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Free erotic stories by Sleepyhead707 on AdultRead

Sunshine and Fine Wine.

anal Sleepyhead707 2018-12-03

My hand was soon up her skirt and fingering her pussy through her underwear, a large damp patch now forming, she was becoming increasingly wet, and her whimpers of pleasure told me she was getting turned on, but as it seemed like we were getting somewhere at last, she pulled my hand away. My hand was soon massaging her sex again, the damp patch had grown significantly, I decided it was time her underwear came off and pulled the saturated panties down over knees. She withdrew my length from her mouth and looked round at me “Don’t fucking stop, I’m nearly there.” I stabbed the finder sharply into her bum and twisted it in a semi circular motion.

Rough Trade

group Sleepyhead707 2018-12-01

Her left hand massages my sac and it’s all too much, her skill is immense and I can’t hold back, spilling my come deep down her throat before she pulls me out of her mouth and allows the last of my load to splatter all over her nose and cheeks. My flaccid penis is soon making it’s way back to full erection, I want Evie so badly, and the thought of Pippa and Sylvia watching makes the whole situation so much more erotic. I thrust hard and bury my bone hard cock deep inside Evie, making her cry out, her fingers digging into the bed sheets, a contorted look on her face, teeth gritted.


mastrubation Sleepyhead707 2018-11-26

She stumbles upon the next girl, Sophia, a petite short haired, pear shaped brunette with sultry brown eyes, gazing over her shoulder on all fours holding open her plump pussy lips and showing her cute dark arsehole. ”Know what I’d love to see?” There is barely a drop of moisture in my mouth and I can feel sweat beads burst and drip down my face, I can’t form a word so I just shrug my shoulders. My mind is racing, do I concentrate on Sophia and imagine fucking that lovely pussy, or imagine it’s Jess? I can’t take much more, I’m gonna shoot, but in the nick of time she gives my head an expert squeeze for twenty seconds, then cradles my balls in one hand then gently starts jacking me with the other.

Boxing Clever

interracial Sleepyhead707 2018-11-18

Alf nods and murmurs “Lovely.” I’m guessing he doesn’t want to offend me by saying more, but the transfixed look in his eyes tells me all I need to know. Grabbing the top edge of the sofa, Kay straddles his body, pressing her lovely breasts against his mouth, Alf hungrily nibbles on a succulent nipple as she guides his slippery manhood into her tight pussy. After a few seconds more Alf releases a second huge deposit into Kay’s pussy, he can’t pull himself off her as I’m pistoning deep into Kay’s sweet arse, the tightness of her tiny anus is too much and I shoot way inside her tight walls, collapsing on top of Kay, who is flat out against Alf’s hard chest.

The Joy Of Sex

group Sleepyhead707 2018-11-12

I can see Joy is sat around a small table along with Jack the landlord, Ivor the eighteen year old glass collector and local farmers, Joe and Marcus. She gets Ivor to lie down on the table, colossal dick standing proud and erect now, I marvel at the girth of his manhood, he’s going to struggle penetrating Joy’s tight hole, that’s for sure. Jack on the other hand stands behind Joy, admiring her curvaceous bum, he spits on his middle finger and pushes the tip into Joy’s puckered arsehole. Marcus soon has his modest length buried deep inside Joy’s tunnel, despite having a smaller dick than Jack, she seems to be enjoying him fucking her better.

The Geek Gets It....

first-time Sleepyhead707 2018-11-11

“It was amazing, Cherry, I love your body, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve imagined fucking you.” Her words do the trick and I’m shooting a huge wad of come all over Cherry’s hands, she keeps working my cock, wanting every drop. Cherry knows the look on my face means one thing, I’m going to come any second. Once again Leah does as Cherry asks, and her mouth is just centimetres from my cock, she just about manages to open her mouth in time as I spill my heavy load deep inside her mouth. Leah doesn’t reply, lost in the moment as Cherry gently guides a finger deep inside her, probing it gently back and forth.

No Substitute For Experience

anal Sleepyhead707 2018-11-11

I know I’m going to hate myself, but I can’t resist her any longer, my oily hands grasp her bosoms and knead them gently, then, turning my attention to her puffy nipples, I gently grasp them between finger and thumb and caress them erect. Penetration is deliciously easy and I’m giving her my entire length, grabbing her hips and pushing harder and harder inside her, I’m grunting like a wild animal as her pussy muscles seem to be coaxing another orgasm from me, but I don’t want to come inside her, so I withdraw myself and lie flat on my back on the sofa, beckoning her over.

It's a Family Affair...

mature Sleepyhead707 2018-11-02

I was often convinced she was flirting with me, and when Nikki wasn’t in the room she would often cross and uncross her legs allowing her usually shortish skirt to ride up her thigh. Her left hand finds it’s way to her lips, running her fingers softly over them, before spreading her beautiful bud wide open. My hardness has wilted slightly but soon regains itself as I push into Jill, whilst Nikki's tongue has been replaced by her index finger. I can’t hold on, shooting by come deep inside Jill's tight hole. Nikki scoops up my come onto her fingers and holds them above Jill's face.