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Free erotic stories by Phantomrose on AdultRead

A Day to Remember (Sequel to A Night to Remember)

anal Phantomrose 2018-11-19

I arched my back, wanting to feel more of that pleasure.It felt like someone was licking my already wet vagina. I was a bit surprised by this move, and even squirmed when he did this, but soon got used to the feel of his wet finger moving inside of my ass. I wanted, no needed it inside of that hole now.Without another word, he gently shoved his slippery dick into my ass. I tried to focus on how full my ass felt with his lovely, throbbing dick inside of me. He gently kissed my neck and whispered, “It’s ok hun…god, your ass feels good around my cock.” I felt his cock throbbing deep inside my ass, and loved it.

A Romantic Night, Indeed

mastrubation Phantomrose 2018-11-10

Then, with a feather light touch, I traced over my hard, pink nipples, sighing as I felt a slight twinge of pleasure. I would imagine myself moaning, and sighing as he plucked my hard nipples and jiggled my b-cup breasts. Before getting in, I felt the water with my hand, making sure that it would not scorch my skin. Oh god, how I wished his hands were there now, feeling my breasts and my body, running further down, lightly rubbing my stomach. My finger worked hard on that round bean, tapping faster as my body felt hotter. It was all so intoxicating: the hot water, my fingers thrusting in and out of my pussy, my moans and groans…my goodness, it was so much!

A Night to Remember

first-time Phantomrose 2018-11-03

Mmm, suck my nipples, feel my breasts, stick your cock...gently in my wet hole. I licked my lips nervously and kissed him gently on the mouth before venturing down toward his hard manhood. I wanted his cock as deep inside my mouth as possible. I wanted to feel his hot, salty white cum in my mouth. I licked my lips and kissed him hard on the mouth. Without another word, he gently eased his cock into my tight pussy, and kissed me hard on the mouth as he did so. Fuck, it did hurt, and I squirmed and wanted to cry out in pain, but his kissing was distracting.