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Free erotic stories by Scorpius1945 on AdultRead

The Country Club Ch. 01

bdsm Scorpius1945 2018-12-03

Neil increased the pressure and it became slightly less comfortable as I felt the pear slide further inside, then the wide part was through the opening and it slid more easily in to the end of my vagina, leaving just a small amount protruding. I took hold of the screw and slowly began turning it, seeing the jaws moving infinitesimally as they compressed his treasured testicles slightly more; a quarter turn; still Ok; I looked at his face, a mask of pain as he gritted his teeth against the all-pervading pain tearing through his body as his balls yelled 'Stop!' soundlessly, but in vain. He began turning the handle and I felt the leaves inside me expanding quite quickly now, stretching my vagina and causing my lower abdomen to visibly rise.

Sharleen's Sexual Adventures Ch. 05

group Scorpius1945 2018-11-30

So Shar went through the whole ten weeks, her difficulties with controlling her orgasms, the angst she felt at being apparently unable to please her Mistress due to her rampant sexuality, her triumph of achieving total control, her achievement at being able to cum on command, and finally of enduring the 100 strokes and the healing time at the end of the session. Everyone agreed that a demo was in order, so Shar relaxed back in the cushions, stretched her long lovely legs out and then asked Joe to command her to cum. Soon they all decided that it was time to sleep so Jude, Joe and Trevor farewelled everyone and headed home to bed while Dale and Mark, Shar and Ben went to their respective suites.


The Storm

fetish Scorpius1945 2018-11-29

I guess he almost looked like a woman then or certainly a person with no sex at all. "Well, he did tell me that when he was a teen he found a girly magazine on the road and would spend time in bed at nights looking at the pictures. Nowadays a girl who so obviously wanted some sexual attention would have taken the initiative, but I guess back then it wasn't so common for that to happen." "Yes, he told me he masturbated frequently, like several times a day. Conversation was sporadic and moved away from the friend and his sexual needs until the car approached Alison's home town.

The Mandy Chronicles Ch. 04

fetish Scorpius1945 2018-11-28

We dressed again and I fitted the satin crotch strap I had worn with my old corset, Megan helping me to cinch it really tight, then kissed goodbye and I went downstairs, changed elevators, the went up to Stan's lofty perch on the top floor. Terri knelt down between my legs and it felt like a vacuum cleaner as she sucked all Stan's cum from my pussy. "You felt so wonderfully tight," said Stan, "The pressure of the corset certainly makes a difference." Several weeks after I started wearing my new corset I was sitting in bed, on Stan, his rigid cock implanted deeply within my love tunnel, watched by Gloria who was waiting to suck me dry once Stan came inside me.

Free Spirits

first-time Scorpius1945 2018-11-28

Sure, she pleasured herself occasionally, usually when she was bored and lying alone in her large comfortable bed feeling sorry for herself, but she believed that the momentary pleasure she felt on those rare occasions was a very pale imitation of the pleasure that was waiting in store for her with a real, live, willing, sexy boyfriend who had the persistence and ability to penetrate her defences and her body. Today, he told himself, was the day when he was going to sit down beside this epitome of female perfection, would introduce himself, would talk easily and knowledgeably about whatever topic she wanted, would listen attentively and empathetically to whatever she said, and at the end, as they left the beach, the outcome would be unknown.

Painful Beginnings

fetish Scorpius1945 2018-11-26

I was totally taken aback, but then the thought crossed my mind that this would probably be par for the course for a young woman into reading and interviewing authors of stories on Literotica. I fully expected her to begin kissing and cuddling me then quickly we would make mad passionate love, which was how I would write it in a story, but instead she simply sat chastely at her end while I sat at mine, turned slightly towards each other, her short skirt raised by sitting but still covering all that was necessary, but . "I guess if I want to get to bed tonight and make love for the first time I'd better start recording your story," she said looking up at me and grinning.


The Ellie-Mae Chronicles Ch. 03

bdsm Scorpius1945 2018-11-25

The most common way this operates is that a sexy lingerie evening or a sex toy evening is arranged as part of an event, for example, a hen party before a wedding, or as a special event for interested people, most often women who want to surprise their menfolk. Her waist must have been contracted by years of corset training, her breasts were huge and probably natural, with nipples like pencil erasers pressing out the stretch fabric of her one-piece skin-tight cat suit. I then redressed in my corset and dress, Brad taking great delight in pulling the strings as tightly as he could, crushing my waist to about 18 inches I would think and making it difficult to walk or breathe.

The Mandy Chronicles Ch. 03

fetish Scorpius1945 2018-11-23

I felt Stan's tell-tale tensing, knowing that he was going to spurt in a few seconds, so I bit Megan's clit, hard enough to hurt like hell but not enough to draw blood from the sensitive organ. I released Megan's clit after a few seconds, still wary of causing permanent damage, my own body shuddering from my orgasm as I felt Stan relax and lean over my back, reaching around and caressing my breasts. "Hi, Mandy," greeted Megan, casting her eyes over my corset-clad body, with a brief top tied beneath my breasts and a frilly skirt below my corset, reaching half way to my knees and looking like the merest breath of wind would blow it up and expose everything underneath, which wasn't very much.

Impregnation Cruise Ch. 06: Our Nude Wedding

fetish Scorpius1945 2018-11-22

I glanced away from Dudley towards Charles and noticed that he was facing away from me; noticing also in the dim light that he was kissing Shyla and had his hands busily involved caressing her breast and pussy. I felt Charles move, his body breaking contact with mine as he rolled towards Shyla, their lips locking in a sexy kiss as he positioned his hips against hers, his erect cock seeking an entrance. As we lay there, clutching each other in post-orgasmic bliss, I felt movement alongside me and turned my head to see both Charles and Shyla, and Eamon and Penny engaged in making love together.

Mating Rituals Ch. 12

bdsm Scorpius1945 2018-11-21

"You know," Bel said, "I've heard some people say that when a baby miscarries like that it's because a spirit simply needed to work out some karmic debt. Cherie continued: "In particular I'd like to thank those of you who helped me, held me as I sobbed out my grief, spoke words of wisdom to me which helped me to recover, looked after Sophie for me when I was unable and disinterested, and who covered for those who undertook those tasks. With the prospect of having a further three babies in the household as well as the possibility of Marie, Wendy and Karen losing their sexual ardor as their pregnancies progressed, Bel wondered if they should advertise for a young woman to work as a nanny with benefits to look after the children and carry out other not-so-onerous chores; in short, to join the family.

Sharleen's Sexual Adventures Ch. 04

bdsm Scorpius1945 2018-11-19

When she awoke on Sunday morning next to Ben she lay for a long time thinking, turning over in her mind ways in which she could achieve sexual satisfaction consistently so she no longer needed to suffer the intense frustration she had in past few months when she had been unable to be sexually satisfied. "From what I've heard and read, mainly on the Internet, one possibility would be to learn from a Master or Mistress who trains slaves," commented Mark. The days after her application passed in a blur, wondering if she had made the right decision even applying; the interviews, meeting with several people, slaves, slaves in training, Masters and Mistresses; discussions with Ben and her Mom, and then the final decision: go for it.

The Ellie-Mae Chronicles Ch. 02

bdsm Scorpius1945 2018-11-19

"Well, after you caned me last time I really, really hated both you and Mom. But then after a few days when the pain had dissipated a bit, I got to thinking and taking an objective look at myself, assuming such a thing is possible. I didn't want this Dom-sub relationship with Ellie-Mae full time for the next eight weeks. We got down to the business or making love and after around ten minutes of gentle fucking and playing we both came hard, she opening her cunt so I could squirt my cum inside her before tightening it to milk every last drop she could get.

Mating Rituals Ch. 13

bdsm Scorpius1945 2018-11-18

Lance pushed his hips forward, wrapping his arms around her legs to hold them wide apart and eased his cock head into her virgin entrance. "Ooohhh, Grandad, it feels funny, so nice, so sexy, ooohhhh, yes, keep doing that, fuck me, I think I'm going to cum, yes, yes, YESSSSS, OOOOOHHHHH, YESSSSS!" she screamed as she had her first orgasm on her grandfather's cock. "Ooohhh, Grandad, that feels so nice on my breasts," said Sophie as she wriggled even more, "Please cum in me soon. Lance pushed and pulled her hips, moving her back and forth on his groin so that his cock head moved back and forth across her cervix at the end of her tunnel.

The Ellie-Mae Chronicles Ch. 04

bdsm Scorpius1945 2018-11-18

Since Ellie-Mae had started working at Erotic Fantasies I had noted that most of the male staff chose to take their lunch at the same time she did, probably because she had formed the habit of wearing minimal clothing all day. With a scream Jolene came hard, the sounds enough to push Larry over the top, causing him to give Ellie-Mae her next sperm injection which triggered her own orgasm. Jolene followed Ellie-Mae's lead in losing consciousness after a short time so I turned the remote off and monitored Jolene carefully until she regained consciousness a few minutes later. I dropped my trousers and shorts and Ellie-Mae took the vibrator from the panties and asked Larry if he had some tape.

Breeding Sasha Ch. 01

fetish Scorpius1945 2018-11-12

However, sometimes I do need to wear a penis pouch as he can get in the way a little at times." He grinned as he said that, noticing her slight flush as she looked as his large member again. Danielle started calling out women's names and as each was called they went forward to meet their impregnator, who greeted their breeder with a kiss and then they walked together out of the room. Sasha was the fifth name called and she nervously walked forward to meet Troy, a remarkably handsome man with an intelligent face, large penis and wonderful muscles. Troy rolled onto his left side, taking Sasha with him, and began kissing her again while at the same time caressing her firm back, sides and breasts, avoiding her nipples for the moment.

Mating Rituals Ch. 11

bdsm Scorpius1945 2018-11-10

So if I was going to do it, I would like some financial commitment for expenses from the couple for whom I was carrying the baby and I would certainly want a signed contract so there was no possibility of being left holding the baby, literally, but I wouldn't want to charge the exorbitant rates some surrogates seem to be charging." That evening Cherie and Karen discussed the surrogacy situation with Bel, Frank, Lance and Al in bed. "Yes, I can see the need for those," said Lance, unable to resist the cliché, "You don't want to be left holding the baby, do you?" "Yes, that's a very good idea," agreed Bel, "Especially as you probably want to have a long term relationship with the couple and baby as the tummy mommy."

The Ellie-Mae Chronicles Ch. 05

bdsm Scorpius1945 2018-11-09

So I'm not wanting to design the heavy bondage equipment (I'll leave that to the engineers) but rather the personal items that can be attached and maybe locked onto a person to cause excruciating pleasure or pain, depending on the penchant of their Dom. I know there's already lots of stuff out there and more may seem unnecessary, but I'd like to customize it so it fits the person it's designed for. Vince and Sarah described in detail the sort of equipment they would like while Ellie-Mae took copious notes. Ellie-Mae made some suggestions, including a breast bondage system and crotch strap which she'd earlier mentioned to me as being what she would really like, and then asked Vince what sort of male bondage gear he had considered.

The Pampered Pussy Ch. 01

fetish Scorpius1945 2018-11-08

Eventually Eugene was happy with the result and ran a comb through it several times, seeking any stray long hairs that would ruin his work of art. Eugene took his clippers and before fitting a comb, asked Tania how short she wanted the remaining hair. Once off the chair, Sue hastily retrieved her pants and panties, pulling them up quickly as Tania, who had remained naked from the waist down while Sue was trimmed, dressed herself slowly and carefully with many looks at Eugene and his obviously hard cock. Once again she gave Eugene a hug then they went out the door into the reception area, where Tania made a booking for a trim and shave for a week's time.

Mixed Emotions Ch. 01

bdsm Scorpius1945 2018-11-07

Marcie turned on the radio to a station playing romantic music and let her mind drift back to the early days, when she and Greg couldn't get enough loving, when they had to sneak away from their parents to be together, all the excuses for mussed up hair and grass stains on her dresses, the feel of his enormous-seeming cock sliding into her tight cunt, stimulating every nerve along the way, and finally bringing her to a shattering orgasm. "So what about bringing other people into our relationship, like a threesome or something?" asked Greg, thinking of the barmaid again. The thought of this started to turn Greg on, obvious to Marcie from the engorgement of his cock.

Impregnation Cruise Ch. 02: Coco Island

fetish Scorpius1945 2018-11-07

I felt myself responding, my body climbing towards its release as Doug's thumb caressed my clit while he moved inside me, sitting back on his heels, watching my breasts wobble back and forth in time with the movement. The eroticism of the scene was all it took to push us over the edge and within a few seconds we both came hard, Doug squirting his potent sperm inside me while I felt waves of orgasm pass through my whole being as Penny and Charles watched. I know the orgasm I had with Doug was nothing like the earth shattering one I had this morning with Charles, but at least it was better than the one I had last night and I felt pleasantly relaxed - for the time being anyway.

The Mandy Chronicles Ch. 02

fetish Scorpius1945 2018-11-06

Stan walked around us a few times, feeling the tension in our flesh as it was squeezed outside the area covered by the corset, then he cupped my bare pussy, running his finger between my lips and spreading my juices while he kissed and nibbled my breasts. It took very little time before we had spread a large foam pad on the ground and Stan was flat on his back, Gloria sitting on his face so he could use his mouth on her pussy while I sat impaled on Stan's huge cock, facing Gloria as we kissed and nibbled each other's breasts and nipples.

Sharleen's Sexual Adventures Ch. 01

first-time Scorpius1945 2018-11-04

You never seem to read about women who had no problems first time and for whom sex is wonderful and fulfilling, as it is for us." Jude slipped her hand onto Trevor's crotch and felt his semi-hard cock beneath his shorts. "You've got to be joking," he replied at last, "You mean you'd be OK with me making love with a virgin 18 year old girl, popping her cherry, having real live sex with her, cumming inside her, the whole works?" "Yes, I do take get that and I do thank you for volunteering and I know that after this incident we will still be the same people and love each other just as much." Jude wrapped her arms around Trevor and they kissed each other tenderly and lovingly.

Impregnation Cruise Ch. 03: Two Days at Sea

fetish Scorpius1945 2018-11-04

They wore jock straps and their cocks enclosed by these showed they were interested in what they saw, viz, two sexually aroused women with hard protruding nipples, pussies that were still shining with pussy juices that were still oozing out and faces that had that just fucked look despite them not having been fucked. I was impaled by his huge cock, my sopping pussy totally filled, the root pressing hard against my clit as I waited for the sensations that almost forced me to cum to abate. You'll not only live, but tomorrow morning when Charles fucks you and you cum massively, you'll feel wonderful." I hardly needed any foreplay; my pussy was already oozing girl juice just from the thought of being impregnated and the lack of orgasm after Penny's arousal was the icing on the cake.

Sharleen's Sexual Adventures Ch. 03

group Scorpius1945 2018-11-03

"Yes I have," replied Dale, remembering the time when she and Jude had made love while Trevor took Shar's virginity. Once they were both naked Dale turned until they lay head to toe, wriggled backwards until her mouth was over Shar's neatly trimmed pussy and began licking and sucking her pussy lips, spreading them apart with her tongue and fingers so she could lick the length of her slippery trench. Dale pushed forwards with her hips, thrusting the dildo into Shar about half way, watching her daughter's face as her mouth formed a silent 'O' as she felt the intruder inside her. Dale lay on the bed and Shar wasted no time in positioning herself between her mom's legs, inserting the dildo then pushing gently but firmly inside until she felt it reach the end.


The Ellie-Mae Chronicles Ch. 01

bdsm Scorpius1945 2018-11-02

They came in and sat in the lounge while Sue and I talked of old times, causing considerable embarrassment to Ellie-Mae by the look of her uncomfortable wriggling, blushing and apparent inability to meet my eyes. Well done, Ellie-Mae," I again complimented her as I walked around her, examining the ass that I was soon to cane, then coming around the front, crouching to examine her pussy in greater detail, noting that she had obviously been waxed, leaving a small tuft of hair, trimmed evenly to about half an inch in length, an inch above her clit. "Oooowwwww!" yelled Ellie-Mae, trying to stand up and rubbing her hands across her ass cheeks, massaging the sting away from the slight white indentation in her skin, an indentation which was rapidly changing to bright red.

Mating Rituals Ch. 08

bdsm Scorpius1945 2018-10-31

"Well, there was a time a few weeks ago that I wasn't able to ask Frank about," Karen stopped and turned to Cherie. "That sounds like fun," said Frank, "Maybe I should go first, which would give Karen permission to confess second. They all stared at Al with mixed thoughts, Karen wanting Al's huge cock in her as soon as possible, Frank wanting to fuck Cherie once again and hoping this was an opportunity. He then asked Al and Cherie to tie Karen face up to the padded table, explaining how he wanted her laid out. Cherie and Al did as Karen asked, then Frank used the same cane as Karen had and administered ten strokes across her ass cheeks, leaving ten bloodless red lines.

Impregnation Cruise Ch. 01: Departure

fetish Scorpius1945 2018-10-31

I went to my room, closed my door quietly, took my G string panties off, pulled up my skirt and fingered my pussy, feeling the sexy sensations coursing through my body as I gently rubbed my clit and inserted three fingers in my cunt. After the first, I collected my vibrator from the drawer and used that to bring myself off twice more, imagining that it was a gorgeous guy's cock forcing its way inside me as the ship rolled slowly and gently, moving our bodies against each other. The feeling of his hot injection pushed me once again over the edge and I came, not mind-blowingly like the previous one, one a day is enough of those, but gently, sweetly, tenderly as we moved together as one, satisfying each other as only true lovers can.

Impregnation Cruise Ch. 05: Guadeloup, St. Maarten, Home

fetish Scorpius1945 2018-10-30

I've had lots of fun, had a really sexy trip, found you, made love with you thousands of times, had sex with many other random men and some women, but really, as I said, the place I long to be is in your arms forever. "Well, I think Cherie and I will go ashore and see if we can find a nice ring that will suit the third finger of her left hand," said Charles, interrupting my thoughts. "Yes, definitely," I said, "After all, I hope I'm pregnant and when I'm huge I guess I won't feel like sex a great deal so Charles will have to make love with you to get his rocks off.

Impregnation Cruise Ch. 04: St. Barth and Disco Night

fetish Scorpius1945 2018-10-30

Charles sat between Penny and I and within a few seconds we both felt one of Charles' hands on our pussies, caressing us gently, easily visible through the clear water though distorted by the surface ripples. Charles tilted his head back against the pool edge and closed his eyes as he absorbed the stimulation, his hand gently stroking my pussy and his fingers insinuating themselves between my lips. I found myself panting, my hips thrusting, spikes of pleasure shooting from my nipples as Charles and Penny squeezed them hard, sending bolts of electricity directly to my clit and with a scream I came hard, writhing on the bed between their bodies as I surrendered to wave after wave of incredible sensation that annihilated me completely.

Holiday Loving Ch. 03

bdsm Scorpius1945 2018-10-29

Erica has been caught having sex with one of Mistress Tracy's slaves without permission and must be punished, as, of course, must the male slave, but that is for later. "Are you ready, slave Erica," asked Mistress Tracy. She swished the cane in the air a few times, then applied the first stroke to Erica's naked ass cheeks. "So, you think you can have sex with a slave whenever you want to, do you?" asked Mistress Angelique. Mistress Tracy was handed a flogger and swung it in the air a few times then brought it down hard on the end of the bolster, making a satisfying thump.

Road Trip Ch. 05

bdsm Scorpius1945 2018-01-08

She agreed willingly, so I sat on the bed and watched these two gorgeous women, one sporting rapidly fading cane marks, listening as Lex told Celeste the finer points about selecting a corset, the various types that she had, and explained how they were fitted and gradually tightened to constrict the waist, a process which usually required the internal movement of some body organs and most often restricted the wearer's ability to breath, which was why Victorian women would often swoon when they were in a tense situation or when they made love; it wasn't the sensations that caused it, simply the lack of oxygen. It took only a few moments before she began trembling and shaking, humping her hips against the bench as Lex moved the vibrator back and forth inside her, then with a scream she tensed as she came hard, releasing all her tension and pain in one mighty orgasm which left her panting and limp a few moments later.