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Free erotic stories by TheNewcomer on AdultRead

Wonder Woman - Tales of the Future Pt. 02

celebrities TheNewcomer 2018-08-31

Leaning forward, I took Cassandra's face into my hands and smeared her skin before kissing her. I laid against Cassandra's chest and stared into the cavern walls, letting my mind wander while the warm waters soaked into our skin. Cassandra suddenly moved forward, forcing me onto my knees and after latching onto my hair, pushed me over the edge of the pool. Cassandra pulled her hand from my tangled mess of hair and latched onto my heavy hanging chest. Cassandra's arms wrapped around me and pulled me up against her delicious sweaty chest, holding me tight while pushing my hips against the wall repeatedly.

Lohan's Fall Ch. 02

celebrities TheNewcomer 2018-07-10

Alex slid her waist back and forth to the beat and cupped behind Lindsay's neck, tightening on it and dropping those platinum blonde locks into her face to cover their depraved and lewd behavior. Through the growling and gritting of her teeth, the bed was banging against the brick wall behind them and her knees slammed into the wooden frame, mixing in with Lindsay's slobbering, gushy fuck hole to push her over the edge. Alex couldn't handle Lindsay's slurping onslaught any longer and she pulled her head and drove her hips as hard as she could, sending blasts of thick hot lava into Lindsay's chest, spraying it into her stomach.

Aunt Rashida Jones Ch. 04

celebrities TheNewcomer 2018-06-02

He would have already grabbed Rashida with both hands and fucked her throat, but something about this innocent looking woman sliding her lips back and forth this graciously made him reconsider. Natalie felt her mouth stretching and closed her eyes, letting him take his birthday present for the ride of his life. Natalie slapped his hand and stepped out of the tub, "She would kill us both, you know this." She pulled her robe together and blew him a kiss, "Don't worry. "I'd say your chances of fucking Kitty Pryde and Wonder Woman at the same time are pretty good today," she said with a long drawn out breath into his ear.


Celeb Quickies Ch. 02

celebrities TheNewcomer 2017-11-18

"Every damn pull up has your shit just rocking up and down, just putting on a god damn show that I can't look away from," she admitted with a snarl. "Don't you dare, you little fuck," she said, pointing at him, "You know you're tricking our eyes with it and making us look, like some voodoo magic black fuckery." "You started it," he said, slapping her hand away and quickly snatching the top of her head, sinking his fingers through her delicious blonde hair. Elizabeth took her pounding and tried to look up at him, but ended up flinching every time he slapped the hell out of her. Elizabeth turned and headed for the door, leaving him empty and panting like a dog.