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Free erotic stories by Tanksdad on AdultRead

Nerdy Girl Spying on Me

first-time Tanksdad 2018-12-04

“I have always gone to all girl schools, even college,” she said again looking at my still half hard cock. “Why on Earth are you wearing that heavy sweater in May?” I asked. “They are jealous, forget them,” I said my eyes feasting on her creamy huge tits. I grabbed her hand and yanked her skirt down her shapely ass and legs. I kept rocking until Ruth was breathing quicker and bouncing in my lap. I grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted and dropped her onto my dick as we continued rocking. She was just getting her huge old fashioned bra over her gorgeous breasts when my wife entered the bathroom.

Home from the Road

group Tanksdad 2018-12-03

“No worries girl you can stay right here in the guest room until your mom feels better,” My wife said hugging Danny into her chest. “Honey, we have way to many things to try on for modesty,” The clerk said sternly as she pulled the tiny top away from Danny’s chest. The clerk reached into the pile and produced a bra with the nipples exposed and slid it onto Danny’s breasts securing it from behind, She reached up and pinched both nipples making Danny gasp and her nipples hardened immediately. She held them at Danny’s feet and as Danny started to step into them, she leaned forward and clamped her mouth on Danny’s sweet young pussy. The clerk reached up and started flicking Danny’s clit making Danny moan even louder.

An even better haircut.

hardcore Tanksdad 2018-11-30

“Welcome back Honey, come have a seat.” Ashley said, patting her chair.  Now let the games begin,” Ashley said as she bent over and kissed me. I slid my hand between her thighs but before I could slide it up she clamped her legs shut.  Ashley actually had a small waist but her huge tits and ample hips made her look stocky in her clothing.  “You want to touch these?” Ashley asked, lifting her huge breasts with both hands.  I leaned forward and clamped my lips onto her nipple as I grabbed her ass with both hands. Ashley grabbed my head and force fed me her pussy. I slid a finger into wet pussy to lube it up then I guided it into her tight ass.

You Can't Judge a Book By Its Cover

bdsm Tanksdad 2018-11-30

I was already late for a meeting when Jennifer popped into my office wanting just a second of my time. “How about after the meeting we grab a late lunch?” Jennifer offered. Jennifer crossed the room and started organizing my things while telling me everything would be OK. Jennifer quickly started unbuttoning her own blouse as she said, “Here wear mine, I have a spare in my office I can change into.” “I’ll see you after the meeting,” Jennifer said as she sashayed out of my office. “Ouch, what was that…?” I started before Jennifer grabbed my hair and dragged me down a hall. Jennifer started pounding into my pussy as she spanked my round ass.

End Of Day One At The Seminar

hardcore Tanksdad 2018-11-30

Kitty ordered a Cosmopolitan while Red ordered a white wine before they both started scanning the room. James slid a huge hand up Red’s legs and between her thin thighs. Red leaned forward and kissed James hard as she ground her full pussy down onto his big black cock. Red started shuddering as she let go and erupted all over James’ lap drenching his lap with her lady cum. Kitty and Red both started kissing Ebony all over. James flipped Red face down on the other bed, dragged her up kneeling, and then shoved his boner into her wet tunnel in one huge push. I started blasting cum in her, I leaned down and bit her neck and squeezed her ass as hard as I could.

You Can't Judge a Book By Its Cover - 3

bdsm Tanksdad 2018-11-29

“I know you will because you have no other option,” Jennifer said as she struck my back six times with the crop. When I started shuddering, nearing another climax Tony lifted his face from my wet snatch and waited until I calmed back down. “Feed her your cock, you miserable piece of shit,” Jennifer said as she kicked Tony right in his crotch. Is that fucking understood?” Jennifer shouted as she let the crop fly hitting both Tony and me repeatedly. Jennifer said, “Now fuck her pussy, you minuscule dicked imbecile. “Hold it if you want a chance at fucking Tony, my pet,” Jennifer cooed. Tony started pouring cum into my wet hot pussy. Jennifer also came as she let Tony climax.

Carol's Nightly Routine

voyeur Tanksdad 2018-11-28

I released my cock and started slowly pumping away as I watched her, wishing I was smoothing the lotion into her soft sexy skin. She moved to her heavy breasts and spent a long time applying lotion to them. I had a head start on her and my balls tightened before I shot a huge blast of cum onto my closed window. She applied her lotion rather quickly tonight I found out why as she pulled a chair in front of the window, sat down, picked up a huge cucumber and inserted it in her hot wet pussy. Instead of just watching when she entered her room I waved at the window, She moved towards the window and saw the rope connecting our houses.

A Visit From Home

group Tanksdad 2018-11-28

I saw Janice, Betsy and Tonia but no Oscar. “You told me you ran Oscar away from one of your cousins back in your high school days,” Tonia said crossly. Betsy did like her drink and her face was flushed, telling me she had a head start. Tonia added, “Betsy said she offered you anything you wanted if you helped get Robin admission into Austin Preparatory, which as I recall, you did.” I felt Tonia gripping my dick and aiming it as Janice slid down onto me. Janice screamed as she came which scared Betsy who peed in my face. One horny bastard came over and offered to buy one of the toys if Janice would let him suck one of her melon sized tits.

The Barter System

hardcore Tanksdad 2018-11-27

If, and only if, Amy agrees, I can work out a barter system for cleaning your house, cooking meals and even doing the laundry,” I said quickly. I will talk this over with Amy. I have secretly wanted to watch her get fucked raw by another man,” Drew said lewdly. I haven’t touched another man’s rock hard cock in even longer,” Amy said, as she slid her fingers around my throbbing cock. Amy slid her other hand down between her own legs and started rubbing her pussy slowly. Maybe next time we should spell out who does what to whom,” Amy said, as she licked another drop from the tip of my dick.

Poker Night with a Twist

group Tanksdad 2018-11-26

Ted unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect dick hitting Sammy in the face with it. David crossed the room and started grabbing Sammy’s tits and dry humping her ass. Ben had his eyes closed and was slowly pumping his huge cock in and out of Sammy’s mouth and throat. Ben started to pull out and shot six huge ropes of cum from the top of her head down to her tits hitting David and me on the sides of our heads. How about giving a man a heads up next time?” I said as I wiped cum off of my face and shoved it into Sammy’s mouth. I finger fucked her ass as I started filling her pussy with cum.

Home from the Road 3

group Tanksdad 2018-11-23

I grabbed two hands full of her ass and squeezed while I pumped hard and fast, her huge tits swinging below her, my balls contracted as my orgasm neared. I rolled her over on her back and started pounding her again, my own orgasm nearing, I sucked and bit both of her breasts and pounded this big beauty until I poured my cum in her again. Danny pinched Rena’s erect nipples and Rena countered by sucking Danny’s full breast into her hungry mouth. Danny kissed Rena hard, thrusting her tongue into the older woman’s mouth as she did. Rena did not give up teasing Danny’s tight ass until Danny fell limp dropping her own toy as she did.

You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover 2

lesbian Tanksdad 2018-11-20

Jennifer turned and locked my door then she reached under her skirt and peeled off her panties. She sat back on my desk as I leaned down and started licking the big black rubber dick. Jennifer slyly said, “Well, my pet, you have options; I can finger your lovely pussy until you cum. She teased my asshole a bit before shoving her finger inside me roughly. Jennifer fingered my ass as she started pumping my pussy with her cock. Jennifer started pounding my pussy harder and faster. She stepped back and pulled the rubber cock loose and jammed it in her own dripping pussy. “Tonight you meet my boyfriend,” Jennifer said as she quickly put herself back together.

A Trip to Victoria's Secret

mastrubation Tanksdad 2018-11-18

It is so hard for me to open up and share things with others, especially pictures of me in a personal nature. She snapped several pictures, one with her shiny wet fingers in her mouth, another with her breast out and her fingers pinching her nipple and a final picture of her round bubble butt that he had begged for. She peeled off the baby doll and slipped on a black garter belt, sheer black stockings with hearts all over them, see through black boy shorts and a sheer bra that would never conceal her huge nipples if they hardened for any reason. I stammered as she shoved her hand inside the boy shorts and her fingers joined mine.

Vacation Road Trip

hardcore Tanksdad 2018-11-15

“I just got notified my last day is today the store is closing for winter,” Danny blurted out. I snatched open the bathroom door and there sat Danny with two fingers shoved into her very wet pussy. I stammered and tried to shut the door but Danny shushed me by placing a finger over her lips. My rock hard dick was tenting my pajama bottoms and Danny grinned as she pulled down my pajamas revealing my erection for her hungry lips. She leaned over and as her soft lips claimed my dick I almost came immediately. We have a long three day trip home starting early tomorrow morning,” I said as softly as I could.

Eva, My Pool, and Five Football Players

group Tanksdad 2018-11-15

“Hey Todd, you guys looking to cool off in my pool?” I asked steadily fucking Eva as they watched. “Oh shit, this is that warming kind,” foot long said as he centered himself behind Eva. He picked her up by the waist and kind of dropped her open and oozing pussy onto the tip of his monster cock. The third blow job guy started face fucking Eva until he came too. She took it and drank slowly as Todd sucked her tits and foot long fucked her full pussy. I moved up near Eva’s face and started stroking my own erection at the same pace foot long was fucking her tits.

Teasing a Tease

hardcore Tanksdad 2018-11-15

I slipped two fingers inside her hot wet pussy and started pumping them in and out of her slowly. I moved up and aimed my rock hard cock at the entrance to her tight, lubed anus. I pulled my throbbing cock out of her tight ass and started stroking myself while getting up and moving in front of her. I kept pumping my cock and shot four more blasts of cum on to Emily from her face to her hot wet pussy. “The next time I tell you to send me a picture of your dripping wet pussy after I made you cum, I bet you fucking send it to me,” I said angrily. I slowly slid my hard dick in her ass again and started pumping into her slowly.

Home from the Road 2

hardcore Tanksdad 2018-11-14

“It sure is, Danny said as she quickly climbed between Jeff’s legs, grabbing his swollen cock. I rectified that by grabbing her hair and holding it in one hand as Jeff and I continued fucking Danny in earnest. “I want you to eat me like you did at the store Rena and I want one of these studs fucking me from behind at the same time,” Danny said directing us all. Rena started licking and fingering Danny’s clit as I slid my pole into her tight pussy from behind. “Cum in me so Rena can eat your cum out as soon as you do,” Danny said hanging on to Rena’s head for balance. I quickly joined Danny licking all of Danny’s cum off of Rena’s neck and chest.

Kitty Needs A Lesson

bdsm Tanksdad 2018-11-12

I nodded my approval as the attendant moved over to where Kitty was anchored and placed the first stone on her bare ass cheek. Kitty moaned and encouraged me to use her ass until I was ready for my ultimate release. I normally would spank her but I wanted to cum this time from just the stimulation the friction of her asshole created on my throbbing cock. Kitty threw her head back and worked the muscles inside her love tunnel to massage my cock as she worked to bring us both off. Kitty grabbed my hand and led me to the bubble bath were I climbed in first and she climbed into my waiting arms.

Jessie's Even Wilder Ride

first-time Tanksdad 2018-11-11

I moved behind Jessie and pulled the lace between her perfect ass cheeks cinching the chrome ball into her honey hole just below her clit. Jessie slipped her fingers into her waist band and tugged the bow releasing the ball letting it slip away from her sensitive clit. Jessie shoved her friend back onto her bed and crawled between her friend’s long thin legs kissing her way up to Rachel’s cum filled love tunnel. After the girls caught their breath and had several more orgasms, Jessie told Rachel that I had fabricated the belt and I could make her one too if she would like me too. Jessie slid down and started sucking Rachel’s clit softly as she pumped the chrome dick into her friend.

a Visit From Home 2

group Tanksdad 2018-11-11

Tonia was smiling and clutching her bag tightly before she said, “I let the little dick clerk fuck me for what is inside this bag,” I felt lips kissing my neck and face and from the aroma of wine I knew it was Betsy. Tonia slid a second finger into my virgin ass and started pumping them faster and faster. If I cum fucking your ass, you get to fuck mine later,” Tonia said softly. I could hear wet sounds coming from the side Janice was on so I assumed she was fingering herself watching me get fucked by Tonia. “I am going to fuck your ass for betraying our marriage Oscar,” Janice said angrily. Betsy picked up her pace and she started fucking my ass in earnest.

Jessie and Emily, The Hunter's Second and Third

hardcore Tanksdad 2018-11-09

“We will have to send Jessie away on errands if we want any privacy,” Emily said quietly. “Emily sure is, she is the sexy one, the one all the guys want to have sex with, the one you flirt with first,” Jessie said looking at her feet. “Good girl, now go get showered and changed then come back here and we can discuss where you should go shopping,” I said as Jessie left to get changed. Each time I rocked forward I could pull my dick out until just the head remained inside her hot wet pussy. “We better get cleaned up before Jessie gets back,” Emily said. “I saved an outfit Emily didn’t see me buy,” Jessie said shyly.

Helping amy 2

group Tanksdad 2018-11-08

“I want to look into your eyes as you make me cum,” Kim said before kissing me hard and deep. Kim claimed one of Chewy’s huge balls sucking tenderly but getting all of Amy’s juices off of Chewy. Amy lay down on the bed and Kim crawled between Amy’s thin thighs and started licking her way up. Kim slid her hands under Amy’s nice round ass as she sucked and nibbled at her trimmed blond pussy. When Amy finally calmed down and I had licked all of Amy’s cum off of Kim Chewy broke the silence, “Man Pops, you stay hard longer than I do dude.” Kim and I knew why, but I let the youngster think I was “The Man”.

Getting Distracted Really Cost Me

hardcore Tanksdad 2018-11-08

I guess the hot message really had me turned on because I slid a hand up under my dress and dipped it into my smooth wet pussy. He made me lay on my back as he fed his cock down my throat before he started fucking my throat fast and hard. “Good girl,” was all he said before he picked me up and dropped my wet pussy on his pole sized dick. He finally pulled out his hand and positioned his swollen dick head at the entrance to my never before fucked ass. I started fingering my pussy hard as he got that monster all the way in my ass. He finally pulled his cock out of my sore asshole and kissed one round ass cheek.

Jake Gets Bolder

hardcore Tanksdad 2018-11-05

Jake who had clamped his hand over my mouth, released his grip but shoved me down on my knees in front of Danny. Jake pinched my nose and yanked my hair until I opened my mouth as Danny thrust his meat into my mouth. Danny gripped his cock and squeezed hard and kept shooting his cum all over my face and hair. Benny, who had stripped all his clothes off, yanked me to my feet by my cum filled hair. Benny started ramming my pussy hard as he tore at my fat tits. I now had cum in my hair, on my face, on my tits, on my mound, on my ass, and on my back.

Hots for the Secretary

first-time Tanksdad 2018-10-31

“Do you now?” Debbie said through a huge mischievous grin. I guess Debbie wears actual stockings because I felt the softest skin as my hand moved heavenward. Debbie stepped back from me and grabbed me by the hand and led me towards the boss’ office. “Do you like what you see?” Debbie spoke, barely audible. I cupped her now naked ass in both hands as I dived into her pussy with my whole face. My slick tongue met with her moisture as I squeezed her ass flesh and tried to climb inside her pussy. Debbie started grinding faster into my face. “Do you want to fuck me or a blow job?” Debbie smiled and said. “I want to cum deep inside you,” I pleaded.

Trip To New Orleans

hardcore Tanksdad 2018-10-30

I slid a hand under Kitty’s soft round ass and squeezed as I kissed her and sucked the leaking juices from her sweet tunnel. Kitty didn’t even try answering Red; she just crawled between the younger woman’s smooth legs and slid her tongue between Red’s fingers. Red was panting heavily but as she saw me start fucking Kitty she switched position and crawled under Kitty’s heavy swinging breasts. Red dug her nails into Kitty’s soft creamy flesh as she sucked the larger woman’s breasts so hard she left love marks on Kitty. Kitty smiled as Red slipped the monster cock into Kitty’s dripping vagina before she climbed on top and sank herself on the other head.