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Wet Heat

mastrubation Sensei 2018-06-27

On days like today, sweating did no good at all, since there was no room in the air for any of it to evaporate away. She closed her eyes and moved the cube down below her ear, tracing down the cords in her neck. The heat of her body and the room made the cube melt faster, making the coldness drip down her neck, fading as it did, mixing with her sweat, making her drip all the more. At that point, she threw away the tiny remnant of the ice cube she had been teasing her breast with and used her fingers to pinch her nipple through her bra - first one, then the other.

The Training of Lucy, part 4

bdsm Sensei 2018-06-23

It took only a minute before how good the hand felt on her pussy started to override the feeling of the monster up her ass. Lucy smiled when she heard that and replied, "Thank you, Sir. That sounds liked fun!" After that, Lucy spent some time exploring the music store, while Sean went back to his laptop. But as the waiter was walking away, Sean said, "I think you'll really like what I've selected for you." He moaned and started to pant, "Oh yes, Lucy, suck it, oh my God..." He put his hands on her head, tangling her hair in his fingers, and she wrapped her tongue around the head of his cock and he tensed up and groaned and his cock exploded in her mouth.

Objet d'Art

bdsm Sensei 2018-06-22

Nora nodded and looked down at the box while Master bent over and flipped open a series of catches on the lid and removed it. He stood up and spoke again, "Just one more detail." He walked away and came back after a moment with a small metal orb attached to a wire and a box. Bob, Gary and Master carefully lifted the glass off the top of the box and walked it out of the way. Nora's hands were still pinned to her hips and her ankles were still in the spreader bar, so she was still fairly helpless as she took pleasure from the two other women and gave it back to her Master.

Up On A Pedestal

bdsm Sensei 2018-06-20

It's very humiliating, but at the same time I know it makes Daddy happy, and somehow the humiliation makes my girly bits get all tingly and wet. I can't help but try and slowly pull my panties down and step out of them, bringing them in front of my privates as I straighten up, hoping to get from them one last moment of seclusion from Daddy's view. I turn around and bend at the waist, placing my hands on the pedestal not far from where I was standing moments before. I feel his entire body turn rigid and start to tremble just a little bit before his cock jerks once and his hot come squirts out into my mouth.

The Training of Lucy, epilogue

bdsm Sensei 2018-06-19

She stood up and went to the espresso machine and started making Sean a cafe latte as she heard him start up the shower. "This looks wonderful, as usual." He took a sip of the latte and added, "And I don't think I've ever had a better latte before, Lucy." "I am going to try to come home a little early from work today, Lucy. Before he left, he stood with her in the doorway and took her in her arms and kissed her hungrily, like had nearly every day since the first time he touched her. He finally broke away and said, "Have a nice day, Lucy." Lucy was just finishing the laundry when Sean's text message came in.

82% d s

A Wedding Present

bdsm Sensei 2018-06-19

After a few minutes, Dave walked behind Ashley's back and pulled the knot free on her bikini top as well and went back to the chest to find another blindfold. Rebecca lowered her mouth down, blocking Dave's view, but a moment later, he saw Ashley throw her head backwards and shout out, "Oh god..." while her limbs strained at their bondage. Finally, he walked back to the end by Ashley's head and himself pulled the strings of Rebecca's bikini bottom. Ashley looked for a moment like she was going to say something, but Rebecca reached up with her lips and they began to kiss each other as he asked.

The Training of Lucy, part 5

bdsm Sensei 2018-06-17

They showered and Sean got dressed while Lucy went to the kitchen to start breakfast. To Lucy, it seemed like Sean was going particularly easy on her - probably because it was her first time. Sean opened the duffel bag and took his trunks and one of the locks and headed towards the men's locker room, pointing out the ladies' as he went. Lucy followed as Sean went over to the pile of fresh towels and got one for each of them. Sean just smiled in response and took Lucy's hand and kissed it. He patted her ass cheeks with the paddle and Lucy closed her eyes and moaned - she knew what was coming.

Rip Roaring Rapid Ride

mastrubation Sensei 2018-06-14

He gave her a quick smile while he retrieved a rubber raft from the conveyer and tossed it at the entrance to the ride. Quickly, her finger darted for her pussy as the raft started to accelerate inside the darkness. The raft was picking up speed and tossing her unpredictably left and right in the darkness. She couldn't hear herself, but she knew she was moaning and panting, and without warning, her mind exploded as the raft bucked once and lurched into the daylight and into the air and landed with a tremendous splash in the receiving pool at the end of the ride, drenching her with water.

The Training of Lucy, part 2

bdsm Sensei 2018-06-13

Sean was headed for the bedroom, Lucy following behind - her hands resolutely held behind her back. Then, Sean started using his hands to push her head down over his cock, forcing her to take more of him in her mouth and into her throat. Finally she could feel him moving between her legs and she felt his breath on her inner thigh and then his tongue as it ran all the way up the length of her pussy, from her sopping hole to her hard clit. She scrubbed all the way down to the base of his cock and then took it in her hand and looked back up at Sean's face for...

Cog in the Machine

bdsm Sensei 2018-06-13

She struggled against her bondage, but the machine held her perfectly in place as the drum moved downwards, spreading the pain over the entire surface of her bottom - even between the cheeks (which were spread wide in any event). When the pain reached the top of the thigh cuffs, the drum moved away, stopping the pain as suddenly as it started, allowing her a moment to regain her breath. By the time the drum moved away, her eyes were filled with tears and her breathing wracked with sobs. The machine released the vacuum on her breasts suddenly, and she felt her knees being drawn forward, forcing her bottom to rise up.

Don't Move

bdsm Sensei 2018-06-11

Nora stood in the middle of the living room, tears streaming down her face, her hands behind her head with her fingers laced. She wanted to rub the dozen fresh welts that Master had just created on her ass with the delrin cane - anything to either sooth the fire in her ass or the somewhat different fire smoldering just a few inches away from it, but she dared not move her hands. She kept her eyes facing forward as he continued, "So now your actual punishment begins, Nora. He said, simply, "Alright, Nora." He knelt beside her and very slowly and carefully helped her shift her posture so she first was kneeling with her ankles on the ground, and then eased her down on her side onto a sheepskin rug.

When She Was Bad

bdsm Sensei 2018-06-11

Nora's tongue swirled around the head of Master's very hard cock while her hand stroked the shaft slowly. She felt him move away from her head and felt him pry her ass cheek open and his finger smeared something slick on her asshole. She then felt his hands working on the back of the strap attached to the bit gag and then felt her head being tugged backwards by the gag. It didn't take her long to realize that he had attached the chain between the hook up her ass and the gag tied around her head. Seemingly every time her head moved even a little, she felt the hook move in her ass.

Playing It Forward

bdsm Sensei 2018-06-11

In the first room, a naked woman was on her hands and knees, head reaching up to suck the cock of the man standing above her, a multi-tailed whip in his hands, her back covered with angry red stripes. Nora turned around and felt his hands work the knotted strings holding the corset tight. "Let's start with a traditional warm-up, Nora." He quickly took a step behind her and pushed her down over the table. She picked her head up and began to turn it, but then she heard Master's voice say, "No, Nora. Master stood and walked to the corner of the room, returning with Nora's terrycloth bathrobe.

Timing Is Everything

bdsm Sensei 2018-06-07

Nora was nude, lounging lazily on the plush rug in front of Master's easy chair, her head supported by two enormous pillows. She moved her left hand backwards towards the entrance to her hot, wet hole and dipped her index finger inside while her right fingertips continued to rub the front of her pussy. Master took up a position to her side and tapped her ass with the cane and then quickly let loose with a hard stroke right at the bottom of her ass. She relaxed almost immediately, knowing her ordeal was over, and continued to sob quietly, her tears falling into the cushion of his chair, near her hands.

The Training of Lucy

bdsm Sensei 2018-06-07

She heard him take step and felt his hand run brush her right cheek and reach behind her head and his fingers run through her hair. After a moment, he moved his hand and turned away, speaking as he did. "Now, I'm going to acquaint you with the rest of the house. Sean looked behind Lucy at a clock on a bedside table, and then said, "It's about dinner time. He reached behind her head and took her hands down and moved them down, saying, "It's alright, come here." She embraced him tightly and pressed her face into his shoulder and cried again. He held her for a few minutes and she finally lifted her head and said, "I'm sorry, Sir."

The Training of Lucy, part 3

bdsm Sensei 2018-06-06

She couldn't quite process things at first, but Sean started pumping his cock in and out of her pussy and spoke in a husky, intense voice. As Lucy didn't need to do that, Sean told her to head to the kitchen and make breakfast. She blushed a bit and put her hands behind her back, feeling quite self-conscious as she did so - and started to walk towards Sean, but he stopped her. Next, they went to a casual clothing store and Sean let her pick out several blouses she liked, along with several skirts, and a couple pairs of pants (he explained that he preferred her in skirts or dresses, but pants were going to be necessary on occasion for workouts or the like).

The Training of Lucy, prologue

bdsm Sensei 2018-06-05

When she straightened her shoulders she couldn't help feeling like she was pushing her breasts straight out. It wasn't long before her right hand drifted down to her sex. He then reached back into the bag and pulled out what looked like a leather exercise belt of some sort. She brought her right hand down between her legs, and automatically, her left hand started to move towards her breast, but only about an inch before the cuff reminded her that that wasn't an option. After a moment, he reached over to the table and pushed the button on the little box and her restraints clicked open.

Early Rising

bdsm Sensei 2018-06-05

She started stroking the base of his cock slowly while she worked the head with her mouth. She kept this up for a bit, but then suddenly felt his hands pushing her head down over his cock. He placed his head between her thighs and began running his tongue just inside of her slit, barely touching her clit at the top end and her wet hole at the bottom. After a couple minutes of slow licking, he began to give serious attention to her clit again and she started coming. He pushed his cock into her pussy as she was finishing her second orgasm. He closed his eyes and tensed up and grunted deep in his throat as his cock pulsed again.

The Auction, part 2

bdsm Sensei 2018-06-01

Nora heard Jennifer's voice from behind her as Richard continued to thrust in and out of her ass, "Look at that handprint, Honey. Richard said simply, "Here we go," and without any further ado, brought his hand fully back in a huge arc and lashed the strap across the very middle of Jennifer's ass cheeks. Richard kept the strap moving quickly - a stroke at least every second, while Jennifer's muted, but heaving sobs and screams emerged from behind her gag. Master looked back at Nora, who was just finishing tying her bikini bottoms, and Richard turned to escort them to the door.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Horny

bdsm Sensei 2018-05-30

She got out of the pool and walked over to a chaise lounger by the side of the pool, dried her hands and quickly tore into the bag and opened the note. He smiled, and said, "Adults are 5." She reached down for her purse and pulled out a 5 bill and handed it to him, and added, "Say, this is going to sound weird, but I have this puzzle I have to solve..." She noticed that he was staring at her tits rather than listening to her. "You must tell your husband to be more careful." Nora smiled and took the envelope and the suit jacket and went back to the car.

The Auction, part 1

bdsm Sensei 2018-05-29

Nora followed Master as he walked towards, and then through, the stage door. She then turned back to the woman with the clipboard, who turned to Nora and said simply, "Follow me." The woman positioned Nora just so and reached over to the side for a small jar of lube and squirted a little onto the tip of the metal phallus. The woman who had brought Nora said to her, "It's your turn. Nora gulped and turned towards the bright lights and began to walk. She turned her head back as she walked and saw a tall, African-American woman stride out onstage towards the mark that Nora had just left. The man reached into each box and pulled out two small black items and handed them to Nora saying simply, "Put these on.

When She Was Good

bdsm Sensei 2018-05-29

He walked over to her and placed a hand on her head and gently directed it upwards to look into his eyes. He broke away from her kiss but she kept her eyes closed, her head tilted back and half-moaned, half spoke, "Oh, please, Master." As it got closer, she felt his thumb come to rest right on her asshole while the rest of his hand ran straight down her vulva, his index finger ending right at her clit. As she got close, this time he pulled the thumb away from her asshole and placed two fingers on her clit and flicked it as fast as he could, pushing her closer and closer to the edge.

Lap Dance

bdsm Sensei 2018-05-27

She bit her lip and in a very small voice said, "Yes, sir." I'm going to try to make you come, Nora." He tugged her hair particularly hard and continued, "But I don't want you to come until I say you can. He hadn't stopped running his hand along her pussy lips while he was talking, almost as if he was trying to distract her from what he was saying. He pulled his finger out of her slit and started rubbing her whole pussy with his hand, massaging it. She pulled her head against the grip he had on her hair, trying to make the pain distract her from her insistent pussy.

The Training of Lucy, part 6

bdsm Sensei 2018-05-25

Lucy smiled and said, "Just something I'm throwing together." As with breakfast, Lucy waited to see Sean's reaction before starting to eat herself. They finished dinner and Sean went into the living room, sat on the sofa and sat Lucy down beside him. "Good night, Sir," she said and opened the door and walked out into the night. She stopped and pondered that. She never spent time nude in her apartment other than getting in or out of the shower. Sean wasn't here. She was taking her clothes off because she knew it was what Sean would want. She turned around, looked at all of the things in the room, and started to think of the best ways to get rid of them.

82% d s

Stolen Pleasure

bdsm Sensei 2018-05-23

She felt the tawse rest on her pussy, and then a moment later, felt an explosion of searing pain and screamed. He gave her two more strokes on her inner thighs before returning to her pussy for another half dozen painful strokes. She blinked the tears away from her eyes and looked up to see him standing above her, his arms folded, still holding the tawse. She opened her eyes just in time to see his right hand pull the tawse back and then fly downward, wrapping around the bottom of her left breast. She kept her thighs parted while her hands gently explored the painful stripes on her crotch and under her breasts.

When Nora Met Master

bdsm Sensei 2018-05-23

He reached down and took her wrists and folded them behind her back, "This is where I want your hands to be when I haven't told you otherwise, Nora. She wrapped her hands around the base and stroked it gingerly, then opened her lips and took the head of his cock into her mouth and wrapped her tongue lovingly around it. He climbed up on the bed again between her legs as he did before, but this time didn't stop when his head was level with her crotch, but instead continued, bringing his hard cock upwards to meet her sex. As he maneuvered his cock into place, he reached his hand behind her head and took hold of her hair again.