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A Dream Cum True

bdsm SubcuriousMD 2018-12-04

Usually it seems as though the dominate females on those sites want to make you give another guy head. Throughout them I had slowly began telling her some of my fantasies, and she had shared hers with me. She said simply, "Shut your mouth." She then surprisingly ordered me to put my hands toward the corners of the headboard. As soon as she was done she adjusted her position and said, "Lick my ass my little slave." She began telling me that if I wanted to cum I would have to eat her asshole like I did her pussy. Suddenly, from deep down inside, every submissive fantasy I ever had I said, "Please fuck me mistress!

A Helping Hand

mastrubation SubcuriousMD 2018-12-01

I stroke it slowly, just to feel the heightened hardness of my cock as I think about what might be coming. It feels so good, having it constrained like that and it makes it look even bigger and thicker than its usual 7 1/2 inches. You run your hands down as you slide backward, freeing my cock from its torture. You slide up and sit right on my chest, your gorgeous pussy just inches from my lips, but out of reach. You remove the panties from my mouth and tell me to lick your toy clean. You start slowly stroking and teasing my cock. Then you take your other hand and start stroking my cock. When I'm done, you scoop up my cum and start to lick your fingers clean.

Unexpected Threesome

group SubcuriousMD 2018-11-17

I watched as Melanie turned and started to kiss Heather. I watched as Melanie freed Heather's firm little tits and started to suck them. I watched as Heather licked and sucked Melanie's creamy pussy. I watched Melanie's face as she started to cum on Heather's tongue. I felt Melanie slip first one, then two fingers inside me as I leaned into Heather's wet pussy. As I ate Melanie Heather slowly started to work a dildo into my ass. It felt so good I didn't notice the signs of Melanie's impending orgasm until the creamy juices started flooding my mouth. Heather immediately told me to sit up and watch while she lay back and spread her legs.

Fuck Doll

bdsm SubcuriousMD 2018-11-07

I savor the soft skin caressing my rock hard cock as my little slut cums hard on my fingers. I tell her to beg for my cock, to beg me to allow her to feel me inside her. She cums two more times on my face and I ask her if she would allow multiple men to fuck her just to feel my cock inside her. As I fuck her hard I feel the convulsions of her amazingly tight pussy on my cock. I ask her if my little sex toy would like to taste my cum. She jumps off and quickly and swallows my cock as I shoot strand after strand of cum into her mouth.