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mature OldGeezer 2018-06-26

Each time she reached my root, she would squeeze me hard with her inner muscles, and I would pinch her nipple, and so we fucked harder and harder, until I then sat up, gripping her bum cheeks as we moved against each other, and as we kissed again, still fucking, our hips moving in unison, the tip of my finger pressed into her asshole, and then as it broke in, she suddenly went rigid. We stayed joined like that for a long time, just holding each other, stroking and kissing, as my cock slowly softened, and eventually slipped out.

A Night on the Farm

mature OldGeezer 2018-06-24

“Wow, it looks like James got lucky”, I whispered to Amanda, before I realised that this was probably not the most tactful thing I could have said. My cock was, of course, as hard as iron, whilst all this was going on, and with Amanda being as wet and slippery as she was, I thought it time to position myself at her entrance, and holding my cock, I stroked up and down between her pussy lips, and then as she was starting to tense up again, in a single stroke slid deep down into her body. I worked my hand between us, and stroked her clit in time with her movements, and it wasn’t long before her head went back, her mouth opened and she sat deep down on me, her body rippling as the orgasm hit her.

A Good Round and a hole

group OldGeezer 2018-06-20

That evening we met up, and were surprised to find that Joe had his wife with him, Ally, a little younger than him, I would have put her at late 30s or early 40’s, with a pretty smile, blonde hair, and a nice figure that she showed off to the best in a lime green tank top and a flowered skirt. It had been a while since I had enjoyed anal sex, so I went to work with enthusiasm, rubbing the tingly gel around her exposed tight rosebud, eventually sliding first one finger in, and then a second, stretching her, as she rode slowly up and down Pete’s cock, to his extreme pleasure from the sounds he was making.

The Best Conference Ever

group OldGeezer 2018-06-20

Well, what a penance, so I set to with fervour, my hands gripping her round bum cheeks as I licked her up and down and concentrating on her clit realised that she was highly excited, and just as she was starting her second orgasm of the night, I slid my finger into her asshole, sending her right over, into another hard, shuddering orgasm. It was then that I saw a pair of hands slide round Maria’s body and start to caress her, a finger finding its way onto her clit, as Sara climbed up off the bed to press her body tight against Marias.

The Start of the Affair

mature OldGeezer 2018-06-19

Once she had taken the whole length of my penis, she then reversed the process, and slowly withdrew, each movement letting my cock slide a bit further out, until her lips were just placed in a circle around my pee hole, and her tongue tip working it over. It was the most wonderful feeling, but one that could not last, and as the familiar sensation of tightness in my balls started, my hand went to the back of her head and held her down on me as my semen pulsed out, and she took it all in her throat and mouth and dribbling down her chin.

Nearly Twins - Part 1

group OldGeezer 2018-06-18

Her blouse undid so easily, and her skirt slid down to reveal a fantastic body, and as my hands went round to unclip her bra, her hands were at my belt, and soon we were naked, her slim hands wrapped around my ramrod of a cock, as my hands stroked and stretched the long hard nipples that crowned her glorious breasts. Ah, she said, so we have all started then, come here my lovely, and Karen slid over the cream silk sheets, the dark skin of her body contrasting against them, until the two lovely black women merged in a deep and passionate kiss. Gerry glanced over and said to Karen that she had brought a good one home this time, and actually reached over to wrap her slim hand around me.

St. Lucia Surprise

anal OldGeezer 2018-06-18

“Well, I’m sure I can do better,” I said, as I again took her arm, softly this time, and pulled her onto the bed beside me. I could feel myself getting ready as we had changed position yet again, me sitting on the edge of the bed and she sitting with my cock deep in her pussy, back to me, my arms around her pulling at her nipples and making her scream. Before long she was starting to push back a little also, so I pointed a finger as I stroked round and round and slowly worked its tip into the centre in her tight ring.

A Perfect Life

bdsm OldGeezer 2018-06-18

The heat of her around me increased the pressure in my already engorged member, which stroked down and out, deeply and strongly, the oils making the sensations stronger and the pleasure greater. As my organ briefly left her before raking deep down again, her asshole winked at me, the candlelight lighting it but briefly as then her now oily, slippery anal passage was filled again. My hand clutched for the riding crop, and now with each stroke of my member, it gave a sharp slap on one cheek and then the other. This increased as I slid the oily crop into her tight vagina, and worked it in and out and around and around, timing in perfect synchronisation with my penetration of her anal passage.

Mexican Adventure

anal OldGeezer 2018-06-17

She then swiveled round into a classic 69 position, and working first on the head of my cock, slowly took me deeper and deeper, until I could feel her throat open and grip me under my helmet. As we subsided in a rather damp mess, Inez, the middle sister towelled us down, and then promptly took hold of my cock and proceeded to suck me hard again. That night, it was not just my cock that went in there, but anything we could find, aided and abetted by her two sisters, and the bigger and deeper that we could insert whatever it was, the better, as she seemed to be able to have a continual orgasm.

Sue and her Journey- Part 2

mature OldGeezer 2018-06-17

Tom always took a little blue tablet before our evenings together, so I knew he would stay hard and want to fuck again, and this time he bent me over his desk, and squirting some of the lube that he always kept in his desk drawer, he squeezed his fat long cock into my asshole, with no real foreplay. Again I moved the dildo to his asshole, and this time, as I continued to pump his cock in my hand, my thumb rubbing over his pee-hole as it seeped precum, he didn’t pull back, and slowly the big black rod started to enter him.

Snowed in

group OldGeezer 2018-06-17

Mary told me that she thought that Mark certainly had some staying power, and that Claire was a lucky girl. Claire said she would help, and so we left Mary and Mark in the sitting room. I made love to Mary while Mark fucked Claire, and we then Mary came over to me and sucked my cock clean from Claire’s viscous pussy juices. Mary kissed Claire, and pulled hard on her nipples, as both cocks ploughed their dual furrows into Claire’s body. It wasn’t long after this that Claire started to shout, a stream of filth coming from that lovely mouth, as she tipped over the edge into a shattering orgasm, and spurted her pussy juice all over my cock and balls.

Getting to know Amy (Part 2)

bdsm OldGeezer 2018-06-16

I have never seen a room before whose walls were covered with erotic pictures, and as I looked around, my eyes moved to a large picture hanging opposite the bed. I realised it was a photograph, not a painting, and said so to Amy, whose hands were still squeezing me slowly. Then I stood up and undressed myself, down to just my boxer shorts, and came close to Amy, walking round her slowly, so she would start to wonder what I was up to. Once again, with her love juices easing the entry, my cock pushed itself into her body, this time slow and deep, down in a single long slide.

The Look

bdsm OldGeezer 2018-06-14

With such encouragement, I could do no less than comply with her wishes, and spreading her delightful cheeks, explored her rectum with tongue and fingers, until she was open and gaping for me to slide my rampant cock deep into her body, impaling her in a single forceful stroke. Slowing my pace, I looked around her room, and realised that the furnishings were all of dark red and cream, an erotic sight, which matched so well the eroticism of her body now pushing back on her skewer of man flesh. The next evening, I was again meeting some friends after work, and joined them at a bar just off Oxford St. I was idly looking around when I saw, no, felt, the gaze of someone, and our eyes locked.

And Life Continues.....

mature OldGeezer 2018-06-14

I said that Marilyn told me that she had friends who liked to enjoy themselves and, after meeting one of them this morning, I think I have a pretty good idea what’s on for tonight. Marcia held my cock and said to Marilyn, "Sarah wasn’t lying, this looks lovely." Marcia cupped my balls in a warm hand and brought her lips around the head of my cock, her tongue teasing me. The teasing stopped quickly when she slid her lips down my length, right to my hilt, and the feeling of my cock pushing into her throat was just fantastic. It was time, I thought, for more, and moved Marcia up my body while Marilyn positioned herself above my cock.

Lucky Bastard

group OldGeezer 2018-06-13

The après-ski was pretty great as well, and many was the night when after meeting new friends for food and drink, Maggie and I staggered back to our rented room and continued the festivities. When we concluded that no-one was coming immediately for us, we decided we had better start to walk, as we’d lost most of our ski equipment, apart from a couple of poles. We’d taken to swimming naked, and being naked in the house as well, so it seemed that whenever a couple of us we in the same place, sex followed, whether it was Emily trying to get my 9” down her throat and then her ass, or Maggie using a dildo on Emily while easting her out, while being fucked from behind by me, or whatever combination came to mind.

With Love from Sylvia (Part 2 of 3)

mature OldGeezer 2018-06-12

Somewhat tentatively, I asked if she and Jenny had ever done things, and she told me that they had actually kissed, properly, and she had been tempted, but even though she knew that Sylvia would have willingly made love to her, she had held back, as she had thought it wouldn’t be right. I don’t know why, but this seems to turn Jenny on more so that in many places, and that encouraged me to spread her ass wide with my hands, and continued licking, reaching her butt plug, and licking around the circular end of it, at times just tapping then rosebud end with my tongue.

Getting to know Amy - The Final Part

bdsm OldGeezer 2018-06-12

Another groan, and then she started to move, slowly at first, and then as she got the sense of how her breasts would suffer as she moved, she moved with an undulating rhythm which worked my cock from side to side in her pussy, each move making me feel the ribs of the glass dildo in her ass. Her groans changed to cries, and as I fucked her ass with the dildo, and she fucked my cock, her body suddenly tensed and she cried out a long shriek, her arms moving and pulling her nipples, and then all of a sudden I was filling her pussy with my sperm and she was squirting all over me and the bed.

There Is Life After....

mature OldGeezer 2018-06-12

She groaned as it rose beneath her fingers and turned me round, dropping to her knees and looking up at me with a wicked smile, opened her lips and started to lick the helmet of my cock while stroking its length. Gradually she took me deeper and deeper, until her lips were pressed against my belly, and I could feel the grip of her throat around me. I felt myself getting near release, but wanted to prolong the sensuality of this time, so reached down and drew her to her feet, so I could kiss her, deeply. She told me she loved to queen, getting so much from the feeling of a cock across her asshole, but when I went to try to take control, she said she liked the feeling outside but not inside.

New Neigbours

anal OldGeezer 2018-06-11

Her reply was to turn to me and kiss me, long and erotically, slipping her tongue deep into my mouth, just as the girl on the DVD sucked the stud’s cock down her throat. When I came up for air, I asked Sally if we had time, but she said that if Jim hadn’t come to find them by now, then he was enjoying himself with Jenny, so we had as much time as we wanted. After we had dressed again and crept down the stairs, Sally opened the lounge door, and went across to Jim and kissed him deeply.

Early Morning

anal OldGeezer 2018-06-09

Now she starts to play, and slides her hand down between their bodies to grip his hard penis. She feels the tension in his erect rod, and gripping it firmly in her hand starts to slide his red and swollen member through her tight ring. Deeper and longer are the strokes made as he moves his hips, round and round her clit goes his sticky fingers, and then as she reaches her climax, his hand clamps across her vulva pressing her back right deep down onto his penis as she spasms and writhes, sucking his penis ever deeper, the ring of muscle working so hard to finally cause his hot sperm to rise from his balls and eject itself like molten metal into her.

The House Party

fetish OldGeezer 2018-06-09

A spotlight illuminated the door, through which the young man who had parked my car entered, dressed only in a loin cloth, and holding a metal chain, which I saw in just a few seconds was attached to a collar around the neck of a naked woman who was crawling on all fours, eyes fixed on the floor. His cock was already hard, and she cupped her hands under his balls and proceeded to suck him, her blonde head bobbing as she worked moving down the shaft until her lips were pressed down deeply. After having fucked the woman’s cunt and her ass, the giant made his way round to her face, and forcing his dirty cock through her lips, he proceeded to fuck her face, holding her head in his huge hands as he reamed her throat.

Purity Comes To Visit! (Part 4 of the Retirement Village series)

mature OldGeezer 2018-06-09

The next day, I met Marilyn in the local shop, and recounted my chauffeuring of Marcia and Purity, and she said that she hadn’t heard from them either. I said to her that if we were not going to see Marcia and Purity, then I could think of nothing nicer than to make love to her. “Oh stop it,” said Purity, “we thought that you’d like it. I decided to leave first, kissing Marilyn with passion, kissing Marcia with equal passion, and kissing Purity with passion and an extra squeeze of her bottom, which I hoped was unseen by the others. Purity answered, so that was fine as it was she that I wanted to talk with, and we arranged to meet that evening for a meal.

From Sylvia with love - Part 3 - The Ending, or is it the Beginning?

mature OldGeezer 2018-06-08

When I entered I thought that Jenny moved slightly away from Sylvia, so after we had drunk our coffee, I said that I would leave them to it, and went off to sort some things out that had been left undone because of my earlier workload. “Oh yes, very nice, Jenny, isn’t it," Sylvia said as she pulled away from me, looking at my swollen cock head. The girls kissed, and their hands worked at each other as our bodies moved, my tongue licking and tasting Sylvia, as Jenny slowly slid her grasping pussy up and down on my cock. Our bodies were now fucking harder and harder, and as I started to feel my climax approaching, I think she did also, as she slid my hands round her bum, and I pushed a finger right deep into her ass.

Good Lodgings!

first-time OldGeezer 2018-06-07

It manifested itself in various ways, but was more of an attitude than any specific action, although I think overall Susan was less guarded in the things she would say, sometimes being critical of Fred, and then laughing and saying that she was glad he wasn’t here to hear her go on like this. "This has to be our secret," she said, "Fred doesn’t know I have such wicked thoughts, and ever since you came here, I have wanted to touch you." Saying this she did just that, her hand reaching down to encircle my erect penis, and to draw it out of my pyjamas.

Reality Check

first-time OldGeezer 2018-06-07

It was, it seemed, and with her hand around my cock, her lips around its head, her tongue lapping my precum, and my tongue working around and on her clit, my hands under her bottom, sliding into and out of her pussy, it couldn’t have been more than a couple of minutes before her body simply bucked and thrashed into violent convulsions of the most wonderful orgasm I had seen for a long while. "Oh yes," she said, "I am more than ready to be your 3 way woman," and lowered herself so that my cock, slippery and wet from her pussy juices, pressed against her tight rosebud.

Sue and her Journey

mature OldGeezer 2018-06-05

When we arrived at my house, the driver jumped out and stood by my door, but didn’t open it immediately, allowing Tom time to thank me for a lovely evening, and to kiss me gently but firmly, full on the lips, his hand just brushing the hair by my ear. As my fingers worked, and my heat rose, just before I exploded with a shuddering orgasm, the picture in my mind was of Tom. Neal was dead to the world, and it was probably good that he was, as I continued to stroke myself and eventually I passed into a dreamlike state.

Nearly Twins - Part 3

group OldGeezer 2018-06-03

One time, I had been slowly fucking Karen, pumping my length deep into her and almost out, both of us watching as her pussy lips gripped my cock head as it almost parted from her, before it pushed deep down again, feeling her incredible muscles grip me as it penetrated her. Easy was the catchphrase indeed, as I lay back and let Gerry suck and lick and grip my cock until I felt my cum rising, started to pull out, but Karen just gently held me there as Gerry’s lips worked their magic, and my balls emptied a heavy load into Gerry’s throat.

Flight of Fancy?

anal OldGeezer 2018-06-02

She moved her body in a sinuous movement, which slid my cock tight along her pussy walls, and bent me gently as she did so. She didn’t get off me though, but moved her knees further up my body, gripping my waist and reaching behind her, she pressed the head of my sensitive cock against her asshole. I could feel her puckered muscle as she worked the slippery juices that coated my head against her muscle, and then with a firm grip she shoved me inside, forcing me through her tight ring. Shaking my head, I looked around and saw Emily doing the rounds of the passengers, checking seat belts and giving back coats and jackets that had been hung up for the flight.

The Sybil

mature OldGeezer 2018-06-02

When she moved from his cock to his balls, stroking and sucking them, and then started to explore his asshole with her tongue, he shot his load right up at the screen, and when she sucked his declining penis back to strength, stroking his prostate as she did so, he was at a loss to know how to reproduce that on his own, and said to her, I wish you were here with me now. But later she did not belt him up again, they went up to his bedroom where he proceeded to undress her and kiss every part of her body...her mouth, her neck, her shoulders, her breasts her nipples, her belly button, her thighs, her legs, her feet, and turning he rover, started at her ankles and worked his way slowly up to her neck again....

Two hundred dollars

group OldGeezer 2018-06-01

Kate then shouted something, but I couldn’t hear, so she got up and came close, telling me to slow the boat down. Kate also took her vest off, revealing an equally delightful pair, smaller, tighter, and with long nipples, which after the pulsating ride the boat had given them, were erect and hard. Kate went first, taking my cock in her hand, and pushing me down to the deck, knelt over me and started to suck me. Kate wanted me in her ass this time, and I obliged, only with me behind her, pushing her head to the deck, and I think she liked the bit of submission involved, as she came surprisingly quickly once I had got the rhythm going.

When the lift got stuck

group OldGeezer 2018-05-31

Simon didn’t though, until Melinda told him that if he would take his shirt off as well, then she would take her blouse off. “OK, guys”, Melinda announced, as her hands went behind her, “who wants to see my tits?”. I moved away to let the other guys do the same, and watched as Melinda relished in the feelings that fingers and hands were giving her. “God, I feel so horny”, Melinda then told us, “I want to be fucked, who’s going to be first?”, Each seemed to be able to keep it going for a good time, so Melinda was well and truly fucked, orgasming several times as our cocks penetrated her pussy, ass and throat.

Morning Glory! (Part 2 of the Nearly Twins)

group OldGeezer 2018-05-31

Gerry was so out of it by now, her breath coming in snatches as her head strained back, and I replaced Karen’s hand with mine, and let her work on Gerry’s clit. I hand entered my vision and started to stroke it, as Gerry used her slippery pussy juices to lubricate Karen’s asshole, and then she grabbed some more of her cum and applied it to my cock, taking perhaps rather more time to do it than I might have expected. Then she moved away and went to slide her hand under Karen to stroke her breasts, which I slid my cock, slippery with Gerry’s juices and my own precum, along and between Karen’s lovely full bum cheeks.

A City Meeting

anal OldGeezer 2018-05-31

My hand slid under her bottom, she was so light that I was able to lift her to my mouth, and as I licked her pussy hole, her lips and gently sucked at her clit, she started to cum, twisting in my hands, and I found my fingers stroking and pressing against her tight asshole. Somehow, the sensuality of her body, the skill with which she worked on my cock head, or maybe the fact that her fingers strayed to stroke and squeeze my balls, and to caress my asshole, but it took no more than 15 minutes before I was welling and starting to fill her mouth.

Happy New Year

mature OldGeezer 2018-05-30

She certainly felt good in my arms, her slim body pressing all the right bits against me, and by the time we had got to our third dance, a slow one, it was as though we had known each other for years. I took each foot in turn and kissed and sucked her toes, before slowly moving up her legs to her knees, bending them and kissing behind them, and then working my lips and tongue up to the soft skin of the inside of her thighs. She smelled wonderful, and I almost lost where I was but collected myself and worked up he rbody, kissing the curve of her stomach, dipping my tongue into her belly button, and then finally cupping her breasts and sucking and licking each in turn.

At the Barbican

anal OldGeezer 2018-05-28

It wasn’t long before she came yet again, but I didn’t let her off so easily this time, but continued stroking her clit and touching her deeply inside, so her orgasm just went on and on, until she literally collapsed in a faint. Then I fucked her ass, long and slow to start with, and then faster and faster, my body literally pushing her up the bed until her head was banging against the bed head, and she was coming in a constant series of orgasms, whether from me or the dildo, I neither know or care, until finally I spurted my seed deep inside her ass, my balls seemingly fuller than ever as it squirted out and out.

Sex Life Renewal

mature OldGeezer 2018-05-27

About six years ago now, one night we were in bed, and she mentioned one of the sex tapes we'd been watching earlier, which was much more than just a fuck vid, but one that had a story (of sorts), meeting, talking, before the couple got down to “it”. I think she was just about giving up, judging from the tone of her body and the annoyance I sensed in her breaths, so I redoubled my efforts, pulling up on her knees, against the ties, which fortunately gave enough, and continuing to fuck her pussy, but with hand son her ass, pushed my thumb over her asshole.

Shipwrecked - Part 3

group OldGeezer 2018-05-26

I expected to hear something from Terry, but if there was, it was stifled as I could now see that Angie had also moved forward and was pressing her pussy down hard on Terry’s mouth. It was Terry who started her orgasm first, pinned down by Angie and with her legs up in the air, her movements were somewhat restricted, but her voice wasn’t and she yelled incoherently into Angie’s pussy. Finger fucking her ass gave me an extra urge as well, and luckily it did it for Angie, so almost simultaneously we came, she was penetrated by three of my fingers now, and me spurting load after load of my semen into Terry’s well used pussy.

With love from Sylvia (1)

mature OldGeezer 2018-05-24

We had discovered the pleasure of anal sex, which we hadn’t got into when young, or when the kids were at home, but now we enjoyed the buzz that the sense of illicit dirtiness gave us, and when she was in the right mood, Jenny loved me to spread her round butt, and skewer her with my long cock. The shorts were tight over her bubble butt, and as I walked over to her, I kissed her on her neck, as my body pressed her against the sink, my hands reaching round to cup her breasts. I asked my lovely wife how she felt about the plug, and she told me that she was surprised that it had heightened her orgasm so much, and that she thought it was because she had been stimulated all evening by every movement she made.

Patsy, Plus Size Everything.

mature OldGeezer 2018-05-23

Once again there was hardly time for the preliminaries, and I pushed my hard cock deep into her sopping pussy, as I held her hands above her head and fucked her until she’d cum twice and then together on her third time. Her plumpness was a delight, round full ass cheeks, and pussy lips that felt like the most succulent steaks as I sucked them, and a clit that pushed its way through them when fuly aroused, which for most of the weekend it was. By the time we got to the anal, she was riding me reverse cowgirl, her round ass split by my long hard cock, and just rocking gently, giving herself pleasure but not going over the top.

Stormy Night

anal OldGeezer 2018-05-22

After a while, I saw that there were a few loose ropes in the bottom of the boat, and took one, still while my cock was deep I n her throat, and pushed her hands behind her, gently tying them behind her. Then with my hands on her bubble butt, I fucked her long and hard, my circumcised cock head scraping along her tight pussy walls. No friction between our bodies as the water slid over us, and as my cock hardened again, I pulled Julia further down the boat where I saw that a tarpaulin was covering something slightly softer than the floor of the boat. Rising above her, I took her legs in my hands and bent her body until her ankles were at her head, and slid my cock once again into her pussy.