come away in hands and watched in wonderment as her perfect breasts came into view. As their bodies came together, Kelly felt his still-hard cock press against thigh as they embraced.

A Different Kind of First Time

gay-male Milik_the_Red 2018-11-30

"Yeah, that feels pretty fucking good Mike." He said as his cock got harder and harder in my hand. As I started pumping my cum, he pulled back until only the sensitive head of my cock remained between his lips and I felt him squeeze my balls as I fed him my load. You've got a really nice cock." Keith laid back into the pillows on the other side of the couch and started to slowly work his hand up and down his still hard shaft. He spent several long, wonderful moments driving me to distraction by sucking my sensitive nipples while he pulled hard on my cock and soon I felt my orgasm beginning to build.

Kelly's Passion Ch 7

anal Milik_the_Red 2018-11-28

“It’s really my pleasure Kelly.” Alex saw the joy in her face and felt her body melt against him. Although Kelly was obviously enjoying their lovemaking, Alex feared that their night together might start to feel too much like just another liaison with a client to her. She had no fear of the pain that would soon come and by the way his finger felt, she expected that when the time arrived it was going to feel divine to have him inside her. Alex held her there for several long moments as he pumped slowly, letting his throbbing shaft expend the last drops of his cum, and then he slid off of her back and took her into his arms.

Her Dirty Little Secret

voyeur Milik_the_Red 2018-11-27

Justin sighed and shook his head, trying hard to clear the image of Reese sucking his cock from his mind. Justin jacked his cock as slowly as he could while he watched, but Reese's secret admission, coupled with her acting like a brazen slut right in front of him, was testing his self control. Once Reese's orgasm passed, Justin watched in amazement as she slowly pulled the dildo from her wet hole and licked her juices off of the toy; Reese sucked and licked it until it was shiny and clean, moaning happily as each sweet drop was collected by her tongue. "Oh, I'll show you who’s an ass Justin!" Reese playfully began tickling him through his robe until it opened and exposed his semi hard cock.

My Last Morning With Melissa

hardcore Milik_the_Red 2018-11-25

Oh gosh, I'm really sorry to hear that." I sat back in my chair and brushed my dark hair back over my head, trying hard to keep my thoughts focused on her, and not to allow the moment to become about my own loss. Melissa was gasping for breath and sucked the saliva off her dark lips as I pulled my moistened shaft away. Moments later we were kissing hard and when I finally pulled away, I had already decided that I would take one more pleasure from my beautiful friend. Rolling her onto her stomach, I pressed Melissa's body down into the mattress and clutched her hair in my hands as I began to fuck her in earnest.

Touching Myself

mastrubation Milik_the_Red 2018-11-24

Now, it just makes me want to feel a nice, hard cock slamming up inside me. My whole body is flush, and I feel a buzzing in my cunt that's just screaming for me to come all over my fingers. Whether you are stroking your big, fat cock, or rubbing your fingers over your clit, I'd just love to watch you right now. It's hard to pull my fingers away from my slit, but the sensation of my nails dragging lightly over my inner thighs makes me quiver in my chair. My fingers are strumming my clit so fast I can feel my need to come growing in my core.


gay-male Milik_the_Red 2018-11-21

My assault on his cock had not been hard enough to truly be painful, but it was out of character, and James took the challenge by becoming more dominant and forceful with me. I let my tongue slide forward, and when his cock-head hit the back of my mouth, it slipped past the point of no return and slithered deeply into my throat. I allowed him to guide the speed and depth of my efforts, letting him force his cock into my throat over and over until my head was swimming from lack of breath. When he grabbed my head in his hands, I gave in to his strength and let him drill into my throat, just trying to suck his cock as much as possible while he used me.

Kelly's Passion ch 5

interracial Milik_the_Red 2018-11-21

With the eagerness that only a teenage girl could have, Kari began trying on one dress after another, loving the way each made her look in the full length mirror. Looking at nude pictures of her sister felt creepy, and Kelly would certainly be angry if she found Kari browsing through such personal photos. As Kari drove his shaft deeply into her one last time, Lance wrapped her silky red hair in his hands and held her to him as he fired a thick load of cum down her hungry throat. It was an incredibly erotic experience, and Kari thought that this must be what actually making love felt like.

A Deal Made For Daddy, Part 3: Shelby's Surrender

anal Milik_the_Red 2018-11-21

The desire to be used like that, to be stretched open while Ben fucked me in such a taboo way, was too strong for me to ignore. I never thought I’d crave such a thing, but after his fingering and stretching of my hole, the idea of taking his cock in my ass made me weak with desire. Each time his fingers drew down, I rocked my ass up, hoping to feel him touch either of my aching holes. Moaning in a mixture of shock, pain, pleasure and pride, I dug my fingers into the seat as Ben leaned in, driving the remainder of his cock into my ass.

Kelly's Passion ch 4

lesbian Milik_the_Red 2018-11-20

Kari wanted to know everything about Kelly’s modeling career, and Kelly began to see just how hard it was going to be to keep the truth from her. Daniel watched as they moved in each other’s arms and his cock grew hard as Kelly rubbed May’s moistening mound through her dress. He was right on the edge and Kelly only needed to let his hardness slip all the way down her throat a few times before she felt his body quiver in response. “Oh you’re going to get it all right, but not the way you think.” Kelly squeezed a line of lube down the cocks’ length then stroked it into the shaft until it glistened with wetness.

A Private Pleasure

mastrubation Milik_the_Red 2018-11-20

Either way, such moments are usually very enjoyable, but they never come close to those rare times when I can truly relax and allow myself to slowly build up into the full bodied arousal that makes stroking myself to orgasm an art of its own. I already had one powerful orgasm that morning and between that memory and building desire to feel another hot load of cum travel up my cock, I was aroused enough to look forward to what lay ahead. I know many men enjoy masturbating in the shower, but as nice as the soapy water feels as I use it to lubricate my shaft, I prefer to be laying down when I stroke my cock.

A Deal Made For Daddy, Part 2: Paid in Full

mature Milik_the_Red 2018-11-19

Like I said, he knows how it works in this town, and I’ll point out that you both received exactly what you wanted. I wanted him to fuck me hard and I knew I wouldn't be satisfied until he drove in deep and gushed inside me. “Things like this.” I felt his body shift and then a hand came down hard on my ass. Oh, my God, I can barely explain how amazing it felt to have his hands cupping my ass, his strong fingers digging in and pulling me open. I wanted to be fucked and I reached between my thighs and rubbed my clit, trying to orgasm before I burned up in pure frustration.

I Am Pet

bdsm Milik_the_Red 2018-11-18

You do remember that I have forbidden you to reveal your position to outsiders, do you not?" I can hear his anger return and he pulls his hand away from my sex, leaving me feeling empty and desperate for his touch. I want to scream and shake until my whole body explodes in orgasm, but I can only stand there, almost hanging by my arms as Master again drags the leather of the flog over my inner thighs. "Rich, the other man, he came up behind me and started rubbing his cock on me, on my ass." I swallow hard, trying to concentrate as Master inches me closer to my release.

Kelly's Passion, The Final Chapter

group Milik_the_Red 2018-11-14

“I’m sure May. This will work, it has to.” Kari said it with the same conviction she had all day, but suddenly her hands began to shake and her stomach felt as if it was turning upside down. With the one guy in the room that just might be counted to do the right thing leaving, they still had nothing to work with, and after the show they'd put on, a man like Carl Roman wasn't about to just let them leave now. While Jack sat dumbfounded by the ferocity of Carl's attack on Kari, Pete came bursting out of the bathroom at the sounds of the girls hysterical crying.


hardcore Milik_the_Red 2018-11-13

I think I'm going to love watching Sienna fuck Ethan, and you too for that matter." Jack cupped a boob through my dress and we began swaying to the music. His dick was hard and hot against the small of my back, and when Sienna started sucking Ethan's cock, I took Jack's erection in my small hand. I sat back on the love seat, fingering my soaking pussy and watched Sienna suck Jack's cock into her mouth all the way to its root. Sienna was getting as hot as I was and, with lustful urgency, she grabbed Ethan's head and pushed him down hard onto Jack's rampant cock.

Night Trawling: The Trucker

gay-male Milik_the_Red 2018-11-08

The twink on the screen gasped and moaned while the other guy rimmed him and when the biker saddled up to shove his cock into the young man's ass, I had almost decided to let myself come. By then, the biker was reaming the young man's ass hard and I felt my cock throb again as I began to understand what he wanted. His mouth felt like a wet cunt on my cock, but the combination of his sucking pressure and the action of his swirling tongue had me as hard as a piece of hot iron. My skin was covered in sweat and I felt incredibly tender and raw, but the duel sensations of my hand jerking me so hard and his now throbbing cock driving deep into my bottom was simply too much.

Bernie's House Of Bangers

humor Milik_the_Red 2018-11-04

For those of you who live under a rock, or maybe overseas, a place has to be pretty run down to make a Denny's look like a classy joint, but Bernie's pulled that trick off well enough. I thought I'd got the best of my buxom buddy, Betty but her grin widened like the Cheshire Cat before she struck back. Betty moaned and slobbered, pulling at my flesh like she was sucking the meat from a chicken bone. (Yeah, I know this scene is just aching for a pun, but I was in the middle of fucking Betty, so I really didn't give a shit about finding it right then, okay?) 

A Slave's Fate

bdsm Milik_the_Red 2018-11-04

It was half way up a cobbled walk that meandered like a river of stone through the lush and manicured lawns of Castrum Antonius that I was handed over to the care of Syneros Antonius Domus, Master Slave and Majordomo of the House of Antonius. Mistress Lucilla will be very pleased, and her slave girl Drusilla may not be able to walk in the morning! I'd seen such things before and my cock began to lengthen as I realized what her Mistress had in store for the slave girl that night. A moment later the slave girl nodded, and then her Mistress stepped away and picked a cat o' nine tails off of a hook on the wall.

Champagne For Two

mastrubation Milik_the_Red 2018-11-03

I can see her body begin to writhe in response to her touch, and her wet lips pull open as her breath becomes deeper. Linsey's succulent lips turn upward in appreciation, but such sweet smiles quickly turn to the open-mouthed gasps as her fingers continue to delve through the soft flesh of her weeping sex. The soft, repeating 'fwap' of my hand moving over the head of my cock fills the room, joining the wet squishing of Linsey's touch. “It feels fucking sexy,” I respond in a giggling a moan, as the perfect roll of his hips drives his cock more deeply inside me. Feeling her orgasm so hard ignites my own and I slam deep, pulling her body against me as I begin to come.

Night Trawling: A Night At The Glory Hole

gay-male Milik_the_Red 2018-11-03

Other men, not satisfied with using their own hand, would stand in the aisle, waiting silently for another man to make eye contact with him, surreptitiously offering to suck his cock, or expressing his own willingness to be had. I was incredibly aroused and I began rubbing my hand up and down my cock just as the guy getting fucked shot a hot load all over his chest. My ass was clenching hard on his cock, but it didn't keep him from sawing that fucking piece of man-meat in and out of my body. It felt incredible, and I was drifting into a satisfied moment of peace when, though the glory hole right in front of me, I saw well built black man come into the adjoining booth.