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Free erotic stories by RachelG on AdultRead


lesbian RachelG 2018-11-25

The groping sensation started again, and Ani, struggling to get back on her hands and knees, looked up at the woman in her cell with pleading eyes, hoping she had the power and inclination to make it all stop. I know how much you like playing with other slavegirls, especially ones wearing kinky boots." Rose's mistress had an equal lack of emotion to Ani's owner. Rose gently helped Ani up onto her feet before instinctively opening the snap hook to put the D-ring at the end of the armbinder in it, then let it snap shut again. Shortly after Rose left, Ani's owner let her gag retract and she put it back in its drawer.


bdsm RachelG 2018-11-12

I let out a very sudden and loud noise, dampened by the pink, rubber gag held in my mouth by a tightly fastened head harness. After a few minutes thinking, with a painful interlude of shocks, I finally gave up on the idea and started to write about the previous night, just so I was at least making some headway. Already thoughts were rushing into my head, images of you making me give you head, on my knees with your hands around the hood; putting my trousers back on me and leaving me tied up in the jacket for the rest of the night, as we did everyday things like watch TV; maybe even making me sleep in the thing.