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first-time SamHarper 2018-12-04

After rinsing back, I turned to face the wall, put my head under the stream and felt the hot water flowing through my hair and between my fingers as I washed my face. My whole body trembled as she slowly wrapped my fingers around me; I felt it pulse in her hand, straining to her touch. As my fingers probed her hot, soaking pussy I felt her hand gripping tighter and tighter on the back of my neck as she tried to somehow pull herself even closer to me. I couldn’t hold back any longer, my entire body shuddered, muscles contracted and I pumped what felt like several litres of hot, sticky cum into her eager mouth.

My Pet Lucy, Chapter 1 - Secrets

bdsm SamHarper 2018-12-02

“Yeah,” Lucy said, “otherwise I end up like the Hulk, just bursting right out of them.” Sam’s brain couldn’t help but play out that mental image. Sam jumped when heard Lucy and her mum leave her bedroom, realising that he’d been staring at the pictures for quite some time and quickly closed them down. “Yes,” Lucy said, slowly, trying to work out exactly how to explain what she meant, “I mean, I said I wanted to try all that stuff… I asked him to do it...” She hesitated, “but he just wasn’t a very nice guy…” she thought about this some more before adding “There’s a difference between being dominant and being a jerk.” Sam thought about this for a minute.

The Broken Lock

voyeur SamHarper 2018-11-04

As she stood there, running her hands through her hair, my eyes kept following the water as it traced its way across the contours of her body; down her slender back, across her small, round ass and down her long, beautifully smooth legs. Acting without input from my brain, my hand had moved downward, rubbing the throbbing mass in my tightening jeans, as I used my other arm to balance myself and hold the door open as wide as I dared. I watched, hypnotised as she picked up the shower gel and her hands had started to roam across her body, spreading foamy water as they moved. She took the shower head in her hand and bent over to rub soapy water down her legs and, seemingly against all possibility, the view got even more perfect.