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Free erotic stories by Surprise1997 on AdultRead

Crazy Cheating Jennifer Pt. 03

fetish Surprise1997 2018-07-30

I have a surprise for you!" said my wife as Jennifer and I got into my car. Before I could look at more, she pulled on the cum stained panties, followed immediately by her jeans. She confirmed that this was her husband Ryan when she said "He forced me to suck his dick baby!" This was bullshit! All of a sudden Jennifer pulled her mouth off of my dick, smiled, and said "Let's take this to the bedroom". My dick on Ryan's skin felt exciting and strange. Jennifer and Ryan exchanged serious looks. Ryan hungrily gobbled my hot cum as his wife lightly bit down on my ball sack.

Crazy Cheating Jennifer Pt. 04

fetish Surprise1997 2018-05-15

I started moving my mouth back a forth on his cock while I squeezed and stroked the thick shaft. "Don't swallow, just keep his cum in your mouth Aaron!", screamed Jennifer. As I pulled away from Ryan's cock, a little more cum dribbled out of my mouth. I used my mouth and tongue to push Ryan's hot cum into Jennifer. My 7 inches impaling Jennifer while we stroked Ryan; her hands on his shaft while I tugged the upper half of his huge cock. Ryan and I leaned in to her face and we all kissed as Jennifer's pussy juices exploded. Scooping up as much as I could, I spread it onto Ryan's cock before Jennifer took him in her mouth.

Crazy Cheating Jennifer Pt. 02

fetish Surprise1997 2018-03-19

After the Hooters parking lot incident, I fell for Jennifer. The next day, at volunteer headquarters, she asked me more questions about my plans to run for office. I told her that it was my 2nd wedding anniversary and that I was taking my wife Katie out for a romantic dinner. As the day wound to a close, she asked me if I could drive her home. Jennifer pulled one hand away and I felt her place what felt like a damp cloth in my right hand. "Feel Ryan's cum on my panties? Why had she wanted me to drive her home on my anniversary of all nights? I roughly rubbed my cock with Jennifer's cum stained panties.

Crazy Cheating Jennifer Pt. 01

fetish Surprise1997 2018-02-27

I was captivated by her radiant blue eyes, long natural red hair, and perky little body. Jennifer did not look like your typical Republican volunteer. She turned to me after a few minutes of polite small talk and bluntly asked "You want to fuck me don't you?" I almost jumped out of my skin. Her warm hand literally yanked out my throbbing 7 inch dick. I wrapped my hand around her waist and she squeezed my dick so hard I actually let out a yell. Jennifer moved back another step, and looked me up and down. There I stood in the parking lot of Hooters, spent out of breathe, with my limp dick hanging out of my fly.