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Michelle Ch. 02

fetish TenScoopLove 2018-08-09

He stood there silently, looking at Jenny who started to undo her top, then turning his head at Michelle, who kneeling down with her head pointing to the floor. As he fucked her, he pulled his dick out few times and slapped Jenny's ass with it. At some point he pulled away from Jenny, slipped the condom off and walked over to Michelle. He pulled his pants up, waved to Jenny and one more time glanced over Michelle, whose face now dripping from cum. I wanted to give her maximum humiliation, so fucking this bitch in the ass for the second time today, with her face splattered on the floor and cum dripping all over – would be priceless.

Corporate Outing

group TenScoopLove 2018-01-17

Rebecca aggressively dropped on her knees, pulled her panties away and started licking her pussy with long open tongue strokes. "Lick her pussy!" I said and pushed Rebecca's head into Eileen's directions. Rebecca started eating her pussy, pushing her tongue deep inside her opening. "Now eat her BIG ass!!!" – Eileen emphasized and started spitting at Rebecca's asshole and pussy. I started fucking her, as Rebecca was working my bouncing balls with her mouth and she managed to reach and push her finger slightly into Eileen's asshole. I pulled my dick out of Eileen's pussy, and within few strokes, unloaded it all into Rebecca's mouth and onto her face. Eileen dropped next to Rebecca and started licking and sucking on my limp cock.

Michelle Ch. 01

fetish TenScoopLove 2017-11-26

Michelle stood in the doorway....with a small pause looking at my hand holding my dick , she said :" Listen, I'm sorry. It feels so nice.........fuck!"- she said and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I felt her warm flash pop out of her bra, I pulled back my head and glanced at these huge white milky tits. Michelle sat on a toilet quickly and with one hand holding her boobs to the side and the other she spread her hairy cunt and let a stream out. I packed my laptop and headed out, on my way to the corporate, I was thinking about her huge tits I sucked on for 10 minutes, her licking my cum off her palms, and her gargling my urine.