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I am an Exhibitionist

fetish PappyBoyington 2018-07-14

so of course I thought it would be a good idea to get naked and start stroking my dick. I started to stroke my dick thinking about Candy just 3 feet away from me... I told her I wanted her to watch me cum on her..." I kept stroking this whole time and I knew even she (even a stripper) hadn't planned on a pervert like me. She ended up telling my GF, her stripper friend Cheyenne, and who knows who else??? She got over what I did in bed while she was passed out (with her friend) because she knew how fucked up we were. And she knew that ultimately her friend was a stripper, we were all fucked up and waiting for more d**gs.

I wanted them to watch me jerk off and they did!

fetish PappyBoyington 2018-01-22

but whateva) after a full day of watching my s****r-in-law in her bikini, who had a tough 20 year-old body btw, I was so horned up that I wanted to "jack-off" in as dirty a situation as I could find. It was sooo hot to know they were watching my dirty little habit!!! And as I walked past the pool one of them said, "you should do that in your room." At that point I looked back at the woman I thought had said it and I said, I'm sorry I was so "out there" but I really didn't expect ya'll to be here so late...