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Free erotic stories by SirNathan on AdultRead

Dominique Ch. 03

bdsm SirNathan 2018-12-04

Even shocked by how intense my feelings have suddenly become." She turned in my arms, pressing her cheek to my chest and whispering, "This girl doesn't want to get ahead of herself, Sir. She just wants you to know she feels like she would do anything for you. When I returned to Dominique, I smoothed over her heart-shaped ass with my free hand and she moaned in pleasure. Sliding my fingers out of her, I leaned into her ear and whispered, "You are so fucking beautiful." Then I slowly slid the plug right up her ass. The words coming from Dominique's mouth as I fucked her with the butt plug took my breath away.

Culture Shock Ch. 14

bdsm SirNathan 2018-12-03

“I’m very glad you could make it,” Gary said as Elaine drew within speaking distance. Feeling a little like a princess, Elaine let Gary slide the chair under her. Gary looked questioningly at Elaine and she blushed, shaking her head. “I hope you drove carefully.” Elaine looked at Gary and immediately knew she’d made a mistake. Chelsea told Kendra that Elaine wanted them to go home. Elaine looked down and whispered, “Yes, Sir.” She didn’t mean to say it. Thank you, Sir. I mean Gary.” Elaine giggled. Chelsea made eyes and Kendra shook her hand like she’d burnt it. Elaine didn’t know what came over her, but she found enough courage to step closer and look up at him, their mouths inches apart.

Dominique Ch. 09

bdsm SirNathan 2018-12-01

The look on his face was of sheer determination, of such concentrated conviction, that I almost gasped as I drew breath. I realise that I too have been making decisions without discussing them with you. "Dominique," he said quietly, looking down on me and caressing my arm. Good girl." Chewing on my bottom lip, I glanced down at his hands. He was swishing his blonde horsehair whip back and forth in his right hand. I bit my lip harder. "Ohhhh!" That was harder! "Ohhhh!" I chewed my lip harder, determined to look him in the eye. Swish FAP!!! Swish FAP!!! Swish FAP!!! Swish FAP!!! Swish FAP!!! Swish FAP!!! Swish FAP!!! Swish FAP!!! Swish FAP!!! Swish FAP!!! I wished I could paint. I would have painted him.

Culture Shock Ch. 13

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-30

Elaine didn’t feel like sharing Gary with Chelsea, at least not while she was in a teasing mood. He owns a business and he’s doing okay.” Elaine wasn’t sure whether she was prepared to show Gary’s picture to Chelsea. “Cool,” said Chelsea, picking up her own coffee and following Elaine down to her bedroom. When they were settled again, Chelsea said, “Well, if you don’t want to meet him, I will. “Well,” said Elaine, figuring Chelsea would tell Kendra anyway. “It’s not a date,” Elaine said, as she heard Chelsea dump the groceries in the entranceway and walk down the hall. “Let’s do a shot,” said Kendra, jumping to her feet as Elaine entered the living room, joining her roommates.

You Want Me to Call You, What? Ch. 01

fetish SirNathan 2018-11-30

I said I liked him and wanted to get to know him better. But like I said, I was shallow back then, and after a week of shit from my friends about Stephen's wrinkles and receding hairline, I'd started to wonder myself. I want to be your baby girl, your innocent, nasty little plaything, Daddy. Stephen tut-tutted before saying, "Daddy's little girl sure is excited. "Don't think for a minute that you can just walk around here pulling on your nipples or showing off your vagina any time you like, young lady. By the time I kneeled by the side of the bed, looking up at him and feeling goose bumps breaking out all over my skin, I felt like I'd run a mile.

Culture Shock Ch. 21

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-29

  It was only a picture of my dog!’   At the same time Chelsea started cackling like a madwoman, asking, ‘You have a picture of your dog?’   Elaine laughed too when Kendra said, ‘Not any more!’ “I know what I’m hungry for,” said Chelsea, waiting for Elaine and Kendra to look before moaning and obscenely sucking her index finger as it plunged in and out of her mouth.   In between mouthfuls, Elaine gathered that Kendra and Chelsea were going out but weren’t planning to stay out late, as they wanted to make sure they weren’t wrecked for Kendra’s first day at work. Twenty minutes later Chelsea and Kendra were heading down to meet the taxi they’d called, leaving Elaine all alone in the apartment with an hour and a half to kill before Gary arrived.

Den of Iniquity Ch. 10

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-29

Josephine and I thought it would look cool." Chantelle directed us to one of the two larger tables near to the stage and we began talking as the hall filled around us. Let's take a look!" Chantelle grabbed my other hand and I grinned at Annie, shrugging as I was dragged away. "Yes, Sir. I was interrupted from reading it by their return, but basically it says Josephine wants to get back at Sylvia and Chantelle for rejecting her. Paddle the girl!" Chantelle was smirking and I looked around and saw Mike and his wife, as well as Georgia and a few of the lawyers and their wives all urging me to, "Do it!

Den of Iniquity Ch. 01

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-29

My name, Roger Moore, had of course drawn all the logical and tittering jokes and asides one gets with the name of a celebrity, and being a lowly article clerk, Sylvia Harper took great delight in making fun of me at every opportunity. Sylvia, Annie and Georgia were standing right by the cooler, discussing the options for a big party to celebrate landing the very account I had worked so hard on. I spent the next couple of hours becoming more and more desperate as I worked my way through the phone book listings of conference venues, halls and was calling numbers under "Clubs" when one of the listings caught my eye, and my imagination. "Good looking man like yourself should be getting what he wants Roger, not slowly dying of old age at...

82% bdsm

Den of Iniquity Ch. 03

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-28

"Yes, I'm sure you are," said Claudio, "but keep in mind Roger, Chantelle and I enjoy 'the floor', and you might find quite a few questions answered if you 'let us go'." Good dominants make things happen," said Chantelle, "Claudio and I have been in the lifestyle a long time now. "Okay, so in a sense a dominant/submissive relationship is much like a vanilla one, normal day to day problems etc., dealt with on an ad hoc basis," they were both nodding, "with basic rules of honesty and integrity working on both sides." Chantelle smiled at Claudio then looked at me, "You are quite perceptive aren't you Roger." I grinned.

Den of Iniquity Ch. 11 (final)

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-28

Once I pulled the heavy salon doors closed, Annie hugged my arm tightly and we took our places in Chantelle's audience. "Yes, Sir!" Her hands came up to her breasts and she stood there looking gorgeous in her little red silk dress with the black lace trim, pinching her hard nipples right through it. I kept pumping the levers with a big grin on my face as people on the dance floor started clapping and turning towards the stage and pointing, open-mouthed. She blew me a kiss and kept dancing away while turning her eyes back to join the rest of the crowd watching Annie. With her mouth open, Annie dropped her head, no doubt to hide her blushing pleasure, but I raised it with the tip of the crop gently under her chin.

Culture Shock Ch. 15

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-28

“You guys,” Elaine said, shaking her head. It’s not like you get dates all the time,” said Kendra, stating the obvious. “Don’t you have dates all this week?” asked Elaine, winking at Chelsea. “I’m going to talk to him online tonight,” replied Elaine. Chelsea was watching Elaine carefully as she said, “I don’t think this is the kind of thing where that makes much difference.” “You tell us, Elaine.” Chelsea was staring, like she already knew the answer. “I’ll stand my ground,” said Elaine, meeting Chelsea’s gaze. “Thanks,” said Elaine, glancing at Kendra. Elaine didn’t think Kendra had ever called her that before. “I can hardly wait, Sir.” Elaine sent back a big toothy one.

Den of Iniquity Ch. 04

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-28

Seconds went in slow motion as I assessed the panicked look in his eye, and the shiny silver magnum he held in his huge black hands. I slid my arms around her as she sat upright and looked first at Chantelle, who smiled, then at me. Chantelle and I stood side by side watching and I felt her hand slide into mine as Gloria writhed and came as she was tattooed. She sat her drink down on the table beside her and put her hand on my leg, turning towards me and looking into my eyes. Chantelle's hand slid from my thigh as I stood up quickly and paced across the small room. Chantelle finished the drink in her hand, and stood and turned to the wall.

Culture Shock Ch. 10

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-27

Jeez Elaine, if you need to see my cunt so bad, you can ask anytime, you know.” Kendra winked, gripping the hem of her short skirt, slowly lifting it up her thighs. Elaine really didn’t want to know, but she couldn’t help touching herself to see. “That was awesome!” said a grinning Chelsea, as Elaine joined the girls in the living room, picking up a piece of pizza. Admitting there was a hell of a lot she didn’t know, Elaine promised herself to read a little every day. After grabbing a fresh cup of coffee, Elaine opened Castlerealm intent on honouring the promise she’d made to do some reading.

Dominique Ch. 07

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-27

To be truthful, after the first time, I found the idea very exciting and looked forward to Paul breaking the monotony during Andrew's occasional absences. But then I was thinking I'd love to see the look on Lydia's face when I kneeled in front of you!" Or in front of Paul! Paul pulled Andrew aside like they were talking business or something. Glancing at me and winking before turning back to Lydia, Andrew replied, "You are welcome to the best my house has to offer, Lydia." Oh my God, I thought. I thought I'd be cute and nonchalant, so I hung my balls off the end of my finger, putting my other hand on my hip and thrusting provocatively at Andrew.

Dominique Ch. 02

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-26

"Yes, Sir. Thank you for telling this girl, Sir," she said, her hands trembling. Shaking the image from my head, I walked toward what looked like a large desk with straps emerging from its surface, and placed my hand upon it, feeling its leather surface. I looked up into her eyes and said, "Hands behind your head, elbows out." Nodding her head slowly, she did so, intently watching me. Fitting it into her mouth and buckling it behind her head, she suddenly looked a little frightened, no doubt wondering why I would want her gagged. Dominique's head fell back, eyes closed and mouth open as she began to tremble in my hands.

Culture Shock Ch. 16

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-25

“You too.” Elaine wanted to send a blushing face, but she stopped herself. She thought about his question for a moment then typed, “I just meant that I don’t see myself as a hunter of men or a gatherer of experiences like most other girls. “In addition to telling me about your day and about your thoughts, I’d like you to answer a question, this time without doing any research. “Yes, Sir.” With her breathing shallow and her hands trembling, Elaine waited for Gary to return. Okay so I’m going to send you the address of a website with a list of about a hundred examples of humiliation play, and I’d like you to rate them as you did with your checklist.

Shadow of a Doubt Ch. 10 (final)

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-25

"It's too big, oooohhhh-" Johan gripped my head in his hands and my fearful moan was silenced as he shoved his cock back into my mouth. Johan pulled his slick cock from my mouth and started slapping my face with it, this time not as hard. Steve announced he was going to cum in my face, and like the good slut I was, I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. "More!" "Dirty little whore," said Johan, stroking his cock and pushing the head of it into my cheek. A throbbing cock head was pushed into my mouth and immediately pulsed a blob of hot cum right onto my tongue.

Culture Shock Ch. 23 (final)

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-23

  Relax.”   Turning his hand over and brushing her cheek with the back of his fingers, he said, “We’ll enjoy a nice meal, then I’ll take you away from here and do nasty things to you.”     He wiggled his eyebrows and Elaine giggled.   Being unsure of yourself is normal.”   Without a thought, Elaine responded, “When I’m with you, I know who I am.”   Gary’s warm hand held the side of Elaine’s face, his thumb making small circles on her cheekbone.   “Did Mademoiselle enjoy her Salade L’épinards avec Vinaigrette de Framboise?”   Gary leaned into her ear and whispered, “The salad.”   Elaine wanted to giggle as she thought, ‘Spanking to salad in four-point-two seconds!’   “Oh, yes.

Shadow of a Doubt Ch. 02

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-23

Of course Johan loves how hot and wet I get, and he likes making me clean myself with my fingers and my mouth. The thought of finding myself exposed in front of a group of people, their eyes devouring me, their cocks getting hard and their pussies getting wet, excites me a lot. I don't want to like it, I fight and try to stop it happening, but I am overwhelmed, and before long my body betrays me, and he knows it and despite myself, I can't help it and I cum and cum and cum. your wet pussy just cost you that dress you know..." He released my breast and I sighed with pained relief, before suddenly feeling his fingers gathering the material of my panties into his fist, then stretching them tight up my ass.

Culture Shock Ch. 03

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-23

  Maybe it was all in her head, but Elaine always felt like a burden when she went out with Kendra and Chelsea. Elaine swallowed, remembering how Kendra had stepped one leg out wide as she stood up from the kitchen table that morning. Looking at Elaine, who was blushing fiercely, Chelsea asked, “So you’re going to join us? You always are, aren’t you Elaine?” Kendra teased, glancing at Elaine’s nipples, made turgid by the rush of humiliation. “We’re deciding what we can wear for the rest of the week,” Kendra said, eying Elaine up and down. “You are in on the dare, right, Elaine?” Kendra asked, a glint in her eye.

Dominique Ch. 05

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-23

Dean came up behind her and for an instant I thought he was coming for me, but he began telling Gigi what a good girl she was and lifted her by the hips to her hands and knees. Dean started slapping Gigi on the ass so hard it left prints of his hands and it looked kind of cool with her tan lines. When Gigi finally stopped moaning and was breathing hard through her nose, Dean slapped her ass one more time, knocking her off balance and both of their half-hard cocks slipped from her. Moaning and half out of my mind, I turned my head each way a little and saw Andrew and Dean each spanking my ass and laughing.

Dominique Ch. 04

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-22

I was a pretty hyper person to begin with, and while I loved our home, sitting around all day with little to do and waiting for Andrew wasn't my idea of domestic bliss. And I hadn't been told I wasn't allowed, so I was passing the time after a long day at work, hoping for a phone call from him, just to hear his voice. "Andrew asked me to check on you and make sure you weren't getting up to no good," he said, giving me a wink. When Paul told me Andrew was coming home early, I started getting scared. He told me any time Paul felt I needed fucking or disciplining and he wasn't there, that Paul would provide it.

Den of Iniquity Ch. 09

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-22

I want you to always look at me like you did in the coffee shop, Sir." "Yes. I trust you to punish me no more nor less than I deserve, Sir." I slid my fingers from her hair and her body relaxed, though she was breathing hard. "I think it would probably look nicer, Sir," she said, her blush intensifying. Jonathan took Annie's coat, informing me, "Mistress would like to see you in the salon right away, Sir." A look of concern came over his face as he said, "I've been meaning to talk to you about Josephine, Roger." I rolled my eyes and Claudio pressed on. "Here you are, Sir," said Annie, handing me a drink with an umbrella in it.

Dominique Ch. 06

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-21

Now that I think about it, in the days after the weekend at Dean's, I can't remember how often I said words like, 'Dominique, come here, ' but it was a few. Even at my most feisty, even when an inappropriate thought is bubbling away barely in control, when I first feel that toy or his hand touching my skin or my hair, something happens and I slide into the place where I am me. When Andrew strikes my body, whether it be softly, medium or hard, every time it is measured to coincide with what I want or need at that particular moment. His warm hands spread my ass cheeks and I felt his breath as he examined my skin closely.

Shadow of a Doubt Ch. 06

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-20

"Man, you sure haven't gotten any smaller," Ernie said, smiling and shaking his head, looking Johan up and down. "I'll go turn on the music and spotlights." Ernie disappeared while Johan held me by the shoulders as I stood between his spread legs. That's beautiful, baby!" My eyes closed and I felt my hands open, palms caressing my ass through my skirt as they slid down, down, down over the backs of my thighs. I held the pose a moment because it just felt so fucking good with my hard little clit being crushed between my pubic bone and the shiny gold pole. Suddenly I was out from under the spotlights and I saw Johan sitting with Ernie and a beautiful dark-haired woman at the table right in front of the stage.

Be Mine

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-18

I slide my right hand around behind your head and into your hair, taking hold and separating out mouths. "Slide two fingers into yourself." You wet them in your mouth then reach between your legs and push them slowly inside. I groan, my toes curling, whispering, "God. I'm so hard." You hold me in your mouth and I groan again feeling your tongue dancing on the underside. Holding you close and limiting your movement, I close my eyes and savour the feel of your tongue and your sucking mouth. Holding your head still and rocking my hips back and forth, I gasp, "You have beautiful eyes." They smile up at me and I slide back and forth a little faster, fucking your mouth.

Spanking 101

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-18

“It should be said that such situations are much easier when you have a compliant submissive who, for some strange but delightful reason, actually likes getting spanked. “Now, you’ve actually convinced her you’re man enough by not whinging when she has second thoughts and instead you miraculously remember that this ISN’T a punishment. However, don’t forget to act surprised if after five or so smacks she actually begins heating up. “Okay, you’ve been going for five or ten minutes and now you can put the smacks a little closer together in time. Aftercare for that first gentle spanking includes lots of continued caressing and typical loving words such as, ‘Oh, my God, that was amazing’, and ‘We’ve gotta do this more often’, and ‘Christ, I’m hotter than a firecracker, lets fuck.’

Culture Shock Ch. 17

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-18

For a split second Elaine thought she looked like a younger, blonder version of her mother. Elaine added, “And Chelsea thinks it’s a bad idea.” Finally Kendra said, “You know, the best way to find out about a guy is to talk to his last girlfriend.” Apart from that, I’ll find out the bus schedule and I’ll get you guys to check up on me.” Elaine hadn’t shared The Code with Kendra the last time, so she explained it to her. I’ll see you later.” She looked like she wanted to ask something but was holding her tongue. Well, first you can tell me it’s okay if Chelsea asks a friend of hers from Allen Falls if she knows you.

Den of Iniquity Ch. 08

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-18

"Yes, Sir. All I know is, Sylvia said she had a meeting last night and was concerned about it and to call in the morning to check on her but she's not home and-" "I don't know why I told you that, Sir." Soon enough the towering spinnerets of St. Stephens blocked out the sun and I held Annie close to warm her as we walked. "The pleasure is all mine, Father, I assure you." He nodded with a funny look on his face, and I led Annie back down the steps, holding down the left button firmly. She bit her lip in the adorable way she did, looking like the cat that caught the canary, before whispering, "Drenched, Sir."

Dominique Ch. 08

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-17

Clasping my hands tightly behind my back to stop them shaking, I tried to slow my breathing while Andrew, Paul and Kate looked down on me. Paul thought I was absolutely right, and Kate made the point that I shouldn't back off now, not when it was clear that Dominique was expecting something 'special'. Walking slowly around her, I said, "With the acceptance of my collar, you chose to place the gift of your submission in my hands." I stopped in front of her and admired the form of her body as she kept her head bowed, arms straight up and steady. I was reaching my open mouth forward to catch the end of Paul's bobbing cock between my lips when my Master must have nodded to Kate.

Culture Shock Ch. 20

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-17

  ‘Was she truly submissive, or had she convinced herself of the ‘fact’?’   The concern was set to dog Elaine for the next twenty-four hours until she signed the contract. Elaine had a little smile at the corners of her mouth by the time Gary had finished. Elaine felt a rush of blood as she typed, “I know I’ve said it before, but I really can’t wait.”   Elaine wasn’t sure what to say, so she said what every frustrated young woman says. Elaine’s morning at work was dominated by thoughts of being tied down and gagged while Gary forced his enormous cock painfully up her ass. As soon as the old woman had said it, Elaine knew she was right.

Den of Iniquity Ch. 02

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-16

Her dark brown hair was up in a pony tail, and with a whip in her hand, Chantelle looked like a dream and a nightmare at the same time. Chantelle shook Claudio's hand across me, and she leaned into me as Josephine scooted backwards and stood also. I went to hang up my jacket but Josephine took it from me, and Chantelle asked if I wanted a drink. As my eyes adjusted I saw Josephine holding the drapes open, then take the tray from Chantelle's hands. Turning back to Josephine I said, "thank you for a truly beautiful serve Josephine, you have topped a wonderful evening." I glanced back at Chantelle who raised her glass to me and laughed.

Shadow of a Doubt Ch. 01

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-14

"It's all right." I fell asleep with the sweet feeling of his loving fingers running gently through my hair. All I knew was, I found myself thinking about having sex with Johan all the time. God, it made me so wet, but thanks to a friend, I squirmed out of his embrace and fled home into the arms of my husband who kindly fucked my ass off. He might think I'd gone too far, that I really wanted something like that to happen! When I thought he was done spanking me, he pushed me back down and pushed two fingers up my pussy, fucked me with them for a minute, then pushed them straight up my ass. His horny little slut girl who masturbates to her hot fantasies.

Culture Shock Ch. 22

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-14

  Before Elaine stepped two feet inside the door Chelsea raced past, handing her a glass of wine.   Someone yelled, ‘Five minutes!’ which was kind of funny because Elaine was sure Kendra and Chelsea didn’t have to be at work until seven.   Kendra smiled and picked them both up, quickly looking in the Victoria’s Secret one and saying, “Cool,” then passing it to Chelsea who also took a peek. “If he’s here already, I’ll open and close the curtains in that window, okay?” said Chelsea, pointing through the windscreen. Kendra said, “Okay.”   Twisting back the mirror, she turned and addressed Elaine directly.   Chelsea glided to the table and asked Gary if he’d like his wine opened, an aperitif before dinner, or to wait.

You Want Me to Call You, What? Ch. 02

fetish SirNathan 2018-11-13

"Don't think for a minute that I'm going to let you act like some kind of slut in my house, baby girl." Of course, none of these thoughts were going through my mind as Stephen's slick cock head settled on my tongue and I closed my mouth around it, sucking up every little pulse of precum as my fingers started fucking my horny pussy. In fact, as my now free hand settled over my clitty and started rubbing hard in time with his thrusts, I realised that the mood dictated that I be treated like a little horny whore, and the thought made me rub harder and harder. "Harder baby girl, show Daddy how hot you are, fuck that wet little cunt for me.

Shadow of a Doubt Ch. 09

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-12

The guys we are dancing with tell me how beautiful I am, how good I look and start playing with my butt, giving it squeezes and little slaps. He's a really big guy and he leans down and whispers in my ear, "You are such a hot little slut." He pulls me into him and slips his hand between my legs from behind. Guys cum all over me while Tina and Melissa slap my face and breasts and pinch my nipples, the whole time calling me names, scooping cum into my mouth and making me eat it. Suddenly Leah pulled her fingers from my mouth and took hold of my hair, making a fist and hoisting me to my feet.

Den of Iniquity Ch. 06

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-11

Where did Claudio fit into all this? But it fit so well. But then, why did Claudio have it? "Sometimes circumstances are at fault Roger. Just circumstances." "If it's a game or a scene where the Dominant only responds to the safe word, and ignores a protest of 'no' or 'stop', the safe words become incredibly important." It would definitely pay not to rush into anything. "The blood rushes to my head this way though, so don't keep me here too long." I slid my fingers into her short black hair, took a firm grip, and slowly raised her head. "Uhhhhhh..." "Ohh... Goddd... "Ohh Goddd... "Uhhhhhh," she protested.

Culture Shock Ch. 19

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-11

Elaine wasn’t sure, but she thought Kendra had kissed her because of ‘stress’ and ‘high emotion’. Or, I’m going crazy, Elaine thought, shaking her head. Elaine was dumbstruck by Chelsea’s comment about ‘lovebirds’, and as soon as the front door closed she turned to Kendra and blurted, “Did you tell her you kissed me?”   “You were mean to me!”   Another moment passed as they sipped their drinks and Elaine let Kendra decide where the conversation went. The wicked image of Kendra looking up at her from between her legs assaulted Elaine, almost making her gag on the wine she was sipping. “I’m sorry, Sir.”   Elaine chewed her lip some more as she watched Gary type.

Shadow of a Doubt Ch. 03

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-11

I'm not complaining! On the one hand, I'm excited by the prospect of a fantasy actually coming true. I mean, Godddd, when I think about it, I can feel myself getting wet, and my hands start to tremble! "Yeahhh..." I said quietly, "twenty points..." I stifled a giggle and almost snorted. that feels good baby," Johan whispered sleepily. "Awww," I complained. I pouted. I gotta take a leak." So he really did need to take a pee. I gotta go take a pee." "Awww..." "You really needed to go!" I pouted but I knew not to protest. Yesss..." I hissed. "Yesss..." I whispered hoarsely. I was so on edge. A true double-edged sword. "Let go of your nipple," he whispered, rubbing in the oil on my back.

Dominique Ch. 01

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-10

I didn't want to frighten her by coming right out and telling her I saw her at the munch, unless I thought it was absolutely necessary. I wasn't laying it on thick, I wasn't capable of that, but I thought I was making it obvious that I was available if he wanted to ask me out. She flirted with her eyes but kept her distance, like a puppy unsure of its new owner, wanting to please yet afraid of making a mistake. I trembled when he had placed his hand on my bare thigh and took my glass from me, gazing into my eyes. "Dominique, I want you to know that by entering my home you are passing over a threshold.

Culture Shock Ch. 11

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-10

I’m going to need Chelsea there, Elaine thought as she pulled her bright pink ‘Betty Boop’ t-shirt over her head. Elaine went back to stirring the three new cups she’d made as Kendra spoke to Chelsea, though much more softly. Kendra rolled her eyes and didn’t say a word, so Elaine looked at Chelsea. That she might choose to dress like this, somehow gave Elaine a sense of how Kendra might have felt, at least if what Chelsea had said was true. She’d already told Elaine and Chelsea that she wasn’t going to look like a complete idiot with her tits flopping all over the place while she scrambled down and back up the stairs.

Shadow of a Doubt Ch. 05

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-09

I want to see your ass." Surfer boy was catching on and I didn't think I could have felt more like a slut as I awkwardly turned around, bikini bottoms tight between my thighs. "Lenny and Aldo will never believe this!" With my eyes closed and my face burning, I felt him slap my ass softly, then pull my bikini into place, lifting the sides high on my hips "All done," he said, standing and watching me turn around and fix my skirt. Johan looked ahead too, and I wondered if he saw the topless girl brushing her fingers between her legs. She was looking right at me, leaning on her elbow while her other hand had two fingers under the edge of her bikini, stroking her cunt.

Culture Shock Ch. 04

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-08

“You could have waited until I got back,” Elaine said, nodding at the pile of clothes then looking at Kendra. “Um. Thanks,” Elaine said as Chelsea went out the door giggling. I’m going to have to keep a close eye on you so you don’t cheat, aren’t I?” Kendra winked before exiting Elaine’s room regally, leaving the door wide open behind her. “I think it’s the first time I’ve seen Kendra blush!” Elaine said, a reluctant smile breaking across her face. “But I don’t know how,” Elaine whined, thinking she sounded like a little girl. In moments they had both clicked on the BDSM room link, and people of both genders were flinging greetings at Elaine like she’d never seen before.

Den of Iniquity Ch. 07

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-06

Anyway, Sylvia was always very protective of me, and when I told her I thought I was submissive and wanted to know if she knew anything about it, she started going on and on about how unnatural it was, that slavery was against the law for a good reason, and that I'd end up beaten and dead in some alley. "She hasn't mentioned it to me, Sir. But I imagine Chantelle would be looking forward to having Sylvia 'on her turf', if you know what I mean, Sir." I'm sorry about the envelope, but with everything that's going on, and the party coming up..." She looked at her watch, "tonight!" She smiled, "I think it's probably a good thing to have one less issue to deal with."


bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-04

Yes, Master," she said softly and smiled, closing her eyes again. Her eyes closed as the fingers of one hand gripped the cheek of her ass and she brought the lubed toy down to her asshole with the other. Crouching down, I twisted one scarf a couple of times, then had Allison lean forward a little while I looped it over her eyes and tied it tight under her ponytail. I know you love the taste of your hot cunt, little one, but take your fingers out of your mouth." Cum my little cocksucking whore!" I pulled my cock from her mouth and watched as she swallowed one last time, then all hell broke loose.

Shadow of a Doubt Ch. 04

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-04

Maybe he'll make me take my clothes off in the car park and walk down to the beach, showing off my wet cunt in my transparent bikini to anyone who happened to look. Johan was standing right behind me and I turned around to face him, bringing the toys in front of me hide them from prying eyes. Dutifully placing the toys in the glove box, I stood tall and looked back towards Johan at the front door, adjusting my skirt. I stepped out of them and looked at Johan, then down at the wet fabric and up to his eyes again. Almost immediately we passed a guy on a bike and Johan laughed and said loudly, "Keep your legs open, baby!"

Culture Shock Ch. 05

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-04

“Good night.” Dutifully Elaine said goodbye to everyone in the chat room and she watched as Gary did the same. Opening the jaw again, Elaine manoeuvred her nipple between the flat surfaces, holding it in position while she slowly turned the little disk. “Nnggggg!!!” came out of her nose as she fucked her pussy with her fingers a little faster, feeling the bulge of the butt plug constricting the room in there. But no, always the rebel, Elaine liked how a vertical strip above her clit looked, and left it a quarter inch wide and two inches long, planning to trim it a bit shorter with scissors. “I’m sure Kendra would like one too,” said Elaine, getting up. “Tell me I’m lying,” Kendra said, with less feeling than Elaine thought appropriate.

Culture Shock Ch. 09

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-03

By the time her alarm sounded, Elaine had been slipping in and out of consciousness for what felt like hours. By the time she’d reached her stop, Elaine felt like a quivering mass of warm wet goo. As the day wore on, Elaine thought more and more about Kendra going through her bag. God, I’m so hungry I could eat our defensive line,” Kendra said, winking at Elaine. “Oh, yeah,” Chelsea said, blushing as Elaine and Kendra cracked up. Knowing he’d be late, Elaine felt a little deflated. “No. Honestly, I’ve been reading, Sir,” Elaine typed back. “Yes, Sir.” It was obvious he wanted her to listen, so Elaine held her tongue. “Yes, Sir,” Elaine typed, smiling from ear to ear.

Shadow of a Doubt Ch. 08

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-03

The silk baby doll outfit she was wearing flared out from her hips, revealing I wasn't the only one in the room not wearing panties. "Don't you just love this outfit? "Oooooo, I love that car," piped up Fi. It felt so good and I was wishing I'd seen two of the girls from Ernie's dancing together so I would have known what to do. "Leah, is there anything going on I should know about?" I asked, standing by the shower and cocking my hip unsteadily. "Uh huh! "Huh?" I mumbled unintelligently. "Anything you'd like to share, Shannon?" asked Helen, sternly. "Good girl," said Georgina, chuckling. Ohhhh FUCKKKKKK... "Ohhhh... "OooooooGoddddddd..." I almost screamed. "OhhHHAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" I screamed as I peaked.

Den of Iniquity Ch. 05

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-03

"I certainly will Sir, but," he said leaning into me, "she probably knows already." Adrian nodded above his left shoulder and my eyes followed his to the shiny new surveillance camera. Chantelle tore her eyes from Annie and looked over at me positively beaming. If Chantelle would like to see your pussy while you answer my questions, I think the least you could do is oblige her." Besides, I thought, she might tell the truth. Thank you Sir." She grinned and looked to Chantelle. Despite the fact that a small part of me wasn't convinced, my lips said, "Thank you, Chantelle, I'm really looking forward to it." I wasn't lying.

Culture Shock Ch. 18

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-02

The experience Kendra endured was one Elaine didn’t want first hand. Chelsea asked where Kendra was and Elaine told her. While waiting for Kendra, Elaine thought she’d enquire about getting a blood test. Kendra didn’t mention anything at all and in fact averted her eyes every time Elaine tried to make contact. Elaine rolled her eyes and Chelsea laughed, asking Kendra, “Don’t you have a date tonight?” As soon as the front door locked, Elaine asked Kendra, “What’s going on?” Elaine wasn’t sure exactly what was going on, but she knew a friend in need when she saw one. “Is that what you always say when you’re trying to avoid facing up to something?” Kendra didn’t answer right away.

Culture Shock Ch. 12

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-02

In any case, some of the quotes and extracts she’d read from the two respected authors had stuck in her mind, and during the ensuing hours, Elaine had decided that rather than following the links, she’d take the plunge and buy the books that appeared to be the most recommended. Elaine wasn’t sure if Gary was waiting for her or not, so she typed, “I don’t know what to say.” But if we are going to meet as equals, I want you to think of me as Gary first, and as Sir second.” Taking short hard breaths, she picked up the ball gag, thinking, I’m going to need this.

Culture Shock Ch. 06

bdsm SirNathan 2018-11-01

I’m just a bit surprised, I guess,” typed Elaine. Elaine had seen that kind of comment in the room before, but this time it made her stop and think. Is that normal?” Elaine felt like her thoughts were going all over the place. “Thank you, Sir,” typed Elaine, smiling at her words. I can sort of imagine.” Trying to return to her thoughts, Elaine typed, “So, to be a submissive, I would have to enjoy ‘doing’ the thing that pleased you, rather than ‘enjoying seeing how pleased you were’ because of it?” Gary added, also in the chat room, “I’m only as good as my best student.” As other Dominants in the room agreed, Elaine blushed strongly, feeling her nipples throb.

Shadow of a Doubt Ch. 07

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Closing my eyes, I sucked hard and moaned from deep in my chest as his cock slid deeper and deeper into my mouth. I was in two minds as I continued sucking softly, enjoying the cum-coated head of Johan's cock in my mouth. Remember, don't swallow." Johan's fingers tightened in my hair and slowly raised me as I sucked his cum into the back of my mouth, using my tongue and lips to clean him. Johan was holding both ice creams in one of his hands as he asked me, "All set?" I nodded quickly at him and looked back down at the floor. I slid my tongue slowly round the 'head' of my ice cream, then closed my mouth, moaning softly, eyes sparkling.

Culture Shock Ch. 08

bdsm SirNathan 2018-10-30

And besides, she was in such a habit of looking at things in gender terms, she wondered which of her personas was doing the thinking: The vanilla one or the submissive one. Reading back her paper made her feel like a bit of a fraud, but she wasn’t going to change it. “Do you want a coffee?” Elaine asked. A moment passed and Elaine remembered some of her questions from earlier in the day. Trying to arrange her scattered thoughts, Elaine typed, “How does submission and feminism handle their issues?” “I feel like I’m in church,” Elaine typed, giggling. “I trust you.” Elaine said aloud, before remembering to type it. “Why do I feel like this?” Elaine asked, on the verge of tears.

Culture Shock Ch. 01

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After only rudimentary investigation, Elaine had found the part of the site where the best stories were listed, and she’d read and read, beginning with Romance and First Time and moving on to Erotic Couplings then Loving Wives. She certainly wasn’t going to type it, and as soon as someone called her pussy a ‘cunt’, the mood would be spoiled and she’d just click out of the room. Naughtygirl ‘sucked cock’ and was ‘fucked hard’, and Elaine learned that it wasn’t only in stories than men liked to fuck women in the ass. Elaine had just giggled and shook her head and typed back, “Oh yeah, baby!” The guy was very imaginative and she’d sat back and typed ‘Mmmmm, Mmmmmm,” at all the appropriate moments while he spun his erotic tale.

Culture Shock Ch. 02

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Blushing and turning her back on her roommate and filling the kettle with water, Elaine asked, “Um, I was going to make coffee anyway. Yeah...”   As Elaine blushed five shades of red, she figured it was safe to assume Kendra had kissed her vibrator and was now teasing her about the use of it. When the pleasant moment had passed, Kendra leaned forward a little and whispered, “I hope you didn’t mind that I put you in bed and tidied up a bit last night. “You’re mean,” Elaine whispered, feeling like she was blushing to the roots of her hair. Elaine thought she’d had a nice time, just talking to people and ignoring the rude ones.

Culture Shock Ch. 07

bdsm SirNathan 2018-10-29

“I’m making sure Elaine is still playing the game,” Kendra said, winking in Chelsea’s direction. As she was closing the apartment door behind her, Elaine heard Chelsea yell, “It looks good!” But Billy wasn’t the type to ask her out, even though Elaine thought she’d accept if he ever worked up the nerve. Chelsea must be cooking something, Elaine thought, remembering Kendra couldn’t cook to save her life. Elaine thought the corners of Kendra’s mouth were going to turn up into an evil smile at any moment. But I guess you liked the look of her cunt.” The way Chelsea had said it almost sent a shudder through Elaine. It sounded just a little like an order, so playfully, Elaine typed, “Yes, Sir.”

Dominique Ch. 10 (final)

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Flipping the bacon again, I made a decision to introduce Dominique to the Rebecca I knew and loved. "There's something I want to share with you, Dominique," I said, staring at the ceiling and swallowing. Dominique drew herself closer, resting her head on my chest and listening quietly as I described the life Rebecca and I shared. His hands gripped my ass tight and I felt like a rag doll as he bounced me on his cock, fucking me and fucking me. Softly kissing her forehead and the lids of her closed eyes as she lay on top of me, her smile caught light. "Happy doesn't even come close to describing how I feel, Master," she murmured, caressing my chest.