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bdsm SubmissiveMistress 2018-11-27

I am so far gone My terrifying respect for you deepens Keeping my eyes from meeting yours You are reclined like a lion Ready to devour your suicidal prey You are my divine dichotomy Two parts in a single soul a wretched beast a Dionysian lover You punish and adore me Drawing blood with your nails Forcing my mouth until tears run the look on your face as you savor them You insult me And in these moments I love you impossibly more I sit at your feet head resting on your lap Collar chiming softly as I shift You speak softly to me Satisfied with my worshipping of your body Drowsy with your love Shifting back to your lover’s mood

Beyond Full

bdsm SubmissiveMistress 2018-11-10

 Sir set it on the bedside table and went back to the dresser, this time bringing back the sleek, leather handled riding crop, my ball gag, leather collar, and tweezer clamps. A light jerk came to my neck, and he stopped, the crop instantly coming down hard and fast on my ass, over and over until my muffled whimpers were heard by Sir. He began working my clit again, this time pushed up against me so I could feel the soft skin of his hard cock brush against the back of my thigh.  He immediately set back to fucking me, thrusting harder and harder, making me come one final time, a long, hard orgasm, prolonged by the incredible sensation of my Sir coming deep in me.

The Dream

bdsm SubmissiveMistress 2018-11-08

Still fully dressed, Sir got off the bed and dug into our bedside cabinet, pulling out various items and placing them on the bed next to me: the small wood box that held nipple clamps, a scarf gag, a blindfold, and a set of Ben Wa balls; a pink dildo, tingling lubricant, and the flogger. Master's hands rested on my knees, and I could feel the side head of his cock, hot and hard, just barely touching the entrance of my very being. I am, Sir. He moved a little next to me and I felt his arm brush down my belly and he pushed my legs apart gently with the base of his hand.