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The Submissive Mistress Ch. 02

bdsm OTKTop 2018-12-04

"Kelley - I think you better let me go so Jack doesn't wonder what happened here." Trish vainly said - hoping perhaps that Kelley would untie her and leave so Trish could finger her hot pussy. "Suck on it slut - I bet you like to suck dick." Kelley held Trish's face in her hands as she fucked the dildo in and out of her mouth. "Louder slut - or I won't fuck you with this." Kelley said as she slapped the wet dildo against Trish's red hot ass - slap - slap - slap. "I'm going to like whipping your ass and fucking it from now on." She said and she pulled the wet dildo from Trish.

Sheryl Gets A Workout

bdsm OTKTop 2018-12-03

Jack had teased her once about wanting to see Tom's black cock going in her white ass. How many times had he stripped her in a semi-public place and spanked her then fucked her pussy or ass like the naught little slut she was? "She's a little fighter Jack." Tom said as he held her down and continued to spank her ass. "Just what I thought." Jack said, "my naughty little slut here likes being spanked by you and is probably hungry for some cock. "Time for the punishment slut." Jack said as he doubled the belt in her hand, "fifty with the belt, unless you willingly drink all Tom's cum."

The Submissive Mistress Ch. 03

bdsm OTKTop 2018-12-02

"I think I should stick this dildo in your pussy for Jack to find - don't you?" Kelley said with a wink and a wicked smile as she pulled the dildo from Trish's mouth. "Let's not tell Jack about this." Trish said - somewhat nervously, hoping Kelley would take the hint, "I'll do whatever you want if you keep quiet." If you don't want me to tell Jack what a little pussy sucking slut you are you'll have to submit to me for a whole day." Kelley teased. "Are you ready to cum for me slut?" Jack asked as he pulled his cock from his pants and slide it deep in Trish in one hard thrust.

The Submissive Mistress Ch. 01

bdsm OTKTop 2018-11-30

Jack and Trish Stephens had everything a couple could want - they were attractive, wealthy enough to have a big house and a maid, Trish didn't work, and they both loved sex. Trish liked being tied up and spanked - liked to suck on Jack's cock and dreamed about being the center of a red hot gang bang. Jack knew that Trish loved sex and he liked watching her in action. Or he would tie her up and then give her enough slack with one hand so she could fingering her hot pussy and ass while he spanked her or had her suck his cock. following afternoon - naked - with her ass nice and red from a good spanking - and let Kelley "discover" Trish.

The Submissive Mistress Ch. 06

bdsm OTKTop 2018-11-30

"Very good slut, very good, now keep him hard." Kelley said as she zoomed in for another close-up of her cum streaked mistress, "you know he wants to fuck you in the ass now!" Jack was going to love watching this video with Kelley, it would add to their own private collection. "Looks like he is already set to take your ass slave - he didn't even go soft." Kelley said as she watched John slide his still hard cock in her mouth. "She can take it, don't worry, she likes it in the ass." Kelley said as she watched John pull his cock from her pussy and place the head against her asshole.

The Submissive Mistress Ch. 05

bdsm OTKTop 2018-11-27

"I told you she would get off on this - I know she likes being helpless and being humiliated." Kelley continued as she watched her former boss pull against the ropes that held her tight to the picnic table. I want you to admit you're a pussy slave." Kelley said as she walked behind Trish. How would you like to face everyone at the next block party, wondering who saw you naked and bound with a cherry red ass?" Kelley growled, she then motioned to John who was fingering Trish, "Stop touching her - I'm not sure this slave can control herself." Images of cocks in pussy's and asses filled Trish's mind as she continued to lick her maids wet slit.

The Submissive Mistress Ch. 04

bdsm OTKTop 2018-11-16

"Good slut - now - it's time to head to the backyard - we don't want someone calling the cops on you for indecent exposure." Kelley laughed at the last part - it sounded like she might want Trish caught by the cops! "Good little bitch, very good." Kelley said sarcastically as she patted Trish on the head like a pet. "Very good slut puppy." Kelley chimed when Trish finished, "now it's time for a little bondage fun. You probably want to lick them and kiss them don't you." Kelley said as she pulled on Trish's leash - leading her to the large wooden picnic table.

Fingers Ch. 01-02

bdsm OTKTop 2018-11-13

His cock was so hard and so nice and big and it filled her pussy and ass... Then I'm going to watch as you pinch your nipples, get them nice and hard so I can lick them and suck them. I'm going to watch those nice frenched nails play with your clit and pussy. You are going to cum with your nice french nails in your ass, your fingers on your clit while I watch. "Nothing sir, please don't spank me." She said, telling him what she wanted him to do. She reached around with her left hand and pulled his body close so she could suck and lick more of his cock. You want to feel my steel hard cock spread your ass.

Karen's Submissive Fantasy Ch. 02

bdsm OTKTop 2018-11-12

KarenCum : he likes being in the back of my mouth at my thought, and tells me to milk it and i swallow and it usually makes him cum, he says it right before, im not sure if he would come anyway or if its me swallowing that pushes him over the edge. John Dough : I like you sitting there naked, wet, nipples hard, clit red, ready to be touched, licked, stroked.. John Dough : You want to read how she makes you lick her pussy and ass Karen thought, 'Yes, I'm going to have to lick and suck both her pussy and her ass.' Make me a nasty slut Jack.

Barb's Weight Loss Program Ch. 01

bdsm OTKTop 2018-11-11

We were both nude and when she saw how hard my cock was even before the spanking she knew I liked it a lot, but I was surprised by how much she liked it and how hot she got. I then slipped my cock back in her pussy to get it nice and wet and then I pulled out and pushed my head against her ass, slow and steady. Barb had not really told Chris what she had in mind other than Barb wanted her to help out with her weight loss program. "Good little slaves, now the first thing I want to see is how red Barb's big butt can get from this crop, or do you use something else John?"

Whatever You Want

lesbian OTKTop 2018-11-08

"You have twenty five more Mistress." Mary said, feeling her ass tingle, the very familiar tension building in her sex, she wanted to cum, she couldn't wait to go to the bathroom and rub her clit and finger her pussy. "Yes Mistress was what I was looking for." Cindy said, "but I like that you admit you're turned on by my spanking you. "Yes Mistress." Mary said, another wave of submissive desire rolled over her – she did want to finger her pussy, she didn't care now if she admitted it. "Do it again, but faster, I want those finger pumping in and out of your pussy faster, just like how Jack fucks you." Cindy said in a deep growl.

Sub Karen’s Halloween Advent

bdsm OTKTop 2018-11-07

"Good to see Wonder Woman is here tonight, God knows she was a wonder at the last party." Stan said as he greeted Sandy. "Yes, Karen wanted to dress the part tonight of Wonder Woman and demonstrate for you guys how good she is." "Get us both a wine Karen." Sandy enjoyed treating me like her maid at the party and made sure everyone knew I was her little pet. "Too bad, time for your spanking, loser." Amazon said as she pulled me up by the arm and bent me over the picnic table. "She really is submissive." Amazon woman said to Sandy as I walked past her to the kitchen. "Wonder woman is a good pussy licker." Amazon said as she handed my lasso to Sandy.

Mercedes Senior Year at St. Vincent

bdsm OTKTop 2018-11-02

Mercedes had a very good academic and personal record in her first three years at St. Vincent so it was a little surprising to see that she started showing up every two weeks for a discipline meeting or student teacher conference with Dr. Hoffman. "No sir, that's not what I'm thinking." Mercedes couldn't look Dr. Hoffman in the eye. "What are you thinking then Mercedes?" Dr. Hoffman had an idea what was going on but he wanted to be sure. "No sir, I thought you would like spanking me on my bare behind..." Her voice trailed off again. "If I want to spank your bare ass young lady I will.

Karen's Submissive Fantasy Ch. 01

bdsm OTKTop 2018-11-01

John Dough: You would be tempted to rub your clit but you know you're already going to have to suck off three men or something to make up for the 3 orgasms you had before John Dough: Right, she'll make sure you're naked as you suck them off, you know that. John Dough: You also know Jenny will notice how big your clit is as you suck them off John Dough: She'll let you rub your nasty, needy cunt while you suck the men off John Dough: she tells you if you're good and if you suck them all off you might get to cum John Dough: you'll suck each one off, they will wipe their slippery cum covered cocks on your lips and face as she takes pictures

Barb's Weight Loss Program Ch. 02

bdsm OTKTop 2018-10-31

Chris didn't use the snaps, instead she quickly tied Barb over the back of the chair with the rope from our toy box. As it turned out it was a good height for Barb to kiss Chris's ass, literally. She could feel her orgasm building, she knew she could cum if Chris continued to spank her this hard. She wasn't bruising Barb's butt with the light weight paddle, but it was giving her a nice sharp sting (Chris had been on the receiving end of many spankings herself). She wanted to feel Barb's tongue in her ass. "I'm going to enjoy whipping you into shape slave." She said as she looked at Barb, "I can tell you're ready to cum right now, aren't you."