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Free erotic stories by Sicarium on AdultRead

The Mystery Woman

group Sicarium 2018-12-02

With two hands, I pull your lips to my cock and slide into your mouth until I'm pressing into your throat and you suck hard. With my hands on your hips, I slowly pull my dick from your pussy, enjoying the sensation of feeling every inch of you. Finally, after an agonizingly slow moment, my dick completely fills your ass and my balls come to rest against your wet pussy. My hands on your hips, her lips on your nipples, my dick slowly pulling out of your ass. The mystery woman finds your pussy with her hand as I begin to slowly force my way back into your ass.

Hot Tub Fantasy

group Sicarium 2018-11-25

My free hand reaches for your chin and I turn you to face me, “Do you know what I want right now?” I’m sorry, baby, but sitting there with you so close to me...fuck, you make me so damned horny. I pull you up and into my lap as she backs away, “I need my dick inside you.” You reach for me, taking me in your hand, guiding me in. I take you in my arms and whisper in your ear, “I’m going to fuck your ass.” I turn you around and push you down onto the edge of the hot tub. I’m fucking your ass with everything I have, her fingers are in your cunt, her other hand on my chest, her lips on my nipple.

Domination Fantasy Explored, Part 3

bdsm Sicarium 2018-11-21

My hands instantly return to your breasts, my hard dick nestled again against your ass, my friend gawking at you while he shifts in his seat. You begin working his dick over, using your mouth as a pussy to fuck him. You reach between the two of you, take hold of his rock hard dick, and place it just inside your soaking pussy. I take yours hips in my hands and hold you in place as I withdraw from you until the head of my dick is stretching your opening again. My dick in your ass, your fingers on your clit, one of my hands in your hip, the other manhandling your's all to much for you and cry out as your body is rocked again by an orgasm.

Bath Tub Fantasy

anal Sicarium 2018-11-21

I push you away and my lips quickly find your nipple as my hands slide to the inside of your thighs. I pull your legs further apart and my dick slides in between your pussy lips. You remove your hand and I pick up the momentum, easing my way forward until I’m buried inside you. I reach forward and take hold of your hair as I pull my dick out of your cunt until only the head remains inside of you. With my thumb still in your ass, I line my hard cock up with your pussy and slowly enter you. I’m going to cum in your ass.” It’s my last thought.

Domination Fantasy Explored, Part 2

bdsm Sicarium 2018-11-19

I watch your silhouette through the shower curtain as you wash the physical evidence of getting royally fucked off of your sexy body. Your grin only gets bigger as you run a finger from my chest to my groin and tease, “But you told me to only wear panties and my heels. “You look sexy as hell,” I tell you before wrapping my arm around you and lean in for a kiss. Your eyes never leave my hand as I pull my rock hard dick out of my pants. You cover your mouth with your hand as you thrust down onto my knuckles one more time. I can't help but follow your release as I shoot my load underneath the table, covering your hand with my cum.

Domination Fantasy Explored, Part 1

bdsm Sicarium 2018-11-06

You begin milking my semi-hard dick as your ass moves up and down to the clenching of your pussy. "What are you and what do you want?" I ask one more time, this time withdrawing my hard dick from your pussy, until only the tip is still inside you. You're so fucking tight, but I keep going, desperate to get all of my dick in your ass. My dick is buried in your ass, your hands bound behind your back, your tits pressed into the coffee table, and I'm leaning over you. With one final lunge I bury myself for the last time in your ass as I push you into the coffee table.

Domination Fantasy Explored, Part 4

bdsm Sicarium 2018-10-31

I begin to slowly massage you as I ask, “What do you think I have in mind for tonight?” I want your body and mind stimulated beyond anything you've known before. “You're going to fuck my mouth while I'm tied to the bed.” I whisper into your ear so only you can hear, “I want to watch you, see you as you're getting fucked, hear you scream out from across the room. Suddenly, he quietly cries out, “Oh fuck, yes.” He thrusts forward one more time and holds himself there, his entire body stiffening. He's staring down at you, taking in your completely exposed body, his dick half hard.