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Free erotic stories by PleasePleaseMe23 on AdultRead

A Slight Miscalculation Part 1

bdsm PleasePleaseMe23 2018-07-17

One night, as I was tied down, being delightfully tortured with orgasm after orgasm, panting and heaving against the bonds, eyes glazed, he shoved his fingers into my abused pussy and commanded, "Please Daddy I just want to cum one more time please please just use me, just fuck me." This time, after thoroughly coating his other hand with my cum, he shoved two fingers into my untouched asshole as I howled with pain and a strange jolt of pleasure. Have sex with your friends, it's just a fantasy, and I don't even know why I thought it would be sexy but I'm sorry, I would never do it, and our sex is perfect, and I only want you, and-"


A Slight Miscalculation Part 2

bdsm PleasePleaseMe23 2018-07-17

D smirked and tipped his drink to me in salute, B "accidentally" spilled some on my chest, then watched in fascination as the liquid ran down my skin, W muttered a thank you, eyes looking slightly glazed as he watched my sinuous movements, and N pulled me into his lap and had me drain his glass. No one paid any attention to the poker game, all looking on in jealous fascination as I worshipped N's huge cock, nibbling and sucking on it with relish. I sucked him under the table as he tangled his big hands in my hair, pulling me deeper on his cock. Face covered in my cum, he ordered me to lick his fingers clean, watching me hungrily, his cock looking almost painfully hard.