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bdsm ShadowWhisper 2018-05-27

She feels a hand laying on the fabric strip and knows that this is not going to be pleasant, but she remembers the command on the card and balls her hands into fists, squeezing her eyes tight shut as the rip comes, her gentlest flesh feeling like it's being torn from her body, her scream bottled in her chest as tears begin to well in her eyes. True to instruction, the hairdresser, manicurist and make up artist all arrived in turn, each tending to her, dressing her hair perfectly, filing and painting finger and toe nails to glorious effect and skillfully applying make up so that when they left and Sara looked in the mirror she didn't recognize this graceful beauty that looked back at her.

The Born Sub

fetish ShadowWhisper 2018-01-15

"No, Mistress, but I know I don't want anyone else." She stood up, turned on one elegant, black, patent heel and strolled away from him, her dress brushing against him as she moved, her perfume seducing him, hypnotizing him, tearing his soul from his body and possessing him. With no further ado she walked round him and left the room, one man opening a door to one side for her to pass through whilst another presented Michael with a piece of paper on a silver tray. The man smiled back in complete understanding and extended his arm for Michael to walk away from his name, from his past and from his ability to resist; into his new life.