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Free erotic stories by NiceGuyInVa on AdultRead

I Own Your Big Beautiful Body

bdsm NiceGuyInVa 2018-08-15

I released her hair and began to caress the fleshy mounds of her breasts once again as she moved a hand on each side of her dress and pushed the huge white silky panties over her quivering thighs and down her calves. "You did a very good job Darlene, now I wish to feast on your toes while you rest before our next lesson in love." I gently separated each beautiful polished toe and sucked on them for 15 minutes like a mother to a baby's breast. I merely licked my lips, wanting every last drop of my bronzed beauty, then moved out from under her, directed her to move back to the edge of the bed, and I took my five inch dick in my hand and ran the head up and down her slit.

Hairy Holly: Varsity Cheerleader

fetish NiceGuyInVa 2018-08-03

I look up into her eyes and just as she kicks her right leg high providing me with her nearly exposed hairy vagina, she stares at me directly with a knowing smile on her face. I pull into my condo and lay in bed that night trying to force the sinful thoughts from my mind, but I instantly view Holly with her bouncy pony tail, doing her cheers, totally naked. Ever so slowly, Holly took her right leg and crossed it over her left and provided me with a clear view of her naked hairy crotch. Holly smiled and then lay on my desk with her hands supporting her head, providing me a clear view of her beautiful hairy armpits.

Senorita Muscles

fetish NiceGuyInVa 2018-08-02

She had to have the most defined upper body development on anyone, man or woman I had ever seen, and I couldn't hide my excitement as I sprouted a throbbing erection. I looked up into her eyes and turned beat read as she stared at my crotch with a smile on her face. I had always masturbated to the women in muscle magazines, but I had never come close to meeting one in person, and now, the woman who I reported to for guidance everyday was flaunting her incredible development before my eyes. She turned slowly allowing me to take in every muscular inch of her beauty, and I just had to know....

Pummelled by Coach J

gay-male NiceGuyInVa 2018-07-24

After the door was closed, Jason moved to the corner of the room and slowly started removing his clothes, avoiding eye contact with his coach. He watched as Coach turned and slowly walked to a corner with his shorts and marveled over the tight muscular ass, and once again berated himself for the stirring in his own cock, thinking 'I'm dating the head cheerleader, and women have always turned me on. Slowly coach lowered his head, allowing time to Jason to stop him with words, but none came as Coach hungrily took the young muscular student's lips into his own. Once clothed, Jason headed toward the door, ready to leave, and just as he took the handle, Coach said, "Can you hold on a minute Jase?

The BBW Goddess

bdsm NiceGuyInVa 2018-07-18

This woman was incredible and as I stared at the perfect size twelve feet in the toeless heels, it was all I could do not to bend down and kiss and lick her exotic toes. I must surely be depraved, because without question, I took a huge fleshy cheek in each hand, parted her so I could see her dirty puckered opening, then slowly began to lick her. After getting instructions that nothing was to change at work, but that I would report to her at 7:00 every evening until further notice, I left the most beautiful powerful naked woman I had ever known and drove home, nursing my sore head and balls.

I Used to be Straight

gay-male NiceGuyInVa 2018-07-17

I have one of the hairiest bodies on earth; including my back, so when I slowly removed my shirt and saw an admiring smile on Dave's face, I was both surprised and relieved. As I slowly lathered my body, I couldn't help but look at Dave as he ran his soapy hands up and down his firm ass, and move to his chest and arms. Dave slowly moved closer to me and whispered, "I'll stop if you want, but your hairy body really turns me on." As I looked into his hypnotic eyes and felt his fingers part my ass cheeks and gently insert a finger into my asshole, I knew there was no way I could turn away from his advancing lips.

BBW Babs: Muscle Addict

interracial NiceGuyInVa 2018-06-24

She waited through the Federal duplication warning, then quickly moved through trailers for other videos of heavily muscled men: in the gym, in the shower soaping their magnificent bodies, and flexing and showing off their huge hard cocks. Barbara's right hand instantly went to her hairy moist pussy and began sensuous up and down strokes on her center lips as Derrick made his way into the bathroom. Taking her into his strong arms, he stared down into her eyes and said "I don't think either one of us is in the mood to pump iron." Moving his head lower, he gently planted a kiss with his full smooth lips.

BBW Babs: Muscle Addict Ch. 02

interracial NiceGuyInVa 2018-06-05

Derrick's hands tenderly explored the huge expanse of flesh on his lover's 278 pound body, lost in the folds and softness of her. Slowly she ran her tongue around the purple black head and licked at the sweet pre-cum, then took the head in her mouth and sucked gently as her fingers stroked and teased up and down the crack of his beautiful firm ass. Heat coursed through their bodies as Derrick pounded into her flesh and Babs moved her tight pussy to meet him. Both exhausted lovers slowly moved to lay on the bed and Derrick wrapped his arm around Babs as she lay her head on his shoulder.

Game, Set, Match

lesbian NiceGuyInVa 2018-05-24

Jamie slowly moved behind Sam and whispered into her hear with her warm breath, "I intend to show you moves you have only encountered in your wildest fantasies." Sam felt chills of pleasure course through her body, but she couldn't allow this young woman to have the upper hand. Jamie was first to enter, and as Sam closed the door, turned on her and took a surprised Samantha into her strong young arms, capturing her lips with her own. She felt Jamie's fingers gently stroke her thighs and end at the entrance to her pussy, teasing the opening, then felt the young woman's warm breath and moist tongue probing her sensitive slit.

Addicted to Her Muscles

fetish NiceGuyInVa 2018-05-20

Roger couldn't move with the tight hold Leslie had around his neck, pinning his arm with her other hand and he was scared to death, shrinking his penis to its normal 1 ½ inches. Roger bent his head and began to lick Leslie's shaven pussy and his whole body flexed as he felt Diane take hold of his ass and spread his cheeks. Roger whimpered, but gradually became accustomed to the probing, then he felt the head of the cock at his opening and he held his breath as she pushed the full 5 inch length into him. Roger continued to lick as tears once again began to stream down his face, and his ass felt as if it was going to rip open.

Exploring The Undercurrents

lesbian NiceGuyInVa 2018-03-16

Diane was able to tie it up on her serve, but on her second serve, Julie won the point, giving her a mini-break and a 3-2 lead, with the serve back to the young blonde. She took a little extra time before delivering the next serve with a huge amount of spin, causing Diane to send it into the net, giving Julie the first set. Diane figured that her long stride would allow her to easily defeat her young foe, but Julie was powerfully pumping her arms and legs and pulling away, so that at 100 feet, she was at least three body lengths ahead of her and continue to extend her lead.

I Used to be Straight Ch. 02

gay-male NiceGuyInVa 2018-02-19

Breaking the lengthy kiss and leaving me breathless, Dave scooped me up in his strong arms and in a husky voice said, "I want to taste you Steve." The scent of Dave's ass, cock and balls was driving me crazy as I let my mouth continue to devour him. God, I couldn't get enough of this teen's sexy muscular body as I watched his cock and balls bob up and down as he placed an arm behind his back. Still holding my arms firmly in his grasp he moved lower and I felt his tongue explore the crack of my ass, then slowly move in deeper and begin incredible thrusts, sending my head spinning.

Bonnie with Biceps

fetish NiceGuyInVa 2018-01-17

I added two 5 five pound plates and lay down on the bench once again and pumped out 3 reps with perfect form, then my form collapsed and my arms felt like rubber. A lump came to my throat and my heart beat madly at the thought of having this beautiful strong woman clutching my body and feeling her strength. It felt like my head would explode, but the delicious scent of her dripping pussy was keeping me from tapping her leg for about 30 seconds, and my cock was standing straight up. Bonnie smiled, but did not release her hold on my spread legs, and with her large hand took my 10 ½ inch cock in her hand and gently put it into her sopping wet pussy.

A BBW For My Birthday

fetish NiceGuyInVa 2018-01-11

I ordered you a beautiful woman to be your little sex slave for your birthday." I ran my fingers through my hair and slowly walked to the living room, going over in my mind what I could say to this large woman. I slowly ran my tongue up the soul of each foot, then took the big toe of her left foot into my mouth and began to suck as I caressed the hairs on top of her foot. I watched Trudy as she spread her legs above me and lowered her giant hairy ass and pussy until they were two inches from my face, and I opened my mouth. "I have one other fantasy if you are willing....I have always wanted a woman to sit on my face and let me eat her ass and pussy."

The BBW Goddess Ch. 02

bdsm NiceGuyInVa 2017-12-21

Lori bent her large frame over the laundry basket and drew out three pairs of huge sheer panties. Lori moved her great jiggling body above my head and slowly lowered her buttocks until it came to rest covering my nose and mouth. Lori was still rocking on my face after I brought her to one orgasm, then I felt Susan take my cock in her hand and slowly insert it into the moist warmth of her teenaged pussy. Lori was moving backward and foreword, from the thick patch of black curls of her pussy, to the puckered opening of her anus, and both she and Susan took turns riding both my penis and my nose and mouth.

Bun in the BBW Oven

fetish NiceGuyInVa 2017-12-03

As Jessica's mouth and fingers were driving me out of my mind, I could feel Elizabeth kicking me in the chest, and it felt good, knowing that in about three months I would be a father. Her spread full ass cheeks were a vision, and her huge sagging breasts and stomach reached the mattress with just enough room to allow my hands to gently caress and fondle. I slowly inserted my cock into her and began to pump in and out, knowing just the right rhythm to make her body jerk and spasm as moans of pleasure escaped her mouth. I stroked her cheek gently and whispered, "It's incredible, and I hope our little love child will look exactly like her mother."

Hairy Helga

fetish NiceGuyInVa 2017-11-27

I grabbed one of her suitcases, and struggled with it since it had to weigh 95 pounds, and thought to myself "God this woman is incredibly strong." She didn't have the protruding veins or ripped muscles of a bodybuilder, but was smooth fleshy muscle like that of a 235 pound power lifter. I was wracked with guilt over my perversion, but I could not get the scent and the site of all her pubic and ass cheek hairs covering her panties. I have a small dick at 4 inches, but do have a thick patch of pubic hair, and large dangling balls. I slowly separated the cheeks of her ass, which she also did, and was greeted by more incredible hair on any woman than I had ever seen.

Incredible Pudgy Professor

first-time NiceGuyInVa 2017-10-28

As she walked slowly back and forth in front of the podium, she couldn't help but notice that Jerry Reynold's sat with his chin on his fist, staring at her 5'4", 295 pound body, as if he were in a trance. Dana could feel the adoration oozing out from Jerry as they walked to the restaurant, and found it a little unsettling, but it felt good at the same time. Dana slowly moved her lips to Jerry's and kissed him tenderly. The two lovers once again joined lips and Jerry tentatively inserted his tongue into Dana's warm mouth. They continued to kiss as Dana placed Jerry's hands on her breast and invited him to undress her, as she was busy removing his shirt and pants.

Big Beautiful Babs

first-time NiceGuyInVa 2017-10-27

I had to stop her because I wanted to savor this moment, and I placed my hands on the waistband of her bikini bottoms and slipped them over her huge buttocks which shook magnificently, released from the restricting material. We kissed again when we reached her double bed and our hands explored each other's body, wanting to know every sensitive inch, crying out to be caressed. I then moved my hands around her body and began to stroke the thick wet hairs of her crotch, as she once again stroked my cock and caressed my ass. I moved between her massive legs and took my rock hard cock in my palm and slowly inserted the head into her warm moist opening.

Dr. Jennifer Williams: BBW Goddess

fetish NiceGuyInVa 2017-10-10

I felt a little self-conscious, naked under the gown, with my buttocks sticking out, but concluded that were worse things that could happen to me, and climbed up on the exam table to wait for the Doc. I drew the panties to my nostrils and inhaled deeply, becoming lost in her strong intoxicating scent, then I placed my arms around her and kissed her deeply as I massaged her massive breasts and buttocks. I broke the kiss this time and led her to the exam table and instructed her to lay back and put her legs in the stirrups. I stood on the small step of the exam table and my large hard penis was lined up perfectly with her moist inviting vagina.