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The Lecture Ch. 01

anal OneSilky 2018-12-03

"So, Silky, what are you going to present on?" George asked. But it was okay, because George made us follow the stupid change drivers every hour rule, and Craig went with us, and he took a turn, so in no time we were pulling off I-165 onto Water street, and then down Government. Craig asked if we had a room for him, and I just smiled and said, "Silly Boy, you're in with us." "You think we have to like use him up tonight, Silk?" Jess asked languidly. I had to pee, and then Jess did, and finally Craig took his turn.

Meeting Melissa

interracial OneSilky 2018-09-22

Yeah, I was thirty years older than she was, yeah 'could have been her father', but she was so smoking hot I felt like I was going to drool. I kissed her on the cheek, and then we sort of turned into each other, and suddenly her tongue was in my mouth and all thought of my wife was gone. I pulled back an inch and turned her head so she was looking in my eyes. "I feel like a fool," she said as she dropped her eyes, "no, a whore. Sex is not something nasty; it is an expression of love." I pulled her close, (still naked) and kissed her on the forehead, keeping my enormous morning wood away from her.

Silky Adventures #14

humor OneSilky 2018-09-20

The Priest (I'm Episcopal) talked about the same things I believe, how you don't act right because you're scared you'll get sent to Hell, you just let love rule your life, and treat everyone like a neighbor. I took the end of it in my pouty little mouth, and started licking all around the head, making it glisten with my saliva like a swollen wine skin starched and stained with the purpled vintage promised within. "Silky, what's wrong?" said the good Father, and he took my hand. I tried to shove him away, and Jessie helped, but his legs got tangled in mine, and he fell over, landing with his face between Jess's legs, and her skirt above her head.

Silky Adventures #07

group OneSilky 2018-08-05

We had these seats that rotated flat, like a bed, and immense amounts of food & wine (George said while we were in Europe we were old enough to drink). Jess whispered to George, and I saw them both scuttle into the lavatory. As I kissed him, I wrapped my little hand around his huge cock, and began to squeeze and stroke it. As soon as I was able, I joined Jess & George back at our seats. George pulled my shorts down and repeated his prior fucking from behind. Jess and I held hands until she began to snore, and I just drifted away, thinking First Class is the only way to fly!

Golf Prose Pt. 04

anal OneSilky 2018-07-27

But Pramod also had a special touch, he made me feel like a professor and a trusted friend. I didn't mean to chortle, but when I looked down over my kootchie I could see his intense brown eyes burning up into mine with the rest of his face out of sight, and slick spots all the way up his cheeks. He struggled to shove into me as I rushed to take him deep, and as a result I knew an orgasm grew inside me like one knows a freight train is far away coming down the tracks. I reached a point where I had no volitional control, and my hips rolled and heaved, my breath whirled in and out, and then like Dorothy, I blew away in a tornado, swirling into blackness on a wave of overpowering pleasure...

Golf Prose Pt. 03

group OneSilky 2018-07-24

We stopped to eat somewhere, not as fancy as the night before, but I still got to rub legs and crotches with my toes, and play hand holding under the table, and I could focus the drooling just by staring hard and widening my eyes. I elected to carry my shoes, I wasn't sure I could walk in them, and anyone who saw me would have thought I looked like I just fucked a room full of horny men. The sound of the dryer woke him, and he opened bleary eyes to see a naked red head trying to fix up a little for him and his special night. Maybe over the top a touch, but he did a good job, and I wanted him to feel like he got his share.


Anal Adventures

anal OneSilky 2018-06-14

My mons splits apart to form two big rolls of fat (not THAT big, damnit!) that in my case are covered with a fine down of red hair which I don't shave because I like it. Anyway, my pussy looks like a nice forested hill, with a pleasant valley in the middle, an ideal place for a family picnic. The little folds of skin sit inside a circular muscle that pulls it tightly closed; it's the one you try to release when you fart. Yes, it's in the pantry with the rest of the stuff you use to make a roux for Etouffee (I said I didn't look like a cook, not that I knew nothing!) anyway... His hands had like fine black hair on them, as he touched Jessie's bleeding spot.....Jess!

Lydia McRae Plays to Win

first-time OneSilky 2018-06-10

His life of poverty and struggle had exploded into a dream turned nightmare when he had literally been hit by Lydia, a barely 18 year-old very freckled red-head who ran into his car in a parking lot. He lifted his head from his drinking, as cattle do, and looked at her vaguely, as drinking cattle do, and flickered his two-forked tongue from his lips, and mused a moment, and stooped and drank a little more, carrying her as a Lord of Life into a world she had never before known. So, following the original plan, Larry met Kylie in another room (Lydia wouldn't leave his bed) and schemed to tell her how superior Lydia was to her in carnal knowledge and skills. "Larry, I'm sure you know that Lydia and I have shared secrets all our lives, right?"

Betting Your Ass

anal OneSilky 2018-05-15

George thinks everybody should know how to play, so they can understand what calculating the odds means. "Jess, I'll give you $150 for anal sex," George offered quietly. Jess smiled as she lay out her three Aces, but her face quietly melted as George slowly laid down his three Jacks, and then an eight, and then another eight. "I think you have to pay up Jess," said George, never taking his eyes off hers. "Silky, you don't mind licking me to help me cum first, do you?" Jess's voice was a little anxious. "I want it on the log." George was cranking up the fear in Jessie's countenance; the log is a padded tree trunk we keep in the back room for serious whippings and bondage.

Lydia McRae Plays Chess

anal OneSilky 2018-05-09

So in a weird parody of his fantasy, Larry held his unloaded Glock to her head and demanded she drop her shorts and bend over the bumper. Holding her hair again, he announced loudly, "Now, bitch, I'm going to ram my cock up your little virgin asshole. I'm going to fuck every hole you have, one at the time. After I cum in your ass maybe I'll let you suck the shit off my dick... Pushing his cock-head into her crack, he verified the butter lube, and indeed slid smoothly to her tight sphincter. But, emphasis on butt, Lydia's ass wrapped around his cock with overwhelming heat and warmth. OK, slut, how do you like being fucked up the butt?

The Smurfette Costume

fetish OneSilky 2018-05-03

Normally, my tail stays hidden, curled up like a cowed dog under my clothes. Guys try to hit on me all the time, even tho' I wear second hand clothes and know jack shit about make-up. I spied another Smurfette, only she was the evil one, with black hair, and she hung on Papa Smurf's arm. Apparently, he liked me in the day time, but when it was time to party, Papa wanted the bad girl. Unfortunately, the foam collar came off in her hand, and I realized there was one part of my body that I had not dyed blue; my little naked stub. "That looks like a smurfing cock!" he said, and drew back from it.

Silky Adventures #13

anal OneSilky 2018-04-13

Well, I thought that all the things Jessica said about butt fucking and such were just talking dirty, like people say "eat shit," but don't really expect you to. George said anal was special, that it took preparation and cooperation; forcing it could hurt. Jess assisted by liberally pouring KY lube over my ass, while George stroked my back door a little more each time, going as far as a second knuckle into my sphincter. Knowing that my ass was full of cum, that I was so naughty that I wanted a dick in my butt, sent me screaming over the edge, lost to the world until I returned to this earth and time.

Golf Prose Pt. 01

group OneSilky 2018-03-25

Lots of hard cocks sounds like fun, with guys who wouldn't hurt me, but it's also a little scary." The next guy practically shoved the first guy out of the way trying to get in, half of them didn't know what color eyes I have." Jess paused, looking into long ago times that frightened me even listening to her. Once I was fully exposed, I dropped them quickly, grabbed them in my right hand, and shot them like a rubber band into the waiting face of the only man still bereft of clothing. I threw my head back and took a sip, and then let a mouthful drip off my tongue and down my lips to dribble over my breasts and drop upon the table.

Silky Adventures #03

first-time OneSilky 2018-02-28

"Now, do this like you did with your hand, move your head, lick it, whatever seems good. George really liked my oral ministrations more than the deep throat, and as I skimmed his delicious abergine plum, he made a hasty trusting and rewarded my worship with a glorious ejaculation of hot joy juice in my face. I had already picked up that a lot of George's lust was like, in his head, and he really wanted to see images that aroused him. I had gone from innocent angel to a woman who gives blow jobs, licks pussy, gets fucked, and now came in a lesbian love-fest with a golden shower!

Silky's Extreme Adventure

lesbian OneSilky 2018-02-15

Neither did I want the (dirty) panties Jess was trying to stuff in my mouth so George wouldn't hear us. "It's...uh...for Silky, yeah, she was really I got some for she could sleep a little longer," Jess tried to lie. By the time I got to Charlotte for the third time, I had no trouble putting a hand to her firm little breasts, and felt her nipples turn to rocks under my fingers. I moved over and took the one Jess was ignoring, letting Charlotte and Lori get a nice view. Susie was moaning enough that I don't think she noticed when we pulled off her panties, but she sure noticed when Jess got her face between her legs.

The Silver Seas Ch. 01

group OneSilky 2018-02-01

Like,-- the place you drive the boat -- steer, whatever -- is the "cock pit." George didn't find that nearly as funny as Jess & I did; the main sail? We were "motoring" which means driving --sailing -- going on the stupid boat- with the engine on, like any normal person would, when George & Doug decided in some special manly way that we had gone far enough "offshore." So they turned off the engine, and we sat there, bouncing up and down, and the wind made all the ropes-lines-sheets go whap-whap on the pole (mast) that the main sail (mainsail - main'sil, argggh!) attached to.


anal OneSilky 2017-11-21

When I said I couldn't figure out a stick big enough to shove into Jess to make her a Popsicle, George put his finger over my lips. Whatever I want?" I got two affirmative nods to that, so I took a deep breath, rolled my head around to bounce the though one more time, and said, "George, I want you to fuck me in the ass." Jess could not stand to be left out, so she shoved herself under me, to pay umbrage to my clitoris with her magic lavations, and when I felt George pouring scalding porridge into me, I allowed myself to melt in turn, to sear the frozen fears from my brain and my cunt, and to be blasted into unconsciousness.

The Silver Seas Ch. 02

anal OneSilky 2017-11-13

George started kissing mine, and Jess, I think, got her mouth on Doug's cock. Since I had tasted Jess on Doug the first time I took him in my mouth, I knew where he had been. Jess was whimpering, but I was pretty sure it was in ecstasy, as neither George nor I would ever let her be hurt. George gritted his teeth and closed his eyes in the old familiar way, and then Doug started a series of short thrusts while he made grunting noises. George was saying they were going to hold me down and shove both of those big cocks in me, and I'm only 95 pounds.

Golf Prose Pt. 02

group OneSilky 2017-10-24

"Licking all around feels good, sucking on my clit feels great, and if you can manage all that with a finger or two inside me, I'll probably cum in your face." Then I pushed my fingers into his mouth, the taste he loved, and with my other hand spread my lips and sank down, taking him in my heat. I got back on time, at four as planned (I said four, you must have misunderstood) but still took a quick shower, touched up my make-up, got my hair poofed how I wanted it, and headed to the lobby to meet my sex buddies. I dropped my shoes and slid two naked feet up two pants legs across from me, never acting like I even knew it happened.