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Free erotic stories by SugarTits16 on AdultRead

The Risk of Getting Caught

fetish SugarTits16 2018-11-26

I moaned a displeased sound in his mouth, but he ignored it, pulling my bra down and pinching my nipples pressed against the kitchen counter, the heat from the boiling water blazing near my right hand as I braced myself against it. "'Let's go to your room," I suggested as Seth began sucking my tits in the exposed kitchen, his dad upstairs and mom in her home office around the corner, guaranteed to be coming back eventually. I held my hand against my mouth, trying to breath quietly and not make a sound as my pussy quivered around Seth's finger, my juices leaking on the bathroom counter. 

Fantasy: Coaching the Team

group SugarTits16 2018-11-23

Now remember, especially with younger or smaller girls like Kendall, you should go slow and judge her responses before going deep or building up to faster speeds." Coach gently pushed his long dick into my wet pussy and I tried to relax my muscles to let him in. "Your instincts may be to slap her ass or pull her hair and some girls are into that, but you can please her even more if you grab her shoulders and massage them or reach around and cup her breasts, massaging her nipples." Coach gave my tense shoulders a rub while fucking me, then began playing with my breasts and I began to cum so hard, my whole body shaking.

Losing My Anal Virginity

anal SugarTits16 2018-11-22

I had made up my mind, if I wanted to keep Seth as my boyfriend, but wasn't ready to go all the way, I was going to have to open up my ass. His left hand began to massage my back as he applied more lube and worked his index finger in deep again. I reached between my legs and rubbed my clit as Seth continued to ride my ass, moaning and squeezing my shoulders. As Seth and I continued to fuck, we discovered that I could cum too with clit play in addition to his pleasure deep inside my ass. It wasn't too long before I decided I loved Seth enough to give him my pussy, but until then he would fuck my ass almost daily. 

When Seth Popped My Cherry

first-time SugarTits16 2018-11-17

He typically liked me to suck his dick a little before he fucked my ass and on subsequent bangings, he would continue that tradition with my pussy. It felt like Seth had been pushing his dick into my pussy forever, but in reality, it was probably less than two minutes before his pubes were starting to tickle my labia. You're so fucking amazing, Kendall!" Sucking on my neck, Seth put his weight on me and began rocking his dick out and in slowly, moaning and grunting. But over time, I got used to having my pussy fucked and then Seth had to beg or do really amazing boyfriend things to get me to open my ass for him again.