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Free erotic stories by Mobius_NR on AdultRead

Tink 3, the piercings

bdsm Mobius_NR 2018-12-04

“No, Lightning Bug, I said you must climb to fetch the gift.” Tink stood confused and Hook withdrew a wide red silk ribbon with off characters that looked vaguely Chinese. He bade Willy to fetch a towel to cover the small bowl of acid solution and told Tink to clean her ears and nipples with it three times a day for a week.

Tink Ch 4 a voyage of self-discovery

bdsm Mobius_NR 2018-12-03

As the man stood on the balls of his feet, the constable directed the deckhands to wrap his body in other light chains that had small wires affixed to them, not unlike barbed wire. Kissing the flak, close to the sleeping form of the bee, Tink tucked it into the belt of her tunic, picked up her chains and wire and completed her walk to the ship an directly to the Captain’s cabin. In perhaps a minute, the bee came to in the fresh air of the glass and he took flight, buzzing about the glass before landing on Tink’s breast and spiraling lightly towards her nipple. Pulling away, bee felt a terrible pain as his abdomen ripped open and he lay dying on Tink’s areola.

Tink and the cask (6)

bdsm Mobius_NR 2018-11-29

Soon, Captain Hook arrived with a wooden cask of musket balls which he placed into the new frame beneath her bunk. Hook rolled the wooden cask forward so that it rolled slightly up the iron ramp, raising her upper body and taking the pressure from her stretched nipples. The cask of musket balls was heavy and it rolled back and forth in the track formed by the wooden frame beneath her bunk. As the cask rolled towards the top of the bunk, it rolled up the iron ramp straps relieving her stretched nipples. A moaning Tink was lost somewhere between pleaure and torment as her holes were fucked and her nipples stretched and released.


Time in New England Part 4 (and final)

mature Mobius_NR 2018-11-28

Dave faked a Slim Pickins voice and said, “Well there young feller, you just keep on a-bein lucky and you guard these here woman-folk while I go and round up guys for a pussy -hankerin posse.” I wondered if Rosalind ever had seen “Blazing Saddles” to recognize the voice and mannerisms. “Well Bill and Arnold, “Jo began, “Welcome to our little rolling sex palace, there’s a bathroom in the back if you care to use it and condoms in the medicine cabinet if you absolutely feel that you must but personally, I avoid ‘em.” Jo introduced Rosalind and me and the guys looked nervous but excited. Driving away, Dave brought the RV to a quiet spot in the parking lot and said, “I want to be with Rosalind.” Rosalind stood and pulled off her dress and I saw that she’d replaced her underwear for dinner.


By Hook or by crook

bdsm Mobius_NR 2018-11-25

Once the boatswain of Blackbeard and said to be the only man whom Long John Silver ever feared James Hook stood alone in Tink’s mind and soul as the man in whom she need invest her spirit. Hook reached out and took her arm in his hand and began directing it to and fro, her fingers tracing a path between her lips as though they’d somehow saw her open. When Tink’s hips were rising off the bed steadily, Hook reached out and took her arm, bringing her coated fingers to his own lips and he drank deeply of her essence as he sucked her fingers with the raucous enthusiasm of a baby on the breast. Hook began pumping his body into Tink’s and his lips sought out those wonderful stiff nipples and his eyes focused deeply on hers.

Tink's training - a sequel

bdsm Mobius_NR 2018-11-09

“ “His cock hasn’t stood proud since you were a child.” “Go there and await me.” When you hear my approach, you are to leave the rail and kneel for my inspection.” “You are to be naked.” “Go now.” Hook turned on his heel and walked forward where sailors were beginning their day working the rigging and swabbing the decks of the previous night’s dew and bird droppings. At sea, the water goes bad in about a week and we live on wine.” Tink thanked Smee for her meal and he looked again at her sweet suffering and said, “Well Miss I’ll leave you to your morning.” Tink smiled and soon Smee was gone. “Thank you Master, I’ll be as quiet as a mouse,” Tink said softly, although she couldn’t imagine reaching orgasm with this huge iron pin stuffed in her diminutive ass.

Time in New England Part Three

mature Mobius_NR 2018-11-06

From the cars console I picked up the panties she’d removed and gave them a deep sniff just to tease Rosalind and said, “Well, this’ll do for now.” Rosalind’s genuine accent fired back, “Yes, you cheeky American bastard, now kiss me and finish this job properly!” It’s a shame that the Americas and Great Britain couldn’t have just fucked their way to peace back in 1776 because it sure worked for Rosalind and me! Later, Rosalind was examining her vibrating panty and as she’s an internet tekki and I’m a telecommunications tekki we began reinventing the wheel. “Power,” I said, “What about power?” Bouncing an idea off of Rosalind, I reasoned that instead of a conventional battery technology like Lithium Ion or Nickel Metal Hydride, we could use a tiny hydrogen fuel cell.


Up in the air

mature Mobius_NR 2018-11-04

Somewhere in the conversation Lucile confided that she’d hurt her back some years before when a patient went into cardiac arrest and the woman’s bowels had emptied as the Code Blue team rolled her onto her side to place a chest compression board beneath her body so that a nurse could more effectively pump a lever attached to a rubber ball like piston that pressed into a patient’s breastbone providing CPR while another nurse forced-breathed for her with an Ambu bag. My hand had found Lucile’s vagina and she quickly pulled her skirt up over her hips and shoved a pad of paper towels liberated from the loo, beneath her so that perfuse wetness wouldn’t stain her skirt or the aircraft seat.

Tink playing 'doubles'

bdsm Mobius_NR 2018-10-31

“We made a pact back then,” Hook said, holding Tink close to him, “That if ever I had a woman who was close to me that he’d be granted one fuck with her in repayment for his service to me.” “Until now, no woman has been more than amusement, but you are close to my heart and so I must offer my friend the chance to soak his loins in yours.” “Nothing in my bargain with him demands that I leave you alone with him and I won’t.” “And, because his ship has been in port for some days, I’ve not told him yet, because I wanted to wait until the night before he sets sail on the morning tide.” “So, my lovely lightning bug, though it pains me deeply to share you, tonight, Richard Ellis will shove his prick into your puss and I will be behind you buggering that warm little pucker I’ve had you preparing for me.”

Time in New England Part Two – a story inspired by

mature Mobius_NR 2018-10-31

After leaving Rosalind ample time to soak and enjoy the water jets, I joined her in the tub and we played like children, washing each other’s backs and pushing bubbles about. The next day Rosalind said she was a little sore in the morning and truth to tell I needed some recuperation time myself so we had a nice breakfast and headed off to Mystic Seaport. Back at our hotel, Rosalind said that she was still a little sore and so we cuddled and kissed the evening away. During dinner I went to pour Rosalind a third glass of wine she stopped me and said, “Don’t go getting me too drunk tonight Yank; I’m not so sore anymore!” We skipped dessert.