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Undercover Lover Ch. 05

lesbian StoryCrafter 2018-09-25

"Let me love you, Maggie," Jill asked again as her hands moved to the bottom of Magita's sweatshirt. And this time when Magita felt the fingers at the clasps of her bra there was only wanting the lips that moved to her left breast. To her surprise, Magita's hand went to Jill's head as the shorter woman began to gently suck at her breast like a baby. And, seconds later, Magita again moaned – as she felt Jill's lips begin to gently suck the nipple that now had become thick and half an inch long. She closed her eyes to the electric sensations of the lips and tongue on her rock-hard nipple – and moved her hands to the buttons of Jill's sweater.


My New Neighbor Jenny Ch. 02

anal StoryCrafter 2018-08-06

Her pussy started clamping on my cock as I began a nice slow fuck of her. I couldn't imagine how any man wouldn't want to fuck her nice round ass, but thinking about what a clown her boyfriend was I started to doubt he was really a man at all. I entered her ass real slowly, stopping each time she whimpered as I felt her assuring opening up to my cock head. I let my hands reach under her to play with her nice little tits while I lay with about half my cock in her ass. I knew that because I had come not that long earlier I'd be able to fuck her big round ass for a long time.


Undercover Lover Ch. 02

lesbian StoryCrafter 2018-01-15

Wanting nothing to do with this, but now terrified of what Jill would do with the DVD, Magita let her hands gently close over the soft roundness she felt. Magita remained still as the woman's hands again moved to her breasts and began to gently squeeze her boobs through her bra. Magita could feel Jill's nipple grow long and thick as well between her lips as the woman reached down and again began to play with the detective's breasts. "Just let me love you, Magita," she heard Jill say in the gentle voice of a tender lover as the fingers began to slowly play over her cuntlips. "You can talk to me, honey," Jill cooed as her fingers deftly played over the detective's pussy lips, leaving no question she wanted and answer.